Removes several blackBerry Smartphones


Performing several deletions on my message Inbox (i.e. email, SMS etc.).  Instructions say to press on and hold the ALT key while selecting messages scrolling on multiple messages, select the menu and the Remove button and then.  However, all that is it just move to leave me a message to another and does not seem to select multiple messages.

Someone at - it ideas please?

Thank you.


His hit aA (case shift) and scroll not alt

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  • How do I remove BES blackBerry smartphones

    Please help I bought bb 9360 and bes it was now the problem is that there are a lot of restrictions in this regard. I wipe it's OS upgrade to 7.1 but stil, say things like (parential controls cannt set on bes server active device) I use BIS. He didn't not political even if try to pass with the devices it is said disabled by administrator pliz pliz help security wipe does not

    Hello goldsalltime

    I wipe simple does not delete any policy of our BlackBerry. Currently, if you use your BlackBerry purely personal purposes so first make a backup and then follow this Knowledge Base and put it back to factory setting:

    KB31291  :   How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings



    After a reset when restoring your backup, do a selective restore, restore only your contacts, calendar, Memo entries. does not restore all otherwise these policies that you just deleted restore back and you have to start over.

  • Email removal of blackBerry Smartphones

    I am a new user, connection through BES. I store e-mail that I want in outlook in my personal folders on my desk and do not want to keep so many messages on my Blackberry. How do I remove them or specify only keep for say 5-10 days.  I'm on Verizon (if that makes a difference).

    Also several times when I open messages, I see the oldest FIRST and must scroll through hundreds to get to my current message.   SOOOO aggravating.   Thanks for any help.

    Go to the Inbox of BlackBerry.  Press menu, select options, select general options, set the option "keep messages" for the duration you prefer.

    I'm not aware of an option to sort the blackberry by the oldest messages first.  If you are not at the top of the list when you go into your blackberry Inbox, you can press "T" to jump to the top of the list and 'B' to jump to the bottom of the list.

  • Removal of blackBerry Smartphones Hoursgalss, slow, SMS

    Since last week, my Alltell 8130 was the removal of my message history and call for papers. Boring, but I could ignore that.

    For these last two days, however, the phone has handled things extremely slow, constantly updated to the top of the hourglass icon and basically stalling for several seconds at a time on features ranging from fromtrying to check the text / call logs, at the opening of the internet browser, control electronics, even incoming / outgoing calls. Call button the half of the time that the phone does not block for 1-20 of secodns after having clicked on the end.

    Is it a software update or something? Nothing has been wise to changed settings, and the only change in the typical use is that I started to surf the web and check e-mail more frequently on the phone.

    Any help is appreciated.

    The device of low, low memory.

    First thing? Check the file without Options > status, what is the number to the free file? Now, remove the battery from your device, hold a minute, replace, and restart. What is now the free file?

    Read this:

    And this:

    Other links to read:

  • Voicemail for the removal of blackBerry Smartphones without listening to the entire message

    One of my children made a habit of 'butt dialing' me by mistake, leaving messages of 5 minutes.  Lack of knowledge what else to do, I have to listen to him walk around with a voice hushed for a full 5 minutes before I can hit "7" to remove the message.  There must be a better way forward quickly at the end of a message. I tried all the keys as well as the # and *... Help!

    So you kick 7 is not fast enough?

    Delete, repeat, fast forward, etc., keyboard shortcuts for your voicemail come from your operator, not BlackBerry. You should check with your carrier about voice shortcuts.

    For example, on mine, typing press the 3 deletes the virtual machine.

  • Remove password blackBerry Smartphones Email

    Some time ago a "friend" of mine gave me an AT & T 8100 to repay a debt to me.  I didn't need because I already use a curve.  I have unlocked the unit and sold it on ebay.  Today, I got a message from the buyer saying that he cannot implement its e-mail because the unit is asking for a password.  I tried to get my hands on the guy I got it since then without success.  Is there a way to remove the password without knowing it.  I had already wiped the device until I sold it.  You reinstall the operating system to get rid of him?  If so I have to re - unlock or it will remain like this?

    chk the solution on this thread

  • Advantages/disadvantages of removing politics blackBerry smartphones

    Feature: 8100
    Carrier: T-Mobile
    Operating system device:
    Desktop Manager: 4.6
    Optional services: unlimited text
    Unlimited access to email

    Deletion of my phone IT policy will allow me to use WLM, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo messenger services. I'm sick of using OZ, and now that I've upgraded to 4.5 and I have all these IM, I want to use! What else will happen if I remove it?... If I can

    It is a policy that can be pushed on a BES devices to restrict / allow the use of various things (very broad sound), ' of 14(2)(g) IM.

    I f you go to Options > security options > General settings on BB and find the name of IT strategy, if there is none, it means you don't have NO policy on BB.

    You can install IM individually, be sure to chk the conditions tab.

  • Removed from blackBerry Smartphones SMS text chat

    My Blackberry has deleted ALL my messages and from one of my contacts - the entire cat for several weeks has disappeared!  This includes images that contact sent me.

