Replication between two sites with essential Kit more

Hi all

can anyone confirm that the following scenario is possible?

A basic Kit Plus - replication - another essential Kit Plus
3 Hosts                                                                      Other 3 Hosts

In other words: is it possible to replicate virtual machines between two sites, each managed by a single essential Kit Plus (outside the bounds of the CV)?

I'm sure that is correct, but I want to be sure.

Thank you guys!



Yes, you can use replication between vCenters thus vSphere. To do that you would like to devices VR is deployed to each vCenter and then connect them. How to do this is described in the VR installation and config and administrative documents.

BTW, my name is GS.

See you soon!

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    Yes, it will avoid you to move.

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  • Problem set up RV connection between two sites

    Dear all,

    I'm putting a replication for some virtual machines from the production site to a recovery site. The two sites are on ESXi with vCenter 5.5 5.5 with their own AD domains. The connection between them is done with customer VPN Cisco of DR site in Production site.

    I installed SRM 5.5.1 on two places and I was able to successfully combine the two sites. The State of them is CONNECTED on both sites. On both environments, I deployed unit of replication vsphere and that they are properly registered on the two vCenters.

    The problem is that when I try to configure the connection of VR, I get the following error:

    VRM Server generic error. Please see the documentation for troubleshooting information. The detailed exception is: '"HmsServiceInstance" thrown an unexpected exception "' with message '' when calling method of managed objects' getContent".

    I get this error from two different points.

    I can't do a ping on the two sites using the FULL domain name and I've tried the following article:

    VMware KB: Configuration to connect to the VR in VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager server reports the error:' managed objectives...

    Could you please help me solve this problem.

    Thank you

    Aleksandar Aleksandrov


    In fact the two devices needs a connection between them as they periodically exchange messages for the two sites must be able to connect to vCenter Server port 80.

    Thank you


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    If the machines use the same version of the software, then the files should be feasible in both machines.

  • Replication between two servers without direct connecton

    Hi all

    In this case, we have two servers without direct access between them (firewall, security requirements). In fact the two servers are stored in different VPN.
    and the question is:
    Can you build an architecture that will provide replication between them (include the server in downstream, trails in the intermediate machine bank file, or something else)?

    Much love and thanks for your suggestions))


    In this case, your downstream server should be able to communicate to your Source and target.

    Kind regards


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    You should test for your specific environment, but I would be very surprised if a function has surpassed SQL directly.

  • File sharing between two computers with DIFFERENT Versions of Windows (XP & Vista)

    I just bought a WRT54G4 Wireless-G router broadbad & am a n00bie to this any thng in network.  I like the current state of things now, all considering that both my desktop PC (Windows XP Home Edition) & my laptop wireless PC (Windows Vista Home Premium) are online (local & Internet) BUT I can't seem to get things while my desktop PC sharing files which can then be read and otherwise accessible by the laptop.

    Here's what I'm trying to...

    * Have BOTH computers access the Internet via a private network (which I already managed to do)

    * Having the Office to share files that are accessible (wireless or not) from my laptop

    Essentially, I want to be able to use the TWO HDs according to needs.

    My office is an old computer AMD Duron 1 Ghz. with 512 MB RAM & can handle a FEW small spots, but the big gun is my laptop (A 1.86 Ghz. Intel Pentium with 3 GB of RAM). Because of his speed & memory, I would like to have the laptop handle larger & more intensive tasks.

    Although my laptop has a smaller hard drive compared to my office (A 136 GB HD in the office (200 GB) compared to a 141 GB (I guess this HD is around this size, but since it came pre-installed, & I am currently leasing to buy, I don't know), I would like to be able to use if possible of the TWO HDs.)  All I need is for both computers see the two HDs & all the files on it.

    I tried implementing the sharing of files, as shown elsewhere on the Linksys site, but he lost when I rebooted both my computers, since that's what the page told me to do (I followed Windows XP as the Office has all the files that I want to share & Windows XP is the operating system of the desktop).  Should I have not done this?

    In addition, my ultimate goal is to GET RID of the big bulky monitor I connected to the back end of my desktop PC & all simply use the laptop instead, because it does not take a lot of desktop space.  Y at - it an emulator "Virtual monitor" or software of some sort that I can download (for FREE please ) that will allow me to see the jobs of all the computers on my network, just as if I

    had REAL monitors?  If so, where could I find one?

    In short, together, I have accomplished a lot lately since I bought the router & linked computers, as you can see, I still need help & I've got some learning to do.

    Any help I can get would be MOST appreciated.

    See you soon

    Pat Cook

    Denver, CO

    Make sure that the file and printer sharing is enabled...

    Also, make sure the computer are in the same workgroup...

    Default workgroup in Windows Vista has been renamed to WORKING group. In Windows XP, the default workgroup name is MSHOME...

    Also go into the computer on each computer software firewall and set it to "trust", other computers on your network.
    If your firewall or PC security program maintains a list of approved applications (also known as a "zone of confidence"), so make sure that your router is in the zone of confidence on your firewall...

  • Connectivity between two site to site VPN

    I have two remote sites that each connect to our main office using a site to site VPN. Remote offices have 831 routers. The main office has a PIX 515.

    A remote office is 192.168.15.X and the other is 192.168.100.X. The main office is on a 10.X.X.X network.

    Each remote office can contact the office with no problems. However, they cannot communicate with each other at all and I need this to work. I just want to be able to access the network 192.168.100.X network 192.168.15.X through the VPN tunnel that is already set up between each remote desktop.

    I tried to add the other network to the ACL for the tunnel, but that did not work. I feel I'm missing something simple.

