replace the uniqueness and leave those in expressions


I'm looking for beautiful and elegant solution to my problem. Let's say I have a string "e + exp (e)". I want to replace all 'e' by '1', except for "exp". I tried to use regular expressions, but I failed an hour later... The solution should be able to resolve things like replace "a" to "r (a)" without changing the rand. Basically, I need to replace the uniqueness without replacing those words or phrases.

Any ideas?


No time for elegance now, just brute force.  I would touch the string with spaces at each end to remove end cases and then look for the character surrounded by non-alphabetiques characters.

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  • IPCC Express, option for the appellants out of the queue and leave a message.

    We are running 4.0 (5) IPCC Express improved. I need to configure our current ICD script so that when the appellants are held in the queue, they can press 0, out of the queue and leave a voice message. The ICD script we use is an exact copy of the script icd.aef by default on the system, it has just been copied and renamed. My question is, what are the steps I need to use the script to enable this feature?

    Two options. Option 1: Use the IPCC completely to save messages and manage messages as you seem to did so. Option 2: Transfer the caller to your voicemail number pilot and use your voice mail system to record the message.

    Steps to Option 1:

    1 early on in the script, use the step to read the Contact information call to capture the called number and save it as a variable.

    2. use the step to get a string to allow the caller to press 0 to leave a message. On the Filter tab, allow only the key 0 be hurry.

    3. in the leg successful step to get a string of digits, add the following steps.

    a. contact Dequeue step.

    b. reading quick step that contains a prompt that asks the caller to record a message after the tone.

    c. step recording, which records the message saved in a Variable of type "Invite".

    d. use the Terminate step to end communication with the appellant (you can add a quick step before that game if you want to tell the caller that the message has been saved).

    e. at this point, you can either use writing document step to record voice messages in a folder on the server of the IPCC, or you can use a series of other steps to place a call to the queue and play the message the following agent that meets, or you can attach it to an email and send it it make the address email of your choice (or a combination).

    I have this HUGE warning. I had several problems with what I've been able to overcome, but it requires a bit of diligence.

    -L' registration step requires a termination character (# or *). If the caller hangs just straight up, the script returns an exception and drop dead. You can manage the 'contactinactiveexception' using a step on the Exception and have it go to a label that you can put it as the first step under the leg successful registration step. In this way, if the user hangs up, the script handles the exception by going directly to the successful step. You can clear the exception just after that.

    -You will also want to handle this exception before Terminate step. If the caller hangs up and you try to put an end to this contact when he is no longer active, the script will always die, and the remaining steps will not run.

    We use the option to place a call in the queue. In itself, this requires a lot of thinking to make sure that the script is not die when an exception occurs. I ended up putting some exceptions in place where if there is a problem and that the recorded message never makes it to an agent, a log file is stored on the server as well as messages stored in a .wav file. Then, an email is sent to the contractor with these attachments also.

    Thus, it is as effective as make you it. Try to keep things simple at first, and then build on that to improve the experience of the appellants.

    Steps for Option 2:

    1. use the step to get a string to allow the caller to press 0 to leave a message. On the Filter tab, allow only the key 0 be hurry.

    2. in the leg successful step to get a string of digits, add the following steps.

    a. contact Dequeue step.

    b. call no redirection to the number voicemail pilot.

    I have not used this option, so I can't say with certainty how Callmanager will handle this call. The voicemail system will need to see the call as transmitted from a number that has a voice mail on the system account. If this does not work, you can use a dummy CTI Port with a fake extension that is configured to transfer to voicemail, then the voicemail box must be associated with the wrong extension. If you use Cisco Unity, you will also be able to use a routing rule to force the IPCC calls to a particular mailbox. Call the Viewer from the unity tools depot allows you to see the way in which the appeal is made to the unit.

    I hope that helps you and that it is not too verbose.

  • I need to replace the battery and AC adapter of the Satellite Pro U400-160

    I have a Satellite Pro U400-160.

    I need to replace the battery and the charger of my Toshiba, but I am wary about compatibility issues.

    Any battery for Satellite Pro U400 is suitable for mine?
    As I can't find which batteries are specifically suitable for my computer.

    (For example: is this a:

    Is there a quick way to check if a battery / charger are compatible?

    Each battery and adapter you get from Toshiba has specific part number. All you have to do is use this same part number and order. You should be able to find on the internet.
    You can also get compatible parts you are ordering by the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country.

    By the way: all U400 models have the same construction and the similar specifications then all the batteries specified for U400 can be used on your U400-160.

