Remove the Yahoo toolbar in Firefox 12

I can't get rid of the Yahoo toolbar in Firefox 12. It does not arise in extensions or add-ons.

I have eliminated all programs of Yahoo (toolbar, IM and update programs) in the Control Panel Add/Remove programs.

I restarted Firefox in safe mode. There is still no Yahoo modules or Extensions that appear.

I then went to help. Troubleshooting information | See file

I clicked on the record Show.

There is a folder called "Yahoo! Inc.". When I open Yahoo Inc., there is another folder called ytoolbar. I deleted Yahoo! Inc. when Firefox was open and it was closed. As soon as I restart Firefox, the file of Yahoo Inc. is recreated.

I can't remove the Yahoo Inc. folder permanently.

It is an invasive program.

How can I get rid of him?


The problem is resolved. I deleted a subdirectory in the Extensions folder, even if no extension was visible. Here is a screenshot:

Here's where the folder:

The subdirectory highlighted contained a lot of Yahoo. So I just blew the whole subdirectory. The other key point is that the subdirectory is born at the date of installation of Yahoo.

Problem is solved.

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