Replacement keyboard for Portege A600-120

can someone tell me what the size of the connector must be on the Portege A600-120 keyboard?

My keyboard failed last week and I ordered a new one that was supposed to be compatible with A600 but the connector was too broad.

Mine is a thin flat 15mm wide ribbon.

Keyboard serial number is G8C000903EN, but a Google serach watch is the keyboard for the R500...

Thank you



As far as I know the keyboard cable is connected to the CN3230 on the motherboard.
The CN3230 is a dish * 30pin * I / F connector

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  • Service manaul for Portege A600 PPA60A


    Can you please where can I get repair for Portege A600 PPA60A? If it is then how can not possible change HARD drive?

    Thank you!

    If there is no cover from the HARD drive or HARD drive, then the Base or the top cover will have to remove.

    Why do you change the HARD drive? You install a higher capacity drive?

    I guess that the laptop is under warranty, so you should get an ASP (authorized service provider) to do it for you then the warranty is not cancelled. According to me, there is a list of the ASP on the site of, in the support section.

  • What is the number of keyboard for Portege Z30-A-1E5 part?

    I want the Toshiba Portege Z30 A 1E5, but is apparently available for purchase of the German and Austrian sellers with the QWERTZ keyboard. I would like to buy an and Exchange on the keyboard AZERTY or QWERTY (UK).

    However, I spoke with a company that and they can't confirm that they can get a part unless I can provide a reference number of keyboard (they also cannot give me a quote without it), but this number does not seem to be easy to get their hands on without actually having the computer and take off the keyboard and research under! I feel a little nervous about spending so much money when there's a chance that I won't be able to reverse the keyboard.

    So my question is, can someone tell me what the part number of the keyboard is for the a-z30-1e5 portege?

    Any help would be appreciated!


    Hi, Kate

    I m wondering why you want to buy a Portege Z30-A-1E5 that isn't available in the United Kingdom?
    The notebooks are pre-installed with a Windows system in different languages. In the case of Portege Z30-A-1E5 available in Germany, the system language would be German.
    The keyboard also supports a different layout.

    Portege Z30-A-1E5 was equipped with a processor i7, SSD 512 GB and 16 GB of RAM disk.
    Very similar Portege laptop, Z30 - has - 1 6 was released in the United Kingdom. Its preinstalled with the Windows system in the English language and English keyboard layout.
    Of course, the hardware specs are a little bit lower (256 GB SSD drive and 8 GB of RAM) but I think that this could be improved is much easier to replace the keyboard.

    However, where you can buy the Portege Z30-A-1E5, I recommend contacting the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country for replacement keyboard. Guys could control the keyboard of Toshiba law and could perform the replacement.

    Just a note: the replacement must be performed by service provider authorized because of the validity of the guarantee. The replacement must be performed by an approved engineer to keep the warranty valid.

  • Replacement keyboard for Satellite Pro P100-465


    Does anyone know if there is another keyboard that I can get for this model?

    The current keyboard keys a pretty spongy and don't respond well except if pressed hard.
    Also, buttons which I use a lot, such as the right change key and enter key are below standard and difficult to use.

    I want to set up a keyboard layout different if possible. The keypad is not important to me.

    Thank you

    Replacement of keyboard should not be a problem. I recommend you contact the partner of service authorized in your country. They should have the numbers for keyboards with a different layout. Using this number, you'll be able to order replacement keyboard.

  • Need replacement keyboard for my Tecra A6

    I need a replacement for a Tecra A6 keyboard.
    Where can I buy one?

    Keyboard, you can buy a Toshiba authorized service provider in your country or order it somewhere online.
    Many new parts, you can also find it on eBay. With a little luck you can find an it.

    Last month I bought a new keyboard for my Satellite M70.

    I don't know where you live you can't Google a bit.
    You will find an online store in your country where you can order the new keyboard for your Tecra.
    For example the UK K000039210 Tecra keyboard

    Good bye

  • Replacement keyboard for HP Pavilion dv7-6c60us

    On my keyboard up arrow fell and I bought a replacement keyboard. Are there guides or manuals on how to replace my keyboard for my HP Pavilion dv7?

    Please see the HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service of Guide for instructions on replacement components. Preliminary replacement requirements begin on page 41, Chptr. 4 and information specific keyboard starts on page 59.

    Please click the White Star of KUDOS to show your appreciation

  • Replacement keyboard for HP Pavilion dv7 1225ez.

    I have little of my broken keyboard keys and I would like to replace the keyboard with a new one. I guess I'll need some sort of 'keyboard number' in case of buy the right one. So how to find the good keyboard?

    Here is your maintenance and Service guide, look on page 71 to choose the correct keyboard for your country.

    Here's one from e - bay for a ticket, an American that there 6 brackets on top of the keyboard, it's okay. The later will have only four tabs and does not, however when you open you machine, you must confirm this to be sure before you order.

  • Second disk for Portege A600

    Add second HARD drive instead of the DVD in my Portege A600-157 player?


