Replace Document colors Bug

All known bugs to replace the colors in the document?  I am running windows 7 with new Acrobat Reader DC.

For example, if by default my document is black text with a white background and I change the white text and black background (Edition > Preferences > accessibility), I now have with black background and white text pages and other pages unreadable with black text on a black background.  Again, I have change the green on a black background and yet my entire document has a black background, but now some pages contain the green text, others have white text, and others have black text and cannot be read.

What is the fix for this problem of accessibility?


This does not solve the problem.

The problem seems to be that Acrobat Reader only changes the color of the text for a single page in the document.  I found a work around by going to Edit > Preferences > accessibility.  There's a box of "change the color of the art online as well as text.  If this box is checked, then uncheck the box; If it is not checked, then check that it and the color of the text for all of the document should now be correctly formatted.  This procedure seems to ignore any bugs in the code it keeps updating the color of the text on each page, but these steps should be done whenever you need to change the color of a word processor based PDF.

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  • replace the color documents tool or shortcut?


    From time to time when I'm exhausted by looking at the screen (I'm an electrical engineering PhD student), I like to switch to high contrast color schemes. But now the to do, I have to through editing, preferences, availability and then click on replace document colors. Is there not an easier way to do this, as a keyboard shortcut key, or if I can't add a tool that does it for the toolsets?

    Thank you very much.

    Hi Berker,

    In my view, there is no this keyboard shortcut to perform this task immediately.

    However, you can directly open preferences by pressing Ctrl + K (or command-k if you are on mac) and then access the accessibility settings quickly.

    Kind regards

  • Cannot replace the colors in the document (background and text)

    I have many documents to read, but the glaring white background of PDF files really hurts my eyes and I end up getting migraines.

    I changed the colors 'document' [Edit > Preferences > accessibility > Document Color Options > replace Document colors > custom color: Page Background gray =;] Text = Black]

    Adobe Reader.JPG

    I have the "Replace Document colors" checked, and I chose Custom colors (gray, black background text).  However, this does not change the background color and text of most PDF files.  Even if everything is checked, when I press OK, the document remains black on white text.

    Help, please...  Thank you!

    However, this does not change the background color and text of most PDF files

    This does not change the color of scanned documents.

  • Replace the color dialog bug?

    The dialog box redefine does not replace the color of objects filled or rubbed with pure black, CMYK or RGB. (Yes, the Recolorier Art selected checkbox). The dialog box replace any other color but not black. Not even a manually created intense black. Manually by selecting another color in the color or Swatches Panel changes it from bottom or edge of the object.

    This happens both CS6 and CS5 on Windows 7 x 64. I reported it as a bug on the site in version beta, but I wonder if anyone has any info on this. Also do not know if bug reports are always read for the final version.

  • I replaced my color for an officejet v40xi ink and red ink does not work.

    Red ink ran out so I replaced the color ink cartridge in my officejet v40xi and Red does not.

    What can I do to fix this?  Thank you.

    Hi timinob,

    I understand that your printer is not printing red ink.  I'll take a look at the document below.

    OfficeJet v40xi

    Let me know how it goes.

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  • Black ink (symbol of bow tie) lack of replacement of color package

    I recently ordered a replacement of color which included CMYK (364 for C309a printer code). However the K (black) was not the version of the bowtie symbol. It was the symbol of the black Pentagon for printing of daily.

    Is it possible that this can be used for photo printing or am I resigned to try to find a single cartridge black knot Butterfly? Currently, I am unable to find the cartridge of the Pentagon symbol (code: 2011/07) online.

    Thanks in advance.


    The bow tie, one is the Photo black cartridge, you can buy online at SureSupply

    More details on the Photo black cartridges in the link below...

  • A jpg still print with white lines spaced, but I replaced the color cart.

    A jpg still print with white lines spaced, but I replaced the color cart. Please notify. Thanks in advance.


    That's what I feared. This kind of banding appears in images when using normal paper for use with low quality settings. You can try to increase the quality of the prints or try using photo paper.