  • Can I replace the memory and not lose what is on the old memory for a Mid 2007 Mack computer desktop Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GHz processor speed, 1 CPU, 4 MB of Cache L1, the 4 GB memory at 800 MHz bus speed.  Only 1 slot can play memory, the other is damaged

    Can I replace the memory and not to lose what's on the memory of the former?  I have a Mid 2007, 20 "desktop Mac, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GHz processor, 1 CPU, 4 MB L2 cache, 4 GB of memory, 800 MHz bus speed.  I have a backup device.  A RAM slot is damaged.

    You are confused of RAM and disk space available.

    RAM stores information temporarily while the Mac is enabled and the application is reached. RAM replacement has no effect on the long term of your information storage.

    The hard drive is where your information is stored in the long term. If you replace your hard drive, you need restore the information from a backup.

    FYI, for your iMac, the maximum RAM is only 6 GB.

  • My iPhone does not to import! How can I appear in the Photos and delete those that are already imported?

    My iPhone does not to import! How can I appear in the Photos and delete those that are already imported?

    My iPad appears fine with an option to import the 'new' photos and then delete them once they are imported. However my iPhone appears not at all on the pictures. Although most is already imported via the cloud, some are not, but more importantly, I would remove at least half of 30 000 photos that are taking place on my phone and a "clear items after button import" would be nice right now! I tried to turn off photo stream on my phone, but it still does not appear in the application.

    What can I do?

    Thank you!

    If you use iCloud photo library you cannot delete pictures after the import (or) - deletions on any device will be on all devices - if storage is a question about a device set to use optimized photos


  • blue screen after replacing the battery and charger / need of Windows XP Pro disc

    Hi all.

    I bought a used laptop from gateway with Windows XP Professional already on it. The person I got it never gave me the disc of Windows or textbooks and it is out of warranty. I had to replace the battery and the charger after 3 months of use, and it now gives me the blue screen.  I can't enter in safe mode, it gives me just all sorts of codes for Win32 /? (different things). SYS. The blue screen also tells me if this keeps continues to go to F8(Advanced Options), and then choose the option. I called my local tech and he said contact Windows to get a disk to fix the problem. How can I do (I'm not a comp WIZ). So I try here to get any help. I am on a borrowed laptop so if you can help, please send me a personal email to * address email is removed from the privacy *. I get their

    After reading the owner's manual for the NX260X (Chpt. 7, p. 72-74) I am convinced that the laptop, as previously indicated above by PML, is originally came with Windows Vista.

    In addition, according to the instructions of the manual recovery (pg.74, means only available recovery Windows are re - install using the supplied DVD.) This is meaningless given that bridge claims the recovery partition was part of laptop computers sold after November 2004.  I agree that, if you decide not to try to fix the errors, you should consider Windows 7.

    However, personally, I would try to fix the mistakes here before you spend a minimum of $100.00 for Windows 7. We usually have a pretty good success rate when the OP stays with the subject.

  • No toolbar. Tools Windows me gives the right toolbar, but still miss me the top and right those shown in the tutorials?

    No toolbar. Tools Windows me gives the right toolbar, but still miss me the top and right those shown in the tutorials?

    Thank you. He started working after I updated the software, I only got it yesterday so I don't know why she needed to be updated. But guess it of life, all work very well now but

  • I want out creative Cloudfree. How close the account and leave?

    I want out creative Cloudfree. How close the account and leave?

    Cancel your membership Adobe Creative Cloud

  • I was running S5 C on my laptop and desktop. Failure of the HD on my desk. I replaced the HD and reinstalled CS5. Now I am unable to update CS5

    I was running S5 C on my laptop and desktop. Failure of the HD on my desk. I replaced the HD and reinstalled CS5. Now I can't update CS5.

    It worked fine before the failure of the HD.

    Try direct updates

  • Anyone know why fonts be suddenly appear down to the bottom of the box unless I actually scroll the menu and leave it highlighted?

    Anyone know why fonts be suddenly appear down to the bottom of the box unless I actually scroll the menu and leave it highlighted?


    I think that it can fix:

    Open system preferences and go to accessibility. Then select display in the source on the left side list, then check the box transparency reduced.

    It was introduced in this #15 post by TheUlser:

  • After replacing the PSU and GPU in my HP Pavilion desktop computer, the wifi stopped working.

    I'm upgrading my pc, I plug a new PSU and video card.

    After successfully, I replaced and installed, I booted up my PC, but it showed that none of the networks or wifi connections are available.

    I read that maybe it's something to do with the antenni?, I noticed something that looked like antenni tangeled upward in the power supply cables, I did not use them. but I have no idea what could be the problem.