    As far as I know that's not possible with the Portege A600 series.
    My knowledge and some other series Portege M400 Portege or Portege M7xx series supports an Ultra Slim HDD Bay adaptor in order to is to insert a second HDD instead of the A600 but CD/DVD drive does not support this

  • Need PCI Simple Communications Controller driver for Win7 for Portege A600-122


    I put Windows 7 x 64 on my Portege A600-122 and have a "PCI of Simple Communications controller" in Device Manager. It seems that it is because the Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) driver is not installed.

    I am struggling to find it, there is a [driver Windows 7 x 86 | TYPE = FORWARD & SOURCE = SMP & COUNTRY = 242 & RQS = TRUE & MODEL = PORTEGE + A600 & SERIES = X8100601H & service = UK & LOCAL = & OSBUILD = 7600 & SUB_TYPE = SMP & OSBITSIZE = 64, & PANUMBER = PP A61E - 008008EN & ERROR = 0]

    and a [driver Vista x 86: TYPE = FORWARD & SOURCE = SMP & COUNTRY = 242 & RQS = TRUE & MODEL = PORTEGE + A600 & SERIES = X8100601H & service = UK & LOCAL = & OSBUILD = 7600 & SUB_TYPE = SMP & OSBITSIZE = 64, & PANUMBER = PP A61E - 008008EN & ERROR = 0]

    but I can not find a driver Windows 7 x 64, will make one of the above, or there at - it another link to the x 64 driver?

    Thank you


    Please, try to download and install:

  • Need to replace keyboard for my Satellite P200-1 a 4

    Some of the keys don't work recently because of water damage.
    If I start the laptop I get a beep for error and now I work from an external keyboard.
    But my question is where can I get a new keyboard for my Satellite P200-1 has 4.

    I can place the keyboard in me and I don t want to send my laptop
    to treat because it can take weeks/months.

    Is there some European/Dutch site that sells these products?


    You can either ask a [certified service provider |] for the Partnumber or check [THIS |] site to discover the appropriate partnumber of the keyboard. Since you swamped the keyboard you wouldn still get part of some liquids guaranteed repair, so it doesn´t matter if you swap the keyboard by yourself.

    Welcome them

  • Replacing keyboard on Portege Z930

    Can someone provide advice or documentation on how to replace the keyboard in a Z930?

    Thank you.

    Maintenance manual is not a public document is not possible to find it.
    Sorry, but this Portege is one of the newer models so if there is a problem, why you n t contact Toshiba service and ask for help?
    What is the problem with the keyboard?

  • Can I connect an external keyboard for Portege A100?

    Portege A100 laptop can be used with an external USB keyboard? If so, is it important that the brand that I use? I finally convinced my wife to learn typing, but the keyboard of the laptop is not the easiest keyboards to learn.


    Of course, it is possible. It s no matter what brand you use, but the connection is important.
    It must be an external USB keyboard because the A100 protégé supports only this interface for the connection of the keyboard

  • Need new keyboard for Portege 4000/4010

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement for this laptop model keyboard? At the back of the keyboard part number is UE2025P03KB-EN

    Any help would be appreciated.

    What about the Toshiba maintainer registered in your country?
    Did you ask them? I have there several times, I ordered a portable player for my unit and I believe that it of possible to order each spare part.

    Contact the guy and ask the compatible part

  • Replacement keyboard for satellite 1400

    Hi, when I start my laptop after a very short time, I have a popup (the menu associated with the left button of the mouse (I think) randomly appearing even when I am not touching the keyboard or the mouse. In word, when I type the z or / keys it always appears! I tried the external mouse and an external keyboard, with no difference. I think it's a keyboard error, comments? I think that the reason why the external keyboard makes no difference is that the internal keyboard is still connected i.e. sound always short-circuit. I am just out of warranty (rats!) Is it easy to replace the keyboard, I'm a little short on cash. Constantly clear the popup having my head.

    If I understand you right, your warranty is over. Then you can open your laptop without the risk of losing it.

    Open the notebook and disconnect the keyboard. If this does not a difference for the external keyboard, it must be a software problem.

    In any case, I recommend to reinstall the latest driver from the download page of Toshiba driver for the keyboard.


  • Replacement keyboard for HP Pavilion dv6 - 7078ca backlit?


    I bought a HP Pavilion dv6 - 7078ca in June. I'm very happy with it, but I have often wished that she had a backlit keyboard. Recently, I have been see which seems to be the same PC only with ATI graphics card and a backlit keyboard! I went to HP service center and they told me that the only way this could be done by contacting HP costomer service and send it to them to make the change. So, how do I do and how much it would cost?


    This is not the right place to request a quote, you must contact the support center. If the motherboard on your machine has all the connectors cost would be low but if needed a new motherboard then the cost would be very high. The worst case: you have to pay for a new mother + new keyboard + postage service. Here is the list of phone numbers:

    Kind regards.

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