remove the two zeros of hexadecimal string

I'm passing an ASCII string of bench to a VI I wrote and I start with "04" and my VI the ASCII get normal "04".  I then have to convert an ASCII string to a Hex string (using a solution of VI, which I found on the web) and instead, having it display Hex '04', it adds two zeros in the Hex display "0004".  I need to remove the two zeroes don't is just "04".  I don't know there is probably an obvious solution (I'm fairly new to LabVIEW). Thank you


A statement of format for a cast of just wiring operation confuses the programmer. Don't, don't. The value is not important as the type. (.. .and if you want a string, you can't even wire type.) String is the default!)

What is the representation of the blue zero constant wired scheme down to the left of "hexadecimal string to munber '? Make sure it's U8.

Please join the real VI, many things cannot determine in a single image. Thank you!

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    Just do a "find and replace String" with LF as search string, empty string (or probably a space if necessary) as string to replace and replace all instances set to true.

    Hope this helps

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    To remove the element at position index using:

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    I had duplicates of records "Bookmarks Menu" and "Personal bar", with all the duplicated booksmarks under these. Here's what worked for me. (It is mostly a rehash of information from above, simplified.)
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    END IF;


    IF (: System.Last_Record = "TRUE") and: ACT_QT_TXN. CHECK_BOX256 = 1 THEN





    IF (: System.Last_Record = 'TRUE') THEN


    END IF;

    END IF;



    execute_query (no_validate);


    Something wrong with my script above? Please help me. Thanks /.

    Kind regards


    The problem is with Commit_form after every single deletion. What karim gave is smooth, but I like it this way-





    If: CHECK_BOX = 'Y' then

    end if;




    execute_query (no_validate);




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    N ° once that you disconnect on the same machine, the license is easily available for another. No need to disconnect both.


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    You can remove the older Shockwave for Director plugin or remove the two (uninstall via Control Panel).

    Shockwave for Director is a different plugin than the Shockwave Flash Player and hardly use these days.

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    Can you please help me with this!

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    Well my friend, in my opinion you should not try to disassemble the laptop if you n t have the necessary experience and don t know to do this!
    You could damage other parts that you know

    You're stuck on the LCD mask?
    As far as I know the LCD mask is covered by two screws that are hidden under the joints.
    You will need to remove both seals of mask LCD, and then you could remove the two screws hidden under the seals mentioned.
    Then, you could put your fingers between the mask and the LCD screen in order to release the LCD mask plastic locks.

    But note; Be careful, don't use any force!

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    Can anyone give me some advice here please. I am trying to remove the DVD drive existing my A10. I removed the screws of restraint, but the Player cannot slide out. I checked for other screws but have found nothing.
    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


    As far that know that a single screw fix the drive.
    Turn the face of the computer down and remove the two screws fixing the CD-ROM
    Turn on the computer to face and open the display. Press towards the Group of CD-ROM drive and disconnect all of CD-ROM drive in the PJ1800 on the system board. Remove the two screws which support CD-ROM of the entire disc CD-ROM. Remove fixing two screws fixing the support side and remove the lateral support.

    All that s

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    Here the contents of disk management.

    Can I remove the two recovery partitions, since I'm not going to use this feature?

    (I have a full system image created with the tool Windows 10, registered in an external hard drive).


    Yes, you can delete the partitions of recovery and reclaim the space.

    As for aid in the recovery of Win10, my opinion is that the integrated backup/restore solutions are unreliable, so I don't trust them.

    Instead, I have long relied on a third party solution known as Macrium reflect (MR).

    What I recommend is the following:
    (1) download and install Macrium reflect (MR)
    (2) run M. and choose the option: "Create an image of the partition (s) required to backup and restore Windows" to write a full backup to an external drive or USB key
    (3) use the option to create a CD or a USB startup key

    I use all the time and it usually takes less than 10 minutes to make the backup of the image and at the same time or less do a restore.  In addition, MR has the ability to add a recovery Boot Menu entry.  This then allows you to boot into Windows re, and then you can use it to do a restore - when you cannot start Windows!

    NOW, you have the means to restore a full system that works for the external hard drive or USB key in a few minutes.

    Good luck

    I'm a volunteer and I do not work for, or represent, HP.
    If you feel that my suggestions helped you, please click on the thumbs-up symbol to say thank you!

    If they helped to solve your problem, please click 'Accept as Solution' to help others find similar information.

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    This notebook is not know for me but has checked some sites on the net and it seems that the top cover must be removed.
    Then lift the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive to disconnect PJ700 on the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM of PJ15 card on the system board.
    Remove the two screws that fix the Board Connector CD-ROM/DVD-ROM.
    Separate the brace connector connector Office CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and CD-ROM/DVD-ROM CD/DVD-ROM drive

    Well, I think that it of not easy for a person without experience.
    So if you n t know how to do and you have without much experience you should ask someone how knows what to do ;)

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    Can you help me please?


    Stand by. If I understand you right, you want to add the second HARD drive. Am I right about that?
    At first, I must say that this is not possible due to lack of connectors. In any case you can check only. Remove the two screws and remove the cover plastic. I know, it cannot be removed easily. Remove it in the middle and remove the side.

  • How to remove the keyboard on Satellite M70

    I want to remove the keyboard of an M70, but I don't know how.

    does anyone have a manual where it is explained? (the assistance service said that it was mentioned in it, but I can't find)


    1. open the display panel.
    2 insert a thin tool into the gap between coverage of the band and the keyboard to the lever of the band to conceal and then release the cover of the band.
    3. remove the two screw M2x3 black keyboard.
    4. unplug the keyboard cable FPC and remove the keyboard.

    It may be useful

Maybe you are looking for

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