Remove the two persistent data?


I'm stroing multi number of data in a persistent in my app storage. I want to remove specific individual data, how can I remove it? I know to remove the storage of entire data that I have to use PersistentStore.destroyPersistentObject (key);. But how can I delete individual data? For example, I have 10 data in persistent storage and I want to delete the data 6.

Thanks and Appreciate if you can help me by providing a code example?


To remove the element at position index using:

vector.removeElementAt (index);



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    Update: I checked on other PCs in the office and the situation is the same - is not only something strange on a PC.

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    A statement of format for a cast of just wiring operation confuses the programmer. Don't, don't. The value is not important as the type. (.. .and if you want a string, you can't even wire type.) String is the default!)

    What is the representation of the blue zero constant wired scheme down to the left of "hexadecimal string to munber '? Make sure it's U8.

    Please join the real VI, many things cannot determine in a single image. Thank you!

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    Is the text on these two series threaded to the other text in the file? Deleting of pages does not delete the text from a thread unless the whole story is contained in the deleted pages. If this is not the case, he is just redéroule, and you must also remove the text to unwnted manually.

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    Go to tools - edit form. Then right click on this field and select Properties. Under the Format tab define the format of the None field.

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    Database Oracle

    Before I signed up with this company, they had some consultants take two of their bodies and development of demonstration Data Guard on them. Now they need their instance of development back and I can't get the standby database is opened in read/write mode. I'm fairly certain that the primary database was successfully changed to stand alone. I followed all the steps described in: how to remove safely a Data Guard Broker Configuration [261336.1 ID].

    In the case of the day before, I tried:
    SQL > alter database recover managed standby database cancel;
    ALTER database recover managed standby database cancel
    ERROR on line 1:
    ORA-16136: Managed Standby Recovery non-active

    That tells me that it is no longer used for recovery... but if I try to open the instance for read and write I get:
    SQL > alter database open, read write;
    change the database open, read write
    ERROR on line 1:
    ORA-16003: standby database is limited to read-only access

    I can't find any documentation on how to do it, so the question. How can I tell the day before to start rolling for himself?

    ALTER database recover managed standby dabase finishing strength;
    Change the database for validation at the grade crossing;
    ALTER database open;

  • Firefox 28A double of all bookmarks, a deletion removes the two

    I have "Bookmarks Toolbar" and "Bookmarks Menu", all two twice registered in my side bar (which appears when you press 'Ctrl-b' and I can not remove duplicates, it removes both versions. I uninstalled and reinstalled FF and also tried to reset all settings in all: suppport.

    I have Windows 7 and I have Add-ons are acrobat from adobe pro, roboform, tab mix plus, accuweather and adblock. Although the problem persisisted when all these add-ons have been disabled during the reset.

    Hi all.
    I had duplicates of records "Bookmarks Menu" and "Personal bar", with all the duplicated booksmarks under these. Here's what worked for me. (It is mostly a rehash of information from above, simplified.)
    1.) disable sync on your desktop computer and phone
    2.) save my favorites (view all bookmarks > import and backup > export bookmarks as HTML)
    3.) remove all bookmarks under these folders. You will now be left with duplicate records, that I mentioned above, with any of the bookmarks in the.
    4.) closing of Firefox
    5.) go to the profile directory and delete everything beginning with "places.sqlite."
    6.) restart Firefox
    7.) now I have no duplicate directory. Success!
    8) 8) bookmarks import saved above with display all bookmarks > import and backup > import bookmarks in HTML).

    Thanks for all help on this!

  • Cannot remove the two records at once in a table

    Hi all

    I have a version in the form of table, here I have a point of delete button where them remove those audited point tabular presentation.  If I have checked for two records continuously one after the other and press the button Delete, remove only the first record I checked only. Whereas, if I chose two records where both of them is not one after the other. Both will get supprim├⌐s.








    END IF;


    IF (: System.Last_Record = "TRUE") and: ACT_QT_TXN. CHECK_BOX256 = 1 THEN





    IF (: System.Last_Record = 'TRUE') THEN


    END IF;

    END IF;



    execute_query (no_validate);


    Something wrong with my script above? Please help me. Thanks /.

