replace keyboard HP pavilion dv7-6c01ea Guide?


Could someone help me find a manual/guide/video on the replacement of the keyboard for the model above, please.

See you soon

Review HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook Maintenance and Service of Guide .

The section which interests you is the removal and replacement procedures. It is quite straigntforward and has even a few images.

This does not imply so much attention to details such as the withdrawal system board or to the replacement of the LCD screen. It's pretty simple in comparison.

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  • Replacement keyboard on Pavilion DV7-7012NR-backlit or not?

    I spilled water on my HP laptop and now the keyboard doesn't work. Everything looks very good, and it works very well when a USB keyboard is connected.

    So, I'm looking to replace the keyboard. I had a hard time finding a good game, but... HP part Surfer said that my laptop has part #681981-001 or 698782-001, "Island style paint black backlit keyboard." I found this article on ebay and elsewhere.

    BUT my original keyboard was not backlit. However, I am sure that there is a connector to the Ribbon backlit. See photo (finger pointing on this one).

    A feedback?

    This is the original factory specifications for your HP Pavilion dv7-7012nr Entertainment Notebook computer. According to the specification, this model left the factory with a "full-size island-style keyboard backlit with numeric keypad" installed.

    Of the HP Partsurfer.

    681981-001 keyboard ISK PT BL BLK U.S. (ISK = keyboard style of the island, PT = paint, BL = backlit, BLK = Black)
    698782-001 Island style paint black backlit keyboard Win8 - U.S.

    From the MSG for this model;

    681981-001 keyboard ISK PT BL BLK U.S. (ISK = keyboard style of the island, PT = paint, BL = backlit, BLK = Black)

    Part # 681981-001 is the correct keyboard, and it must match with the part number of the existing keyboard. This was the original keyboard comes with Windows 7. The 698782-001 keyboard is not listed in the MSG and probably was shipped later, when Windows 8 was introduced.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • Pavilion dv7-6c01ea loses random Wi-FI.

    Hi all

    before you begin, please note I'm not an advanced user, and I will try to provide as much information as I know.

    I bought a new laptop in Pavilion dv7-6c01ea 3 days ago, and I have problems with my wifi connection. The day of the purchase, that it worked perfectly - despite its slowness on my old laptop connection, using the connection together 30 mb/s and worked without any problems.

    The second day, I activated the pre installed Norton Internet Security, and (I assume) very short time after the wifi simply disconnected. I tried to re - connect, however it would give me the message "Windows only could not connect to virginmedia. On troubleshooting, I'd always get the message asking me to reboot the router - I've done several times, without any result. More troubleshooting, it seems that there was a problem with the access point.

    I read on the forums that it could be lack of Norton and removed using the Norton removal tool. Unfortunately, this has not helped.

    What will happen is, it disconnects, I plug it via the ethernet cable, and then restart the wireless connection, and it works. However, I found that, after having moved the computer laptop back in my room (the router is in the living room, close my bedroom wall), the connection would drop.

    What happened then was that the connection actually slept, but started randomly turning off, then come back randomly as well. I tried this solution under the 'static IP used instead of the dynamic IP address' as suggested by another post on the forum, but I found that the obtain an IPv6 address automatically etc. were already selected.

    I also tried manually configure a new connection for a few times, but that did not help either. I tried to update the wifi drivers and received information that they are up-to-date.

    Rather than the first day of its use during the connection would display 5 bars, now it's 4 or 2, sometimes up to 5. The download speed is still fast enough.

    I would be extremely grateful for any help provided because it is very frustrating, especially on a brand new laptop. Please let me know if you need additional information. Thank you.


    I guess maybe it's a hardware problem with the WLAN device, so my best advice, considering that you only had the laptop 3 days, would be to return it to the retailer you bought it and get the machine replaced - by looking at the model number of your machine, I'm guessing that you live in England (so do) and if this is the case You can usually return a machine and be replaced in the first 28 days.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Pavilion dv7 WC159EA #ABU: keyboard replacement on HP Pavilion dv7-3111ea

    My keyboard is faulty and replace it. However, keyboards for my specific model are incredibly expensive. I was wondering if I buy a keyboard for hp dv7-1000, it would be compatible? Specificaly this one:

    I'm out of warranty, that's why I'm looking at buying. If it's not compatible, could you let me know of another model that is compatible? Thank you!

