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You do not know if I am wrong, but how is it when a reminder jumped on my Apple Watch and I push or if I get an email, and I push over garbage that I still have to do it again on my iphone, is not synchronized my watch when I finish something or delete emails. Help, please

Hello James of the Rift here,

I've never had a problem with something like this before.

Try logging out of your email and sign.

First I go to the Apple Watch app and go to the post, then check the iPhone mirror

-Let me know if this helps


Pictures to follow:

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  • How can I remove Apple Watch phone?

    How do I disable my Apple Watch with iphone pairing 6


    Cancel the pairing of your watch by using the watch app on your iPhone (this will also disable Activation Lock).

    Follow the instructions here:

    Cancel the twinning of your iPhone - Apple and Apple Watch Support

  • How can I delete my Apple Watch beta

    How can I remove Apple Watch beta

    As described here:

    Remove the beta profile of your iPhone before update you:

    If you have installed an iOS or watch OS beta or developer seed

    Before update you, remove the profile of beta on your device. To view and delete profiles:

    • Open the app shows on your iPhone and go to general > profiles. Press profile of beta that you want to remove, and then click Delete profile. Asked to enter your password in the iPhone.
    • Go to settings > general > profiles & management devices on your iPhone. Press profile of beta that you want to remove, and then click Delete profile. Asked to enter your password in the iPhone.

    To continue to use the public beta version of iOS, you can install the profile of beta again.

  • My Apple Watch asked the password whenever I raise my hand.  He normally only for this, after I removed the watch and put it back on.

    My watch ask me the password whenever I raise my hand to look at. He normally doesn't do that when I removed the watch for charging.  I haven't changed anything so I don't know what causes this problem.  Help, please!


    The following steps may help:

    • Make sure detection of wrist is still open:
      • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: Watch My > General > detection of wrist - turn on.
    • Make sure you wear your watch sufficiently snug on top of your wrist (if it is worn too loosely, your watch may believe that he had been removed from your wrist).
  • How to remove data from sleep on Apple Watch

    I have a Apple Watch with the app "sleep ++ ', I used the app for the past 2 weeks. Its linked with health Kit that works well.

    It appears on the dashboard. I can delete everyday I want from the phone, but they always appear on the lookout.  So now I have two weeks ' worth of

    sleep data on my watch and last week, where I had deleted on my phone.  I thought that because phone and

    Watch are syn deletion on iphone removes the data from the watch, but this seems not to happen. I also can't figure out how to remove it on the

    To watch.  iMessage, appeals, etc. Remove fine of the watch with a kick but not sleep data.  Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance.

    Ask the developer of the app. This is not an Apple product.

  • I bought a Apple Watch opportunity in a big box store and it is still attached to the old owners account. How to reset or remove without knowing who was the former owner?

    I have Perchased a previousmy belonging to Apple Watch at a big box store and it. Is still attached to the old owners account. How can I reset or remove it?

    Activation"lock" must be removed and the process is completed by the original Apple ID ".

    owner before another owner can use the item; have you read the article from where

    You may have started your question here?

    • Activation lock on Apple Watch - Apple Support

    You must return the watch brand new/used in the big-box store where you bought it and

    a the management of refund your purchase price or Exchange the item by a unused.

    The instructions in the link of the page above apply mainly to the buyer before, etc.

    of the product, similar to the distance to give or sell an iPhone or nearly any other Apple product...

    Disable locking Activation before you send your Apple Watch in service, sell it or give it

    Before you send your Apple Watch in service, sell it or give it, you must disable blocking of Activation

    on your Apple Watch. Just cancel the twinning of your Apple Watch from your iPhone:

    1. Keep your iPhone close and Apple Watch.
    2. Open the app shows on your iPhone and tap the tab My Watch.
    3. Press Apple Watch, and then click Disable pairing Apple Watch.
    4. Enter your Apple ID. If you forgot your Apple ID password, you can reset it.
    5. Tap again to confirm.

    If you are unable to access your iPhone or Apple Watch, or if your Apple Watch is not paired with your iPhone and

    You must disable the locking of Activation:

    1. On a computer, go to
    2. Sign in with your Apple ID and open settings.
    3. Under my devices, click on your Apple Watch.
    4. Click the X next to your device.
    5. Click on delete to confirm.

    In any case, I'm sorry it seems to be little or nothing, I can help you for this purpose.

