Remove list Bluetooth devices

Is there a way to delete the old list of Bluetooth devices? When I click on the x next to it, he tries to associate rather than delete them. I opened the plist for Bluetooth with Xcode, but I don't see old appliances under recent devices, and the Favorites are the devices that I use.


Resolved on mine. Hold down the option key when you select the Bluetooth menu in the Finder. It will give you the opportunity to remove the device.

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  • 'Delete Failed' Bluetooth device

    I had problems to make my audio adapter Logitech Bluetooth S-00113 to work with my Acer S7 - 391 running Windows 8. Acer has been pushing WiFi and Bluetooth driver updated since last year. After the driver was updated, the Logitech audio adapter still does not work - it remains in "offline" mode In the past, I was able to remove the device and re-pair. It would sometimes work after doing this. After this last driver update, can I remove is no longer the device - I get a message "Cannot delete"

    How can I remove the Bluetooth audio adapter?

    p.s. the Logitech audio adapter works great with my iPod, it is not a hardware problem.

    I had the same problem as you. I've solved this by removing several registry keys using PSTools (psexec-i s regedit) while in a command prompt run as administrator. Then, I removed all Bluetooth devices by using Device Manager. I've downloaded windows 8.1 support and then reinstalled the Windows only system (not user files or programs).

    I came to this solution after two below-related forums.

    1. a good explanation of the problem:

    2. the registry entries that should be deleted:

    I downloaded the Microsoft installation media of:

    I downloaded PSTools from:

    Overall, the process took 30 minutes to solve after I had spent 9 hours of troubleshooting. The problem seems to lie in the fact that enumerator Microsoft's Bluetooth not publish the device in the list. The list is stored in the registry, so even that if you remove the enumerator in the list of devices, it regenerates itself.

  • Computer stops after removing the hardware device.

    Original title: closure of the problem

    Once I am done using bluetooth and easy then disable the bluetooth in my laptop sony vaio, my laptop keeps. It is stuck on the "shutting down" screen and stays just like that. In this case only everytym I use the bluetooth.s


    Thanks for asking! If I understand correctly, you have a problem with the computer to close after removing the Bluetooth device.

    Before I continue, I would like to collect some personal information.

    1. Were there of the last changes made to the system before the show?
    2. You get the error message?
    3. The question is limited to specific device?

    Method 1:

    Follow the link to perform a clean boot check, if it helps.

    How to perform a clean boot for a problem in Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Note: Once you are done with the boot, follow step 7 in the link to your computer in normal mode.

    Method 2:

    Follow this update of the driver update Bluetooth drivers. Check if it helps.

    Answer with the results, I would be happy to help you further.

  • removal of the Bluetooth device

    Any ideas out there how to remove bluetooth devices in the bluetooth menu? I have a couple that I no longer use, but I don't see that to remove them. When I click on the 'x' next to him, he does not try to pair, which of course is not because I no longer have / use the. Any suggestion is appreciated.

    Remove a device from your Mac

    If you want to remove (désapparier) a device from the list of devices on your Mac, follow these steps:

    1. Choose the Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Bluetooth.
    2. Place the pointer on the device you want to remove, and then click the button which appears next to the device name.

    It sounds as if you follow these steps, but the preferences window does not respond as it should. Try to reset the SMC and try again reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

  • How to remove the phone (bluetooth device) completely from the computer

    Original Title - need help with Bluetooth on Windows 8 devices?

    I'm trying to remove my phone (Blackberry) to my Bluetooth devices, because it does not work properly (I want to remove the device and then try to connect to it). Removed completely from my phone, I am removing my PC.

    I thought that I removed in 8 gain settings menu (in pc settings > devices), and then tried to delete there from there, but when I tried to connect my phone after that, he always says to remove the device from the computer, and then try again.

    In addition, the folder bluetooth (empty) for the folder bluetooth of my phone won't disappear in my computer. The phone is not yet listed under devices and printers in Control Panel.

    How can I remove it completely?

    (the laptop is a Lenovo g580)


    Thank you for keeping us posted.

    I need more information to understand the problem and help you with the best available resolution.

    The question is limited to the connection to a specific device?