    If you are in the United Kingdom, this is the part you are looking for:

    516356-031 white molded keyboard intended for the United Kingdom

    You could install a keyboard with other (countries) location for the same model, but you can't use keyboard to other series with different reference numbers.

    US keyboard:

    516356-001 white moulded keyboard for use in the United States

    These are expensive outside the United States for a stupid reason. HP itself is out of stock. I found one for like $27 from a US seller on eBay. Do you have someone ready to ship to the United States?

  • Can I replace my HP Pavilion dv7-6b11ev with blacklit a keyboard?

    Hello... I have hp pavilion dv7 6b11ev and I wonder if I can replace the keyboard of my laptop to a blacklit.
    If so, that one is you favorite?


    or another store...

    Thank you.


    It is a very delicate issue because on some models, their motherboards have places to plug in the power supply for the keyboards, but MANY models do not have. The only thing we can check: get the motherboard part number and find out

    b if it had taken light for keyboard, you can replace the keyboard

    b otherwise, you need to replace the keyboard and the whole motherboard.

    How to check: open the machine (risky) or use the following link to get the part #:

    Kind regards.

  • How to replace the computer laptop keyboard hp Pavilion dv7-6190ed

    How can I replace the keyboard on my HP Pavilion dv7-6190ed

    health care says:

    How can I replace the keyboard on my HP Pavilion dv7-6190ed


    See this manual:

    Page 65.

  • Replacement for Hp Pavilion Dv7-4165dx plastic

    My laptop is practically collapsing due to normal use.  I got it for about 2 years now, and for at least the last year, the plastic is separation on the left side near the hinge of the screen.  Does anyone know how to fix this, or buy replacement plastic so I can fix it myself?  Here are some pictures to illustrate what he does.

    Delete [line] URL for him to work.

    Please refer to the HP Pavilion dv7 Entertainment PC - Maintenance and Service of Guide for a "illustrated parts catalog" including the HP #s part.

  • Recovery disk works does not after replacing hard drive Pavilion dv7

    Hello. I have problems of replacement of a failed hard drive in my HP Pavilion dv7-6154nr notebook running Windows 7. New HARD drive seems to install OK, but I get a Windows Boot Manager error when I try to run the recovery disks created when the system was purchased. The message says "the boot selection failed because a required device is not accessible" "status: Oxc000000f. I changed the boot order in the BIOS to boot from the internal DVD player but continue to make the same mistake

    More info: I upgraded the HARD drive from a Toshiba MK6476GSX - 640 GB - 5400 RPM for a WD Black 7500BPKTSP.  I don't see any info in the new HARD drive in system information / BIOS so I don't know if it is recognized. However, it take and pass a diagnostic test.

    Thank you.

    You are the very welcome.

    Now you get the drivers from the support page and driver for your PC. &

    If you have a problem to find drivers (such as the wireless, unless you already knew what the wireless adapter model you have in the PC, you will not know which driver to install).

    Just after the hardware ID's for all you can't find the drivers.  Who need device drivers appears in the Manager for devices with a little yellow. brand and labelled with material generic terms such as a network Contoller or PCI device, etc.

    If you don't know how to find the hardware ID, please read the info on the link below.

  • HP Pavilion DV7 3180US: replace original HP Pavilion DV7 3180US DVD

    Has the drive of DVD in my HP Pavilion DV7 3180US is gone belly up.  When his replacement, I want to upgrade to a Blu Ray version, if possible.  Suggestions for a provider (there included Amazon, if possible) & part at the time the OEM drive & a Blu Ray version number?  Thanks for your help.


    Yes, you have that option.

    Blu - ray ROM DVD±R/RW SuperMulti with LightScribe 516352-001 DL player

    One less $20 on Ebay.


