Replacing the screen to Satellite L20-155


With the models to screen witch can I replace my old a broken?
Where can I find/order it?
I want to replace by myself, because the warranty period has already passed a few months.
It is a 15 "display...
Type: TFT XGA display
Internal resolution: 1024 x 768

Y at - there someone here who can tell me where I can order it?

Best regards


You have answered your question yourself;
It s a 15 screen and generally all 15 screens must be compatible.

By the way; such screen cost a small fortune; the TFT screen is one of the parts expensive notebooks. I recommend looking for some of the second hand.

But if you want to buy a new, then you can also order the ASP in your country.

Good bye

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  • Replacing the screen on Satellite C50-A-1CK


    The screen of my C50-A-1CK Satellite was recently broke and I need a replacement, but I have no experience with this sort of thing. Editing actually screen won't be a problem (I'm lucky enough to have friends who will fit it free) but I need to buy one and I'm not sure which one to buy.

    I'm looking for something around £40 or less if possible, and I'm in the United Kingdom, if a British salesman would be best. I would prefer to get one on eBay, if possible, so I would really appreciate if I could get a link rather than just "oh looking for it and you will find.

    I thank very you much in advance!

    To be honest, it is not easy to give you some good advice on this. Why? Replacing the screen is rather complicated and almost entire laptop must be disassembled. To do this you need manuals maintenance with explanation step by step how to do this and avoid any damage. This document is not a public document, so I do not know who want to help and how.

    If a person without experience and expertise want to do this, can damage your laptop even more. There are many smallholders plastic that can be broken or damaged.

    I don't know, but in my opinion, you should contact Toshiba service nearest and ask for help. It costs a little, but it will happen on the vocational track.

    Anyway, I don't live in the UK so I don't want to pick you up. You can check ebay UK and search for 15.6 HD 200 CSV LD and if you find a seller contact by phone and check compatibility with your laptop satellite.

  • Replacing the screen on Satellite M70


    I want to replace my Satellite M70 screen by one from a Satellite L300
    Is this possible? Are only two screen equivalent and interchangeable mechanical and electrical wiring
    and point of vew connections



    As far as I know both sets of laptop: M70 and L300 supports the same screen size and are equipped with the screen 15.4 "WIDE XGA.

    So from my point of view, it should be possible to use the same screen, but I could be possible that the flat cable that connected the display with the motherboard might be different, so pay attention to this maybe you need another cable

  • Replacing the screen for Satellite Pro L10

    The screen is cracked badly on my Satellite Pro L10. About how much can I expect to pay for a replacement within the United Kingdom. Is this something that I can wait to replace me with a screwdiver and some care?

    How much would a complete hull and the screen?

    Where can get me a - Toshiba service center my best bet?


    The fact is that the screen of the laptop is one of the most expensive neighborhoods that are installed on the laptop.
    But unfortunately, I do not know what will cost repletion.
    This information you won't get form the Toshiba service partner in your country.
    I recommend you ask the service partner.

  • Replacing the screen on Satellite Pro L20

    Is it possible to replace a L20 screen with a screen of an L10?
    The two 15 "screens but are the same connectors.advice would be appreciated.


    Googling around, I found several online shops where you can order that LCD for L10 and L20 is listed as compatible model. One of them is

    So I think you can use this view to replacement.

  • Replacing the screen on Satellite L500

    Hi all

    who can help me with a screen or a Satellite L500 laptop to replace mine.

    Ty Joldor

    Have you checked with a few online merchants that sells 2nd hand parts?
    Satellite L500 supports a common 15.6 TFT Color LCD
    So, is not a big deal to get a 2nd part of the hand.

  • Replacing the screen satellite U840-10V

    Hi guys,.

    My Satellite U840-10V hinge on the right side screen broke when I accidentally dropped the laptop. This happened almost 2 years ago and today he is out, which separates it from the window of the screen. I had this problem temporarily to a nearby repair shop and was advised to contact toshiba to replace the head of screen. my warranty expired in 2013 and I did not apply to it.

    Can someone advise the best course of action to replace the screen? I live in ealing, London and am able to go to a provider of services close to who would be able to replace it. I like really this laptop and I would like to replace the screen as soon as possible instead of dishing out money on another new laptop.

    Kind regards


    repair shops dealing with computers laptop toshiba would be very useful.

    If you are looking for an authorized service provider, I recommend this page:

    You will find all available world-wide ASP.

  • Replace the screen for one with a higher resolution on Satellite P850-12Z

    Hi all

    I read a lot on the internet about the replacement of the screen on computers laptop toshiba and also I saw a video on [how to replace the screen for a Toshiba Satellite P855 |].

    Is it possible to replace the screen for a Toshiba Satellite P850 12Z (original: 15.6"@1366x768) to another screen with a higher resolution (say: 15.6"@1920x1080 or 15.6"@1600x900)?