    You can follow the steps and check if it helps resolve the issue, that the device could be hidden.

    a. press the Windows key + X.

    b. click on Device Manager.

    c. click view.

    d. click the hidden devices.

    e. look for the Bluetooth device.

    f. right click on the Bluetooth device , and then click Uninstall.

    If please get back to us and let us know if this helps.

  • How can I remove Bluetooth devices in Bluetooth which are no longer available to be associated with menu?

    Under MacOS 10.11.5 El Capitan, I want to delete old Bluetooth devices in the menu. Following the instructions click on the 'x' does not remove the device - it does that the Mac trial pair, which of course is no longer possible because the device is no longer available. How can I get these unnecessary items on the menu?

    Hello mvheim,

    Try this.

    Hold down the alt key and click on the bluetooth menu.   In the menu dropdown > select the item you want to delete > click and the ability to remove or disconnect should appear. Make your choice.

  • Problem removing battery bluetooth / hidden devices / unpublished COM ports

    Having problem completely remove Toshiba Bluetooth stack / hidden devices / unpublished com ports

    I uninstalled Toshiba BT s/w...


    (1) peripheral BT Toshiba hidden appear again and I can not remove (get the error)

    (2) the COM ports occupied by Toshiba BT not out (so they cannot be used by another pile of BT) and always appear in the registry
    ex: friendly name Toshiba BT Port (COM4) always in the registry

    (3) these new com ports do NOT appear in Device Manager

    Thank you

    What COM ports are actually used (must be used) by your current system?

  • Check out Get the address of the Bluetooth device list

    I have two series Bluetooth devices both send numbers to pc.what I want to know is how to get the address of the list of devices Bluetooth discover bluetooth device then use to connect to the first device read data log and connect a second device.

    Hello Aymanch,

    The Bluetooth Discover VI will be released a cluster with devices within the range of your network, where a feature will be the address and the second part will be the name of the device. You can then use the address as an input for the VI of open connection and then pass this reference reading VI and close connection VI.

    If you want to see an example of how to get the address of the cluster and how to use these screws, please open the example Finder and search for Simple Bluetooth project. The shows how to unbundle the cluster and the shows something similar to what you want to accomplish. Because you are going to use two devices, you can even use a loop to repeat the operation on the two addresses.

  • How to remove Bluetooth devices in double

    Hardware: Acer Aspire 1410 Netbook under Windows 7 Home Premium, Iogear mini USB Bluetooth adapter (device working properly in Device Manager).

    I am trying to pair a Bluetooth headset stereo Motorola Motorokr S9 - HD with the Acer's Netbook.

    When I try to pair the headset, I see 2 of them in the Bluetooth Setup Wizard, select a device dialog box.  The helmet is never paired with the Netbook.  I guess it is because there are 2 of them.  How can I remove the two devices so that I can start fresh?

    I spent several weeks trying to get this headset work with my Netbook.  The needs of S9 A2DP and AVRCP, which claims to support the Iogear BT adapter.  However, encouraging them to play well together seems almost impossible.  I am very frustrated.


    Hi Tomasthanes,

    In the link below, there are instructions on how to do to delete the bluetooth device (even though it says how to add :) in the title):

    Also, have you tried to boot safe mode and remove it from there?  Here is some information on that as well:

    I hope this helps! Debra
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How to remove the old devices in list "managed device"?

    I would like to know how to remove the old devices (disused) from the list of devices managed on version 2.2?

    Go to management > Unmanage devices and select the devices you want to delete. Click the right arrow to move them in the right pane, and then click on the button "unmanage".

    Thank you


  • HP Pavillion G6-1a21ca - device Bluetooth adapter is no longer listed in Device Manager... How to get my bluetooth?


    Today I went to connect a bluetooth device and noticed that I no longer had my bluetooth adapter listed in my HP wireless assistant. I went and checked the Device Manager to see if maybe that the issue had been disabled by mistake and noticed that he was is no longer enrolled here either. I literally spent the day combing internet and google to try to find a way to solve this problem and have developed empty.

    I have installed current drivers and don't have to update the Ralink drivers recently which caused the corruption. If I open "My Bluetooth" it simply asserts that the Bluetooth radio is currently unavailable. I found a number of people with similar problems, but they had different operating systems or other reasons that their solutions have not helped. I can't understand how to install this unit or know where he was going. It is not listed as an unknown device in my device manager either.

