Remove the applications on devices with touch 3D

Could someone please be so kind as to examination of the difference of deleting/moving applications on phones with touch 3D?

(To all those who might think games will: Yes, I really want to know the answer.)

To remove an application, as you certainly know, you press the icon of the app for a few seconds until it starts to shake, then press 'x' for the app. The problem on iPhones with 3D Touch, is that if you push too hard, it could be interpreted as a touch of strength, which would call shortcuts to the application rather than enter editing mode. The trick is just to press lightly if your phone has Touch 3D.

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    For the first time, I'm in trouble with the App World.  With the new version, when I choose to archive a request (because I quickly short-term memory unit) removes the application from my device.  The icon disappears and everything.  Is what makes it so I don't have the memory needed to operate my camera.  I already uninstalled and re-installed App World a couple of times, restarted the unit etc, and nothing moves.  What is the problem?

    Thank you!!

    Verizon 8330


    App World

    From my understanding, once you check in an application it will disappear from your list of applications in Options > Advanced Options > Applications. The point of archiving is to uninstall the application from your phone and store it on your SD card until you decide to reinstall.

    When you want to use it again, go to your App World downloads section and click on the link to the app. You should get a message asking if you want to restore the app. If you answer Yes, it will get reinstalled from the SD card instead of redownloading the app.

    Does make sense?

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    Lol you should not remove it. You can turn it off with the signing of the application Adobe CC.

    Reference: connect and disconnect activate Cloud Creative applications

    And then you can install it on your other machine.

    Kind regards


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    Initially, I downloaded the application and was able to access all my photos by album, photostream, fb, etc.. Now, it will not go all. After you remove the application and try to download it, it says that I have to pay for it (yet) any help would be appreciated.

    Sounds like a question of verification on any market that you have bought PS Touch. Have you tried contacting Google and Apple to see what they say?

  • How can I remove the application dropbox to my Imac?

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    How can I remove the application dropbox to my Imac?

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    Thank you very much


    Official instructions are here->

    It helps tremendously if you actually post the text of the error message that you receive.

    You may need to view the activity monitor, search for dropbox and stop all processes before removing the Dropbox app in the folder/Applications.

  • [Help] Cannot remove the application


    I am facing a problem to remove the application from my phone. I use the plugin Eclipse of Blackberry to install the application and the problem is that I can not remove this application, because there is no delete option in the home screen and Application Manager. This problem occurs after I update my Blackberry plugin.

    Is there anyone facing this problem?

    Thank you

    You can use javaloader to remove an application.
    JavaLoader u - wpassword clear f modulename.cod

  • the application needs to restart after removing the application due to .png files.

    When images are imported under res/img /, the application needs to restart after removing the application.

    Even the functions related bitmap are invalidated, the application should always reboot after removing the application.

    recordPic private bitmap is Bitmap.getBitmapResource ("Record-Normal - 1.png");.
    stopPic private bitmap is Bitmap.getBitmapResource ("Player-Stop - 1.png");.
    infoPic private bitmap is Bitmap.getBitmapResource ("Info - 1.png");.
    setupPic private bitmap is Bitmap.getBitmapResource ("setup - 1.png");.
    private bitmap exitPic is Bitmap.getBitmapResource ("exit - 1.png");.
    calibPic private bitmap is Bitmap.getBitmapResource ("calibrate - 1.png");.

    The png files are under 24 KB.

    Does anyone know what is the problem?

    Thank you for your attention,

    After the resolution of the image to 14KO downgrade, the problem is solved.

  • Cannot remove the application of EPMA

    Hi all

    I use EPMA to manage Essbase applications. Everything worked fine until I accidentally deleted the Regional service console cube, EPMA not. Now, every time I select this request in EPMA is showing "30:6519:Target application does not exist" and EPMA is not letting me to remove the application. Does anyone know how to remove the application of EPMA gracefully? I know that I can do since the SQL backend, but looking for a more "correct" solution Thank you.

