Replacing HARD drive for compaq hp 6515 b

I'm just wondering if can replace with SATA hard drive, whose capacity is greater than 160 GB? I saw in the technical sheet it says 80/120/160, I am sure that I am I can exceed that.

I'll buy a 320 GB one.

Your response is appreciated.



Why not more (capacity)? 320 GB or 750 GB only $30 more. Check and update BIOS first. 2.5 "HDD are now much cheaper (I bought a 750 GB month last for $199 due to flooding in Thailand.) This week, the same as that is only $155). In fact, you can now buy 1 TB (9.5 mm thick).

Kind regards.

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  • Replacement hard drive for Portege P2010 - part number required

    Can someone tell me what is the part number for a replacement hard drive for Portege P2010 is? It has the latest version of the BIOS installed, if the capacity of the HARD disk can be greater than the original 30gig?

    Thank you


    Hello Martin

    Unfortunately I was found no specific information. If I'm right, this unit needs 1.9 HDD and I think it can be much more expensive as 2.5 standard.

    Check it please this page
    You will find a few pieces of upgrade for your device.

    Good bye

  • replacement HARD drive for dv7

    I have a Pavilion dv7 and I need to replace the HARD drive, I searched online for a replacement hard drive for her but I'm not sure of the good replacement of hard drive I need. service number is .theres dv7 - 1237cl a lot of picks and I used to make sure that I get the good Hdd but I don't want something cheap. what I have now, it's 500 gb Hdd and 4 GB ram upgrades I can do would be helpful too. I have 5 Hps and this my favorate a .i woild be thankful for any Hiep.

    Thank you very much for yor assistance I'm buyin the hybrid drive today and I will continue the ram as is for now and upgrade later. Once again thank you

  • Replacing hard drive for acer v5-123

    Dear Sir.

    My v5-123 Acer hard disk stops working suddenly and I want to buy a new so please could you tell me about the specifications of the hard drive for this model

    Thanks in advance

    Any 2.5 "portable internal SATA HDD or SSD will work.

  • replacing hard drive for Pav P7-1240 & SSD

    Part 1: I have a desktop computer Pavilion P7-1240. It is just 1.5 years... 1 TB Hitachi hard drive has not now.  I went out and bought a WD 1 TB Caviar Black internal Performance Desktop retail hard drive Kit (WD1003FZEX); go mainly for the guarantee of 5 years... the rest of the features seemed to match (3.5 ", 7200, 1 to, SATA 6) except the WD a 64 MB cache, the Hitach did not state on the player the amount of cache.  Will this swap drive out like for like or any other change in the drivers, etc. should be done?

    Part 2: I would like to install a 128 GB SSD in the P7 as the main OS drive.  What changes should be made so that the system recognizes the additional disk.  I tried to plug into the SATA4 slot and the power cable, but the system did not not recognize/see the SSD drive.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated for these two.   Thanks in advance.


    I return the drive and get a non-advanced HD format.  This way your recovery media, HP will work. If you do not create the external HP recovery media then contact HP support and order media.

    In addition I send back the SSD and order 240 + GB model so that the support of HP recovery will allow a restoration works.  If you decide to go with this option, then keep the hard drive for now.  It may be "well-prepared" once you have Windows 7 running with the latest updates. At least BIOS settings have been tampered with then the SSD is probably dead.

    While there may be other ways to get your PC up in the race without using the HP recovery media, this can and has led to confusion later when start HP function keys do not work properly.

  • Replacing hard drive for Satellite 2450-101

    Hi, my laptop hard drive is broken and I need a hard drive replacement for my aging * Satellite 2450-101 * urgent, but I can't find my mannual and another source model support for portable computers.

    I thought it was a * standard internal 2.5 "IDE * (and thinking about buying a digital _Western 250GB 2.5" IDE hard drive 5400 RPM 8 MB Cache - OEM, model _: _WD Scorpio WD2500BEVE - 250 GB - ATA-100_), but I am not sure.
    If anyone knows? Help, please. Thank you very much!

    I think 120 GB maximum capacity too.

    If you have misplaced the user manual you can download it on the Toshiba site: downloads support & -online manual

    I founded you can use a second HARD drive in the Bay to select if you need more disk space.
    Drive external HARD is also a good solution for more disk space.

  • need to replace hard drive for HP G60-530US

    where can I get a replacement of my HP G60-530US laptop hard drive.  It is not guaranteed in a few months. Where can I go to and I have search. There is determination on the original looking HD numbers.

    Thanks in advance for any help


    I see no reason why a hard drive 7200 RPM would not work.

    I put SSDS in both my latops and have no issues.  An SSD was in need of a firmware update but otherwise no problem.

    You can check the size of the hard disk to ensure than a standard notebook drive 2.5 "can hold in the hard drive caddy.

  • HP Envy m6 1105dx: best replacement hard drive for HP Envy m6 1105dx

    Hello and thanks for your help!

