Rename and delete Presets - Adobe Camera Raw (settings folder does not appear)


I want to delete, rename, etc... presets for Adobe Camera Raw. I use Mac so I open ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw / but the settings folder, where the presets should be, does not appear.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 18.22.41.png

However, I can use them and if I, for example, I'm trying to open a doc of this file with Photoshop, it appears the library settings, as well as 'Curves', 'Flow', 'The Corrections'... etc.

How do I access the folder settings so I can manage the presets? Thanks in advance

Screenshot 2015-10-18 18.22.52.png


Trying to find where exactly him are stored by clicking on both load and save settings. You can move them to the location by default if you would like, so rename.

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    Gossweiler beat


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    Yay! Fixed in the latest version! Woo - hoo!


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    When you select 'Settings of the source' for a RED clip, I can do all my changes and save it as a "Preset". However, there is no option to remove predefined parameters, rename them or save the presets or import them.

    is there a file somewhere on my PC where these predefined settings files are stored?

    Thanks for the help.


    It is hidden by default, this is why you may need to enable the option "Show readers, hidden files and folders" in Windows Explorer (or simply type the full path in the address bar).

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    In CS4 when opening a Raw file and I spend my botton of camera calibration there are only two options that arise, 3.3 and 4.4 Arc. Where are all the other options to?  They come with the 5.5 update?  Thanks Keig

    It is not connected to the taskbar icon. Look in the Task Manager under the process and runs, kill him.

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