Remove windows live messenger

Windows live messenger opens on the desktop and want to remove windows live messenger.

Remove the service using Msconfig & go to control panel, select Add and remove programs. Select the add/remove components select the program to uninstall windows.

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  • How can I remove windows live messenger xp?

    Hello, how can I easily remove windows live messenger xp?

    1: Start menu.
    2 Control Panel.
    3. Add or remove programs.
    4. search in the list and then uninstall it.

  • permenetly remove windows live messenger from my computer

    continuous to remove windows live messenger from my computer Leslie Carney

    To do this instead

  • How to remove Windows Live Messenger sign in box?

    I have windows 7 (64-bit) and every time I start the computer I get the sign in the box open and I don't want it. I checked msconfig and unchecked returned a few programs Windows Live and it worked for a startup, then the pop up. When I checked the config, one of the programs that United Nations checked, I had been checked again. I guess all I have to do is uncheck an item and click on apply.

    I don't use the program and would remove from the Control Panel / Add Remove Programs, but don't know what its name.  The closest I see is "Windows Live Essentials" I use Hotmail, but this seems to be an instant messaging application.

    I found the answer. do you this via the Remove programs and it is the program "Windows Live Esentials" and you will be asked to remove several components and instant messaging is the one I choose and now the box pop up seems to be gone for good... fingers are crossed.l

  • How to remove Windows Live Messenger in Windows 8

    According to the BBC, this annoying popup to be returned in November 2012 and March 15, 2013 yet it always appears at the beginning upward on my recently purchased Windows 8.

    As a graphic designer I will not communicate with the many other millions of people use this method to communicate between them.  Same thing with Facebook, etc.
    "Will be no getting rid of this accursed thing!
    Does anyone have a sure fire method of deactivation of WLM or uninstall all together.
    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Hello currybill27,

    Have you tried to uninstall from programs and features?

    Open Control Panel and click programs and features. In the window programs and features of scrolling to the bottom of the list of applications until you come to Windows Essentials 2012. Click it to start the removal process.  Uninstall or repair a window is now open. Click on the windows to remove one or more essential programs. Another window opens now that ask you what you want to uninstall. You should see Windows Messenger in this list, then click your mouse in the box to the left of the option of Windows Messenger. This will place a check mark in this box. Then click on the button uninstall. Windows Messenger must uninstall. You do the same for all the other apps essential Windows you don't want no-Movie maker etc.

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  • How can I stop Windows Live Messenger issuing alerts every minutes, hours and days of the year? I don't use it.

    I do not use Windows Live Messenger, but he insists on the display of alerts telling me to connect. Why it does this and how can I stop without causing problems in other areas? I know nothing about it except that the people who try to contact me (I guess) can do it without going through channels such as email or telephone.

    I do not use Windows Live Messenger, but he insists on the display of alerts telling me to connect. Why it does this and how can I stop without causing problems in other areas? I know nothing about it except that the people who try to contact me (I guess) can do it without going through channels such as email or telephone.

    I assume you have Windows Live Messenger, because you have installed the Windows Live Essentials.
    If so, a brief explanation...
    Windows Live Essentials includes some programs that can be installed or NOT, must be installed. You can choose whoever you want.

    Now, you have 2 options...

    1. you can disable. He will remain in the system but inactive.

    2. you can purely and simply uninstall it, and it will be out of the system.

    RE: Disable Messenger
    Open MSN Messenger > at the top, click on tools > click Options > column to the left, click on Sign In > straight column, uncheck all boxes > click OK done wnhen.

    RE: Uninstall Messenger

    Start button > in the search box, type programs and features > press the Enter key. Scroll down to Windows Live Essentials > right click it > click on uninstall...
    Follow the guests but be careful to screen > it will ask you what program to uninstall. Select Windows Live Messenger. Follow the prompts.

    You can check out this tutorial:

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Windows Live Messenger 2.5 does not connect on Rogers Curve 8900

    The old version of WLM worked perfectly for me.  A couple of days, I have updated to the new version of WLM OTA.  The installation seemed to go very well, and the app loads properly, but whenever I try to connect I just saw 'connection' with the spinning icons command prompt, and then I get "connection error (65): problem receiving data from the server.

    There is an entry on this forum for this error on a 8320 and it says that the problem is the APN setting.  I had the same parameter APN ( on this BB for quite some time and it has always worked with the old version of WLM.  I tried to change the APN with no luck, and I fired both service books.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    So since no one had no response, I went ahead and solved this problem myself:

    (1) removed Windows Live Messenger device (Options-> advanced-> Applications)

    (2) removed WLM all the partners service books (Options-> advanced-> service book Options)

    (3) device reloaded

    (4) reinstalled WLM

    (5) broadcast service books to the device of the site Web of BIS of suppliers

    Everything worked fine after that.