    Good luck in your discussions with people, where you bought the watch...!

  • How to remove messages from IPhone to reflect on Apple Watch?

    How can I delete a message from the iPhone and the Apple Watch?

    Until now what I noticed, is that if I delete any message on the device remains the same, on the other hand, there is no synchronization or automatic mirroring. This happens only in iMessage, other applications of synchronization occurs automatically in the other device. I did a software reinstall on Iphone devices and watch and still does not work.

    What I need, is just delete the iMessages on my Iphone and delete also on my Apple Watch automatically.


    Delete the message is not synchronized on devices (and there is no way to enable this). Messages must on the contrary be deleted separately on each device (this is also how the app works through additional Apple devices, like a computer, iPad,...).

    The mirror that my iPhone for Apple Watch determines only how you receive a notification of new messages. If you choose custom, for example, you can decide if your watch watch alerts, audio or haptic alerts are provided and if (including the number of times), alerts are repeated when you receive new messages.

  • How can I remove apps from Apple Watch

    At the moment all my apps appear on my watch face, which makes it difficult to find the ones I want.  Could someone tell me how do I select who I want to have and delete the rest.

    GO to the app shows on your phone.  Scroll down until you see the apps, as far as I know, you must click on each application and toggle "Show on Apple Watch App".  If there is a way to do ' in bulk ' I have not found.

  • Apple removes all functions of the Apple watches sold in the UNITED Arab Emirates, as they do for Iphones and Ipads

    I am considering the purchase of an Apple Watch in the Dubai UAE UNITED. I bought an Ipad in Dubai and was horrified when I discovered that Facetime is disabled on all Apple devices sold in the UNITED Arab Emirates. I want to know is whether Apple are also turning off features Apple Watch som please the Government of the UNITED Arab Emirates?

    Hi, Rodolphe

    There are no regional differences for Apple Watch in hardware or software.

    The included USB adapter pins will be located in the country of purchase.

  • I can't remove Flight mode of Apple Watch, need help!

    When I turn airplane mode on my iphone 6 does the same thing on Apple Watch (which is ok), but when I disable the airplane on the Iphone mode, Apple Watch keeps saying it is only locked due is on airplane mode, in other words, after you apply the change on the Iphone, Apple Watch does not change.

    I have to disable the Apple Watch and then be able to turn on normally, it works the first time, but I ran into a few cases I need to reboot twice. I'm sure it's a matter of buggy that apple will correct.

    In the meantime, I tried to set up a password (4 digits), however, I don't option on the Iphone app shows like turn off, when I try to drag him 'unlock iPhone' it won't work, also when I tried to drag on the "Simple Code" function it looks like fade. So I'm stuck right now.

    Can someone help me how to solve this problem? is this a bug or a faulty Apple Watch?

    Hi, Carlos

    What you have described is the correct behavior. It is possible to activate airplane Mode to be mirrored between the devices, but the same does not apply to disable the mode, which must be done separately on each.

    To change the setting for mirroring of the turn on airplane mode:

    -On your iPhone, in the application of Eve, go to: Watch My > General > airplane Mode - enable or disable the iPhone, to choose mirror.

    When the watch is in Airplane Mode, Bluetooth and Wi - Fi turned off, so there is no way for it to receive additional instructions from your iPhone (including a statement to exit the airplane Mode when the mode on your iPhone).

    To turn off the airplane on your watch Mode:

    -When you view the time on your watch, drag to the top of the lower edge of the watch face > drag left/right to the gaze of settings > press airplane Mode to turn off the mode > slide down on the screen to exit the looks.

  • Cannot delete playlist Apple Watch

    I want to delete my playlist of Apple Watch, so I can synchronize another list.  Select None for music synchronized and then place the watch on the charger does not remove the playlist.  What can I do to get rid of the playlist?


    To change tracks in sync, follow the normal procedure for synchronization of a reading list, but this time choose the playlist you want to add:

    Listen to music on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • Apple Watch 2 guard locking

    My watch keeps locking with evert wrist movement.  I'm just not matched and repaired my watch and it works properly now.  When I called Apple the suggested I bring it to the Apple store as an end that any difficulty.  Not really interested by spending as much time, but if I have to.  All the world experienced this and found a solution?


