Replacing battery on the Satellite A100-062


I would like to replace the battery on my laptop Toshiba Satellite A100-062. The original battery (4 years now) don't hold a charge for more than 10 minutes.

There are a lot of UK based sites of replacement battery computer laptop, but I am struggling to identify which batteries would be appropriate.
Is there only one type for all A100 series?
Or I need something specific for my A100-062?
I looking for a reference number? If so what would the number?

Any help would be appreciated.
Ben milk


You can use the * battery (Li-ion, 4000mAh, 6 cells) PA3465U-1BRS. *.
What to look for in internet

You can also get in touch with a local ASP (certified partner).
Guys could order a compatible battery too.

Welcome them

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  • How long is the battery on the Satellite A100-813 work time

    Could you please tell me battery time of this model?
    For the moment I can use only for max 3 hours, is that correct?


    your 'just 3 hours' are really long. I wonder what battery pack you have? The 9-cell 6000 mAh?

    First to answer your question: Yes it's okay, 3 hours are really good for your machine and if it s really your runtime, then I can confirm.

    The other thing is if you could tell me what battery pack you have. You should just take out the battery to the rear of your machine and write what is written on the sticker.

    Would be grateful. :)

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  • Alarm low battery on the Satellite A100-451


    I have a Sat A100-451 running Vista

    Is there a way to set an alarm to the low battery level is 5%?

    I looked in the power settings in the control panel a has nothing. Did I miss something?

    Thank you



    I s Don t think possible. It will give you a message if the battery goes empty, but with this "beep" you have no chance.

    I looked on my machine, I have a qosmio with Vista, but the powermanagers are similar. And I couldn t find anything.
    Sorry man

    Welcome them

  • How to replace the hard drive on the Satellite A100-301?

    How to remove the old hard drive (deceased) and replace it with a new hard drive on the Satellite A100?

    I don't see that there is a harddiskbay that is easily accessible.
    Do I have to take off the whole backcover?


    On the bottom side of the laptop's HARD drive cover is fixed with a screw.
    Remove the screw and cover, then you can exchange the HARD drive.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100-062 - connect via HDMI LCD monitor


    I wish I could connect my laptop Satellite A100-062 to LCD TV.
    The TV has a HDMI input. I understand that I could get a cable to connect DVI to HDMI, but I'm not sure I'd be able to output/DVI laptop computer.

    Is it possible to connect the laptop to a TV LCD with HDMI? If so, how would that be better achieved? Do I need a series of cables converters?

    Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated.
    Ben milk


    As much as I know this laptop can't stand out DVI, or HDMI port.
    It supports only s-video and RGB (monitor) output port.

    My Satellite phone supports a HDMI port output. The external monitor supports DVI and HDMI.
    I connected my laptop via a DVI-HDMI laptop/DVI HDMI cable on my monitor.

    I don't know if there is a RGB to HDMI adapter I doubt m
    But I found another solution;
    You can use a cable S-video to SCART and was able to connect the converter as Lindy - SCART to HDMI between laptop and TV or LCD display.
    This converter is not cheap, but it s about 120Euros

  • Satellite A100-062: I would like to downgrade from Vista to XP

    OK, I'm helping a friend who has two Toshiba laptops, about 5 months (with XP) and another with Vista. For various reasons: lack of support of pilots for its 2 years, printer, the software does not not etc. - I would like to 'downgrade' the new laptop to XP. The model is a Satellite A100-062.

    Is it as simple as just install XP and Vista (good riddance) - crush or am I'm going to have problems with a lack of Toshiba XP drivers for this particular machine?

    Thanks in advance


    > Is as simple as just install XP and Vista (good riddance) - crush or am I'm going to run in
    > problems with a lack of Toshiba XP drivers for this particular machine?

    Well, on the page of the Toshiba driver you will only find the Vista drivers.
    But don t worry the A100 many different A100 series notebooks were shipped with the same hardware specification.
    I simply recommend you test different drivers from different series Satellite A100 and Equium A100.

    Additional information on the Tip:
    Why you n t create a second partition on the laptop and install the XP operating system as a second operating system.
    In this case, you can use the two BONES.
    What do you think???

  • Boot Manager is missing or damaged in Satellite A100-062, VISTA

    Toshiba Satellite A100-062

    When trying to boot the laptop says bootmgr missing and he won t let me to do nothing, just a blank screen.

    I inserted the Vista disc and tried to reinstall but it still says root because the Boot Manager is missing and error code = 0 x 15 on startup repair.

    Can someone help me please and don't forget I'm a novice so will need an idiots guide.

    Thank you very much John


    Have you tried with the disk recovery Toshiba or a disk of Microsoft?
    If you want to reinstall Vista with Microsoft disc, you need SATA drivers.

    I m do not know what is the problem, but in your case, I would like to format the HARD drive. You can do this with the Microsoft disk or with special tools like the Drive Fitness Test (

    Delete all partitions and then do a low level format. Then try again to install Windows.

    Give me a reason why this has happened.

    Good bye

  • On battery power my Satellite A100-233 runs only 1 hour


    I would like to know if it is normal that the battery lasts 1 hour. Everything I do is either go on the internet or use word doc or power point presentation. I can't watch a dvd without the use of power due to the battery. I would also like to know what battery normally comes with the Satellite A100-233.


