Replace hard drive on 6730 s

Hello, my hard drive was out, and I'm not in my country and won't for a while, so I decided to buy a new drive sata hard and a xp, unfortunately when I try to start noting happened, apparently the drive is not recognized. After having removed the new drive, I attach to another computer that is also running Xp and initialized it and formatted after that setting in my 6730 s nothing has changed. As I said I can't get my disc to backup before I get home in a few months, but I have to get my computer as soon as possible. I know that I can find the drivers on this site but I don't know what to do to get my hdd recognized, any Adviser and procedure are welcome. Thanks in advance

Thank you very much thanks to you this drug is fine now

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  • A100 replacement hard drive

    I saw the other posts on this but no definitive answer.
    My HARD drive is dying and needs to be replaced. I see the posotion from the LHS is under the Palm drive and there seems to be one removable flap - other posts say there is only one screw to remove, but there is no visible screws under the machine.

    I've changed hard disks on other Toshibas with absolutetly no problem - someone at - it ideas?


    Replace HARD drive on this laptop is not simply the procedure. I'm not 100% sure, but the entire Palm rest/Touchpad should be removed first. HARD drive cover is fixed with a screw, but you'll see him only if the Palm is deleted.

    When this screw is removed, hold the HARD drive tab and pull the HARD drive bracket. Next step is to detach the HARD drive from the HARD drive support.
    The device is quite new and first of all, check if the warranty is still valid.

  • NB100 - replacing hard drive

    How to replace hard drive Toshiba NB100

    Can someone help me?



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    It is not so easy to change the HARD drive on this model.
    You have to remove many parts like keyboard, screen, cover and screw a lot.
    It's a little tricky, so you should have experience with this.

    As Akuma, go to a local ASP (authorized service provider) has said. They can help you replace the HARD drive.

  • Satellite L300D-10 q recovery DVD Can be used on the replacement hard drive?


    I was wondering if the DVD Recovery allows to install Vista on a replacement hard drive? The original hard drive is too small at 160 GB contain all the files that I use the virtual operating system image. The disk hard 500 GB of replacement must be large enough for that.

    The reason why I need to Vista, it's that the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Ubuntu 8.04.1 and 8.10, cause the fan to run at full speed all the time which is very annoying. So for the moment I can only use Linux in a virtual machine.

    I intend to stay with Toshiba, though, as my two latest portable Toshiba Satellite a PII and a PIII still work today, and both have had Linux on them.

    Now, back to my story, I intend to remove the existing laptop, hard drive use DVD recovery to install to external USB 500 GB disk, replace the existing hard drive in starting up the laptop from the USB and copy my data overall. Before you reformat the old drive as external storage, I will replace in the laptop with 500 GB drive and the test so I can boot from the new drive.

    Key question will be the change of equipment, i.e. the new hard disk of 500 GB prevent Vista to install or activate?

    Thank you very much

    Vista itself can handle huge HARD drive sizes, but the question is: the recovery disc will be happy with 500 GB? The laptop will recognize 500 GB?

    I think it will work very well, because the new laptops are released with 320 HARD drive. 500 GB is not far.

    Its a few trial and error unless anyone here has tested a disc 500 GB HARD themselves.

  • HP ENVY 14 2020NR: need a recommendation for a replacement hard drive


    I have an a HP ENVY 14 2020NR with a hard drive died. Blue several screens before the new year, did a complete system restore, which seemed to have fixed things. Unfortunately, after 10 days the blue screens are back. The unit is several years old, and my next step is to replace the hard drive. I have all the data backed up elsewhere and ready DVD restore disc.

    Here are the specs of the drive:

    Hitachi disc HARD 7 K 750-750. P/N H2T7501672S.

    I am trying to identify the right replacement hard drive. Looks like it was 750 GB at 7200 RPM. Some choice out there. Can anyone recommend the correct replacement hard drive?

    Thanks in advance!


    Based on the laptop HP ENVY 14 - Maintenance Service Guide, it seems that your computer supports the following readers and more.

