Remove ReadyCloud android app

I can connect to the web interface of ReadyCloud and only to find my 3 OS 6 NAS units. If I use the ReadyCloud android app, I also find a former NAS unit that once, I have used (or tried) but who has failed a few months ago. I tried to empty the cache and the data on my android device but when I connect the device to the app reappeared, showing the status of 'unknown '. I found a similar question posted by "n_damian" in early 2015, and apparently the solution was sent by PM and is not included in the view of the forum. Any help is appreciated; I clearly have a workaround, but it would be nice to have a fix in place! Thank you.


Closing according to the PM.

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    Hi, how can I remove ActionBar android native app? I can't find any option to do this in AppBuilder.

    Hello Alejandro,

    We do not support hide action bar in the observer of Android.


  • Remove the android ReadyCLOUD devices

    I added Readynas to ReadyCloud and then I change HARD drive again. After a new installation system, I added new Readynas to ReadyCloud.
    How to disassemble the another first for ReadyCLOUD android? Via www interface is no problem.

    Hi n_damian,

    I sent you a suggestion to try. Check your PM Inbox.

  • remove the preloaded apps

    Is there anyway to erase or delete pre-loaded HP Apps slate 7 "

    Are what applications you referring?  Some applications are preloaded in stock Android itself.  These applications are usually not installable, but they can be disabled where they will not be included in the apps section.

    Go to settings and go to the App management (wording may be slightly different).  Open the desired application.  If there is a button to uninstall the updates of the application, press this button to uninstall updates.  Who is finished, there will be two options: unisntall or disable.  If it is installed, uninstall will appear.  Otherwise, select turn off and it will be 'removed' from the apps section.

  • Passport for blackBerry uninstall android app


    How can I uninstall my device android app? I typed on app and when see her remove option I deleted but this application deleted icon but not the file. I tried to open amazon apstore and go to my application, then select on the application of device and select uninstall, but it also does not help, restart the amazon app. I tried third party app to uninstall the android app, but it also even. any why? all the app removed consume my storage I need to delete them.


    Olivier Cornil

    jicochy wrote:
    as I'm going to downgrade my version of the os, so all those links describe on upgrade. So how do you downgrade work?

    The processes are actually for OS reload... upgrade, downgrade, or stay the same is not serious, the process is the same, it is about the specific version that you choose to install. Via the official methods, if they don't offer you what you want, you just stop... then move to informal autoloader methods and choose the automatic charger that contains the specific operating system version you want.

    jicochy wrote:
    If I try this method any possibility of death of phone?

    I already gave you the warnings on this subject... re-read post 4 above please. There is always a possibility of injury permanent... There is no guarantee. But I installed it with Autoloaders from dozens of times... once there was a problem, but the issue proved to be the autoloader itself... and therefore a different automatic charger using has solved the problem. But not always, no guarantees. Use at your own risk. I don't think that there is a problem, as long as you carefully read and follow ALL the instructions... If you jump on an object, you increase the risk that you might cause a problem. So, once again, re-read post 4 above please... all this.

  • BlackBerry Z10 "Make sure you have sufficient network coverage" when you run android app download.


    I want to remove and reinstall some out of my android apps.

    After that deletion of apps, Apps icon was disappear, but I can not reinstall it because is is still in the system.

    At resolutions that download 'android activity '.

    But now all trying to download this application. I'm getting "Make sure you have sufficient network coverage" this error msg.

    I tried

    -Clear cache

    -Sufficient coverage

    -Plan data does not work as well.

    I need to go back a few apps very badly

    Help, please

    The issue of "network error" has been resolved, so please let me know if you are still having this error when you try to download or update applications using BlackBerry World. Thanks for your patience so that this issue has been studied.

  • BlackBerry App Android Apps Notifications


    Does anyone know how to get a rid of applications android or how to to remove wink my apps section?

    Are what notifications you referring?

    In regard to remove them from my Apps in Google Play you must have a physical Android device to do. For some reason, Google gives no way to remove online.

  • Not being able to use the commenting tools in Android App.

    So, I did abit of research regarding my dilemma. I wanted to just a solid understanding of my research findings.

    His my situation, my office im player capable to add Post-it notes and highlight text. When I open the same PDF file through the app Android, Im not supposed to. I get a message saying "this tool is not available because of the security settings of documents".

    My research ive concluded that it is the whole PDF encryption that is not allowing me to use the commenting tools in the Android app. Is this correct?

    Is there a way around this side just do it on my desktop/laptop computer?

    Hi Yooooda-man

    Acrobat Reader mobile products (for iOS, Android, Windows Phone) have the known limit where the changes cannot be saved in encrypted PDF documents.  As a result, users are not able to make changes (addition of comments/annotations or forms) for encrypted PDF documents.

    If you created the PDF file or if you know the password, you can remove the Security document and settings of restriction of the PDF on your desktop, so you can use it on your Android app.

