Removal of old photos of the iPhone with iCloud photo library on

I had a 6 128 GB iPhone for a couple of years and I bought a Macbook Pro about a year ago. I've been running iCloud photo library - but not Photostream - and without really look deep into the settings exactly, when I take pictures on my phone they usefully automatically found in the Photos app on my macbook. When I remove photos from my phone, they also seem to disappear too from my mac.

Recently, in an arrangement of happy until I started running low on space on my phone. My question is, is my library in 'mirror' between my devices? IE if I say, delete all my photos from 2012 to 2014 my phone, they are removed from my macbook too? Obviously, it would be disastrous.

I guess my question is, what are the best settings to have a situation where my photos will be driven by my phone to my laptop, but then stored on my laptop indefinitely?

Any help is appreciated.


When you use iCloud photo library, deletion of a photo or a video on any device that uses the service will remove this item in all of them and also to iCloud.

The following resources may help explain how the photos and videos are managed by iCloud photo library, including the possibility to optimize the storage on your iPhone:

To manually import pictures to your laptop, you can follow the steps detailed here:

Other resources:

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    # No, if you didn't have it supported up to iCloud or another computer. You cannot undo a restoration.

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    Where is the support for the iPhone with some of these issues?  It's amazing that none of the iphone Tech responded to the unanswered questions.

    This is a user forum. You to read the terms of use to which you agreed to when registering, you would have been aware that the participation of Apple here is minimal.

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    I keep seeing articles on the iCloud market turn but it seems the photos all return on the devices once restarted. I want to iCloud on use as a conduit to get the photos to my computer, not as a large storage space. I want the Photos app on my Mac where all the photos are filled and stored and choose those which is left each device.

    Right now they are all in the pictures on the Mac, but I'm worried if I remove it from my iPhone/iPad that they will disappear from Photos on the Mac. I don't understand the new Photos app with all the missing features of iPhoto.

    Thank you!

    You can not that's not how works iCloud photo library - it is not a conduit but a total synchronization service whose entire raison d'etre is to keep libraries connected identical - all changes made on any device (addition, deletion or modification) are made on all devices. For devices with limited memory, using optimized photos

    If this isn't what you want then use another service - USB import, iTunes sync, MyPhotoStream for example each do different things and everyone can move photos from one device to another

    And Photos lack a lot of features iPhoto form - in fact much more features than iPhoto including iCloud library there like a bigger and better editing capability and better external editing capability and so on


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    don't like it use the contact us link below to notify Apple.

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    YYou have unlink the old iphone you as find my iphone the reset all devices on this subject from your account then plug it to your iTunes then restore a new one after that reset password that under the new phone then connect

  • Synchronize the iPhone with pictures of Mac pictures

    Hi everyone, first post

    So my situation is I want to synchronize my Mac and my iPhone in such a way so that when I delete a photo of Photos from my Mac, he or she gets removed from my iPhone and visa versa - but there is a problem.

    I synced photos from my iPhone to my Mac in iTunes, hoping it would synchronize the actions so that I would be able to sort my content on my Mac and have everything what I remove synced to my phone, so it is deleted from there too. Unfortunately, which ended by happens is that many pictures on my phone have been reproduced and now I basically have 2 half of all my photos, a version which I am not able to remove. I can't simply delete the half that's disposable, because not all of them have been reproduced. I'm a little puzzled.

    So my question to you all is how to sync Photos to my phone with pictures of my Mac so that when a picture is deleted one, it is also deleted the other?

    Thank you!

    In addition, Mac running macOS Sierra and the iPhone is running iOS 10

    This using the library to iCloud. For questions about the and the iCloud library find the Photos for Mac forum, here:

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    I have a 6 s iPhone, iOS 9.3.1 and I updated the last update but my iPhone 6s has not been good since.  Unable to connect to wifi properly.

    The update was for the iPhone 6se but didn't know I shouldn't have installed.  This update may be removed from iPhone6s?

    The update was for all iPhones 4 s from

    I have a 6 more on 9.3.1 without problems - with regard to the WiFi

    Please do the following and after each test to see if the problem is resolved - if yes, then you can omit the following steps - I tried to list them in ascending order of the effort at least on a Mac and / or an iDevice

    1. Please see recommended settings of WiFi routers and access Apple points.
    2. Check if the problem is related to a single device and if other devices connect normally-
    3. If the 2 answer is 'yes' - try to connect the device assigned to somewhere else if possible - coffee or the University
    4. Perform a forced - restart cela do not delete or purge all data and allows to solve many problems - here is how - press and hold the Off / On Home button and at the same time for about 15-20 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Allow normal startup upward.
    5. Settings - WiFi - < network name > - Click on forget network - do a restart forced according to 3 and then add again the network
    6. If home - reboot the router by unplugging it for 60 seconds (power) and the plug and reconnect - obviously, this step can be done in a public place like a cafe or airport or University. While you're there - make sure your router is working on the latest firmware (check manufacturer's website)
    7. Settings - general - reset - Reset network settings - remember to have very practical WiFi passwords because it erases the WiFi passwords
    8. If it is a new specific net device in your home - make sure that the router gives enough DNS for all numbers which must / wants a connection - stuff like the printer, Chromecast get overlooked - ask for more details on this so not sure option
    9. Backup the device to iTunes - restore as NEW (no) - see if solves problem - if yes - restore backup
    10. An appointment of 'Genius' to an Apple Store, or select another authorized service provider.
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    I have a Windows PC with iTunes 12.3.3 (latest version) and iOS iPhone 6s 9.3.1

    Struggled recently with iTunes think I have music on my iPhone when I don't really have the music on my phone, where the name "ghost files". I tried several other sites have suggested to do such as:

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    • Using another cable from Apple lightning
    • Download and run iExplorer

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    I checked iTunes my iPhone Summary tab at the bottom, and it shows all the data for the files of music, which is very weird. I have since tried the music I want on my phone via iTunes, but it is not just sync to sync. iTunes behaves as if the files are already on my iPhone.

    A final problem that can have an impact on the music that is on iTunes next not all but some of the songs that I used on my iPhone have a! on the inside of a circle to the left of the song.


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    You can go to the preferences system/printers, select the printer you want to remove and click on the '-' sign.

    If you want to remove the printing software, after doing the above, you can go to the library/printers and move the brand (for example Canon) printer folder to the trash. And maybe ~/Library/Printers and delete any file app (e.g. Canon brand printer.

    Then install your new printer driver you may be able to find at Apple or the web site of the manufacturer of the printer.

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    I solved my problem to re-boot the computer and the phone.  Thanks for the suggestions.

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    I know how to remove each podcast, but how do I remove "documents and data" in the application of podcast?  I have more than 4 GB of data and documents.

    I think I found a thread that is useful for you: & tstart = 0

    Sonny3301 answer worked for me, «...» "(The steps are: 1) download the Battery Doctor app on your iPhone (it's the first one that appears in the search) (2) hit the"Junk"icon on the bottom and tap 'Clear Cache'." (3) repeat until your space becomes available. The people that I learned this technique of some other bulletin board said it took 10-15 tries; It took me + 30 attempts. The memory savings start small at first, then it starts to hit hundreds of MB at a time. It sounds crazy, I know, but I went to have less than 200 MB of free space for 3.6 GB. Great thing, it was my podcast app had only been hogging to 1 GB of data, so the app battery doctor found 2.6 Go elsewhere. Good luck to you all and you are welcome. »

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