Remove the cluster 2 to another cluster

I am trying to inspect a thread and if it contains a cluster, then pull the cluster and treat it separately from the original cluster.  Help on this would be greatly appreciated.

_Vince wrote:

After taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture,... First of all, I want to make a data table in a cluster, send the cluster added to a vi that takes the names and values to, and then treat the data table differently.  It is the basic action that I want to do, and then if there is another cluster in the first group that I wanted to extract and deal with it, as I first asked.

Attached, is an example of what I'm trying to do.

Fine thanks


You were so close.


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    Hi I have this program where you have an array of clusters and when you press a Boolean 'Add' button, you can add clusters to the table up to a certain limit, and it is written in a spreadsheet file. I would like also to such a function when you click on 'Remove' Boolean you can remove the cluster from the table so that the new table takes place 1 old and cluster information are removed from the worksheet so file. How can I do?

    It does not need to have the cluster, use instead to build table (for best performance initialize the array and use replaces primitive subset of table). You cannot delete items in a file, but you can read the file and remove the item and he write to the file. If it is a sub VI, you add/remove items and writing to a file each time that the sub vi is called? Do not write to the spreadsheet VI file in this case, use instead write to text file primitive. See examples of LabVIEW for some useful examples on file i/o.

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    Dear users of the forum,

    I have buttons randomly on the scene that I have implemented so each of them, when you click on it, will load different movieclip.

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    The problem I have is the previous movieclip not clearly end the scene when the user clicks on the next button.

    Someone please help me understand this? I need to set up a condition that will remove the current movieclip when another button is selected to load the next movieclip.

    Here's the part of my code that needs editing. I did research on switch, else and other conditional statements, but cannot find a way to get there.

    Thank you for helping,
    Steve C.

    I have the FLA or swf for display, please let me know.

    Event listeners
    hempelbtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, btnActions);
    fourtyonebtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, btnActions);
    draycottbtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, btnActions);
    egertonbtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, btnActions);

    Tween declared out of service
    var HemMCTween:Tween;
    var FourMCTween:Tween;
    var DrayMCTween:Tween;
    var EgerMCTween:Tween;

    function btnActions(evt:MouseEvent):void {}
    If {( is hempelbtn)
    HemMCTween = new Tween(HemMC,"x",Strong.easeInOut,1050,623,2,true);
    If {( is fourtyonebtn)
    FourMCTween = new Tween(FourOneMC,"x",Strong.easeInOut,1050,623,2,true);
    If {( is draycottbtn)
    DrayMCTween = new Tween(DrayMC,"x",Strong.easeInOut,1050,623,2,true);
    If {( is egertonbtn)
    EgerMCTween = new Tween(EgerMC,"x",Strong.easeInOut,1050,623,2,true);

    I used the following code to show a menu, creating a similar code for each button.

    addEventListener ("forecasterClicked", gotoforecaster);
    function gotoforecaster(e:Event):void {}
    mc_forecaster. Visible = true;
    mc_igd_test. Visible = false;
    mc_user_test. Visible = false;
    mc_task_test. Visible = false;
    mc_apps_test. Visible = false;
    mc_help_test. Visible = false;

  • remove the Cluster data store data store

    I have an infrastructure with vCenter and ESXi 4 5.5 I have a data cluster store in SAN with 8 Mon, I need to remove 3 Lun (to be used for other purposes) what is the appropriate procedure

    to remove the Lun (end then to destroy)? Thank you

    Do you want the LUN to use for purpose of non-vSphere? If so, you can just storage vMotion virtual machines since associated LUN data warehouses that you want to decommission (or simply putting the data store in maintenance mode, in this way, that the virtual machines will automatically be migrated). Cleaning after the data store, move the data store from the cluster data store, and then delete the VMware environment data store as described here: best practices: how to properly remove a unit number logic of a host ESX - VMware vSphere Blog - VMware Blogs

  • Remove the data of the data cluster store store

    I'm trying to disassemble a data store that is part of a cluster of data store.  Needless to say that the system does not just let go without me to jump through a bunch of hoops first.  Anyone can point me to documentation that describes the steps that I need to go by?

    No virtual machine is in the data store - it's good, that there are no virtual machines on the data store

    The data store is not part of a group of data store - I want to remove from the cluster.  How do I do that?

