Removal of the security updates after that that they have been installed

Is it possible to delete security updates once they have been installed?

Thank you

For WinXP SP3, see this discussion:

For Vista SP1 or SP2, see this discussion:

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  • Why I repeatedly get a security update for Windows Vista for systems (KB2676562) and update for Windows Vista (KB2679255) focused on the x 64 even after that both have been installed successfully?

    update of security (KB2676562) has already been correctly installed 21 times, began towards the end of May.  Update for Windows Vista (KB2679255) was successfully installed 35 times, he began in mid-April.  These two continue to update themselves every day and do it at least twice a day, back to back.  It is very frustrating to have to deal with that and makes me think that something may be a problem with my computer.  I had heard of registry cleaners is not not a good thing to use, if recently I not unhooked my registry free cleaner.  I hope that it has not caused my computer to lose any registry key values.  Does anyone know a possible solution or what I need to do? I thank everybody help, please!

    Hollow salvation of the farm,

    Try these steps
    Method 4: Reset the contents of the Catroot2 folder
    go to start > all programs > Accessories > right click on command prompt > run as administrator
    Reset the contents of the Catroot2 folder. To do this, follow these steps:
    Type the following commands and press ENTER after each command:
    net stop cryptsvc
    MD %systemroot%\system32\catroot2.old
    xcopy %systemroot%\system32\catroot2.old /s %systemroot%\system32\catroot2

    Restart the PC and then
    Method 8: Rename the folder C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution
    Rename the Windows Update temporary C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder. To do this, follow these steps:
    Open an administrative command prompt window.
    Run the following commands and press ENTER after each command:
    Net stop wuauserv
    CD %SystemRoot%\System32
    Ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
    Net start wuauserv
    Try to install updates again.

    also try to scan your computer
    Method 1: Use the Microsoft Safety Scanner to scan your computer for viruses and malware

    To analyze your computer by using the Microsoft Safety Scanner, click on the following link: use the software to combat spyware and antivirus software to scan the computer.

    To see a list of third-party anti-virus software vendors, visit v

    To download and install Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus software, visit

    Please come back if you need assistance
    Thank you
  • Windows Media Center could not update Playready after that kb3004394 has been installed.

    Windows Media Center could not update Playready after that kb3004394 has been installed.  I then uninstalled kb3004394 and tried everything I can find on the web for difficulty playready including this procedure

    and this procedure

    Nothing worked and I'm pulling my hair out.  I use WMC with an HDHomeRun and a map of Time Warner cable.  This facility worked well for more than a year before installing this update.  The machine is a Dell XPS 8300 running windows 7 SP1.   I'm unable to watch all channels protected by DRM and I lost all my legally registered content.  It is a disaster and cost me 30 hours and counting.  Anyone have any ideas?

    I don't know your problem, but 3004394 has caused a lot of problems for a lot of people -

    Microsoft have apparently released an update of replacement/deletion for it -

    But to a few other posts on this forum, it seems to fix everything for everybody. If all goes well it can help you.

    If not, allows to see what MS themselves have to say.

  • Is time Machine always being backed up to the folder My Documents/Desktop now that they have been sucked into the iCloud?

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    Yes. The files are still on the computer so that they will always be saved by Time Machine.

  • How can I activate Creative Suite 3 on my computer if I don't have access to the previous computer, in that it has been installed?

    How can I activate Creative Suite 3 on my computer if I don't have access to the previous computer, in that it has been installed?

    When you have a non-functional computer and cannot turn it off, click on the link below

    Serial number and activation support (no-Cloud) to adjust the number of activations

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  • How can I download a security update after that several unsuccessful attempts?

    I am told that I have to download a critical security update.  I tried several times (6 or 7) and each time I like the download failed.  How can I sucessfully download a security update for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 x $86 KB2833941$?  I am running Windows XP.

    Uninstall the .NET Framework 1.1. Then download the .NET Framework Cleanup Tool
    In the drop-down list box, select 1.1 and clean.
    Reinstall .NET Framework 1.1
    Download and install. NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1
    Visit Windows Update or Microsoft Update and let it install the rest of the 1.1 updates, including KB2833941.

    Check if it is installed and report.

  • How to restore files from the Recycle Bin after that that they have been removed

    How to restore the files that I have deleted by mistake?

    Mac Mini

    El Capitan 10.11.1


    owenmckee wrote:

    How to restore the files that I have deleted by mistake?

    From your backup... you have a backup?

  • Even though I have my iPad WiFi connects to the internet even after that I have reset the network settings

    Having never had a problem with my iPad since buying about 3 years ago, suddenly I can't access the internet use it & none of the applications that need the internet have access either. (since the last update for IOS 9.3) I have reset the settings of the internet and the WiFi signal at the top is visible. Airport app told me that I have access to the internet, but I did not!  Does anyone else have this problem? I would really appreciate a quick solution, because it's so annoying when things sync and I need them to-such as the events of diary, photos email etc. not to mention the SMS!  Any help gratefully received!

