replacement card mother CQ61

CQ61-411wm wa98oua windows 7 amd sempron (I have a Turion II Ultra M660) if it will work? I have a code unique blink and tried to replace the cpu by the mentioned new. Now I don't know if the new processor is not compatible or if I need to replace the motherboard. If I have to replace the motherboard, I need to know the exact part number to replace it with.

It's the card that you have so we know that it works perfectly:

■ without card media or HDMI support, intended for systems UMA 585923-001

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  • Replacement card mother Qosmio G10

    After replacing the card mother a Qosmio G10-120 original Win Xp MCE with the official update (FC43S1 A5A001749010 P000454980 jury), some problems have arisen:

    1. second HARD drive internal no more seen.
    2. all buttons stop "standby/disable rebooting the computer" do not completely take effect (office closed way unexpected but manual power button continues to show the color blue and portable remains active).
    3. always on cooling fan.

    Upgrade the motherboard consisted of:

    1. creation of new channels DMI Council (in particular "Model name" field was set to "Qosmio G10").
    2. loading the CD-ROM TCN0000006 official update tool.
    3. no recovery BIOS or EC/KBC.

    Any idea?

    I m wondering how you did update the information in the DMI?
    As far as I know that the Toshiba authorised service provider is able to update information DMI as the model name, version number, etc. using utilities and special tools.

    I googled for the motherboard part number, you have deposited in your original thread, and it seems that this motherboard has been developed the Qosmio F15 series.
    So maybe his bad card mother

  • Pavilion dv7 - 4150sr: replacement card mother dv7 - 4150sr

    Hello, I need help!

    I have Pavilion dv7 - 4150 notebook sr and his mother is damaged.

    Would you please provide the part number so I can replace it because there are no manuals or any other information with part number for my motherboard.

    I'd appreciate a lot.

    Thank you in advance.

    Here are the specs:

    We need to understand from the Manual:


    the motherboard you have. You have the i7-720QM with 1 discrete graphics Radeon gig (switchable actually) and you have the subwoofer, so it's your motherboard:

    With ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 subsystem separate graphics card, 1 GB of dedicated memory (Quad Core) and the subwoofer v.1.1 615313-001

    Not cheap on & qid = 1465827454 & SR = 8-1 & Keywords = 615313-001

    I couldn't find it on eBay. You can try HP Partsurfer but usually the price there is about the same as

    If I know that you were really interested, perhaps we can expand the search to find it at a lower price, but I expect it to be much less than maybe $175 it is a motherboard upscale a few years and get harder to find new.

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  • Pavilion 15-n003tx: replacement card mother HP

    I have a Hp Pavilion laptop which the warranty period has expired. A few days ago, he got shut down and never restarted. To the service center, I learned that the motherboard of the laptop is faulty and must be replaced. Can I get my motherboard replaced? If Yes, then this could be the costs involved to get a new motherboard, if my PC has an Intel i5 processor 4th generation? HP company will replace the part of the authorized service center?

    Motherboard part number:

    Intel Core i5-4200U 8670 M 1.6 GHz (1 GB DC BGA 15 W) for use with Windows Standard 737669-501

    Repair manuals

    They are expensive because it's the card motherboard and CPU together.

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  • Replacement card mother M30X

    My M30X starts only if I apply a force to the motherboard near the power plug, then turn off if I release (soon it will be even that more since I was less and less luck with that). Seems to be a general flaw in the design of boards as many users of this experience. I talked to a guy who did business off that old commissions, getting to sending them to the factory (as he says) and sells the replacement for end users card.

    Anyone know if I can send myself and what it would cost to replace?
    It's an EAL20 THE-2461 2004-09-09, the seller's HannStar.

    Thanks in advance

    I had the same problem with a M30X-102. I discovered that ICR 40pin near the DC Jack was the element that causes the error. Connect the DC plug causes a force to the motherboard and on the caps of this IC solder time unravel. It is very difficult to repair it by yourself, or maybe you have a workspace of microscope and a soldering for SMD microphone devices station. If you have these you can do it by yourself. Otherwise, I'd say find a service location near your place.
    I have these tools and fix it for you. I live in the North of the Germany, near Hamburg.
    I ve been that out of business for 27 years but now I m.
    Best regards

  • Replacement card mother T410

    Hi guys,.

    I've been Googling a few weeks now with no luck.

    I use a lenovo T410 Eh well try to use it, but keep freeze stops.
    I have windows7 64 bit installed, tried the dualboot win7 and linux, I tried linux only.
    I have checked/tested the hard drive memory, even replaced with ssd and continue to do so. I've updated to the latest version of the bios
    so, nothing has changed.
    So there must be something wrong with the motherboard.