    The datatstore is not managed by the DRS storage - I figured this out.  I temporarily disabled DRS on the cluster storage.

    Storage i/o control is disabled for this data store - how can I do this?

    The data store is not used to the pulsations of vSphere HA - how can I turn off / suspend the heartbeat?

    Thanks in advance.

    You can remove the cluster data store by dragging in your data center through the vSphere client.

    You can disable IGCS through a host in the configuration-> storage tab.

    You can disable HA heartbeat by disabling HA on your cluster hosts. Usually when you receive this warning, it means that the data store is always used by something. Try first the first 2 options and then try to remove before disabling HA on your cluster.

    This should fix the problem on removing.

  • Remove a cluster in vCenter 5.5

    I have two hosts in a cluster. I want them both to a new server vCenter (2012 R2).

    I spend in maintenance mode to move the host because they are in a cluster. However, I can choose culter and then remove and I get a warning "removing a cluster remove also all the hosts and virtual machines. Are you sure you wan to do this? »

    Remove a cluster will both hosts in maintenance mode or it will remove the cluster and put both hosts up one level (data center) without going into maintenance mode?

    Thank you


    There is no need to use the Maintenance Mode. What I've done for the past migration was to disable HA and DRS manual value (maybe not necessary though), then 'Disconnect' hosts to vCenter and finally 'remove' them before adding them to the new environment. You must still work to 'force' add hosts to the new vCenter Server without removing them from the old. Once guests are added to the new vCenter Server you can move them to a cluster (CPU/VCA compatibility provided).


  • Removing servers still have the cluster database and agent status 'pending '.

    Enterprise Manager

    We have recently decommissioned 3 servers that were part of a cluster.  Servers and their agents are gone.

    Em, I deleted the nodes in the cluster, removed the hosts and all of its objects.

    A node is gone, two left.

    I have 'cluster of databases' which show the status pending.

    I have 2 principles that show too inaccessible.

    I tried to delete these courses, which all but no luck. Any suggestions?

    This code still works?


    mgmt_admin.cleanup_agent('agentname:port');   commit;

     -mgmt_admin.delete_target_internal ('agentname', 'official');   commit;


  • Remove the host cluster

    Hi all

    As we intend to eliminate one of the 3 hosts in the cluster to add another host of super power for our cluster. Should what precautions I take into account? What are the measures? Please

    Thanks in advance

    Kind regards


    1. make sure that left 2 guests can host virtual machines that are running on 3rd hosts.

    2. migrate 2 remaining hosts all virtual machines

    3. put the 3rd host in Maintenance mode

    4 drag the 3rd outside the cluster host by using the mouse.

    Kind regards


  • Remove the server vCenter Server in the cluster

    I wanted to move my server vCenter to another machine.  When I installed on machine 2, he asked if it was a stand alone or make part of a cluster (? not sure if he said cluster but that's essentially).  I chose the cluster.  I moved my machines from the old server to the new server and then uninstalled the old server vCenter.  Now, when I open the vi for the new vCenter Server client, it tells me that the old server cannot be contacted.

    How can I get the old server to stop bothering me?

    Thank you!


    Is there a way to break the related modes, or do I need to uninstall and reinstall my vCenter Server?

    Use "vCenter Server Linked Mode Configuration".

    See the start menu, in case of VMware.


  • How one move the templates of virtual machine from one host to another host in the cluster even


    Can you get it someone please let me know how to move the templates of virtual machine from one host to another host in the cluster even?

    Thank you


    Welcome to the forums!

    Convert it to a virtual machine (right click on guest and choose the appropriateoption), move it through the migration feature (right-click Guest, and then choose "Migrate") and convert into a model (right click on guest again and choose to convert to a template).

    If you found this information useful, please consider awarding points to 'Correct' or 'Useful' responses Thank you!!


    VCP / vEXPERT 2009

  • Host cannot communicate with all other nodes in the cluster virtual SAN allowed

    I get this error after you apply the latest patch:- & cmd = displayKC & externalId = 2135115

    So all the hosts are now review: VMware ESXi, 6.0.0 3380124

    After the reboot, I get the error message on the host cannot communicate with all other nodes in the cluster active virtual san...

