Remote control is difficult to use

the remote for my Apple TV is almost impossible to use. Everyone has a problem?


Can you be more specific? What challenges do you face?

If the touchpad is too sensitive, you can change the sensitivity of the touchpad under settings.

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  • Re: Cannot use remote control Toshiba Satellite A500-1GL

    Hi all

    I just got my remote Toshiba (G83C0009R110)
    I have installed the Toshiba remote control manager.
    I use pre-installed 64-bit Win7 but cannot get the remote control works properly.

    Can anyone help with this?

    Thank you for your support and see you soon


    As far as I know that Toshiba has a number of different models of Sat A500... with different options, check it out...
    So it may well be that some units have one unit of distance, others not... before buying a remote control, make sure that you check whether your device supports a control unit remotely.

    In my view, a merchant who sells Toshiba laptops could you provide details on remote available.

    Welcome them

  • Other remote controls for 4 Apple tv


    I recently got a 4th gen apple tv.

    I find the new remote control very difficult being that I'm visuakky with impaired faculties.

    Does anyone know if the offer from apple or a sell a more tactile remote control like the old TV one of its customers with disabilities

    I live in the United Kingdom

    Thank you

    In my view, it is possible to use the previous remotes ATV with ATV 4. Of course, you'll be without Siri and the trackpad, but it is very convenient.

    You can also form a multisystem remote sends the commands of the ATV. Note that the distance of Siri transmitted via bluetooth, but ATV 4 has an IR receiver also.

    I use my remote TV with HDMI-CEC, allowed on television. The volume must be disabled on the ATV. It works by sending commands via the HDMI cable connecting ATV to all. It is intended to allow the control of a DVD player with the TV remote control. The direction of the arrow keys and enter replace the trackpad button, while back works as a Menu. Haven't found a substitute for the Home button, however. Now, HDMI-CEC varies according to each model and manufacturer, but you may find that you already have the remote you are looking for. On your game, HDMI-CEC will be called * Net or * link; still another denomination.

  • Qosmio G30 - Media center remote control does not work in windows

    Dear all,

    I have a Qosmio G30-194,
    first I had a problem with VGA, send it for repair, when she comes back, I noticed that the remote does not work on windows Media Center, while that in A / mode V work perfectly.

    I tried a full system recovery DVD restore, but nothing has changed, even, I installed Windows Vista with all its pilots.
    Nothing has changed too, I borrowed a USB IR received for another remote that it worked perfectly with my remote on windows.

    Please advise me what to do, should I send it to the service center, or there is an easier solution.

    Mazen h
    NB:,: my laptop info are:

    PQG32E-01P018AR model number

    Thanks in advance


    > first of all, I had a problem with VGA, send it for repair, when she comes back, I noticed that the remote does not work on windows Media Center, while that in A / mode V work perfectly.

    If you had a problem with the VGA chip then the whole motherboard has been replaced.
    Maybe it has something to do with your problem.

    Anyway, as far as I know you don t need any special drivers if you want to use the MCE Remote control. For the use of the remote control with Qosmio player you need to connect a USB infrared.

  • Satellite A300D and ExpressCard Remote control

    Hello guys,.

    I own a Satellite A300D-135, y at - it an available for this model remote control? I'm looking for a remote control that fits in ExpressCard location as some HP models have.
    I looked at several Dutch hardware well known, but I can't find a remote that fits the ExpressCard location.
    I give many presentations and therefore use my laptop a lot. I would like to have a remote control that fits in ExpressCard location because that saves space and a remote control of such a size is easy to "hide" in your hand.

    Kind regards

    As much as I know Toshiba doesn t offers remote control for this model of laptop. The question is whether a third party product is available on the market.
    To be honest I have no interest in something like that, but I just want to recommend you to visit the web page of Logitech. They have so many products for PCs and laptops. Maybe they have a solution for the remote control that you can use with your laptop.

    If you can find some interesting product please post the link.

    Good luck!

  • With the help of Toshiba Remote Control PX1246E-1ETC on Linux

    Hi there, I'm trying to use this remote in combination with Ubuntu 8.10. I don't yet know what media center software that I like to use. But is it possible to get this working to control remotely using Ubuntu? Hope someone has a positive experience with it.



    AFAIK this remote control is designed for use with Win XP and MCE (media center edition).
    I think you will not be able to use under Linux, but this is just my personal opinion.

    See you soon

  • Using a remote control or the remote with two Apple TV app?

    1 can a remote AppleTV, is the most recent or a last generation we use with two different AppleTV (one is the most recent and is the older generation)?

    2. an iPhone Remote APP can be used with two different Apple TV?

    Thank you.

    1 not easily. There is no way to select the device to control, you end up control both. You could get a programmable remote control and lead to control different devices, but this would require a deception.

    2. no doubt. The Remote app offers a grid of all ATVS, he knows, and you choose the one to control. It has the advantage of a keyboard for searches, passwords, etc. Do you need a remote pair with each ATV.

