Renaming of files with the same file name.

I got image files files that have been renamed properly with a file name


and they must be 1234.jpg.

When I open the file in Photoshop, the name of the file says 1234 .jpg.

Can someone help me with an action or Automation (not good at writing, it, any help is appreciated) who could help me to rename these files properly without the task to open each file?

Thank you!

You have Finder > Preferences > advanced (on the Mavericks) configured to display file extensions?  The ".jpg" is perhaps already there.

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    There are different ways to do... You can use this free tool, to


    If you want to process several files (and you have Acrobat Pro), create a

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    onClipEvent (load)
    Active = 0;

    onClipEvent (enterFrame)
    If (current == 1)
    setProperty ("", _x, int ((_root._xmouse-10) / 20) * 20 + 20 ");
    setProperty ("", FLF, int ((_root._ymouse-10) / 20) * 20 + 20 ");

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    a ._x = _x;
    a ._y = FLF; = 1;

    Active = 0;
    setProperty ("", _x, 1000);
    _root.selectedTower = "";
    _root.Ranger._x = 1000;
    _root.Ranger._width = 10;
    _root.Ranger._height = 10;

    1. you cannot use the same instance name for different objects and expect more from a being targeted.  You must assign a unique name, or you can store references to them in an array and use the table to target.

    2. you send AS2 code messages in the forum of AS3.  You should repost in the AS2 forum.

  • Multiple tables with the same field name

    Hi, I have a query that pulls a field named 'Total' from 20 different tables (week1 - semaine20). When I try to view the results as #Week1.Total #, for example, I get an error saying that Total is not defined in week1. I also tried totalHours.Week1.Total (totalHours is the name of my request), but get the same thing - Week1.Total is not defined in totalHours. Help, please! Thank you!

    Alias your colunms...

    request.ID, request. FirstName, request. LastName,
    Request.SEM, request.year, request.banner, AS wk1_ID, Week1.Total AS wk1_total, AS wk2_ID, Week2.Total AS wk2_total, AS wk3_ID, Week3.Total AS wk3_total, AS wk4_ID AS Week4.Total wk4_total...
    ... etc.

    They will now have different names in the output. (The table name prefix that is used in your query on each column is never displayed in the output.)


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    You can add the second as an alias email address. In Thunderbird, this is called identity.
    See _ _FAQs_:_Mail_Aliases

  • apex5 pre-release - url filter applies to the two IRs with the same column name

    I've implemented 2 interactive reports on the same page, one on EMP (static id Throne) and the other on DEPT (deptir static id). Both the DEPTNO column. If I create the following filter via the URL: IR [throne] EQ_DEPTNO:20, the filter is applied to the two interactive reports.

    Screenshot from 2015-03-29 08:30:33.png


    Please let us know. It has the same root cause as your other reported problem. It's bug #20764255, which has already been identified and corrected on our development environment. A fix will be released in our production release.



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  • compare files with the same structure of channel / rename channel(-groups)


    I have several groups ch with many channels in the file of each measure.

    Now, I need to display/compare Channels 2 or more files of measures in a chart. (channel 'speed1' to the file 'measurement1' vs 'speed1' to the file 'GCA2' channel)

    So I import 2 files in the browser und have the same structure of string twice. To distinguish between the channels of the two files I want to rename the channels by script and add the file name of the channel-group name.

    Is this a common way to compare measurement data in files with the same channel names and structures?

    In the affirmative. How can I make a script?

    Thank you very much in advance!


    Hi Ski-Fahrer,

    each channel has a name of the institution.

    Data.Root.ChannelGroups ("Name" or Index). Channels (Index or "Name"). Name

    You can assign a new name like this:... Name = "NouvNom".

    I don't think it is necessary to rename the channels. If you do not forget the files. If you want to rename something I only rename the ChannelGroups by adding a date or a serial number.

    Kind regards

    Philipp K.