    However, the VSAN health check is green, 'get esxcli vsan cluster' shows all 6 members of the cluster ok... and if I reboot a crowd happens ok without the error... so if I reboot another host, it will come without the error... but then the host on which I rebooted before it displayed the error...?  So I can't ever get more than 1 host without the error after a reboot.

    I checked multicast that removes ok, in fact all of the checks in contradiction with the fact that why I get this error...

    Someone at - it ideas? Could this be the latest patch...


    Hello, this has been repeated here: 6.0 U1b - hosts cannot communicate thanks, Zach.

  • move the cluster for sub vi


    I want to spend a cluster that can change its content to one under VI. The cluster does not change by program, but during programming, that is, I could add or remove items in the / cluster. Using direct wire or local variables I would have to change each sub VI that uses the cluster updated the. I also tried the typedefs, but I met the same problem.

    At the same time the Subvi should be able to update the cluster I spent.

    In C++, I use classes like struct (equivalent to the cluster of LV) and pass a pointer to a class object to a function. Within the function, I choose the members of the class I want to use inside this function. If I change the class structure, the functions of the Word are not affected (of couse only as long that I remove irrelevant of class members of the called function).

    Example (from C++):

    settings * param;  'settings' is a class that I use to group variables

    doSomethingUseful (param);

    / * the doSomethingUseful function uses the pointer to parameter and accesses the members of

    Param-> variable1

    Param-> variable2


    Hereby, I can change the values of variables stored in the param object




  • Write to the Cluster size in binary files

    I have a group of data, I am writing to you in a file (all different types of numeric values) and some paintings of U8. I write the cluster to the binary file with a size of array prepend, set to false. However, it seems that there are a few additional data included (probably so LabVIEW can unflatten on a cluster). I have proven by dissociation each item and type casting of each, then get the lengths of chain for individual items and summing all. The result is the correct number of bytes. But, if I flattened the cluster for string and get this length, it is largest of 48 bytes and corresponds to the size of the file. Am I correct assuming that LabVIEW is the addition of the additional metadata for unflattening the binary file on a cluster and is it possible to get LabVIEW to not do that?

    Really, I would rather not have to write all the elements of the cluster of 30 individually. Another application is reading this and he expects the data without any extra bytes.

    At this neglected in context-sensitive help:

    Tables and chains in types of hierarchical data such as clusters always include information on the size.

    Well, it's a pain.

  • Insert into the cluster by string name


    I am writing a Labview program to query .NET database management system and get the connected device (like USB CDC) listed with Port of corresponding Com, VID, PID, manufacturer of SN name ect...

    I got to the point where I get the channels I need and want to organize them in a cluster table.

    Here is my code, I wanted a better way to replace section circle of the code.

    Basically, I can get programmatically the cluster name, but when the cluster wads, I can't figure out a way to do it programmatically inside the while loop: a loop on the number of items in the cluster and by placing values in the right place.

    Is it possible to do?

    Thank you very much


    Altenbach says:

    If the cluster contains exactly three elements of the chain (nothing else!) and they are classified as in the node of your 'bundle by name", all you have to do is on the"table of cluster"output size 3 and it wire in a table build node (upper entrance wired to your array of cluster and botton imput cable to the new cluster) Wired output by the right side of the image).

    Here is a simplified illustration which simply sets the value of the label. (top image). Because the labels are defined at compile time, all you need is perhaps to get the names of once at the beginning of the program, and then use a range of simple string instead.

    Another possibility would be to use the reference to the element to set the value inside the loop, and then get the final cluster value later (at the bottom of the image).

    (There are some simplified examples. All you need is to replace the code that gets your new string instead.)

  • obtain the cluster when it is changed

    Hi all

    IAM interested in knowning (after that the user changes the value of a cluster) which element within a cluster (any type of cluster) has been changed.

    If in a case of event structure (the NOMCLUSTER value change) I can get ctl, old val, val new Ref.

    On the other side, I would get the refnum or the name

    I know that old and new val will be Variant (on my function) so that I can accommodate for any cluster. I opened G installed on my machine and looked at the data palette open G LV as well as a secondary Vcluster and have not been able to do.

    Here is an example of a given cluster

    Here is another example of a cluster:

    I was able to do this in two different ways (always know before hand in the cluster.


    Second method:

    This is the skeleton of the function of iam trying to build (test different possibilities):

    So far I've failed at this.

    any help will be apreaciated.

    Kind regards

    Try this

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