  • How to replace keyboard on Pavilion dv4-1548

    I am trying to replace the keyboard on my laptop Pavilion DV4-1548. Any help would be appreciated.



    Please see if this dv4 repair works for your specific model.

    R & R procedures can be found in Chapter 4.

    Part # s are listed in Chapter 3 If you do not have another keyboard.


  • Pavilion dv7-6c60us: issue of replacement to the Pavilion dv7-6c60us cooling fan

    Hi, so I was very sick, and having a TON of medical procedures made and until they are made my phone is my lifeline and my entertainment, etc.  So a few months back I started getting the dreaded cooling fan error 90 b at random, but now it's every time you start, I built workstations for 3D animation and editing of film/TV (which I do) from scratch and I replaced my previous laptop motherboard Dell, but it's been a while and I'm mixes returns on the research of some saying that it is easy to just replace the fan, pop the switch out, replace it and you are made to these step by step guides, saying: he basically have to go all the way to the motherboard to replace just the fan.  I wanted to just go straight to the horses mouth so to speak and know, because given my health unstable and "convalescent" until I got better in VERY VERY RURAL NC it is now a doubtful 'authorized repair shop' which is little far from me, I wonder if it is only involved should I just let - keeping in mind , I have medical bills piling up and a lot of know how myself, but maybe not the stamina, or should I hard outside - year how "hard" is to just replace the fan.  The left side of the laptop last week became really hot to the touch, whereas before there were 90 b but there was no significant difference and the unit still works, and that's all that I have here PC / computer wise and cannot not simply run out and purchase all replacement until after I'm better that might be 4 months or more? Help?

    Replace a fan in a book involves a complete disassembly of the laptop.

    If you don't have the patience and thoroughness to disassemble and reassemble then the laptop to a State because of your physical condition, I would recommend having a shop to do it for you. Consider cloning hard drive to a storage device before you leave the shop to have it.

  • HP pavilion dv7 6c01ea update

    Hi I'm looking to upgrade my current laptop and was wondering if the CPU/graphics card could be upgraded to something better, and if so this kind of thing should I watch?

    so far, I'll be upgrading to 16 GB of ram (crucial) and addition of 500 GB ssd (samsung)

    Thanks for the tips

    Crucial test and I don't have any information to refute what they say the maintenance manual that says your laptop takes a max of 8 GB of RAM. I have never personally tried and never seen a post here from someone who has been in vain. Crucial is very good about standing behind their memory. If they say that it is compatible with your laptop and it is not that they're going to give the money back. If you buy and it works then please report here and send me a PM and we will see if HP does not change the information on this model somehow.

    Even if it's not compatible laptop computer will not explode. He could refuse to start or it could start but be prone to some bluescreens. After putting the memory, assuming that it boots up, run it through a game or something asking just check stability.

  • Need to purchase replacement for 1336sa pavilion G6 keyboard


    I would like to know if I can replace my keyboard for a 1336sa g6 with any keyboard of series of g61300?

    Thank you

    It looks like keyboards for HP Pavilion 1000-g6, g6-1100, 1200 g6 and g6-1300 serieas are similar.

    They are sold on eBay for $15 (here is a link to eBay listings).

    Here is the guide of replacement keyboard HP Pavilion g6. Follow the steps 1: 7-13.

  • Replacement keyboard for HP Pavilion dv7-6c60us

    On my keyboard up arrow fell and I bought a replacement keyboard. Are there guides or manuals on how to replace my keyboard for my HP Pavilion dv7?

    Please see the HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service of Guide for instructions on replacement components. Preliminary replacement requirements begin on page 41, Chptr. 4 and information specific keyboard starts on page 59.

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  • replace a keyboard on a pavilion dv7 - 61213cl

    I say several videos online to replace the keyboard for a laptop HP Pavilion, but can not find information for a Pavilion dv7 - 6123cl Entertainment PC.  For that which never right on the back of this type of laptop is different than all the videos I've seen.

    Any help would be appreciated


    Try wireless troubleshooting steps in the link, if that does not work below. Then you can download the drivers from the link below

    Download Driver

Maybe you are looking for

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