    AE | NOR-Germany

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    Ideas: when trying to install Window7 it cannot be installed because of a folder and its subfolder had the same name... called a duplicate. There is a process to find duplicates files which takes you back to Vista to correct the problem. However my name of the folder's subfolders 28 user/name/photos/images/pictures etc all with the same name. When you try to delete more are added. There were files, but I moved to them but there is now way to delete the files. Strange but true. Help to install Windows 7, they should be deleted.

    First try to run a disk check. Open the computer and right click on the drive,
    choose Properties, Tools tab, and then under check errors click check now and
    Follow the prompts.
    "cjones5" wrote in message news: 8cecad2e-6e5d-49ef-a6ec-e40324ea19f5...
    > Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such
    > as numbers of mail or telephone!
    > Ideas: when trying to install Window7 it cannot be installed due to a
    > folder and its subfolder had the same name... called a duplicate. There are
    > a process designed to find duplicate files which takes you back to Vista for
    > correct the problem. However my folder name is
    > subfolders user/name/photos/pictures/images etc. 28 all with the same
    > name. When you try to delete more are added. There were some files but I
    > displaced but there is now to remove the files. Strange but true.
    > Help to install Windows 7, they should be deleted.
    > a.. You have problems with programs
    > b.. Error messages
    > c.. Recent changes to your computer
    > d.. What you have already tried to solve the problem
  • How can I delete a local account with the same name as the account online?

    I used my PC for a long time now using my account online, but has recently created a local account too. The original online account created a local folder with the name XXX_000 in the USERS folder.  Without thinking, I created a local account with the same account name name! (XXX_000). I realized my mistake, but I don't know how to remove the local account without removing all of the files for the account online! How can I remove the local account without affecting online account files?

    Do not try to remove the account from the folder.  To do inside the PC settings app and it should be good.

  • Selection of clips on the timeline, all with the same name?

    Hi all

    is there a way to select multiple clips on a timeline with the same prefix name from all at once; for can then drag them all to his own video track to isolate? They have no name of timecode or roll on them, the clips are all individual files in the finder, but starting all per C1 in the name. Basically, there are more than 100 of them on the timeline and would be almost impossible to do properly and not miss anything, not to mention difficult to select them one by one.

    Thank you

    Nevermind, worked on it, search all...

  • Several members with the same alias

    I have several members with the same alias name. Is there anyway to build the dimension with the same alias name members?

    In general, I'm going to concatinate the member name (as a prefix or a suffix) to Alias to make it unique


    I developed an application. I gave 5 business users access, but more users are using it in connection with the same user name and password. I use custom authetication based on apex.

    Is it possible to prevent two simultaneous connection with the same credentials.

    Thank you


    A suggestion, it is NOT perfect...

    You must use custom authentication... In this configuration, you add a column to the table with user names, call it online and use a car1. When the user connects and you check their authentication, if it passes, you update the table with a 'Y' in the line with their ID card.

    When they log out, you're going to run a process to update at the same table, replacing the 'Y' by "n" or null...

    So when a user connects, you will also verify their line use an if the column is set to 'Y', then your custom authentication MUST return the error that this connection is already recorded...

    Thank you

    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX

    Follow your passion; the rest will take care of itself.


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  • Renaming of files exe with the same name

    I have

    just installed a game on steam.  The package ended up being buggy, so it did not work.  But I found a solution on the Forum and he told me to rename these two files exe under the same name.  Its the only way to fix the game.  Others did and cela worked.  When I try to rename the file an error pops up telling me that I can't have two files with the same name.  In summary, this is what is happening.

    two files are: prince of persia.exe and princeofpersia_launcher.exe .

    Need to rename it to princeofpersia_launcher.exe to the prince of persia.exe

    An error pops up saying ERROR RENAME FILE or FOLDER: cannot rename princeofpersia_launcher: a file with the specified name already exists.  Specify a different file name.

    The problem is that these two exe files MUST have the name of prince of Persia: work.  Is it possible that I could do?

    It is not possible to have two files with the same name in the same folder.  Something is wrong with the instructions that you try to follow.  What do say exactly?  Can you give us a link for them?
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