    I'm sure that the graphics card is able to function perfectly with this screen (nVidia GeForce GT630M 2048 MB dedicated) and also I read a lot on laptop screen replacement, and I know that this screen has a connector 40 pin and it is an LED Panel, so I won't have to worry about the ups.

    I found several screens (15.6"@1920x1080) who say they are compatible with Toshiba, but I wan't to make sure a higher resolution Panel replacement is possible.

    Thank you in advance.


    Exchange of the display is not supported by Toshiba, so I don't think that someone here can help you with this.
    I assume that Toshiba offers multiple views for this model of laptop. Only seller is different but resolution 1366 x 768 is always the same as on the original laptop specification.

    You can try to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. If someone can help you with that service of Toshiba. They have access to the database of Toshiba and can possibly tell if another view is usable on your machine.

    All this is quite complicated.

  • Satellite M30X-115: I need to replace the screen


    I need to replace the screen on my laptop but I can't find references one is on. Is it possible to have this references or references to a compatible standard model and of course, an easy to find the object: o)
    Thanks for the help of the Tower


    As far as I know the Satellite M30X was delivered with a screen 15.4 "(1280 x 800) view wide TFT color display."

    Only the dimensions of the screen are important. So if you want you can search a 15.4 "display.
    By the way; the display is one of the most expensive parts of laptop. Perhaps a second hand M30X, or a display of second hand would be a better solution as to buy a new screen for around $ 300.


  • Re: Satellite A210 and replacing the screen


    I need to replace the screen on my A210 - 1 4. An A210-1AS screen would fit this model?
    Any help appreciated thanks.

    According to the specifications of the laptop the two models of laptops have absolutely identical displays, so you can use it.

  • Re: Satellite L20-155 crashes randomly


    You have a strange problem with the Satellite L20-155, about three years.

    During use, it just hangs. The mouse is not responding. No error message in the event log, using windows XP Professional Ed. Screen is frozen.

    I have seems to happen randomly. Sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes 10. Sometimes, it crashes then on the XP Welcome screen. \

    Open the folder to see if there was a lot of dust in the fan to avoid a temperature problem. This was not the case. The fan was clean and properly in the course of execution.

    Tried to start the pc in safe mode. Because in safe mode I don't seem to have problems, I decided to reinstall XP everywhere because I thought he might have had a software problem, but during the installation, the PC crashes also. Everything freezes. No response what so ever. He tried twice. In the copy of the files, the PC crashes.

    Has someone experienced similar problems?
    This sounds like a hard drive problem?

    I would like to know suddenly course where I have buy a new hard drive.

    Thank you

    Kind regards



    I agree with Abe. I had a similar problem with my old Satellite phone. I did HDD test and discovered that there were many defective sectors.

    Computer laptop start works well, but after a while I noticed the same symptoms as you. If possible, try to get the new HARD drive, Exchange and I am 100% sure that everything will be OK again.

  • Satellite L20-155 BIOS restore

    The BIOS on my laptop seems to be corrupted.

    I checked section Service and support but my (Dutch) is no longer on the current list.
    Download laptop L20 refer to different models than my - 155.

    Who can help me with a proper BIOS of restoring files, or can I use any BIOS L20?


    > The BIOS on my laptop seems to be corrupted.
    Why do you think that?

    Satellite L20-155 belongs to the PSL2XE series and on the Toshiba Web site that is only available for version 2.20 update (you can see more information).

    Welcome them

  • HP Jet 11-d010nr: compatibility of replacing the screen

    I am trying to replace the screen on the stream Hp 11 - d010nr of a laptop HP flow 11-r014w. Is it possible to make it work?


    Number of screen for HP stream 11 part -rnnnaa machines is 834445-001:

    It is not compatible with HP flow 11 -dnnnaa machines.

    Kind regards.

  • How to replace the screen-Portege 3500


    Please could you give me some advice or instructions on how to remove and replace the screen on my laptop?

    The external glass is intact, but the actual screen itself is damaged.

    It would also be a great help if someone knew the product number of the replacement in this way screen I should be able to buy the right pair.

    Thank you for reading
    Kind regards

    Hey mate,

    First of all I must say that replacement of the screen, and the disassembly of the laptop is usually quite complicated and delicate. You must remove a large number of screws, it must be very careful. So it's not easy to replace the screen.
    Maybe you can find some instructions if you're looking for with Google

    And a replacement screen or number, you can get your authorized service provider. Simply contact the guy and ask for help and they can exchange the screen too.

  • Replacing the screen Tecra M3


    I broke the screen on my tecra M3... around spare parts? Also the plug on replacing the screen


    The replacement of the screen is a tricky thing it s not so easy
    So this should be done only by electricians for laptop

    The Tecra M4 has been equipped with a screen of 14 "XGA
    But a laptop screen is one of the expensive laptop parts
    I m not quite how it is safe, but you will need about 300-350 EUR

    I think that it s no need to replace the screen if I was you I would look for a Tecra M3 of second hand.

    Welcome them

    PS: All the laptop parts can be ordered at a local ASP (service point/partner)

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