    I can post/send screenshots and will provide as much info as I can.

    Help, please.

    HP Pavilion G6-1a21ca

    Windows 7 Home Premium
    Ask questions if anyone needs clarification. I will answer as soon as possible.

    Discover the solution provided in the HP website.

    If you do not have the HP connection manager, then download it on

    Hope this could help you. Let us know the results.

  • my laptop suddenly stopped to connect to any bluetooth device. I restored my system and removed the programs installed before having this problem.

    my laptop suddenly stopped to connect to any bluetooth device. I restored my system and removed the programs installed before having this problem.

    Hi sh8kdown,

    Thanks for posting this question in the Microsoft Community!

    I understand that you can not connect to Bluetooth devices on the computer. I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Rest assured that I will do my level best to help you.

    (1) what is the brand and model of the computer?

    (2) what is the model number of the Bluetooth devices?

    (3) you get an error message?

    (4) did you of recent changes to the computer before the show?

    I suggest the following methods and check if it helps to solve the problem.

    Method 1: Open the hardware and devices Troubleshooter

    Method 2: Troubleshoot issues with Bluetooth devices

    (Applicable to Windows 7 as well)

    Method 3: Error: "Pilot of Bluetooth device not found" when you try to connect a bluetooth device: 


    Add a Bluetooth device to your computer:

    Change settings for a Bluetooth compatible device:

    It will be useful. For any other corresponding Windows help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

    Kind regards!

  • Remove no paired Bluetooth devices

    My DROID is recovering laptop of my neighbor and the BlackBerry as devices.  I've never associated with them, I've never will pair with them, but I can't have them out of the list of devices.


    The next time you are away from your home of neighbours (at work) then go into settings and pair bluetooth devices.  Since they are not in the range, and he finds them they will disappear off list.  Tell your neighbor to turn off discoverable mode on its devices.

  • Remove printers from the list of devices

    I'm working on a Mac with Office 2011. I have three printers on the list of devices, but I only use one (only have one!). The others were probably added when I work somewhere else and if necessary to print something. I can't get rid of the other printers in the list if, and if I do not watch I send something to print and he's going to the wrong printer and I have to return the order. I would like to delete the printers I do not use or at least be able to choose my printer by default, but could not find a way to do it. Clues?

    Thank you!

    Go to System Preferences > print & fax.  Select the printer that you don't want and click on the '-' sign at the bottom of the list.  Do the same for the other printers, you do not want.

  • Bluetooth device not no projection in sound-> output

    My bluetooth (speaker) device indicates 'Connected' in the list of bluetooth devices (in preferences-> Bluetooth system).

    However, I don't see it as an option when I go to Preferences-> sound-> release system.

    Any thoughts why? This has worked in the past, but not at the moment. I have not tried to restart my machine.

    Hi JVogue,

    Looks like you are unable to select your bluetooth device paired as a source of audio output to system preferences. I would start by pairing not your device:

    Remove a device from your Mac

    If you want to remove (désapparier) a device from the list of devices on your Mac, follow these steps:

    1. Choose the Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Bluetooth.
    2. Place the pointer on the device you want to remove, and then click the button which appears next to the device name.

    Note: After you delete a Bluetooth device, you need to repeat the pairing process, if you want to use again.

    From: using a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard or trackpad with your Mac

    When that is done, start in safe mode. This will clear some system-level caches and perform a disk check and repair if necessary:

    Follow these steps to start in safe mode.

    1. Start or restart your Mac.
    2. As soon as you hear the startup tone, hold down the SHIFT key.
    3. Release the SHIFT key when you see the logo Apple appears on the screen.

    After the Apple logo appears, this may take longer than usual to reach the login screen or your office. This is because your Mac performs a check of directory of your drive to boot in safe mode.

    To leave safe mode, restart your computer without pressing any keys during startup.

    From: try safe mode if your Mac does not start-up

    Once you log in safe mode, that's all you need to do there, then restart your computer as usual using Apple > restart. Pair the device again, and then check that you can select as output. Thank you for using communities of Apple Support, all the best!

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