    A good document to make booklets with photos is the HP brochure and flyer. (C6818A)

  • HP Envy 5530: HP Envy 5530 told to replace the color cartridge, even after replacing with a new one.

    HP Envy 5530 said to replace the color cartridge, even after replacing with a new one.  Printer is 1 year old and I replaced the cartridges several times over the past year.  I am enrolled in the program of HP ink.  I can run the printer mode single cartridge using a black ink only and it works with my pc XP, Ipad, Chrome pc and mobile phone.  My pc win 8.1 will not print anything other than a test page.  Printer on the pc file lists always attention required when you try to print from the pc win 8.1.  I believe that the problem may be related to surface of cartridge for printing inside the HP envy heads 5530.  This part is available for purchase, and if so, where?

    I found a work around.  On the pc win 8.1, it seems that the print request must see a reset of the HP envy 5530 to print mode single cartridge.  I just start the pc and then reset the printer by lifting the hatch for the print heads.  That's all.  Once this is done, the 'attention required' message goes to the loan and it is able to print.  It will open a window, which suggests you add the color cartridge, but it will disappear when printing.  Simply open the door once and you can print until you turn off the pc.

  • Printing printer Lexmark 2600 problems - it prints half a line after replacing the color cartridge

    It prints half a line, if the top or the bottom of it and the cutting of the other party.  This happens on every third line.

    This started happening when I replaced a color cartridge and ran the alignment page.  Before replacing the cartridge, it prints very well (except that the color cartridge started missing).   When I noticed what was going on, I took both cartridges on and then put them back in and had to print the alignment again page.  Yet the problem persists.
    I checked the Device Manager, and my drivers are up to date.  I also checked all connections.
    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Oh boy.  I don't know what I thought.  It just had to unplugging everything & then reconnect them, turn off & on.  This took care of it - seems so simple now.

    I guess it was my new laptop which has the printer all confused.  Win7, my find of CL.

    Insofar as the Lexmark support, I have not yet that day.  In any case, it comes to X 2690 model I had for centuries, so I guess that support would be of any help.  I mean, the guarantee missed a long time ago.
    Thank you for taking the time to answer.
  • replace black color

    8669c8ccea987661a1dd9252eb84240e_1.jpgI need to replace black in the present with other options of color for my friend who is the designer and wants to see how other color combinations work and I tried replacing bothe color and hue saturation methods but they allows firstly the bizarre neony results and works at all. Any ideas? Thank you! :))

    Hi Carmel,

    Its black never easy evolution how be it in Photoshop. A girl with black hair generally turn a blonde is closing impossible to do convincingly. As soon as you lift the luminance of the lack of detail information appears immediately. However, it may be false. Do not expect to be able easily to bright yellow or orange intense and keep it looking real.

    If this level of quality is high enough to you how you do it. I'm afraid that this is not a topic to beginners but if all goes well

    You can experiment

    First take the original image and reproduce them. We are working on the layer duplicate or higher.

    (1) with the tool lasso around all black areas draw. Here is a very rough selection

    (2) in a store the selection in quick mask mode.

    (3) go to the color range. What we were doing before was only to give color range, a good starting point, do not make a good choice.

    In the drop-down list select shadows and if you set the blur, but its not required. This will give a reasonable

    selection of black areas. Create a layer mask so only the black areas are visible. You will always have the original image in the stack of layers provides the background.

    (4) now how the color is changed. Create a gradient above the hidden layer map. Set the layer mode to color. You may need to pick up the cards degraded, but essentially, you have a simple gradient and color at one end of the gradient is mapped on the darks of a picture

    and the color at the other end is mapped to the light of an image. Gross over simplification, but it is the principal. So, if you start with a simple

    black-white gradient and change the black to tell red he maps the color red to dark areas of the image. The white end of the gradient can be left in the

    White as the image is largely black. You need to cut the card of the hidden layer gradient - that is important. You will find black in the object will be replaced by the red, but the bottom layer is not affected.

