Remove image that isn't in a vector

I have a vector of rectangle rounded on my canvas.  I also have an ellipse that covers the top have rounded rectangle.  The background is

transparent, and I don't want the ellipse to be visible when its on the rounded rectangle.  I also want the ellipse to become more transparent when it is on the edge of the rounded rectangle as the rounded rectangle edges are anti-aliasing.  Basically, I want to cut a piece of the ellipse which is the exact form that the top of the rounded rectangle, anti-aliasing and all.  How do I do that?


Thank you



There are several ways to do it, but I guess you want to do it easily and be sure of the result.

Try this:

Draw an ellipse, making it look like the white bitmap image and place it on the rounded rectangle. Open the path Panel and select the paths of culture. This way you will get a vector image to which you can apply the white fade on the effect you want and edge anti-aliasing, and, of course, you can easily change its size.

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    Thank you


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    Hope this helps


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    Kind regards


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    Thank you


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    • Videos
    • Illustrations
    • Vectors

    Thanks again


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