Remove stains

Hello everyone, I'm filming for youtube, but they have acne. How to hide or delete the offending task. I watched videos on it and did not find anything for a movement 5.

I thank in advance for any help you can offer.


There are several methods to treat imperfections...

depends on how much your subject/camera moves

in this wire <> , someone using the tool of censorship - a very creative idea.

or, there are no expensive plugins, it <> for example (watch the sales!), here, your subject is allowed to move.

or, speaking of follow-up, well-known SliceX offers a spot-fix...

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    How to remove stains in base of Windows Server 2008. I'm trying with extend your order but could not understand what would be patch name.

    Thank you

    Hello Tanav,

    Thank you for visiting the website of Microsoft Windows Vista Community.  The question you have posted is linked to the database of Windows 2008 Server and would be better suited to the community of Windows 2008 core server.  Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

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    Kind regards

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Is it possible to remove stains of video images with photoshop cc?

    Is it possible to remove stains of video images with photoshop cc?

    Yet once, show us reference screenshots and we will advise. Otherwise, this could become a theoretical discussion without end. Depending on what you want to do, you can import the video directly using layer--> new video layer for example what concealing fied sites with a blob of brush on a layer on the images, but you may also need to create separate layers for each image using the frames to layers script, so you can paint on each of them individually. There is really too much of is unclear and the possibilities are potentially endless...


  • Is there a way to remove stains on the skin?

    Hi all

    I currently edit a video with an interviewee, who's skin is not particularly clear. Is there a way to remove stains in first 10 items? Step by step instructions would be great.

    Help much appreciated.

    Thank you very much!

    I would use the track Matte key on the face of the person and make a slight blur to smooth the skin.

    There used to be a good tutorial, to do exactly that, but Curt Wrigley closed its Web site, where his tutorial was accommodated - very sad day.

    I made a written tutorial on the use of track Matte Keying to "Highlight a subject moving" and with a little interpolation, you can use it. All general steps are in, but in this tutorial, I used a hard edge 'circle' to the highest point. In the case of a person, you would use a matte with rounded edges, of size on the face of the person. Here is the written tutorial:

    Good luck and hope that helps - so pis tutorial that Curt is no more. I would have welcomed all those who he had only asked.


  • Remove stains from human workflow

    We have some Composites involving human workflow tasks.
    Sometimes there were obsolete, and we have removed these composite bodies.

    I can still see the tasks of human workflow of these bodies in the application of worlist.

    How is the easiest way to remove these old stains?

    We are om SOA Suite

    Use the script below to purge the bland, terminated and the instance of the dehydration Suite SOA store completed

    ALTER session set current_schema = DEV_SOAINFRA;

    MAX_CREATION_DATE timestamp;
    MIN_CREATION_DATE timestamp;
    whole batch_size;
    whole max_runtime;
    retention_period timestamp;


    MIN_CREATION_DATE: = to_timestamp('2005-11-01','YYYY-MM-DD');
    MAX_CREATION_DATE: = to_timestamp('2011-11-09','YYYY-MM-DD');
    max_runtime: = 120;
    batch_size: = 20000;
    () SOA.delete_instances
    min_creation_date => MIN_CREATION_DATE,
    max_creation_date => MAX_CREATION_DATE,
    batch_size-online batch_size,
    max_runtime-online max_runtime,
    purge_partitioned_component-online true);

  • How to remove stain from my Satellite P200D?

    I have a small problem or issue:

    Toshiba Satellite P200D, I bought a month ago, and now the left of the touchpad seemed small black spot. Looks like it's on my Palm...

    It appeared because I rest my Palm when I play games/write etc, but it's very very ugly, and I tried to remove it with water and some other products chemical soft but it doesn t work...
    The task is still very visible, and I don't know what to do?

    Is it possible to remove this with certain chemicals, or y at - it a way to replace the whole part in aluminium?

    It is perhaps a stupid question for you, but I really hate having to search for it everytime I open my laptop.

    Is it possible that this part of the aluminum is so poorly done that after a month of use (2 to 3 hours per day), it appeared?

