remote control will not work with satellite receiver

DIRECTV running through computer media center but the remote does not work cause of media center remote and tv picture only appears in a small box and doesn't let me go beyond installation. I know that there is a way to remove the media center remote satellite remote to work and give me a larger image. HOW?

Hi JohnBrewster


1. What is the brand and model of the computer and satellite box material?
2 are the satellite decoder and a remote compatible with Windows Vista?

You can review the Windows Vista Compatibility Center and check if the hardware satellite you are using is compatible with Windows Vista-

You can also check the support link and check if the information provided allows - below


I hope this helps.

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    Correct, because Apple no longer includes the IR sensor in newer models

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    I have configured the battery Bluetooth to run the AV and AV service must send commands to Windows Media Player. In Windows Media Player, I have configured to use command AV Toshiba.

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    Ensure that the AV remote control Service is running:
    Right mouse click on Bluetooth-> Options... system tray icon-> [general] tab: 'AV remote control Service' (must be verified)

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    To my knowledge the Enbeded IR V0.0.0.6C was installed in the factory Toshiba Vista image. This looks like an application needed to run this command remotely.

    Unfortunately, the application looks like a part of the image of Toshiba and was published by download

    by the way; A200-xxx unit you have exactly?

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    Thank you...

    Post edited by: qazam

    Hi Qazam

    How did you test the remote control?
    What do you mean who does not? Some functions does not work or a complete remote control cannot be used?

    I read the user manual and it seems that the remote will work under Windows mode with WinDVD or Express Media player, and Windows Media Player when the laptop was not started in the Windows operating system.

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    Hope this helps,

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    1 virus Infection. Recommendation: complete the recovery. I ran several anti-virus and anti-malware program that pretend that my system is clean.
    2. added Version for a registry entry will produce a fix.

    The first suggestion that I consider as a last resort, but don't want to mess with my registry without help.

    Does anyone have experience of this 'mistake' and can talk me through a patch.


    Please keep us updated.

    Glad to know that you have addressed the issue. Your efforts to solve this problem is appreciated. Please do not hesitate to answer, in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

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    You may need to install the infrared driver.
    This driver is required to activate the infrared port on your laptop.

    You can find it here in the X 200 section

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    Can I load up, Google say, just one thing, or the program will then try to "catch" other functions as well?

    Yes, you can install Chrome and use it for a website. "Recovery" Chrome as other functions on your PC, just don't let it not be defined as "browser default" If you are prompted during the installation procedure. In addition, I doubt if you'll have a problem.

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    To start, make sure you have the latest Yahoo toolbar. & y = PROD_TOOL & local = en_CA & ID = SLN5044 & print = false

  • FN F6 and F7 for less bright and shiny LCD will not work with XP on A305-S6845

    modules common to xp... not on this model...

    added value for xp... not on this model...

    FN F6 and F7 for less bright and shiny LCD will not work with XP on A305-S6845

    C2D t8100, chipset intel, no normal fn keys FN + F5 doesn't seem to operate 'naturally', as do some others that I don't use, but the idea that I spent 8 hours to find all the xp drivers for this thing and can NOT dim my lcd...! ******ed...!!!

    The Toshiba REAL will raise your hand... Please?

    you KNOW millions are without downgrading from vista to xp, GIVE US THE DRIVERS...!

    I had to just to get the rest, scout intel boooted to viata while just to get the wifi, then start on xp, install the wifi, then had to get drivermax (amazing) to find all the drivers

    but no one knows where the FN drivers (no pun intended...)!

    None of the drivers Vista FN will get them to work with XP

    XP drivers for other models will not be installed on this model

    It comes from * ed

    1200 for a machine that cannot dim the lcd...!

    It is unlinke toshiba, how long could possibly take something for xp on to the A305 recompile!

    If someone has an A305 with c2d, get drivermax, they have now all other drivers of my job of paving 99.999% perfect...

    I will also publish on in a massive zip...


    Send me a fix...!

    (too late for a refund...!)

    TOSHIBA! everything I own is TOSHIBA... !!! three laptops from toshiba... just give my xp for my A305 drivers...!

    If you come from the United States, I'm afraid, you're on the wrong place. Try to post the same thing on it's US forum.

    Here are mostly from Europe and Toshiba Europe has nothing to do with Toshiba WE. The company, but may be different marketing strategy and support.
    Maybe you'll find people with the same opinion.

    > 1200 for a machine that cannot dim the lcd...!
    I take you seriously with your opinion, but after reading this, I think that this comment has nothing to do with reality. Recovery of installation image and you'll have the complete functionality for laptop. You have the stick of Windows Vista on your laptop?

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    The OEM key on the side of your Tower will not work with the XP cd to retail. You need a manufacturer OEM copy such as comes with some Dell, gateway machines.

    You can get the recovery disks that don't require any key to activate it. HP can carry is no longer, but they are available here. Just put your model number in the search:

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    I don't think that the new Sport Clip is compatible with Rhapsody. If you use (or want to use) this, you must return it and buy a regular pattern of Clip + or Zip.

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    He said: "the product key you entered will not work with this edition of Windows Vista. You must run the Windows Vista Setup program or enter a Windows Vista Business product key."

    How would the installation of Windows Vista? My files would still be there when you need him? My drivers would still exist? No matter what to get deleted or become unusable? He would return to SP1? Any response is welcome.

    You can order form of the manufacturer's recovery media.

    The reason why the system as non-authentique shows currently is using a license in Volume KMS - these licenses must be re-activated at least every 6 months by connecting to the KMS user license activation server.

    It will require a reformat and reinstall whatever you do, unless you can connect to the KMS - Volume media server cannot be upgraded under normal conditions.

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