    6.35 cm (2.5 in) hard drives (HD) and the SSDS (SSD), 9.5 mm (. 37-in) and thicknesses of 7.0 mm (. 28 - in)
    Serial ATA
    Supports the following hard disk configurations:
    ● 750 GB (7200 RPM)
    ● 640 GB (7200 RPM)
    ● 500 GB (7200 RPM)
    ● 320 GB (7200 RPM)

    Supports the following simple SSD drive configurations:
    ● 128 GB mSATA,
    ● 80 GB, mSATA
    ● 160 GB, SATA

    According to the above information, any hard disk 2.5 "SATA or SSD of 9.5 mm and 7.0 mm profile should work fine. This includes the newer readers who are more capacious.

    Please see Newegg - internal laptop hard drivesfor a few recommendations of HDD and Newegg - internal SSD for a certain number of decent SSD.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • Satellite Pro 2100: How do I reinstall the OS after replacing HARD drive

    I have a Toshiba SP2100 and I want to replace the hard drive, but I don't have any recovery CD
    So, how can I put the o/s back on?

    Try to connect the external HARD drive to the computer via the USB port and try to copy all content from the internal HARD disk external HARD drive. Then you could try to insert the external HARD drive in the laptop.
    But I've never tried this procedure and don t know if it will work.

    But usually after replacing HARD drive you should boot from the Boot CD as recovery CD or the original CD of Microsoft Windows.
    After the installation of clean Windows OS, you can visit the Toshiba drivers and you can download and install the drivers of Toshiba and utilities.

  • Replacement hard drive for Portege P2010 - part number required

    Can someone tell me what is the part number for a replacement hard drive for Portege P2010 is? It has the latest version of the BIOS installed, if the capacity of the HARD disk can be greater than the original 30gig?

    Thank you


    Hello Martin

    Unfortunately I was found no specific information. If I'm right, this unit needs 1.9 HDD and I think it can be much more expensive as 2.5 standard.

    Check it please this page
    You will find a few pieces of upgrade for your device.

    Good bye

  • Satellite C870 - 1 K 1 and replacing hard drive


    I would like to replace the hard drive of wonderful this notebook with a hard disk of 500 GB 750.
    How should I proceed with the Windows installed on the original hard drive, the migration to the new.
    I do not have a CD ROM of Windows 8, was not included when I bought the laptop

    Thanks for your help and suggestions...

    Lambert (Belgium)

    If you use your laptop with an original operating system preinstalled, you can create recovery media using pre-installed recovery media creator tool. After replacing HARD drive, you can use this media and reinstall the original recovery image.

    After that your laptop will again have to factory settings.

  • Satellite 1410 714 extremely slow after replacing HARD drive


    I have a Satellite 1410-714 which has had a hard drive failure. I replaced the drive, but now the computer is extremely slow. Windows has been reinstalled, it was really slow too much and now it takes minutes for windows to start.

    I suspect that something might have broken on the motherboard and the hard disk. I checked mobo replacement parts, but have not found anything for-714, so a 1410 mobo compatible? This model has a processor celeron 1.8.

    Thanks for help.



    I can t think the motherboard is broken after replacing HARD drive.
    I suggest updating the BIOS first. Maybe your old BIOS have a few problems with the most recent HARD drive.
    Please check site driver Toshiba for the latest version of BIOS.

    Have you used any anties Virus applications?

  • 20-d113w want to: replacement hard drive

    Hi, I looked around the Board for instructions on replacing hard drive. I intend to replace the original sata drive 1 TB with a seagate 1 TB sata3 drive. I know this is probably a stupid question, but just installing the new drive and run the recovery software, or something must be done again disc before I run the software. Thanks for any help you can give

    If you reinstall from the recovery discs set, it will not make a difference.  If you use a cloning software, it may depend on the package.  If you need to reinstall using a Windows disk, it should be able to themselves deploy by asking the user questions.

  • replacement hard drive and using recovery discs made by myself.

    HPdv6 mobile 2119tx. After replacing hard drive and loading the recovery discs (which I did) successfully, now it reboot something messages cannot locate the disc or load bootable disc (sorry, don't remember the exact wording, but back to the beginning). Could this be because I replaced a 650 GB drive with a 500 GB drive.


    Normally you cannot use recovery on a smaller hard disks.

    But you should be able to boot from the first disc of recovery at least and see what happens.

    To do this, you must have the first disc in your dvd player.

    Restart the PC and at the beginning of your homescreen HP, tap key ESC then choose one time start in the menu.  Since then, select the DVD drive and continue.

    If the ESC key method does not work, press the F9 key instead.