    Is there a way I can restore messages?  Please help, loans at all to get back them!

    Any help is welcome, thanks.



    Go here:

    Go to the section

    "To restore specific databases" to restore only text messages. "

  • Removal of blackBerry Smartphones Facebook messages

    I can't delete facebook messages from blackberry phone message request when enabled in options (applications Blackberry Message) of facebook.

    Curve 8530




    It is a known problem, I can't remove some of my friends, either.

    If I select one at a time to remove, I have more success, but try to delete more than one time always fails.

    The problem is known and is supposed to be studied.

  • Removal of blackBerry smartphone Curve 8530 automatic emails, messages, etc.

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8530 that has been turned off for several months.  The Blackberry is designed to automatically delete messages once I turn it back?

    tahiti4me wrote:

    If I have let him connect to the network by placing it in a Faraday bag, etc., that prevents the deletions?

    Yes... for the 2nd condition, reconciliation against the server may not occur if there is no connection. But the other two conditions are not dependent on connection.

    tahiti4me wrote:

    I wonder if the deletion is triggered by the clock / calendar in the phone or the network clock / calendar.

    This would apply only to the first condition ('Dungeon messages") and I think that his clock of the device dependent, but I have no information (other than"intuition") that backs up.

    tahiti4me wrote:

    I tried to join Blackberry tech support about this, but couldn't find a number.

    Mainly because there is no such thing. The front line support is rather, contract, liability of carriers, resellers and authorized service centers (it varies according to the region and the specific question). Everyone has the opportunity to climb up to BlackBerry cases requiring improved support, but end users have no (free) direct path to request anything be it directly from BlackBerry.

    There is something called incident support, but it costs to just ask the original question, since you are not through the contract, you signed at the time of purchase. If you want to study, you can check it out here:

    Good luck!

  • Email from removal of blackBerry Smartphones

    Currently, the handheld is fixed to delete on the mailbox & Pocket that removes a message from your handheld when it is deleted in Outlook and vice versa. What the user wants, it's when it deletes an e-mail message in Outlook, removes it from your handheld as well, but when she removes an email on the handheld, it remains on Outlook. Is it possible to do this? It does not appear that the options remove on cover that then it would be not possible.

    on blackberry:
    Choose the option delete on "device".

    ==> When you delete a message on the device, it stays in Outlook.

    on Outlook:
    don't shift + delete
    Just delete the message so that the message is placed in the "deleted items".

    Then you must be between 1 and 15 minutes before the device is aware of this movement.
    ==> When it is updated, it will delete the messages on the device.
    Then, you can empty the 'deleted items' in Outlook.

    You can force this new awareness, on the device, when you are in the list of messages:
    Press menu, and then select "closer now".

  • Removal of blackBerry Smartphones text messages?

    Hi, can someone tell me if it is possible to delete all messages at once text on? It made my head by removing individually!

    Also some messages will actually let me delete, anyone know why this might be, please?

    Thanks in advance, any help gratefully received.

    In the selection of file messaging latest date you want to remove (date especially your messages). Click the menu button and select delete before. You can also delete several messages holding down # and roll the trackball to select messages. Click menu BB button and select Delete.

    Messages that will not clear can be located in your recorded message folder, delete you have the recorded message folder and delete them there. In the case of SMS messages click menu BB button and select view saved messages.

  • Removal of blackBerry Smartphones e-mail folders

    Hello. I have a BB 8900 Curve about 3 weeks ago. I made a mess to set up my gmail email accounts and tried to remove all to start over. The accounts seem to have disappeared, but when I look at the "display" folder in the Messages section, I still have all the files in a box and spam. How can I delete all these and start completely from scratch? I don't seem able to do this?

    Thanks for the input!

    ON your BlackBerry, go to Options > advanced > Service books and remove all entries corresponding to that email address.

    With the BlackBerry device powered on, remove the battery a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

  • Removal of blackBerry Smartphones messages folder

    I want to delete the empty message folder.
    If I select in Menu messages - display folder, I see some unused files I need to delete, but I don't know how, in this case is not any mail Folder Redirection.
    How can I remove this folder empty? This left of files on my device when I delete my email account with the BIS.
    Thank you

    OK, follow this

    To remove the multiple Outlook folders:

    Open the Blackberry Desktop Manager

    Connect the device via USB

    Go to the backup and restore

    Go to advanced

    In the box on the right look for FOLDERS and clear

    Synchronization again.

    Thank you

  • Themes of the removal of blackBerry Smartphones

    I tried to delete a theme using the options - advanced options - applications - select theme - press the BB button and select Delete, but it's still there. When I try the following steps to delete once again, is not there as an option to delete, but yet it is always in my themes list.

    Do a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way:

    With the BlackBerry powereddevice, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart. A reboot in this way is prescirbed for most the gltiches and operating system errors, and you will lose any data on the device doing so.

    Now it should have disappeared.

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