    For example, the following ACL initially.

    Note access-list 103 IPSec rule

    access-list 103 allow ip

    I added this line to this LIST.

    access-list 103 allow ip

    But that did not help.

    Thanks in advance.


    What code are you running on the Pix. Talk to talk IPSEC connectivity is supported only in version 7.0 and higher.

    Enhanced support has spoke-to-Spoke VPN

    Version 7.0 (1) improving support communications a spoke-to-spoke (customer-to-customer) VPN, providing the ability to traffic to enter and exit the same interface. In addition, remote access to splitting tunnel connections can be completed on the external interface of the security apparatus, enabling traffic destined to the Internet for remote user VPN tunnels to leave on the same interface as it happened (after that the firewall rules have been applied).

    The same-security-traffic command permits traffic to enter and exit the same interface when it is used with the keyword a spoke-to-spoke VPN using intra-interface. For more information, see the section "Allows Intra-Interface traffic" in the in the command line Configuration Guide Cisco Security Appliance.

    Example of Configuration:

    Let me know if it helps.

    Kind regards


    * Please note all useful messages *.

  • Replication between two hosts

    I have everyone,

    I have two hosts on the same site, in stand-alone mode, but within the same vcenter with licensing standards

    Each host has 3 VMS.

    Is it possible to replicate virtual machines each other on the same VirtualCenter and without cluster?

    Home 1 = VM1 + VM2 + VM3 & [+ VM4 VM5 + VM6 replication]

    Host 2 = VM4 VM5 + VM6 & [VM1 + VM2 + VM3 replication]

    I have enough drive and it will be very safe to run the replicates in minutes in case of problems with a single host.

    Thank you,


    If you are using vSphere 5.1, yes you can use Standalone VMware vSphere replication, since vSphere that replication is included in the standard Lincenes.

    Short video on the replication of vSphere

    See this link for configuration



  • Requirements for video calls between two companies with Ex90


    where can I get information in the order two video calls Ex90 defined between the two companies, each company has its own server CM 8.6 and Ex90 phones.

    for the momment I know just we need video communications server, but I would like to get info on how about Communications Server config and whether a specific config is required in CM server.


    If we assume that both companies want to stick to a Cisco solution, then you will need to use a control VCS Cisco and VCS Expressway (VCS-E). You can also remove this with a solution of VCS StarterPack (according to the needs for scalability and other design objectives). The two entities should have a solution in place.

    At a high level, you would have a SIP trunk of the AAU to VCS. VCS has a relationship of peering with VCS-E and the VCS - E is sitting in your public DMZ. The VCS-E to Cust A can communicate with the VCS-E to Cust B. You can do this in fact through a peering model (commissioning on both devices of VCS - E) or you can simply use DNS and URI component to facilitate the call installation introduction.

    You will of course face the network aspect (IP addressing, the rules of firewall, etc.). You need a coordination "numbering plan" according to which (if any) the URI dialing rules have been established by organizations. With versions of the CUCM prior to 9.x, you shouldn't that numbering URI has a little support limited. CUCM 9.0 adds some improvements of numbering URI. Not that you must be about 9.0 or version later to do what you want, just that you have a different set of parameters to function as with the pre - 9.0 version.

    The above is pretty generic, but it can give you a point of reference to start with.


    -Bill (

  • Load balancing and replication between two ESX servers

    This point is covered in another post last month, but I want to assure you that I am

    erase before ordering anything.  We run a VMware

    Server (ESX Server 3.5 Enterprise version).  I have about 12 VM

    running on the server. The server is connected to via fiber channel to

    a Clariion drive Bay.  We backup each virtual computer inside the virtual machine, not outside in


    I want to buy an additional VMware Server which

    provide redundancy. The second server VMware will also point the

    Bay of same discs (shared storage).  It will store some VM as well.


    I want to do is to have two servers balance between them.

    Also, I want that there return replication while is a server

    Dies, it will be responsible for all virtual machines.

    What I have

    read, we need to use a combination of VMware HA, DRS and VMotion to make

    all it - OK?  I intend to buy another license of the VI3 enterprise as well as a permit for VirtualCenter Foundation.  Finally, if I have company for both servers ESX licenses and

    VirtualCenter, which gives me VMware HA, DRS and VMotion

    capacity?  I appreciate any guidance on this.

    I don't think you can automatically load the balance between the two boxes.   the shared storage ensures guests / VM have the current data available.  No actual replication necessary.

    Just take your Hardest hit of VM and split them between the two hosts.

    On VMotion?  It is much easier to run just a host with a failure to another identical host.    I have not attemptied it in any other way quite a few facilities.   Do you think that your host is running out of gas?   I used to think that as well, but I'm surprised how much any given host can be loaded up without experiencing consitantly performance problems.    If they are windows?  You can check how the VM is performing pretty easy with the Windows performance tools.  All this with low end Iscsi San, I can only imagine how fiber of rocks on the performance.

  • Communication between two Sites


    I need help on this particular question.

    I have a client that wants to connect two rooms by a conference of Cisco, he already has tv monitors so he does not want to invest on the screens of Cisco, but he needs the codec with the camera for video meeting with the other site.

    He already has the CUCM, my question is:

    (1) do I need a license to add codecs to the CUCM?

    (2) is licensed for each necessary codec?

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Andres,

    (1) Yes, you need to license telepresence room to add the codec.

    (2) each Codec would require licensed telepresence room.

    For example: in your case if you go with the SX10, you will need two license like you it will be deployed in the two rooms.

    Please note so useful.

    Kind regards

    Adarsh Chauhan

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