    Thank you for the information, @henry321.

    Yes, I suggest to leave the side panel on the computer and then move the led in the case and look at the signal.  You may need to route through an opening in the case is outside of the case.  I think I read that it is the best way to get a good signal.

    Please click on the button + Thumbs up if I helped you and click on accept as Solution If your problem is resolved.

  • I want to enter my newspaper of the name and password on IOutlook Express, how?

    I use XP, Google is my default browser, IE6 is back.


    I suggest you to please follow the steps mentioned below and check if it helps.

    How to reenter your password in Outlook Express

    a. launch Outlook Express.

    Note: If you receive a logon error, close the dialog box and continue.

    b. click on Toolsand then click accounts.

    c. click on the mail tab in the Internet accounts window.

    (d) in the column account , select the Internet e-mail account that you want to change and then click Properties.

    e. on the Server tab, type your password in the password box, and then click to select the box Remember password .

    f. click OKand then click close.

    g. to exit, and then restart Outlook Express.

    h. on the Tools menu, click send and receive to determine whether your password is retained.

    Note: If other Windows 2000 or Windows XP users have password retention problems, re-enter the password, and then click to select the Remember password for those profiles check box. Each user can connect his own password to remember.

    For more information, see the following links:

    Registry warning

    To do: Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows.

    I hope the information is useful!

  • HP 3050 printer prints not clearly even after replacing the color and black cartridges...

    I have a problem on a HP 3050 printer all-in-one that is just a year old.  The printer is not used for several months and it was working properly before.  I tried to print a page and had missing horizontal print, I tried to clean the print heads and it did not help.  I replaced the cartridges with new ones and noticed that the ink levels showed that had the old cartridges.  Black was half full and the color was full.  It wasn't new purchased in-store cartridges refills.

    I tried to force an alignment page on the maintenance of the printer screen and this failed repeatedly, undetected alignment page.  I did some research and even tried to clean links them / connectors than cartridges fits.  Looks like that leaving the cartridges for several months in the printer was bad and that I'll need to ge a new printer.

    Thanks for the tips,


    document here can help to solve the problems of print quality in your Deskjet 3050 has. I also suggest to clean the cartridge and printer electrical contacts as described in this document (for another series of cartridges, but same principle).

  • Pavilion p6-2133w: upgrade Windows 10 Pro activation after replacing the processor and motherboard

    I upgraded a Pavilion P6 W10 Pro in September. Everything was going well until the motherboard and processor failed. When I replaced the hardware I am prompted to activate Windows - I have the product key for Windows 7 Home Prem OA office machine that does not work for W10 Pro. I don't know how W10 Pro ran six months and support MS insists I do decline to W10. Two questions.

    1 how W10 differ from the W10 Pro?
    2. How is this W10 Pro could have been improved in Windows 7 Home Prem OA? Looks like a decoy on the BONE.


    The replacement of the mother/CPU card can be extra monkey wrench in this situation.

    You cannot use a key of Win 7 Home on Win 10 Pro.

    You will need to install Win 10 and then move on to Win 10 Pro. Win 10 going to Win 10 percent if you had an activated copy of win 10 Pro.

    1. other features such as BitLocker and domain join.

    2. I have no idea how you've gone from Win 7 Home win 10 Pro. Were you a BETA-Tester (Windows Insider program)? I upgraded from Win 7 to win 10 Pro, because I was a BETA-Tester,

    I just did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro but ignored the input of the product key. Windows activated, but not right away.

    The Beatles: "everyone has something to hide except me and my monkey"

    See you soon

  • Satellite A110: I need to replace the motherboard and the CD/DVD combo drive

    I have a Satellite A1100, and my CD/DVD Combo needs to be replaced... also, I need to replace the motherboard by qualifying the connections that connect the CD/DVD drive is damaged. Is there any possible way for me to get the motherboard and the CD/DVD combo myself or should I consider a service repair center?

    And if there is a way to get the spare parts of CD/DVD and a motherboard... can someone please tell me where I can get them from? If anyone has any idea how much it's going to put me back I would appreciate, they would let me know how it is... also, I would gladly help if someone can tell me what I can do about it.

    Thank you


    How old is your machine? If you still have your warranty, so why not give your machine to a local service partner?

    So if you don t give something on your guarantee you can trade your coins. But to look for the pieces on google and you won´t get any help from toshiba (e.g. manual disassembly or something similar).

    I tried long before your request and I made my experience that if you want to open your machine your completely on your own.

    Welcome them

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