    Kind regards


    The problem is with Commit_form after every single deletion. What karim gave is smooth, but I like it this way-





    If: CHECK_BOX = 'Y' then

    end if;




    execute_query (no_validate);




  • How to remove the partition of data (D) on the Toshiba Satellite

    Hi, I have a Toshiba C660, which is part of the series of satellites. I got my laptop yesterday and while I was looking at the capacity of the hard drive that I have seen that there are 2 partitions. A partition is my C drive and the other is my D drive, drive D is called 'data' and I double click on the folder, there is a folder named "HDD Recovery." Is it not possible to delete this partition, because I don't think that this partition is necessary and I'd like to expand my C drive using the D drive space.

    Thank you

    Partition D, your description, would appear to be a recovery partition. If so, it is provided so that the computer can be recovered/restored to the State it's in when the computer was delivered to you.

    If you have other means in place to make this (backups of the entire system to storsge external, for example), the partition could be deleted and the space used for other purposes. If you do not have such a plan for backup in place, you can delete it anyway - it's your computer. However, it would be unwise, in my opinion - but it's not my computer.

    Happy computing and good luck.

    Tom Ferguson

  • How can I remove the appearance of data in a single blow, sql?

    Sorry bad question

    Published by: coming soon on October 29, 2010 14:55

    Published by: coming soon on October 29, 2010 14:57

    You can use the sql in the post below

    Re: Query to delete search data

    Thank you

  • Between the two, and dates

    Hi all

    Given the following data:
      A  |     START_DATE        |         END_DATE
      1  |  01/01/1970  00:00:00 | NULL
      2  |  01/01/1970  00:00:00 | NULL
      3  |  01/01/2004  00:00:00 | NULL
      4  |  01/01/2004  00:00:00 | 01/01/2007 00:00:00
    If I run the following query,
          NVL(trim(TO_CHAR(A)),'-') AS "Code",
          NVL(trim(TO_CHAR(start_date)),'-') AS "Start",
          NVL(trim(TO_CHAR(end_date)),'-') AS "End"
        ORDER BY
        '01/01/2004' BETWEEN to_date("Start",'DD/MM/YYYY') AND to_date(
          case "End"
            WHEN '-'
            then '31/12/9999'
            else '01/01/2007'
    I have only the first three rows. Why the fourth line is excluded?


    ---------------------------- Oracle
    Linux 32 bit

    Yes, you're right it does not and, after working on it for more than an hour, I'm pretty sure it's a bug in the CASE statement.

    Look at this:

    Alter session set nls_date_format='YYYYMMDDHH24MISS';
      2  Endd,
      3  case WHEN endd='*' then '-' else endd END,
      4  to_date(case WHEN endd='*' then '-' else endd END,'DD/MM/YYYY'),
      5  to_char(to_date(case WHEN endd='*' then '-' else endd END
      6  ,'DD/MM/YYYY'),'yyyymmddhh24miss')
      7  FROM (SELECT '01/01/2007' endd FROM DUAL);
    ---------- ---------- -------------- --------------
    01/01/2007 01/01/2007 20070101000000 00000000000000

    As you can see the Endd column is set to 01/01/2007 and this is the value of the CASE and the TO_DATE too. But when you convert it to a string using TO_CHAR you get 00000000000000.

    This only happens if you use the CASE and compared, in the CASE WHEN clause, ENDD to something.
    For example, this works:

      2  Endd,
      3  case WHEN 1=2 then '-' else endd END,
      4  to_date(case WHEN 1=2 then '-' else endd END,'DD/MM/YYYY'),
      5  to_char(to_date(case WHEN 1=2 then '-' else endd END,'DD/MM/YYYY'),'yyyymmddhh24miss')
      6  FROM (SELECT '01/01/2007' endd FROM DUAL);
    ---------- ---------- -------------- --------------
    01/01/2007 01/01/2007 20070101000000 20070101000000

    It is identical to the previous one except the CASE WHEN clause.
    I did more than 20 different tests and whenever I put Endd in the CASE WHEN clause, the CASE seems to work fine, fact the TO_DATE but not the outermost TO_CHAR referring 00000000000000...

