removed iTunes playlists appear as Sonos 'playlists imported' - how can I remove them?

Recently installed Sonos and also uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes. I had much rather use iTunes to build playlists, Sonos is cludgy.

After the restructuring of the location of my music files to just iTunes, Sonos can see all the music and he can see new reading lists in iTunes. However, the list 'imported playlists' Sonos contains about ten playlists old iTunes that were deleted.

I wish you to know how to remove or hide so that Sonos does not index the... I suspect that iTunes uninstall were incomplete and that there are entries from registry scrub on the works, but if I knew that, I wouldn't post now, I?

Best regards and good hiking.

Scott *.

Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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In Edition > Preferences > advanced made sure iTunes is set to share iTunes library XML with other applications. Make sure that Sonos examines the XML right.


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