Replacing the battery Cmos HP 2133

the time & date are not what they should be, so I take it is the cmos battery,

is 1, where it is, easy to access?

2, what battery do I need?

Thanks for any info given.


In fact, sound like the CMOS becomes bad on your device. HP has done very well in the series of videos on how to remove and replace the almost all of the parts for the seris of products they have available currently and previously. The link is: the Library Services.

If your camera is the HP 2133 Mini Note the direct link for battery replacement measures "Real-time Clock. In regards to the exact battery I would say calling technical support to HP and they would be able to order one of your directly.

Hope that helps. Also the links will open in a new window.

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    Could someone tell this newbie how to change the battery CMOS on a Tecra M3?
    I can see it is located under the hard drive that I can remove, but cannot see how to strip all along to get to the battery.

    Thank you very much


    The CMOS battery swap is not so simply, and to do this you need to disassemble the laptop everything.
    Can you do that as a beginner?
    It's maintenance manual isn't public document and how to explain the exact disassembly steps now.

    Have you tried to load the CMOS battery properly? Leave laptop on the power supply more than 48 hours and it must be fully charged again.

  • I need to replace the battery cmos for Compaq nc 6320

    The computer, I'm getting will not recognize the HD. I pulled the drive and it works showing the entire disk.

    I think that I think that the MBR is corrupted. I tried to us the professional XP CD but cannot go beyond the need for a password. I thought that I could remove the battery Cmos to break the lock that may be in the Cmos.


    The RTC/BIOS battery is located under the space bar.

    Remove the AC, main battery and keyboard.

    Disconnect the cable from the battery.

    Your manual here.

    Just a quick note.


  • How to replace the battery CMOS on Satellite A100?


    I need to replace the CMOS battery, but I couldn't not removed from the keyboard. Please show me how to disassemble this even though I am a computer technician. I have this model repair manuals.

    Thank you


    Hi Fernan,

    Please check the following URL for detailed instructions on dismantling a Satellite A105 which I believe is that the American version of the A100 should be very similar.


  • How to replace the battery CMOS on Satellite A30 504?

    I have big problems with my satellite A30 504... it does'nt see the HARD disk at startup, my only solution was to press the power button for many times so far.

    My HARD drive is ok so I think that the problem comes from the cmos battery, but I do not know how to find out what type it is and how to replace.

    (PS. Sorry my English, I'm not an English speaker)

    Hi Adrian

    Battery CMOS is always placed in an uncomfortable position and to swap the battery of the device must be removed. If you didn t done this before please don t do this alone. One small mistake and you can damage a plastic cover of the unit.

    I recommend contacting the service and allow them to do this for you. It costs a little, but you will be sure it will be done on the professional track. When the unit is disassembled it can also be cleaned of dust.

    Back to HARD drive: how you know HDD is not faulty?

  • Desktop HP Pavilion p6-2190: replacing the battery cmos for p6-2190ea

    I get a Date & time together doesn't error on startup and have to press F1 to open a session, where I then have to reset the time manually.

    The solution seems to be that the battery needs to be replaced, but what type/size of the battery is equipped with this model?

    I can't open the computer several times, so don't want to do this just to check the battery model.

    Thank you


    Hi, David:

    I enlarged the image of the motherboard in your PC and it has the standard CR2032 3V button battery utilizing more desktop motherboards.

    The battery is in the upper right of the image of the motherboard on the link below.

  • replace the battery CMOS a1610n desktop Pavilion pc

    My 1610 will not start-turn. Someone suggested that the CMOS battery may be dead. If Yes, where is the CMOS battery so I can change it. Couldn't find anything in my manual. Thank you


    Please use the following link, the CMOS (RTC battery ot) battery is narrow at the bottom right of the motherboard. Its price (CR2032) is about $ 2.

    I hope this helps.

  • Replace the battery CMOS on HP Mini 110-1116NR

    My Mini Netbook do not remember the time and date when disconnected. I guess that there is a battery on the motherboard that needs to be replaced? Could someone tell me how and where to do this, please?

    Thank you!


    Here is the list to the service manual for your laptop.

    Please see Chapter 4 on page 53 for R & R RTC procedures.

    The replacement part number is listed on the top right of the page.

    You can order from HP on the link below.