    As a workaraudo, you can use DECODE place od the CASE:

      2    *
      3  FROM
      4    (
      5      SELECT
      6        NVL(trim(TO_CHAR(A)),'-') AS "Code",
      7        NVL(trim(TO_CHAR(start_date)),'-') AS "Start",
      8        NVL(trim(TO_CHAR(end_date)),'-') AS "End"
      9      FROM
     10        my_table
     11      ORDER BY
     12         A
     13    )
     14  WHERE
     15    (
     16      '01/01/2004' BETWEEN to_date("Start",'DD/MM/YYYY') AND
     17                           to_date(DECODE("End",'-','31/12/9999',"End"),'DD/MM/YYYY')
     18    )
     19  /
    Code                                     Start      End
    ---------------------------------------- ---------- ----------
    4                                        01/01/2004 01/01/2007

    but I suggest you change the entire query to simplify it, like:

    select a code, start_date "Start", end_date "End"
    from my_table
    where to_date('01/01/2004','dd/mm/yyyy') BETWEEN start_date
          and nvl(end_date,to_date('31/12/4712','DD/MM/YYYY'));

    Published by: Massimo Ruocchio, December 19, 2009 15:52
    All of the above queries were run on the same version used by the Po.
    I tested all applications above on, and everything works fine.
    Now, I'm sure it's a bug of the version.

    [My Italian Blog Oracle |]

  • Do I have to remove the two current PC to move one to a laptop of my creative cloud?

    I'm moving from a PC to a laptop at work. I have a license of creative cloud which is saved on my PC and another PC in the office. I want to spend my creative cloud of PC to the laptop. According to adobe, I have to uninstall BOTH computers in order to add the laptop, and then add the 2nd PC? is this really the case, or am I just get confused? Thank you

    N ° once that you disconnect on the same machine, the license is easily available for another. No need to disconnect both.


  • Firefox displays the two shockwave for Director & plugins

    I am running firefox 26 and when I discovered my plugins (Tools > Modules > Plugins), I see the two Shockwave for Director, and When I click on the link "Check to see if your plugins are up to date", Shockwave for Director is the only one that is listed and also shows to date.

    Is this all true, or I have to delete and if so how?

    Thank you

    You can remove the older Shockwave for Director plugin or remove the two (uninstall via Control Panel).

    Shockwave for Director is a different plugin than the Shockwave Flash Player and hardly use these days.

  • Periodically remove the registry keys with the Task Scheduler?

    I wonder if it is possible to create a batch script or similar small program to periodically delete the registry keys, specifically:

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify]

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify]

    A little history on why I want to do this:

    My computer is configured to dual boot (Vista and Fedora Linux), with a score of shared data.  I also use Dropbox for a group of records.  It complicates things with a system dual boot because the folder name is different in each system (vs My Dropbox Dropbox).  I worked around this by creating hubs and symbolic links in each operating system of 'real' folders to default Dropbox folders as appropriate.

    This works as expected. The only problem is that Windows Dropbox does not monitor files for changes and checks only when the program starts.  To work around this problem, I created a small script that kills Dropbox and scheduled to run every half hour using the Scheduler of tasks, followed by a task to start Dropbox.

    The only problem with this is that over time I find myself with hundreds of copies of the Dropbox icon in the status bar Notification area.  I found some instructions to reset the cache of the icon, which is to remove the two above mentioned registry keys and restart the Explorer.  So my question (finally!) is really about if there is a way to automatically reset it one or twice a day, rather than manually deleting the key each time that I remember.

    Of course, if there is a better/more way to deal with this, I'm happy to hear about it!

    Hi Mander,.

    Editing the registry, especially using a batch file and the Planner is, in my opinion, a little dangerous. After all, a bad move a your system registry key could easily be paralyzed.

    I don't really know if my suggestion would be to use or not, but it's worth a try. There is a (free) third-party application called it effectively removes temporary internet files, history, cookies, index.dat file and a host of other things too. An option available in the "Advanced" tab Windows section is to clear the "tray notification cache. Do you think that this is likely to help solve your problem without needing to run a batch file? It's only a suggestion like the registry rated - is not my field, but, like I said the app will costs you nothing and it is certainly worth giving it a try. It can do what you want it to do. Just a suggestion!

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Desktop Experience: | | |

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