    Kind regards


  • How to install an AIR android app without deleting the data generated by the previous version

    I have an android application developed using adobe AIR SDK 16 and Flash CS6. Whenever I have publish/debug the application directly in the connected device. But whenever I publish the application data (images, text files) saved in the repository of application including the sqlite file are deleted. That's why I have to recreate all the data again to test. Is there a way to public/install an apk without losing the data created by the app installed? I tried with changing the version number. And I use the same certificate.

    Colin is correct. When you publish on an Android application directly on a Flash device, it removes the old version and then install a new. You can actually see this happen. If you have the app open with the screen on drawer and to publish the application from Flash, you will see the app disappear from your device and a few seconds later, another appears.

    Another way you could install the app, while keeping the data is just having Flash create the .apk file and install it manually on your device or use the method of Colin put as a beta/alpha on the game store. Be aware that if you are wanting to do your application paid for, you can first make free.

    A manual installation options include the apk of edition and then move to your device while it connected as USB device (Windows) or use the Android app (Mac) File Transfer and you need a file manager on the device application 'open' the app that will trigger the installation prompt.

    What I do, because my apps are for most of the code and are small size of file, use Dropbox. I have all my project files saved with Dropbox, so whenever I publish a new .apk file, I download the new file to my phone from Dropbox and install it from the downloads app and it prompts just update you currently installed.

    All manual installation options will be security-> Sources unknown option checked. I don't remember if it applies to the developer of the app, but apps beta/alpha on the need of a community Google Store + or Google Group created to test and anyone in the community or group can download and test the application. But of course, you can restrict the groups invite only.

  • Can DPS Professional distribute an Android app for a manual configuration on the device? (no shop game Google)

    As I see it, Professional Edition supports the edition of folio for the Android platform.

    But could I publish as file folio APK and the installer on the device manually for device to my client without going through the Google game store?

    and if I finish the monthly program, it would affect installed app on these devices?

    But could I publish as file folio APK and the installer on the device manually for device to my client without going through the Google game store?

    Yes. You can install the apk directky as well.

    and if I finish the monthly program, it would affect installed app on these devices?

    Yes the app would be installed, but since Android applications are multi folio apps, all non-downloaded content will be removed from the app. If end users archive / delete downloaded folios, they would not be able to download again.

  • Android App Error

    Hi all.

    Have a problem with the Android app. We do the update with the Viewer for version 24 generator.  Installed on the device, as the update. It works very well.

    Removed from the device and install again - can't see folios at the start.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    fixed by using version 23.

  • How can I get the android apps that show you in my Samsung Galaxy 5?

    I just discovered that Firefox now has a list of android apps

      some sound very useful

    How can I get an app of Firefox in my Samsung Galaxy 5?

    Thank you
    Ross mitchell
    [email protected]

    You can install Firefox on the phone via Google game store, like any other Android app.

  • How to refresh the playlist on Android app

    There is a setting in iTunes/Windows to update the library to the cloud, it sends recent changes, but how do update you the library on the Android app so it pulls down the updates pending in the cloud? I saw him run updates from time to time, but it seems to do it randomly.

    Android app 0.9.9 version (245)

    LG V10 performer Marshmallow 6.0

    I noticed most sync of things more in a few minutes, but things like play counts can take about 24 hours to synchronize with devices.

    Also in the music of Apple on Android, when you're in the high level view of playlists you can drag and pull down to refresh.

  • Mac 0sx 10.7.3 set updated to OS x Lion 10.7.2 How to remove a free app ' Israel free toolbar' from the toolbar. He sits alone on the toolbar immediately under the bookmarks bar.

    Mac 0sx 10.7.3 set updated to OS x Lion 10.7.2
    How to remove a free app ' Israel free toolbar' from the toolbar.

    It sits alone on the toolbar immediately under Bookmark bar.


  • Cloud tv Android App not available outside the United States

    Why the new cloud TV android app is not available for people outside the USA (Google game store of restriction)?

    As far as I can tell that the iOS app can be installed by anyone, so this seems unnecessary.
    He also mentions the cloud TV app for android on Toshiba of the EU website.

    On a separate note, does anyone know when the update of the firmware will be available which provides support miracast for TV of cloud platform?

    Details are not known to me, but on the cloud of Toshiba TV portal, you can find this disclaimer clause;

    + Toshiba Cloud TV is available in the television series L4, L6, L7, L9, M6, M8 and M9. +
    + Toshiba cloud TV content differs from one country to another and may change or end without notice. +
    + Errors and omissions excepted. +
    + The features available in the Toshiba TV cloud application may vary according to the country selection. +
    + Availability of app MediaGuide and Toshiba cloud TV vary dependent countries. +
    + To view the list of products and creating model and legal information, please click [here. |] +.


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