    With wrist detection and active access code, make sure you wear your watch sufficiently well adjusted. If it is worn without too much shake, your watch may believe that he had been removed from your wrist, leading to this lock automatically:

    Performance of the sensor can also be affected by temporary or permanent changes on your skin, such as certain wrist tattoos.

    More information:

    Port Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • Some songs sync on my Apple Watch

    When I tried to sync a playlist to my watch some songs do not synchronize. The app said they all did and all the songs are downloaded on my phone. Help, please.

    Hi there Addi.malady,

    Looks like not all music is the synchronization of your watch, but the Watch app reports that all have synchronized without problems. I would start by removing the playlists of your watch:

    Delete a playlist of Apple Watch

    1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap the tab of My Watch.
    2. Tap music > sync music > No.
    3. To remove the playlist, set your Apple Watch on its charger and make sure that he is in charge.

    From: listen to music on your Apple Watch

    Then exit the application shows on your phone, restart both devices and try this all that again. If the problem persists then I would désapparier watch from the phone:

    Cancel the match your iPhone and Apple Watch

    Then restart your phone and pair it again:

    Set up your Apple Watch

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

  • Events calendar on Mac sync iPhone or Apple Watch

    Input events calendar I have on my Mac don't sync my iPhone or Apple Watch.  Events calendar on iPhone synch to iMac.  in iCloud preference, I've marked contacts, calendars and notes.  All the work schedules.  Any suggestions?

    Option 1) update your calendars and reminders of the app of calendars:

    Open the calendar application.

    Choose View > refresh calendars.

    Try option 2) remove the account in calendar > Preferences > accounts.

    Now add back.

    Option 3) if it still fails to work, try to test in the comments or new user.


    Go to system-> Preferences, create a new user in users and groups.

    Switch to the new user by logging incoming/outgoing or use the fast user switching.

    Connection with Apple ID

    Only select Calendar for this test.

    Open calendar and test by adding an event and see if it syncs with the iPhone.

    You still see the issue?

    If so, see these steps by khati for Installation of Sierra difficulty. I suggest you reinstall Sierra again.

    If not, then the problem is in your user folder.

    Journal of the user and then Log in your user folder.

    With quit...

    Go to the library to the user (see below)

    Scroll to the bottom for calendars

    Place these files in the Recycle Bin

    • Calendars/calendar Cache
    • Calendars/calendar Cache-shm
    • Calendars/calendar Cache-shm

    Also in the user's library, scroll to containers. Move these to the desktop.

    • Containers/
    • Containers/

    Scroll down to preferences. Move these to the desktop.

    • Preferences/
    • Preferences/

    Sign out under the Apple in the menu bar.

    Open a session


    It's working now?

    Library of the user to see the

    The user library folder is hidden by default. In the unhide: select the Finder in the Dock. Less go in the Menu bar > hold down the Option key and you will see the library.

    Find the library user folder braryFolder

  • cannot sync iPhone to Apple Watch 7 playlist

    I had this problem, which occurs more often when you try to synchronize with my Apple Watch. I have paired with the iPhone and load time. The iphone connected to BT and WiFi. I select music in the Apple Watch app (I put it at a maximum of 2 GB of music) and then choose a playlist on my iPhone it is 520MB in size. Most of the time, the synchronization 'in the meantime' will appear and never progress beyond that. On rare occasions, it has synchronized music to the watch. When I try to update the playlist and syncing again, it often hangs on "sync in progress". He has also deleted from the playlist of the watch repeatedly, or said the synchronization is complete, but then only about 10% of the songs could be played on the watch and the rest was dark and couldn't access it. I tried unpairing and repair of the watch from the phone repeatedly. I hard rebooted time watch and phone repeatedly. I have improved the watch Watch BONES 1 to 2 to 3 without measurable change. I recently bought an iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 and find that exactly the same problem with completely different hardware.

    I see that others have problems similar, but not sure why it is so persistent through the operating systems and the modernization of the unit. I read Apple support on this issue and following all recommended procedures. Anyone had this problem and found a solution?

    I have the same problem with my iPhone 7 series Apple Watch 2. I can't sync the playlist with Apple Watch. It has synchronized some songs and the name of the playlist, but that's all. When I change or remove a few songs in the list, it says sync or waiting but no progress. The annoying part is the morning. After night, I leave my phone and watch the load, my phone is hot in the morning and another songs have not yet synchronized. I am in desperate need of this specification. I want to at least know is there something to do about it or we need to live with it?

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