    General suggestions for Wi - Fi problems, maybe one of them will help you...

    (1) perform a forced reboot: hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Leave the device to reboot.

    (2) resetting the network settings: settings > general > reset > reset network settings. Join the network again.

    (3) reboot router/Modem: unplug power for 2 minutes and reconnect. Update the Firmware on the router (support Web site of the manufacturer for a new FW check). Also try different bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and different bandwidths (recommended for 2.4 to 20 MHz bandwidth).

    (4) change of Google DNS: settings > Wi - Fi > click the network, delete all the numbers under DNS and enter or otherwise

    (5) disable the prioritization of device on the router if this feature is available.

    (6) determine if other wireless network devices work well (other iOS devices, Mac, PC).

    (7) try the device on another network, i.e., neighbors, the public coffee house, etc.

    (8) to restore the device (ask for more details if you wish).

    (9) go to the Apple Store for the evaluation of the material.

  • My serial number of Design Premium CS5.5 is not recognized for the PS, after that I have re-installed the program. How can I solve this problem?

    After that I upgraded my Mac OS to 10.10, PhotoShop was no more working. The rest of the Adobe design Premium CS5.5 programms were still working. To resolve this problem, I have re-installed PS now it works, but only in the trial serial number of "Adobe design Premium CS5.5 ' is not valid. No idea how to solve this problem. Adobe customer service can't help. When I installed Adobe design Premium CS5.5, initially, I had the same problem with Acrobat ProX; to make it work, Adobe had to provide me with a number of additional series for this program.

    Hi Andreas,

    Please visit:

    I hope this helps.


    Megha Rawat

  • Windows Update tells me that I must install updates KB2676562 and KB2679255, but they have been installed.

    I get a notification update KB 2676562 and KB2679255, even if my update history shows that I have installed these updates.  What gives?

    See the article after some troubleshooting for your question: >

    Please let us know if it did or did not help to solve your problem.

    UTC/GMT is 01:36 Sunday, June 24, 2012

  • My Windows 7 Home Premium activate after that I have re-installed Windows. ERROR 0XC004E003

    I reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium on my computer and I try to turn it on, but I get ERROR 0XC004E003 during the activation process. I'm NOT have the possibility to call to activate only online activation there. It's the same Windows 7 that came pre-installed on my computer, I used the. ISO file burned on a disc to re - install.

    Looks like you are using an ASUS license key. You must use the license on your COA sticker.

    I hope this helps.

  • Removal of whitespace in icons so that they have no color

    I have a lot of icons SVG vector that I work with. Many of them have white or white zones like this one.


    When I try to make white so its transparent and shows the background color, it does not work as I would like. I can't get the filling go away by simply clicking on 'None' option. I tried to use the compound path without success. I don't know if there is a simple way to do this? I thought when I used the trace of the image and expand it that it would make the white just a transparent shape but its fill with white every time. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    It's something that you have traced image? Use the box 'ignore the whites' before developing:

  • Distribution of forms after that that they have been digitally signed.

    Version Adobe Acrobat Pro XI 11.0.07

    I would be very grateful for the assistance received in response to my question. I have checked the messages, at length, but could not find an appropriate response.

    It's my company policy document workflow.

    1.PDF created with both fields of the Digital Signature fields.

    2. the document is sent to Reviewer1 for approval and digital signs. (all changes are made to the document before signing)

    3. the document is sent to Reviewer2 to approval and digital signs.

    4. final reviewer digital signs.

    Now that the policy was approved by the management team, the policy is ready for employees to read and fill out the form fields


    "I have read and understood this document: box.

    -email address

    When I go to the forms of distribution via an internal server I get the following message: "Acrobat is not able to create a response file can be used on the form sent back because the shape is the need of operations"

    This allows me to make them an approved management policy was published, and we may collect information about who read and do not read the document.

    Thanks a lot for your help


    Hi Graeme,

    I see not what you see when I use the forms > distribute tool (which is essentially doing the same thing you're reached via the JavaScript command). I'm going to need to look into this a bit to understand what this is intended to be executed and if it it would break the signature, so the distribution function is disabled. Even when I answer my guess is that we will not change Acrobat because we do not allow activities that cause a signature become invalid.

    That said, I have some recommendations for you. If you really need to use the distribution feature only add a certification signature in the file before you make it available to employees to complete. A certification signature is a bit different from a regular approval signature because it is designed to allow some changes in the file without breaking the signature. In this way when text fields were filled and the checkbox enabled you will get the error when you click the button.

    You can also change the button "Submit a form" rather than "Javascript has run", and if you do this then the file may contain a regular approval signature and the data will be sent. As I mentioned above, there just make sure that you do not send signature return field data.


  • How to re-enable the automatic updates after that malware disabled?

    How to re-enable to THE / settings WU & firewall after removal of malicious software from a windows xp pc? As malware has disabled them. Is there a quick way to solve this?

    Hi BrianMedojevic,

    How to configure and use automatic updates in Windows, please see the following article:

    I hope this helps!

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