    I am looking to replace the motherboard, but somehow, I can't find. I found a few but number of different type.

    Mine is 2519Y11, intel vga, fingerprint digital webcam sim slot 4 GB of ram, processor intel i5.

    So my question is what is the number of motherboard that I should look for what will be the same card?

    Thank you very much


    Welcome to the forum!

    If you want to keep the graphics card Intel you can search these FRU #.

    • 60Y5713
    • 60Y5714
    • 60Y5715
    • 60Y5734

    I hope this helps!

    MOD edit: Fixed bad FRU #.

  • Vista will not start after replacing card mother HP machine

    * original title - new motherboard (gigabyte) replace dead on (asus) and vista don't launch *.

    What should I do to continue using my original copy of windows vista on my hard drive. Or am I intended to buy a new copy?

    I had a hp built machine with vista as os. the motherboard went bad, so I replaced it. Now I can not get Windows to start. All the hardware seems to work fine, bios is fine.

    The configuration is now:

    original Board was asus

    New Board of Directors is gigabyte

    same disk sata hard with vista os top

    same Pentium dual core cpu

    new graphics card

    What should I do to continue using my original copy of windows vista on my hard drive. Or am I intended to buy a new copy?

    I had a hp built machine with vista as os. the motherboard went bad, so I replaced it. Now I can not get Windows to start. All the hardware seems to work fine, bios is fine.

    The configuration is now:

    original Board was asus

    New Board of Directors is gigabyte

    same disk sata hard with vista os top

    same Pentium dual core cpu

    new graphics card

    Hey fzsq5s

    you have also an activation problem because your hp vista oem license is bound to the original material that it came installed

    read the information about the oem and sales license in detail below

    If your computer is pre-installed with vista, it is classified as an oem license and it is related to the material that it is 1 installed on

    as in the foregoing any case at level or the replacement of the motherboard will be done in collaboration with the manufacturer of the computer in your case hp

    If he had a retail license you might have upgraded or replace your motherboard you

    but you then have to reinstall vista as the old drivers of the motherboard would be still installed

    I hope that the foregoing explains things

    Walter, the time zone traveller

  • Replacement card mother XPS 730

    I've had problems with my 730 for a few years now. Initially, research told me that the power supply or capacitors were the cause. I bought a handful of replacement capacitors and took part, the system to replace the suggested guilty. The system has become very stable from there, but recently, the symptoms returned. The system crashes suddenly, keyboard and mouse are unresponsive, screen is frozen and sometimes a unique tone from the speakers. The only option is hard stop the start up. Sometimes, this can happen every few minutes last time once a week.

    I replaced the sticks 4x1Go with sticks of 2 x 4 GB Patriot memory and the video card abandoned some time back then I have an ATI Radeon HD5770.

    Recently, I replaced the original RAM but the gel has continued. When I replaced with the Patriot is frozen usually until I moved the second stick of the 2nd to the 3rd and then finally to the 4th slot. Now, it has been relatively stable.

    Could there be something wrong with the memory slots?

    I would do well to replace the motherboard with a new one? I found 4 on eBay for all about AUD100.

    If your system is a 730, you need a 730 motberboard. If it is a 730 x, you will need a motherboard 730 x. They are not interchangeable between the two systems because the x 730 uses RAM DDR3 vs DDR2 on the 730 and a core i series processor vs Core 2 series and has a different take. ThomasLG

    UU795, F642F, 0F642F, CN-0F642F

    These numbers above are motherboards OEM Dell XPS 730 and work with your desktop computer.

  • Replacement card mother HP8710p


    Can I replace motherboard on my HP 8710p:

    -Current MB has number 468591-001 (dead)

    -replacement MB number 450482-001

    Are there opportunities to know before you buy?

    I'm not a computer expert, he is the guy who sells me MB.

    Thank you


    Hi Peter

    Through 23, 22 page, your new MB is listed in this manual

    Diff of specification:
    CPU - same processor Intel core 2 duo in two MB - but a different model of it is the SBM, in

    Level 2 processor cache memory in MB you'll get replace old is lower that that you had, speed of performance would be affected slightly.