  • Qosmio F20-132: Question on the use of the remote control

    Hi ppl, I just read the manual of my laptop and I realized something that I didn't realize before

    I can use my remote control without using the "infrared adapter" using the USB connection, but it does not work inside the Win XP MCE, but I can use it to turn on my laptop and off and use other features, I will try in the future to use some other aplications with the remote control. I guess many of you guys realized it when you bought your laptop, but I said at the beginning when I opened the package ' what the hell? remote control... but I really need this adapter? Sherazade, that sucks.

    by the way someone is using the remote control with other applications (such as ahead nero, chis tv, or linux inside)?


    I downloaded the manual for this unit, and according to the information of the remote control receiver is required if you want to use the MCE Remote control.

    In addition, remote controls USB only works with Win MCE and so cannot be used directly with Qosmio Player
    Additional some application programs can not supported control functions remotely.

  • How to use my iPhone as a TV remote control

    Can how I use my iPhone as a TV remote control

    I do not have a generic answer

    You may need to start with your content provider-

    Some like FLAT offer this possibility in their app where you can use the iPhone as a remote control for the part of the satellite TV - do all the normal things a remote, news - 21201.html

  • Satellite P750 114 - how to start using the remote control


    Does anyone know how to start to use the remote that came with my makeup P750 114.
    When I press on simple volume keys + / doesn't seem to work.
    I have the batteries in it but do not know if I have to activate something on the laptop itself to start using the feature.


    A remote control that is included with some models allows you to perofom certain functions.
    Using the remote control, you can
    -Navigate and control the media center window
    -Check the video or live tv display
    -Place the computer in and out of fashion "Eve".

    There is a button on the remote control.
    It begins or ends the OS. The functions of this button as your computer's power button. By default, the "sleep mode" is equivalent to powering down of the State of your laptop. to change this click Start-> Control Panel-> system and security-> power options.
    You will find options; do nothing, sleep, hibernate, shut down.

    Hope this helps

  • Re: Cannot use remote control with my Satellite P20

    I just got hold of a PSP20E and the remote control (2 of them) does not work, the light blinks but that's all. When I try to set up in the Media Center settings, I get the message unable to detect the remote sensor.

    I was told by the previous owner it was working, the only thing I've done is to adapt to a new DVD (TEAC DV-W28E) player and loads of recommended Windows updates. The BIOS version is 1.6 and I'm under Win XP MCE (sp2). Any ideas would be welcome.
    Either by the way, I write a BIOS updated on a CD, or do I have to buy a floppy drive?

    Hello, Alan

    I used Satellite P20 over 2 years and I never noticed any problem with the small remote control. I guess you bought second-hand laptop and in my opinion, the first things you need to do is install the OS via recovery CD.

    When the laptop to factory settings, you must test the operation of the equipment, in particular the use remote control. Recovery image is designed so that everything should work. If this isn't the case, it may be just because of a malfunction of the equipment. As I've already said I used this laptop long enough and never noticed any problems.

    To be honest I didn t make updates because the BONE was very well set up. As I said, you can test it with recovery image.

    The BIOS update you need floppy drive.

  • Can Qosmio F60 - I use a wireless remote control?

    Hi all

    Is the remote wireless IR F60 support & if so how I enable it & will be all universal remote control work?
    I am using my laptop as a media center & would like to swap between functions without my intervention.

    Thanks lantana aka couch potato


    Some of the notebooks Qosmio F60 are equipped with a remote control.
    Take a look at the front of the laptop.

    You will see the communication WLan (LED indicator
    Close the light WLAN, you should see a window of irda receiver.
    The irda is necessary to receive signals from the remote control.

    If your F60 does not support this irda you can not use remote in this laptop.

    PS: you can not use any remote. You must use another compatible which can be bought at Toshiba ASP.

  • Satellite A100 (PSAARA) - I can not use the remote control

    I used Toshiba A100 PSAARA, but now I can not use the remote control to operate all things?

    Thank you!

    If the remote control suddenly stopped working trying to restore the operating system to an earlier time using System Restore tool.
    If this does not help please let us know.

  • Satellite P100-PSPA3A-05S00P - how to use the remote control & infrared

    Satellite P100-PSPA3A-05S00P.

    Do not know if I have deleted the drivers or need drivers for remote control and infrared.
    I'm not sure how to activate the infrared but I got this cable look like an infrared receiver, but you don't know where it's going.

    I used the remote when I bought the laptop from 1st but it was a few years ago...


    I think that infrared doesn t need to be activated. It s must already be enabled.
    But the remote control can be used within Windows Media Center.
    I think this will work because my friend of mouse remote control with Windows Media Center as well and it worked well.

  • Qosmio G40 - which driver can be used for remote control?


    Which driver should I use for remote control?

    How to configure with the PC?

    Thank you very much.

    I assume that you need remote control manager.
    This tool is preinstalled on your Qosmio laptop?

Maybe you are looking for