    It's not easy to say how long the laptop will only work with the battery power.
    Battery working time depends on the use of the laptop!
    In your case I guess the laptop should run about 1h30min 1h15min

    You Satellite A100-233 belongs to the series of PSAA8E. Am I wrong?
    Well, this series was delivered with a 4000mAh battery. As far as I know the price part number indicated PA3399U-2BRS PA3399U-2BAS

    Anyway the 4000mAh batteries are standard and are not very powerful.
    If you want to run the notebook much more on battery I advise to use the batteries as:

    Battery pack high capacity PA3400U-1BRS (Li-ion, 12 cells, 8600mAh)
    PA3478U-1BRS extended capacity battery (Li-ion, 6000mAh, 9-cell)

  • Fan on the Satellite A100-225

    Two years ago in may, I bought the Satellite A100-225. I have always noticed that it got very warm, but a few months ago it was not a problem. However, a few months ago, it began to overheat during execution of the tasks of joel, but I never thought much about it.

    Then, one a few weeks ago I started my computer to realize that the fan was now only turns not at all, and I have no idea why. I tried to install a new update of the BIOS and check if there is any debris stuck. You can still use it, but only for short periods. However, today when I was about to stop because it was too hot, the fan went on for 3 seconds, then it turns of. He the did not once again even if I leave it at the same temperature.

    I have to buy a new fan? My father and I have been looking for one that adapts, but so far we have succumbed.

    Can someone offer me some advice please?

    > Should I buy a new fan? My father and I have been looking for one that adapts, but so far we have succumbed

    I think you should first clean the front fan start you away from stocks
    Dust and debris inside the laptop could prevent fans turn with maximum performance and this could lead to a higher temperature.

    A use of the spray of compressed air could get rid of the dust and could help with this problem
    But if it doesn t help you should contact the ASP in your country for assistance.
    Guys could check the laptop and could eventually replace the fans.

    The big problem is that the laptop disassembly procedure is very delicate and risky.
    So these replacements should be made only by a technician for laptop.

    Bye and greetings

  • Satellite A100-062 - USB mouse does not work


    I have a Satellite A100-062.

    I've never been able to get a USB mouse to work with her.
    The OS is Vista Home Premium, whenever I have plug in a USB mouse, the operating system detects a device has been connected to the USB port, but eventually the message material has not installed successfully.

    So I have to rely on the touchpad, the problem seems to be limited to mice only, I've successfully used a USB webcam without incident.
    I tried several USB mouse with the machine exclude a problem with my original mouse.

    Has anyone else had similar problems?

    Thank you

    > So I have to rely on the touchpad, the problem seems to be limited to the mouse only, I have successfully used a USB webcam without incident.
    Looks like a problem with the USB mouse and not with the laptop or with USB ports
    I would recommend testing different mouse and using the other.

  • Satellite A100-062: Win XP drivers needed

    Hello. I'm looking for some Windows XP drivers for my satellite a100-062 I bought recently. It has a preinstalled Windows vista I hate.
    Any idea where I can download it from? Or is it a model similar to she who has the winxp drivers? Thank you.

    Please check this thread:

    It s on the same theme.

  • Blue screen with DVB - T USB TV tuner comes with the Satellite A100-165

    Hi all

    I have the Satellite A100-165 with PX1211E - 1TVD USB DVB - T TV tuner (TV savvy). I think the installation is OK because I can watch TV on my PC!

    But occasionally PC reboot with blue screen! :-((Je pense qu'il lorsque le niveau dele de signal TV est inférieur)
    I update the driver warned with the version I found on the Web from Toshiba site: savvytv-udvbtt -
    But it's always the same!
    You have an idea about this problem?
    I can agree to have a bad display when the signal quality is lower, but it is very annoying to often have a blue screen and PC reboot!

    Thank you in advance on your help
    Best regards


    I think that this can be corrected with the latest display driver. Please visit the Toshiba download page and install it.

    If the problem is fixed, please write again.

  • Impossible to get PRTSCR DEL + keys to work on the Satellite A100

    I have the Satellite A100 - 232 PSAA2E. Bought in Greece... If some of the keys have a second role - for Greek letters. Especially not a problem.

    However... I can't get led (top-right) to work and same (3buttons on the left led) the print. Is there a setting to change or is there another way to remove and print screen?

    Your ad is somewhat confusing. Satellite A100 is pretty old laptop so I do not understand how you have this problem now.

    Everything was ok in the past?

    As far as I know you can change the keyboard input language, but this has nothing to do with DEL or PRINT key features.

  • Need help with the installation of the drivers on the Satellite A100 - 215 PSAA9E

    Hey all

    I just reinstalled XP home on the satellite A100-215 (PSAA9E-02F00VPT) and I meet some real difficulties get the LAN, VGA and wireless drivers installed.
    Everything else works, but for some reason, these drivers are not what they are supposed to and I find myself in a bit of a tile?

    Someone at - he heard of these drivers being wrong before, if yes is there a solution out there?

    Really need help now as have been on it for a good few hours now and no not get anywhere fast?

    Thanks in advance


    Can you give an exact describtion of the problem with drivers?
    So first of all, you can try to download the drivers again from the download page of Toshiba here:

    And make sure that all windows updates are installed. SP2 is important to be installed for some devices.

  • What Watts value using the Satellite A100-771?


    I have a Satellite A100-771. Does anyone know how many watts the TI needs?
    In my car, I have a 200 Watt 12 volt DC to inverter, but his does not.
    Is it possible that the laptop needs more than 200 watts?

    Thanks for your help!


    As far as I know the satellite A100-771 uses an AC adapter reference number: E/PA2521U-2ACA 15V 6a 90W.
    In addition, you can use these adapters:
    AC adapter PA2521U-3ACA (2pin 90W/15V) and PA2521E-2AC3 (90W/15V 3-pin)

    I put t found any information on the car adapter, but I think you might be able to buy from any distributor of mobile or you can order from the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.
    I think that guys will order the part directly from the warehouse of Toshiba.

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