    Kind regards

    If you rebuild the application to the Regional service, then try again and delete does the problem still exist, I have not tried it could still be a problem because it will report it as an essbase app and not a planning application, always worth a go well.

    See you soon


  • How to remove the application in the menu "open with."

    Hello everyone,

    I'll try to explain my problem; Since I installed it on my Mac, Windows Application have added in the "Open with" menu (this photo shows).

    My question is simple, but I do not run it. How to remove app in this menu?

    I want to display my Mac Apps only.

    I thank the of to look at this post.

    Nice day

    Rémi M

    If you have already unchecked "open your Mac files and web links using Windows applications" for all your VMS and Windows applications always on the context menu open with, and then in a Terminal run the following two commands:

    /System/Library/frameworks/CoreServices.Framework/versions/A/frameworks/LaunchServices.Framework/versions/A/support/lsregister-Tuer - r-domain local - domain-domain user system

    Killall Finder

  • remove the applications common for iphone ipad and listed in itunes

    With applications for iphone iPad and also listed in apps in iTunes how to remove them so that they do not yet appear?  Especially regarding the synchronization?

    You don't have to delete them from iTunes. You must deselect until you synchronize. Start iTunes and select your device in the upper part. Click the applications tab. The list of applications. Click on remove for all the apps you don't want to sync with this particular device, but who are already on the device. Then click on apply in the lower right. iTunes will remember for each device's sync settings that synchronize you to the same library.

  • Can't access web page from the application of vRO with Firefox 39.0

    I tried to access to https://IPAddress:8281 / vco / and all of a sudden I'm greeted with the following error:

    An error occurred during a connection to ipaddress:8281. SSL has received a low ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key in the handshake message exchange the server key. (Error code: ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key)

    I think that Firefox updated itself between now and the last time I tried to access the web page.

    I checked the release notes for version 39 and I see this: remove support for SSLv3 unsecured for communications network

    -What is the source of the problem? Does anyone else have this problem?

    The problem is that SSLv3 and some suites of encryption used in vRO devices are now considered not secure and some applications for example. Firefox started blocking them.

    Following are the result of encryption currently configured in vRO 6.x:


    Those who have DH on their behalf (Diffie-Hellman) should be disabled (4 of 6). The easiest way is to remove from the list of encryption algorithms in the following files:

      /etc/vco/app-server/server.xml  (vRO server)
      /etc/vco/configuration/server.xml  (vRO configurator)

    After removing the unsecured encryption, you may need to restart vRO. Now you should be able to connect to the vRO device using Firefox 39.

  • Remove the multiple VirtualBench device name

    Hello. There is a problem need advice.

    The PC had been link with some Virtuabench, and it remember its device name even if it had not been connetced. This causes the tech lab get confused and often choose the wrong device. Somethimes the Virtualbench had already been hook upward with testing circult. This will result to return the Virtualbench to verify nom_peripherique is not possible.

    Is there a way to remove the unwanted peripheral VirtualBench in the list?

    Thanks and greetings

    ZachHindes wrote:

    If the device is no longer connected, you can remove it by calling the 'delete device' API ( It should be in the range of VirtualBench under "utilities".

    Ugh, I broke the link, and I can't fix it.

  • Cannot remove the Application


    I am able to run the application in the IDE. I push the application thoroughly and close the application. The second time, when I try to access the app, it does not, the icon is faded and also I am unable to delete app.

    Finally my solution will like, target Naigator-> select Simulator-> select process-> emit SIGKILL .

    I have to do the entire process every time. What are the scenarios that could cause this problem? Is this something with the code or the simulaor / device?

    Please help me with possible solutions.

    Thank you


    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Cross, I checked the application.

    In main.cpp, I used::exec() App twice what has caused the problem.

    Kind regards


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    Hi FrankieLastname,

    Check that the automatic run settings are correct:

    1. Click on the Start orb
    2. Select Control Panel
    3. Select auto play

    You should see the card reader that you use for the Sandisk under devices. Select the action you want to take in the drop-down list.

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