    For the second time I have to replace the hard drive in HP Envy laptop computer 1105dx my son m6.  Get the automatic repair of preparation and can not recover using the recovery discs.  It is tough, very tough, with the laptop, so I do not know he hit it messing around several times on the hard drive.

    You want to know what the best, faster disk hard will the lap top and if I can put an SSD inside.  But of course, don't want to mortgage the House to get it.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you!


    Test the hard drive - fast & extensive tests of the BIOS:

    Page 48-50 in this manual for the replacement procedure:

    Here are a few good brands:

    I use Samsung SSD Evo. It gives a remarkable performance:

    I guess you have the recovery media to restore to factory settings after replacement.



  • Replacing hard drive for laptop after Windows update failure

    The internal hard drive is not now on our Pavilion dv9700 CTO Windows Vista 64-bit. I would like to replace it with a hard drive from equivaltent, but I am unsure on how to provide for the operating system (we want Windows7 instead of Vista) and productivity software (essentially MS Office Pro). What is the best way to go about this? I have Win7 CDs I have installed on another computer that has also died and gone out of service, so I prefer to use them rather than buy a new license. Ditto for the OEM Office supplied with this notebook.

    Please provide suggestions that you will need to perform this type of upgrade. We must keep costs at a minimum right now and since nothing else seems to be failing on the 9700 repalcing the part and reconfigruing seems the best way to go. Thanks in advance for any help.

    You can replace it with this number of HP spare. It will be smaller, slower, and 3 times more expensive. Computer laptop SATA hard drives are interchangeable, generic, industry standard. If you buy the one above and it doesn't work PM me and I'll buy it for you at your expense.

  • New hard drive for compaq presario c500 running vista. I want to switch to windows 7

    I'm fixing my laptop aunts. He a presario c500 compaq running windows vista. I bought a new hard drive. I would like to install windows 7. She could get windows 7 discs for free when she got off the computer, windows 7 was not yet. They have offered free windows 7 for people who bought the PC just before its release. Is it too late? I guess it's too late. Is there anyway I can get windows 7 for free? Or is there any discount for the upgrade to vista. I can't afford windows 7 discs.

    In my opinion, it's too late to get a free version or price reduced from Windows 7. This offer was available about two or three years, if my memory is good.

    You can Contact HP and ask.

    Best regards


  • Copy an old hard drive for Compaq laptop.

    I have a Compaq Armada 7380DMT with a noisy (noise that feels like the dentist worn forest is in your head) drive hard 4gig. I want to copy it to a disk good 6gig, with diagnostic partition.

    What utility actually * operation * so that when I install the new drive it starts in ye olde Windows 95 b instead of saying 'Missing Operating system '?

    I tried Paragon Drive Copy 9 Pro with the copy of defining raw partition and Dubaron DiskImage. Or copied the disc correctly so it could start on partition 2, but he could start on the diagnostic partition if I held F10.

    The diagnostic partition is FAT16 with a very bare Windows 3.1 on it, with the Compaq utility as shell instead of program manager program. The other partitions are a primary FAT32 and an extended with a logical partition to FAT32 partition.

    The PC that I have to do the copy with host is a laptop computer running 32 bit Vista Ultimate SP1 and a couple of USB adapters IDE laptop.

    PS, I was do this kind of things computer since nearly 27 years and still have not seen all "fun and interesting" ways to complicate the life of a tech computer companies have set up!

    I couldn't find any disk copy utility that could copy all partitions AND create the thing correctly. Here's what I figure out to make it work.

    1. with the original disc in, press F10 when booting to access the diagnostic partition. Use the options to make the diagnostic and installation floppies.

    2. make a startup with Windows 95 disk, then make a copy on C:\ of MSDOS. SYS and change the name to MSDOS. BAK

    3. right click MS-DOS. BAK, click Poperties and uncheck the box system, hidden and read-only. Copy MSDOS. BAK on the startup disk.

    4. install the new VIRGIN hard drive and start with the diagnostic disk. It will take you through the implementation of a diagnostic partition and install the configuration files / Compaq PC diagnosis.

    5. Insert the startup disk and restart. Use FDISK to create partitions. PARTITION 2 MARK AS ACTIVE. It is 2. TWO. Not 1!

    6. Restart then FORMAT C:/s so the file system will be installed. To format all the others that you have created.

    7 A:\>attrib c:\msdos.sys s h - r

    8 A:\>copy msdos.bak c:\msdos.sys

    9 A:\>attrib msdos.sys + s + h + r

    10. remove the disc, connect it and the old drive to another PC by any means. USB > IDE adapters will work.

    11. on the old disk, use Explorer to go to the volume, which Windows 95 is installed.

    12. you need NOT hide all files and to display the name of Windows file extensions.

    13. press Ctrl a to select all files.

    14 hold CTRL and click on IO COMMAND.COM. SYS AND MSDOS. SYS to deselect them.

    15 drag with the RIGHT button of the mouse on the new drive, release and click on copy.