    Thank you

    Hello wllada

    I have the same model of laptop 8 months now and I use it everyday for my business. Writing is my main work with laptop and my hands are placed permanently on the cover of the silver (left and right of the touchpad). I looked now what it looks like on my laptop and I see both sides are a bit dirty. I used the wipes to glasses and now the laptop is as good as new.

    Coverage of this silver is completely clean and really like new. Try to do the same thing.

  • Ink to remove stains of hands and fabric

    Ink can get on your hands and the fabric.  Click here to help remove the ink of hands and fabric.

    Hot water on the ink will set the ink on the hands and the fabric using cold water.

    Click on the laurels on the left side to help and click on accept as Solution to a solution. I work for HP.

    Best regards

    I hope this helps!

  • Bug in the adjusment brush and remove stain

    Guys watch the video with my problem!

    The adjustment brush is paint a much larger area than the selected and also clear. The task remove is outside the selected, leaving the only increase in RADIUS

    Help someone of his photos while the problem

    Hi Willy,.

    All types of weird behavior can occur when a preference file is damaged. I ask what version of Lightroom you have - my instructions to reset only work for CC or 6. Alternatively, you can rename or delete the preferences file, and Lightroom will generate a new. Here are the locations: Lightroom CC/6 5 Lightroom  Lightroom 4 before we do this, make a note of any preferences you may have changed from their default values, so you can set them again after you remove/rename the file.

  • I need help to remove stains of Sun on this photo.


    You can try cloning, but it's more than a job for Photoshop to manage. Try to avoid things like this in the future by using a lens hood.

    A quick example using cloning (it is not perfect and it's is not supposed to be like this takes a few minutes):

  • Removal of old calc in job Console

    We ran a couple of Calc in dev and they ran long (done, we did it or that the led forever, etc..)

    We killed the work, usually go to Essbase and killing the session. But they did not disappear from the console to work.

    I then rebooted the server thinking that should clean the cache and unfortunately they are still there (listed as 'Treatment')

    Does anyone know how to remove stains in the Console work listed as 'treatment '? Cause, that they are not clearly more treatment and they are fatal to the display.

    In the table and the tables in RDBMS planning apps:-HSP_JOB_STATUS
    You can change the run_status or delete records, you may need to restart the schedule service

    See you soon


  • HP MINI 1000 Webcam very dark

    Why is the webcam on the mini 1000 very dark.

    Are there solutions for the future or present solutions available? I searched without a bit of luck.

    THE POSITION of FINAL SOLUTION (Please paste this into the first page)

    With all due Respect, this thread is turning into a hell hole of misinformation.   There is a massive confusion on two simple solutions to this problem.

    THE PROBLEM: HP designed this for a webcam webcam 'outdoors' by affixing a piece of dark, tinted 1 cm x 1 cm of Ribbon in front of the web cam, behind the screen overlay.  These shades the video extremely dark in all conditions except in natural light of the Sun.

    #1 SOLUTION: install the software that allows you to control the brightness/gamma.  If you increase both, your image will be slightly higher. Software options include (scroll to previous pages for links) Skype, MSMessenger, controls integrated Windows Movie and the HP Webcam Driver free (linked to the page 1 or 2).  THIS SOLUTION IS NOT A SOLUTION.  IT IS A MINOR SOLUTION AND YOUR WEBCAM WILL LOOK STILL DARK AND GRAINY, but it will be a little clearer.  HERE IS a LINK to THE OFFICIAL HP driver which is free and allows control of the brightness/gamma.  It's a quick download and easy installation.  Yet once this is only a partial solution: the official HP camera settings:

    SOLUTION #2: it's the only real solution.  Just open the top of your screen (it's super easy to make and the screen is designed to be opened and closed).  Take a pair of pliers, tweezers and remove stained tape that causes all the problems.  Problem is fixed at 100%. I do not understand why why so many people are so adamant against trying this.  This isn't major surgery.  You literally pop open the display (no screws or anything necessary), and you take a pair of tweezers and pluck a piece of thin ribbon.  That's all.  The unit will work perfectly without additional software or hardware changes.

