Replacement of CSV tab

I have replacement problem of file CLOB table.


I read each line form CLOB files to varchar2 (4000) variable, and it looks like this:

-> = tab - chr (9)


I want to put the "X" in the columns of my varchar2 (4000), where there is no value.

Final result should be:

a->X >X >d->e
a->X >X >X >e
X >X >c->d->e
a->X >X >X >X

Number of columns of o in file, can be greater than 5.

Someone knows how to do?



Robert_D wrote:

OK, some I think to use the REGEXP_REPLACE function to replace the string 'any_one_character ' | Chr (9), but I don't know how to write this formula.

If I understand the problem, you don't want to replace "character", you want to replace "no character".

Here's a way to do it:


, CHR (9)

, 'X' || CHR (9)


, '([^' || CHR (9) | ']+)X' || CHR (9)

, '\1' || CHR (9)


If you would care to post CREATE TABLE and INSERT for some SAMPLES and the desired results statements, then I could test it.

The problem is add an 'X' in places where there is no other character.  We cannot simply replace CHR (9) | Chr (9) with CHR (9) | 'X' || Chr (9) because, when there are several tabs in a row, it takes each of them twice.

Here's how the above query.

REPLACE adds an 'X' before each tab, whether it is necessary or not.  Then, REGEXP_REPLACE removes 'X' of the places where it is not necessary, i.e. when there are other characters already before the tab.

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