removal of music

Is someone can you please tell me how to remove music from off of my palm pixi like?


Plug it into your computer and use a file browser to remove the music.

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  • is there a way to remove the music draws in icloud or on the device?

    I'll be happy if everyone agreed with me on the use of apple's music. It's really too hard to remove a music of ios 10.  the new apple music wants users to play the song, then delete it; but by the old version, we could delete any song even we are not listening.

    shortly, I miss old versio of apple's music. because that have edit songs that you listen to the device was really easy.

    If any authorized person see this comment, please repeat aple music.

    Hi apoaktas,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support!

    Leave your post, we understand that you want to delete the music downloaded on your iPhone or your library, but the process is different than it was before iOS 10. The new process of removal of content is explained in the following article:

    Download music - iPhone

    Delete music stored on the iPhone. Touch and hold the song, album, playlist or clip. Tap on delete, and then click Delete downloads. The item is removed from the iPhone, but not icloud music library.

    See you soon!

  • To remove all music from my iphone

    I am eager to erase all my music on my Iphone 6. I tried to drag the songs and remove them myself, but when I backup my phone to my computer, they show once again. Any help would be greatly appreciated...


    To remove all music from your iPhone, go to: settings > general > storage & use iCloud > in the storage section, tap on manage storage > music > Edit (top right corner) > delete all the songs.

    To avoid that music is synchronized to your iPhone by iTunes, uncheck the "Sync music":

  • Removal of music apps in dock

    Updated to OS3 on Apple Watch, and I noticed musical application in dock.  I didn't want it, but can't get rid of it.  iPhone is not docked, but shows that it is in the dock.  Trying to get rid of it, I have now 2 music apps in the dock, and I can't get rid of one of them.  Cannot slide up to get rid of them, cannot use the phone to get rid of them.

    Any who have the same problem or know how to get out them of the docking station?

    You can try to go to the App on your iPhone watch > My Watch > general > reset > reset home screen presentation.

    This should you bring to the point of departure on the layout and possibly remove the duplicates.

  • Remove photos/music of the iPad.

    I wanted some pictures of my iMac transferred to my iPad. I found myself by synchronizing the two m/cs which gave rise to all the photos/music, transferring to the iPad. Now, I want to remove most of the music/pictures which was transferred to my iPad from him leaving just the two pictures that I undertook to transfer. How can I do?

    Reconnect your iPad to iTunes on your Mac and use his Photos and the music of the tabs in iTunes to change your sync photo selections.

    You cannot delete photos synced directly on an iPad, they are removed by changing your selection of photo sync and Resync. music can be deleted either directly in the app music (he dotted icon next to a name of artist or album) or via the settings > general > storage & use iCloud > storage management > music (top) - but it is likely to be easier via iTunes on your computer (and do it right on your iPad short the risk of it being synchronized back the next time you sync).

  • Remove the music from another apple ID?

    I backed up my mothers iPhone to my iTunes and his music has been imported. I removed the backup, but his music is still in my library. Is there a quick way to remove all his music and keep mine?

    Latest version of iTunes, Windows 10

    MMUSIC in iTunes can be sorted in many ways. One is to Date added. Since you know the date and time that you have copied the files to iTunes, they will be easy to identify.

    If you do not see the column Date added to the song, do a right-click on any of citing the column heading, and then check the Date added.

  • How to remove iPhone music & movies just

    How can I delete music and movies, I want more on my iPhone to iTunes without removing the same securities by other devices synchronized to the same computer and iTunes account?

    I used to be able to select several items I wanted is no longer on my phone, and then delete them, cleaning of storage space. This is no longer an option; I can't yet anything drag to the trash. Instead, I'm forced to deal with each file individually, and even on 'manual', it tells me that it will remove the same title at all. This me alarm, because I don't want to suddenly something I paid for delete or downloaded, remove anything my iPad or make an invisible to AppleTV movie, I have to let these files my device where it occupies a space precious.

    All of a sudden it's all become so confused.

    I agree. I know that apple and others will say that you can manually manage music and videos, but we all know he has moments iTunes decided to sync and clear on these tracks we want to keep on our devices. It has always been a bit of a hit and Miss with me. I suggest to press Delete song and just manually download again. Trail and error I ' afraid, whatever Apple attempts to address this problem, he always comes back to bite me! That being said, it must stay on your device after that have downloaded red.

  • i, m, removing any music that has been formatted to mp3.i, m now ready to burn 3500 songs a - z.what is the fastest way to make a series of cds.also can I get a hard copy of each cd?

    I had duplicated my music library with format.i, m mp3 now remove the becuse of versions mp3 CD don, t play on I would like to burn my whole music library from a to there a way to quiker to do this? can I get a hard copy of each cd?