    I want to thank myself to understand it.  See you soon.

  • I can not remove the old version of Windows Live Messenger

    I can not remove the old version of Windows Live Messenger


    Please report any follow-up replies to your original thread.

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  • Windows Live Messenger - remove the desktop icon and prevent them from running automatically at startup

    original title: Windows Live Messenger!

    Windows Live Messenger fills every time computer screen is turned on with an icon on the right lower bar of the screen of the task.  How do you keep what automatically appear on start up and how to remove the icon from the taskbar


    In the options of windows live, go to the sign in tab, and clear the check mark "automatically run windows live messenger when I connect windows", as shown below.

  • I can't uninstall windows live messenger from my computer at all. It also does not appear in Add/Remove programs. I have no programs and feature options.

    I can't uninstall windows live messenger from my computer at all.  It also does not appear in Add/Remove programs.  I have no programs and feature options.

    This may sound strange, but you need to do is to reinstall Windows live
    Messenger and then uninstall it again.
  • Remove the Windows live messenger

    I'm not very computer so pls excuse and stupid questions I can ask.  My cousin has used my laptop to check emails on MSN and from the windows live messenger sign in the window if poster every time I turn on it is pinned to my taskbar.   I can X out of it but he returned the next time I turn it on.

    Is there a way I can remove it permanently as she never came before she had used?


    The Windows Live messenger icon cannot "permanantly" removed, unless you wish to uninstall.


  • How to remove the Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger?

    My family has put this on my computer and I can't remove it.

    Read the above.

    For Yahoo;

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Windows live messenger how to remove

    Somehow or other I bought the program from windows live messenger that appears in my taskbar and I find no way to get rid of this program I ever intend to use. Can someone please

    Press Windows key + R

    type: appwiz.cpl

    Press enter on your keyboard

    Scroll down

    Select Windows Live Essentials

    Follow the wizard to display on

    Select the Add or remove programs

    Uncheck Windows Live Messenger.

  • Tecra M1 & Windows Live Messenger problem

    I recently undated my Windows Live Messenger Version 2009 (Build 14.0.8064.206).

    In a few seconds Messenger being connected in the message "Please tell Microsoft this problem" appeared, i.e. "Windows Live Communications Platform has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. "After you send or do not send error report Messenger closed. It was possible to reproduce every time, and the PC has been restarted. If the error message window was not closed and just moved out of the way Messenger seemed to be working normally.

    I communicated with the help of Windows Live Messenger on the problem, and after sending various system parameters and error logs, they responded: -.

    "This error is triggered because of problems of compatibility between Windows Live Messenger 2009 and your computer (Toshiba) Mobile Extensions.

    To check, try the following:

    1. click on start, run, type taskmgr in the run box and press ENTER or click OK.
    2. in the Windows Task Manager window, click the process tab.
    3. under Image name, locate Tmeejme.exe & Tmeejmd.exe, then click on end process.
    4. click Yes to confirm.
    5. try to connect to Windows Live Messenger.

    You can uninstall the Mobile Extensions but it would be better if you contact Toshiba support for more information on this. »

    The only running two process was Tmeejme.exe, and after the problem has been resolved.

    The version I have installed, as described in Add/Remove Programs, is Toshiba Mobile Extension3 for Windows XP V3.36.00 XP. Anyone know if this problem with the new Messenger been reported before and is at - it a hotfix or an update?



    It's really interesting, but I can offer a solution for you, because I don t have the Tecra M1.

    However, on the Toshiba site I founded a newer version of Toshiba Mobile Extension version 3.84.00.
    But that's why you should look for the Tecra S4. decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers
    Notebook-Tecra online-online series S Tecra-Tecra S4-online Extension Mobile online

    I think it should work on your laptop too.

    Try it and give us feedback. I am interested in.

    Good bye

  • Re: Windows Live Messenger stops working after auto-refresh

    I'm having problems with my windows live messenger. After a few updates, did to windows, that it does not now. How open it is written that he found an error and it closes and Windows informed when there is a solution to the problem.

    I tried to recover the windows system to the time before that updates that ends the correct functionality of the Messenger and then it worked again, but only for a short period.

    Then, lately after that automatic updates have been made again, the Messenger stops working with the same error message.

    Can someone help me? What could I do to fix this?
    I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling messenger, but without success.

    I think that this has happened when one of the updates have been interrupted in the middle because of a loss of power.

    Thank you
    Welcome to the Germany



    UINSTALL Live messenger and clean the registry with CCleaner. Note, maybe you must remove Live messenger elements to the registry yourself. Install it again:

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