    (5) now, create a hue saturation adjustment layer and clip that to the gradient map. You will find you can now move the hue and change saturation

    and even the luminance.

    (6) Finally, use a curves layer to fine-tune the contrast.

    I've only used a red on white gradient here, but you could experiment with several layers of the gradient map and this will probably give you a better range of colors

    Hope that helps


  • Replacement tool color using Images?

    I tried to understand how this artist created for this purpose, but I'm still totally lost.

    It seems almost as if the tool replacement of color over the flowers, he was able to get a photo out there without losing the texture of flowers.

    Someone has an idea how to do this?


    I'm sure it's a little more, more the very selected topic, various masking. Simple things can take several coats to achieve. It's one of the things on the misconception on Photoshop: people think it's just a few keys and... Presto, you have a stunning picture. Most of these images take a lot of trial and error, many layers, many ways of folding and masking to make them work.

  • Replace the color of the black icon


    I am a photoshop newbster and I'm faced with a pretty easy problem: I would like to replace the icon below color with another color (say green).

    I tried both methods I found on the web:

    1. Replace Color tool-> does not work with black

    2. use the magic wand to make a selection, then the paint bucket to fill the new color. Yes, it looked like a 2-year-old called on the phone.

    Can you provide me with a few steps to replace the color on this icon, so it looks decent?

    Thank you!


    You have luck with this image, because it's on a transparent background. At the top of the layers palette (next to the word Lock) click the grid icon. This locks the transparency. Then just choose your color and paint on the entire Web. Only the pixels that already had the color will pick up the new color, and they will retain the same level of transparency they had in the dark.

  • Replacement of colors with symbols


    I have converted a photomosaic image to create a pixelated look

    on a picture of 725 x 725 pixels. The mosaic is 100 x 100 grid.

    I would now replace each color in the tile with a symbol

    It is possible, if so how?

    Thanks in advance

    Welcome to the forum.

    alby2014 wrote:

    -J' converted a photomosaic image to create a pixelated look

    -Mosaic is 100 x 100 grid

    -replace each color in the tile with a symbol

    Have you used "object > create object mosaic" to achieve this goal, or if you are speaking of something else?

  • How can I replace a color with a pattern fill?

    Hi everyone, thanks for all the answers in advance!

    I've created quite a detailed design that works with 4 pixels per cm and 16 colors, canvas size 120x170cm. I'm wanting to replace all one color with a pattern, is there a way to do this?

    Can I replace a color with another flat color using the settings etc. but I want to meet all of an area of color with a pattern instead. The only way I can think to do would be to use the magic wand tool to select each pixel of the same color, then create a new layer and overlay with a filling of the desired design, however the design is so detailed, it would take me a terrible long to select each color!

    Can someone suggest a faster way of efficiant more to do?

    Thank you!

    Select--> color range


  • Replace a color on all or several layers

    I have 240 layers which are the images of the animation.  The animation is a model of CAD rendering on a white background. I want to change the background color of a specific (or transparent) RGB color to match the bg site.

    Is it possible that I can replace one color with each other on multiple layers (or all) in a single operation?  I use Photoshop CC.

    I can't make a new rendering of the CAD - too expensive.  I also can't change the bg site - it's the company style guide.

    Thanks in advance.

    Salvation for anyone who is interested, I found a solution.

    1. generate gif animated in photoshop (see for help)
    2. Open the gif in Fireworks CS6 (like I have a CC license that I download - never used before)
    3. Save under...
    4. Choose the animated gif type and select Options in the dialog box.  An image preview windows opens.
    5. under options tab, in the color palette, there is transparency dropper selection buttons.  Click on "Select transparent color" dropper (on the left of the three).
    6. On the image preview on the right, select the background and it will turn transparent checkerbox.
    7. OK, save.  Fact.

    It does not replace the color that I decided to do, but be transparent does the job for me.

    See you soon.

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