    Put the songs of interest within a Playlist in the order you want.  Then go to the file menu, then choose print... and click on the Inscription of the song.

  • How to remove torn music

    original title: Ripped music.

    I ripped music on my hard drive but I can't find how to remove it.

    As all the other files that you delete. Right-click | Delete

  • downturn or remove preloaded music without formatting

    After downloading the new update, it takes me about 5 minutes (instead of instantly) to access my folder of music in MSC mode. And the 'your refreshing media' takes more time.

    I would also like to know how to delete the pre-recorded music without formatting the drive. Is this possible? (my previous attempt, looking for hidden files on the drive ended with none being found. curious and curious)

    Go to setting and value USB MTP mode. Connect your Sansa Fuze and go to my computer and click it and go to the music. You will see all the songs preloaded that you can remove.

  • Music files - cannot find the settings to disable synchronizing to a device duplicate songs or remove additional music

    In I-Tunes or any Player multimedia, where can I find the settings to turn off syncing to a device duplicate songs? Is if no parameter, possible to remove the extra music using a faster method that remove them manually one by one? You try to transfer music to a device (I - pod) is a little frustrating after all downloading just to find additional music under the same artist with the repetition of the same song several times. Thank you for your help: >) Danise

    There are programs that you can get to check for duplicate files, but it would be unreliable given that music can exist in different audio formats (mp4, wma, wave, whatever), or different bit rates, etc.  It really turns to be more often a manual process, because in the end, only you know which agree delete.

  • How to remove the music in the Collection Cloud Xbox?

    Does anyone know how to remove songs from the Collection of clouds Xbox? Here's what I did that did not work.

    On my desk, I guess Xbox Music added my existing Xbox content to my Collection of Xbox clouds. I deleted all my content but I did some of it in the Xbox Music and some of them outside by simply deleting the music files. I then restarted Xbox Music. It then downloaded again a part of the music. This time, I deleted the music of Xbox Music. Of course music removed and did not return. However when I plugged my tablet to Xbox Music it download music.
    How to erase songs on the online Xbox cloud Collection so he will leave added these files on my phone and my tablet. They appear on my desk more. I thought to remove the Tablet, but I want to see what others say first.

    Ah ha! I uninstalled the music app and then re-installed. My Collection of clouds Xbox now works as expected. Somehow he thought that it had already downloaded the files.

  • audition cc - remove background music of the word using the original music.

    Hi all, I am new to pass a hearing and need help to determine the best way to do this:

    I have a lead of speech where I want to remove the background music, so I find myself with more own speeches. I happen to have another track with the music that was used - which is more strong but otherwise seems the same to me. I tried to reverse the polarity of the music track and align the track of speech and adjust the volume until he canceled music as background music on the track of the speech was too quiet to be able to see well enough waveforms to identify them well enough. In addition, the music is purely ambient with unclear beats to help alignment.

    In my view, there is 'capture noise print' and 'learn its model' and various other techniques to remove noise but they are only available in the Waveform Editor and the noise print is on a separate track so don't know how to use it.

    can someone tell me the best way to go about cleaning the track with what I have?

    See you soon

    What is a mono recording or stereo with the speech in there? Is it is stereo and the speech is in the Middle, you could try effects/stereo/channel Extractor Imaging Center. However none of these methods will never reach a track completely clean speech because it is almost impossible to remove a part of a record without either strongly affect the so desired material or leaving a bit of unwanted matter behind. The method you tried to music using only a piece of own music work that if your two audio files are absolutely accurate and perfectly synchronized snack together Cancel. An almost impossible task if the piece of music and the mixed speech and music have not been registered at the same time using the same interface audio ie. multitrack.

  • If I can ask my iTunes Library to remove all music NOT purchased through iTunes?


    I have a lot of music in my library that I listen to is no longer too. Wort that has not been purchased through iTunes.

    I want to know if there is a way of querying my iTunes library and the extraction of all the music that was NOT bought and delete?

    I noticed that when you look at the information in the files, if the property was purchased, and then it has a field 'Date purchased' and ' purchased by. So these could be used to identify the music purchased/non-bought.

    Or is there another way?

    Thank you


    I choose all the songs and delete the batch... (you can always drag the strange folder separated on the desktop if you want to keep an album you have imported etc..) You can add it back later.

    Then, go to Playlists - making sure that you are connected to your iTunes account - and select those purchased you want to return by clicking on them...

  • How can I remove corrupted music files, reinstall and not lose all my music... Imesh.V 12...

    I am using Imesh version 12 for download music on my laptop... Revieved just an error message saying Imesh can not work properly as some of the files are corrupted...    It does not allow me to log in...  What can I do to save all my music already downloaded?

    You should ask the right people:

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