    This is a great how-to with a video: How to remove the color ribbon

    How do with images on the other: How-to's

    Note that you can do both.  #2 solution will fix the problem of obscurity.  #1 sOlution will give you more controls.  My suggestion is to carry out the withdrawal from the Strip to solve the problem of dark camera, and then install the driver of HP to give you even more control camera.


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  • Disable the execution of the tasks for the Exchange Connector


    We use the Exchange for IOM connector and use almost all of the features of the connector. However, some of the processes on the process for the Exchange user form is not currently in use and will never be used. How can we remove these tasks of process safe? Is it fair to delete all the tasks? If someone else tried it? There is no documentation for this on the connector itself, that's why I am posting this here.

    For example, the named taks process:

    • 'Keep deleted updated default items'
    • "Database update"

    These are things we do not want to be triggered. We tried just renaming the ("Updated_disabled of the database") - but this obvisouly does not work.

    Is it fair to remove stains and we're home free? No internal configuration anywhere required by the Exchange Connector?

    Kind regards


    There are a lot of posts here on the triggers and spread. You kept the format of update " Update" by adding the change at the end of the task instead of starting name. This will result in ongoing triggers the task.


  • Smart touch

    Thise smart touch screens get dirty, how can I cleam mine?

    boot says:

    Thise smart touch screens get dirty, how can I cleam mine?

    Wit, your laptop is off, use a cushioned soft, lint or Microfiber cloth. Wipe the screen in gentle way to remove stains and fingerprints.  Alternatively, you can buy the screen of a PC shop wipes that are made for cleaning laptop screens.

    Best regards

  • &gt; "Layer" layer 1 is not currently available, what the?

    Apparently, it's the week of batch processing in my life. I had 2 cams, 76 clips of each and someone forgot to clean their lens. YAY! ... not.

    In any case, I recorded and action in PS CS5 that removes stains. I did it through mini-Bridge and minijonction I right click to reveal in Bridge. Then I selected all and chose the lot PS in the Tools menu. On the 1st file, I get the error that is in the title of this post.

    What is and how do I get around it?

    Do I have to have the seq picture in a ps aka the video layer timeline to do this action.

    Looks like your images are jpg or another format that flattens the layers.

    You could add to your rename action the background layer to the layer normal (this can be done by dragging the padlock in the trash.) But for an action it may require you to double-click the layer and rename it. (I have not tested)

    Then save it as a psd or tiff to ensure you have layers, transparency, etc..

    Now, the rest of your action should work on this file. If you can do this as an action of both parties.

    Try on a few pictures and let me know if it works or not, I may need to do testing, if it does not work.

  • the changes appear only if the photo is exported in the form of DNG

    When I make changes (for example, spot healing or cloning) in Lightroom and export the photo to another directory that DNG, these changes don't show up - the image is opened in Camera RAW and removed stains are still there. On the other hand, if I export to JPEG, all changes are included. I'm doing something wrong or is it the way it is supposed to be?

    I may be incorrect on that, but, as I understand it (and I'm an addict other more savvy people correct me if I'm wrong), when you export a JPEG image, LR will support your changes, stored in the catalog, for the exported image. However, when you export a RAW image, although a LR DNG format will export the changes, also stored in the catalog, in a sidecar (.) XMP file). LR will never update the RAW file since these are the files owner and undocumented structure as to their internal structure. When you export a RAW file, search the directory to find out if there is a file .xmp with the same name as the .dng file. This is where will be your changes. Keep in the middle of publishers than any external will recognize sidecar files. Photoshop and Elements are, however.

    There is an option to "write metadata in the files" in menu metadata. If you click on that, LR will write the changes stored in the catalog in your JPEG, TIFF or DNG image file. For an image of RAW however, these updates are only written to a file. I import my RAW images as DNG files and when I'm done with changes and/or modifications of metadata, I'll use the option of writing to a file to update the images with the changes. In this way, I'm sure that anywhere, I copy these files, my changes and metadata also go along for the ride. It's what works for me but maybe not another Cup of tea.

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