    It depends on the type of BIOS in your PC (normally according to his age) which key you need to type.

  • 1260 US G7: replacement hard drive HP g7 1260us with Home Premium Windows 7 (64-bit) now lost for a start to the top

    Received under member declaration of support in his last paragraph, but only gives not the link still since I wasn't not answer you immediately... does anyone have this link noted below for me to go and burn a DVD.

    (I thought when I downloaded my files on a USB flash drive before you recover he would have windows 7 on it, but when I tried the new replacement hard drive I get: no boot device - insert boot disk and press any key.)  When I read the files on the USB stick on another computer, it reads:

    FBData 12/12/2014 of the folder - file

    language of the file folder 12/12/2014

    Application of DiscVerifierib.dll 28/05/2011 extension 222 KB

    HPFileMgrdll 29/05/2011 "" 441 KB "

    Restore the 28/05/2011 "" 14 337 KB "


    In any event, at least, we can connect you to an official Microsoft Windows 7 disc download, which you can use to put Windows 7 on the computer and with some drivers from this site, we can get you going again. You'll need another computer with internet access and a DVD burner or another flash drive.

    The key must rely on the label inside the battery bay or your laptop.

    I think that what you did was copy the program to restore the laptop computer files. Actually let Recovery Manager do the recovery media by running the Recovery Manager program.

  • 15 - r174ca: replacement hard drive

    Hey guys, I'm not good with this part pick up stuff so I hope you can help out me. I got this laptop from my cousin, so I'm not completely sure of what I am working with

    My hard drive failed on my laptop:

    I'm not entirely sure which hard drive to replace it with so any info would be helpful. The only thing I'm certain of is the 5400 RPM.

    Also, if someone could recommend some items online / in-store (Canada), which are at a good price for their performance features, it would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance

    You must understand that the replacement hard drive you must remove the entire lid and jeopardizes security:

    Your repair manuals

    See pages 53-59.

    As long as you do successfully the replacement, HP will honor still guarantee, however. Just be careful in here.

    You can use any 2.5 inches wide and 9.5 or 7 mm thick hard SATA or SSD.

    the 5400 RPM drives are a significant bottleneck, so in my mind you want to get at least a 7200 RPM hard drive and you really want to get a SSD drive if the budget allows.

    After the back if you need assistance with reinstalling the software

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  • Dv6-7202se replacement HARD drive

    Hi, I want to buy a replacement for my DV6-7202se HARD drive. originally, I have a 1 TB running at 5400 RPM SATA HARD drive. I am running Windows 8.1.

    My laptop is now out of its original 1 year warranty.

    (1) is it possible for me to go to a larger, faster HARD drive?

    (2) my laptop was purchased in the UNITED Arab Emirates. Where can I find the replacement HARD drive here?

    (3) my current HARD drive has a number of specific product? The official site of HP can't give me that and continues to throw messages 'no information found.

    (4) where will I get the recovery disks to reinstall the operating system on it? He came originally with Windows 8, I upgraded to 8.1.

    Thank you!

    You can certainly get a faster drive, but I think that the biggest readers available now 1.5 TB laptop and they all work at 5400 RPM. Here is your Service Manual:


    One option you have is to install an accelerator reader WSSD/mSATA cache to speed up the slower drive. The problem on your model, it is very difficult to get to the slot of the WSSD. It is not in the Bay of accessible customer service.

    To speed up the system even more, you can install an SSD expand instead of the ordinary reader, but the largest SSD drive is a 1 to.

    Where you can get all this material in the UAE, I have no idea. I guess you can get things shipped from Europe, Asia and the United States

    In regards to the operating system, unless it does not turn right you can clone (copy bit for little) the old drive and transfer the image to the new, or we can get you a link to download an image of disk for Windows 8, which can be installed on any hard drive. The License Code is embedded in the BIOS of your motherboard, so you just need to install it and Windows will activate automatically.

    Post back if one of these options looks interesting and we can assist in its application.

  • Replacement hard drive after the failure of the HD, restore disc problem

    The replacement hard drive should be the same capacity as the original hard drive.

    If your goal is to use a SSD, then you will need to migrate the operating system with a working operating system software cloning.

    Samsung, Corsair and other manufacturers sell kits of migration with usb connectors SATA that allow the cloning process work perfectly from a hard disk inherited a smaller SSD.

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