    It's your laptop specs ,

    It's one that you plan to:

    It's your old: & robot_redir = 1

    It's a another compatible for your model

    Kind regards

  • Replacement card mother G580 then display problems


    I was wondering if someone can help me navigate through the support of Lenovo. Here is the story backwards:

    My husband bought a laptop G580 on 30/06/13. After less than 2 months, he began cutting use environment and do not take a charge. I called Lenovo support and they have quick send a replacement battery and ac adapter on 28/08/13 after troubleshooting over the phone could not solve the problem. Unfortunately, the computer not yet start or take a load with these new parts, so I had to send it the Lenovo Depot Repair Center to have the motherboard replaced. The computer was received by Lenovo on 10/09/13 and the motherboard has been replaced. Apparently, the computer has been verified quality and all systems were functioning normally. However, when we received the back of the computer screen would not turn. After more troubleshooting over the phone with support from Lenovo, I discovered that the keyboard had not been properly reinstalled and it has been determined that the machine should be returned a 2nd time because something was wrong with the display (maybe the cables don't had not been reconnected properly). The machine has been received by Lenovo on 24/09/13 and 25/09/13 we received a call from Lenovo support saying that the computer has no RAM and cannot be repaired until we sent the RAM. My husband explained that we had not opened the computer since getting this return since the Depot repair center and therefore RAM not must not have been reinstalled after the replacement of the motherboard by Lenovo. We thought at that time here that technicians would be able to install the RAM and repair the computer, since we had not removed the RAM and explained the situation. After not seeing any update on our case on the Web site, I called Lenovo Support on 02/10/13 and told me that the support representative would send another email to the worker explaining the situation. Since there is still no update online, I called Lenovo support this morning and told me that the representative could send a request by e-mail and that I would receive a call later today, when they have more options.

    My question is, what can I do to ensure that the deposit of Lenovo repair center works actively on our case? The motherboard has been replaced and I was told the computer was verified quality, but the keyboard was not put back in place correctly, the display would not work and apparently RAM has not been reinstalled. I'm surprised that this issue has not been resolved already seen that this is the 2nd time it had to be returned and it seems that nobody has worked on the computer from 25/09/13. What can I do?

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    Hi chbadams,

    Just to receive your H.Si sent you additional information about the repair.

    Hope you find the computer fixed soon.


  • Replacement card mother HPE - 180 t

    During a powersurge. my onboard LAN is fried. The motherboard is an Asus Truckee 1.04E01; trying to find a new or a model that can replace the current in the same form factor for the HPE-180 t. Suggestions appreciated...

    Hello TimWill,

    Take a look at your upgrade and Service of Guide, which will help determine which is compatible for your HPE-180 t.  Please let me know if this helps solve your problem.

    Good luck!

  • Replacement card mother HP

    I need to replace the motherboard on my HP4530s (LW843ea) and I need to know what model of motherboard, I need research?

    You are the very welcome.

    I do not work for HP, so...

    I could contact the nearest HP support of the Georgia and see if someone can help you.

  • Replacement card mother dv7 2237 cl

    I have a HP Pavilion dv7 2237 cl, and it seems that I have problems with my motherboard. The computer will start sometimes and work for hours, and at times it flashes only a few LED lights up for a second and then stops. Sometimes I get blinking codes, but rarely (I think it was 3 caps lock flashes in the series).

    I swapped my hard drive and memory with the computer of my wife, which is the exact same, model and they work fine on his computer.

    I'm not ready to buy a completely new computer and would just get it working for now. I went to the HP partsurfer and entered my product identifier, but the user would not find the model number of the processor (510025-002) and don't even know if it's the complete motherboard.

    Y at - it a replacement motherboard, and what is it? Is it possible to get a motherboard upgrade that will work in my existing computer, and how much is it? Reference numbers would be really useful.

    Thanks for your help. I really need this computer to work, as is my main work computer (I'm a software developer).



    Look under your sims memory to find your reference number of motherboard.

    Looks like this.


  • Replacement card mother DV6T-3000 HP

    Hello, I have a laptop DV6T-3000, and my motherboard is fried. I used the surfer of the party to find a replacement motherboard, but when I put my serial number, it does not show me exactly what part I would use. My product number is vx070av. I'm trying to figure if I need part 603644-001 or 615281-001 part.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    Board 603644-001 is for non touchscreen laptops. Board 615281-001 is for touchscreen models. So you have to order the motherboard that corresponds with the screen you have.

  • Replacement card mother hp pavilion dv2000

    Can I replace a motherboard with a motherboard 440778-001 413442-003?

    Hello @Highprairieguy ,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    According to the product maintenance and service guide, none of the motherboards that you listed are supported in this specification. You can try the part, but I can't guarantee that it will work.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!


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