    Ouch! It is not cheap.  Maybe you can google the part number and find cheaper elsewhere.

  • Mac Book Pro is not too hot.  It is time to replace the battery?  Can I replace the battery?

    MacBookPro is not too hot.  It's time to change the battery?  Can I do it myself?

    The Mac runs his fans in a feedback loop, based of the internal temperature measured.

    If the temperature goes up and the fans are not speed up to compensate, you probably have a hardware problem.

    If the Mac becomes too hot, it will make an uncontrolled emergency power off.

    EDIT: Replacing the battery is a completely separable question not related to temperature. Is the Samsung phone batteries that catch fire, not Mac.

  • If my Macbook Pro is under Applecare extended it reduces the cost of replacing the battery?

    If my Macbook Pro is under Applecare extended it reduces the cost of replacing the battery?

    How much is usually charged for the replacement of the battery?   (in the United Kingdom)

    Thank you

    If it's a warranty or Apple Care + the covered replacement instance, it should be free.


    Mac Service Pricing - Support Apple laptops

    13/15 inch MacBook Pro £99 INCLUDING VAT.
  • I need to replace the battery and AC adapter of the Satellite Pro U400-160

    I have a Satellite Pro U400-160.

    I need to replace the battery and the charger of my Toshiba, but I am wary about compatibility issues.

    Any battery for Satellite Pro U400 is suitable for mine?
    As I can't find which batteries are specifically suitable for my computer.

    (For example: is this a:

    Is there a quick way to check if a battery / charger are compatible?

    Each battery and adapter you get from Toshiba has specific part number. All you have to do is use this same part number and order. You should be able to find on the internet.
    You can also get compatible parts you are ordering by the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country.

    By the way: all U400 models have the same construction and the similar specifications then all the batteries specified for U400 can be used on your U400-160.

  • Replacing the battery on Portege Z830 - 10H

    I have a Portege z830 - 10: 00 for a few months. It's battery has already lost 15% of capacity, and I think it is inevitable that the battery will be neet to replace sooner or later.

    You know, if I am able to replace the battery myself (as in the large full notebooks)? Or it can be done only in the service of Toshiba?

    What can be the replacement by Toshiba service cost?

    This Portege a specific design for the battery must be replaced by Toshiba service and persons who are authorized for this work.

    It is not easy to say how much it costs. I don t know where do you live, but the price can be different in different countries in order to better you can do is contact nearest authorized maintainer and look for info on the price.

  • Replacing the battery on Tecra A8

    I would like to replace the battery in my Tecra A8 (s/n 66878261G). Can I buy this Toshiba and what is the correct reference?

    Thank you very much


    According to the specifications of laptop for Tecra A8 - you need dough with part number PA3285U-3BAS / PA3285U-3BRS. It's the battery 6 cells 4400mAh.
    Simply put this part number in Google and you will find an online store where you can order.

  • Replacing the battery next USA

    I bought t my laptop from the United States after 3 months, I come home (Bahrain)
    I'm in Bahrain now and I checked the web site of Toshiba I found advice to replace the battery
    So I call the dealer to Bahrain and get the information that the dealer won't give any support in battery replacement and I don't know if this statement is true or not
    Please give advice about this

    If you write on the Toshiba battery replacement program I think it can be done in the country of purchase only.
    This is the battery OK? I mean that if everything is OK there is no reason to panic.

  • Replacing the battery for Satellite Pro A60

    Can anyone advise where the the best/least expensive place is to get a replacement battery for my satellite pro A60, Ive. Ive left permanently plugged causing the batteries to be tired of apparentrly. If I turn the machine on at full load and nothing doing, the battery will expire in 15 minutes. Replacing the battery is cited as A £99, VAT in addition to toshiba - y at - it somewhere cheaper or better size. ?

    Any suggestion is appreciated.


    I put t know where is the cheapest place to purchase the battery, but in my opinion, the offers online are the cheapest.
    You can see the Toshiba site options and accessories:

    Here, you can select your model of laptop, and you will find the compatible battery.
    You didn t write about you model exactly but I think that the battery pack (Li-ion, 12 cells, 6450mAh) with the PA3382U-1BRS part number must be compatible. But check before you buy!

    In any case, you could Google for that number and I m you will find many offers online.

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