    16. when it's done copying, stop and then install the new hard drive in the laptop. Start up and you should be to the old windows on a new drive.

    This process works even to switch to Windows 95 and 98 on a new disc using the Win 9 x computer is running. You must move the page file to the root of C:, or to another drive is not in the Windows folder. Format the new drive with the /s switch and when you copy everything, deselect MSDOS. SYS, so it will copy the basic version FORMAT installed.

    It took me a lot of research to find the last disk of Compaq PC Diagnostics making SoftPaq to the Armada 7300 series, because HP does not have it on the downloads page for the driver of the laptop. This is the version 10.40 a, sp16085 number here the version removes the diagnostic partition configuration option. 10.39 version has, sp12906, keeps the installation program. It's here. FTP://

    I found these SoftPaq numbers on this page.

    Victory over HP trying to prevent people from getting the last partition Diagnostic utilities! Download page of the Setup disk that SoftPaq is listed on the Armada 7300 series.

  • X 40-replacement hard drive for more capacity - CD

    I have a 40 X, which works fine, but I continue to faced with 15 GB hard drive capacity, so now have a replacement of 60 GB.

    Find a CD with Windows XP and especially the drivers on this subject, I can't.  Looking at the other sections of the forum, I start to think that a CD was not necessarily initially sent with the X 40.

    If this is not the case, how can I create a CD with the drivers and the Windows original XP?

    If a CD is provided with the system, how can I get a replacement if outside the warranty period?

    I had the same problem with my x 40. I bought a device cloning for 45.00 on ebay and was able to clone the larger hard drive and it worked. It validates, it is still a legal system as far as microsoft is concerned. I used it on ibms, valleys and a gateway. what you do, is leave your old hard drive in your computer and attach your new appliance of cloning. He will hold through the usb port and will copy all of your old drive to the new. It will leave everything on your old drive and you can keep it for a backup in case something happens to the new. the device is called an alley to apricorn, the accompanying software is called ez gig II cloning software. There are 3 different connections on the device you can clone any hard drive that is done.  your drivers will copy, your files, movies, all programs, it will be just copied to the new.  If you don't want to install the software on your old drive because you do not have the room for it, you can go into bios and set your computer to boot from a cd drive, and you can start from the cloning software.  It takes about half an hour to clone your drive.  I was buy x40s on ebay without hard drives and cloning of new readers with my original drive and then install the new readers and all valid by microsoft. It works really, and I believe that it's the only way to do it.  Apricorn has a web site where you can no doubt but it but its cheaper on ebay.

  • Update of RAM and hard drive for Compaq 6710 b

    Hey guys,.

    I had Compaq 6710 b and I'll update my Ram and HARD drive on it with these (link here)

    On the system view, it says memory: 1.99 Gb and the Crucial site gives these details:

    Maximum memory: 4 GB
    Slots: 2

    But I looked under the hood of the ram and only thing I saw was a simple location with stick of 1 GB (below Sorry for bad quality and light photos)

    So then it just a single cell phone location? And I can buy a 1 x 4 GB DDR2 ram stick?

    Thank you


    The second site should be under the keyboard. The following book tells you where and how to access:

    Kind regards.

  • Replacing hard drive in Compaq nx6325

    My hard drive is a failure. I have cloned the bad disc and need to find a replacement. Then comes and found some good deals on readers and a way to transfer the cloned image. Is this a good way to go? I read the hard disk Faq so I'll avoid Seagate and 7200 RPM drives.

    Thank you for your time and all the other advice you can give.


    The prices look pretty decent. With respect to the transfer of the cloned image, what software did you use to clone? Most imaging software has a way to restore the image to a new hard drive.

    I use Macrium. It creates an Image of hard drive to a CD/DVD or USB external hard drive. It also allows you to create a bootable cd to start from & restore the image to a new hard drive.

    Macrium Reflect HERE

    Create an Image Restore an Image   

  • More large hard drive for Compaq Presario CQ56-103SA


    I have a Presario, model CQ56 (103SA), the hard drive that I want to upgrade. Is this possible?  As the laptop has Windows 7 preinstalled, how can I do to get re-installed?

    Thank you and best regards,


    The specifications indicate a hard drive of 250 GB. Yes that can be upgraded to a 1.5 to (6 times larger) or somewhere in between. 750 GB is the sweet spot right now or even 1 TB.

    Also, your drive is a model of slow 5400 RPM so I suggest at least upgrade to a 7200 RPM model. This is the model 750 GB 7200 rpm:

    This shows how to replace the hard drive physically:

    If your old drive still works, you can burn recovery DVD in the HP Recovery Manager. If the Windows installation is still OK (no viruses or anything like that) we can show you how it is enough to copy the old drive to the new so that you have all your programs and data. This operation may take some special software and hardware but not expensive. We can also provide a Windows 7 reinstall only disk image, you can recover Windows and then get the pilots and others from this site. There are several options, in other words.

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