request (?) featured: matrices or tables for a particular column sort

Hello all-

This may be a stupid question, because I'm always still not quite clear on what are the differences between the matrixes and 2D arrays in LabView. So far the only distinction I seemed to find, it is that certain features of table return errors when the matrices are entered and vice versa.

Anyway, here's my question.

Suppose I have a matrix where the first column represents the 'values' that have been measured and the second column 'account'. I would like to take a unordered matrix (i.e., the value column is not ordered) and recover a matrix that has had its lines re-arranged according to the values in the first column.

For example, if my matrix:


0 11;



I would like to as labview to return:




1 of 5]

When I was trying to find a way to do it (without writing my own sorting routine which, admittedly, wouldn't be too bad, but I'm a lazy programmer ), the only thing I found that came close was the 'matrix of D 1 sort' Subvi. However, even if I had to store the values in a table and charges in another table, I'd be able to do is sort the table values. I wouldn't be able to tell what labview reorganization, I would need in order to perform the same reorganization charges.

I'm a little surprised that there isn't a quick and intuitive way to do this (at least that I can find). A LabView feature addition that could help with this problem would be if the "1 D Array sort" routine returned a second output - a vector with the mapping of the index used - similar to MATLAB. MATLAB help for the function 'out ':

"[There, I] = SORT(X,DIM,MODE) also returns a matrix of index I.. «If X is a vector, then Y = x.»

Of course, there may be a quick fix for what I'm missing...


Take a look at this post. I don't know that you can change for your particular type of data.

(in contrast to the first colum, create the sort key, table 2D reconstructed according to key)

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    Kind regards

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    Goto Edit form for that particular column.

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    Thanks in advance...


    If you go to your VO and generate the ViewObjectImpl, here you can create a method that contains two parameters, 1 the name attribute and 2 the value.

    Then you can follow something as explained in this post:

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    Then execute you who expose a customer interface and then after you filter your table according to your criteria just this method passing the correct parameters.


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    You can select multiple clips in the tray at the same time.  When you go in the metadata Panel, the fields that can be entered massively will be available.

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    select "ROWID",
            rowid "Replicate",
    apex_item.checkbox (1,
                              ) checkbox,
    from "#OWNER#"."D_MAP" 
    order by nvl(modified_dt,created_dt) desc

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    Kind regards


    Sruthi Tamiri wrote:

    Thank you for the quick turn around fac586, I had used: request is null for this particular column, it worked.

    Could you please explain to me what is request here?

    DEMAND is a built-in substitution string that is fundamental for the functioning of APEX, and is explained in the documentation.

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    That is to say) while waiting for answer is "col2". pls help someone.

    This might help:

       c1 SYS_REFCURSOR;
       OPEN c1 FOR
       SELECT col2,
       FROM   test
       WHERE  id = 1;
       FOR c IN (SELECT rownum rn,
                        t2.column_value.getrootelement() name,
                        EXTRACTVALUE(t2.column_value, 'node()') value
                   FROM TABLE(XMLSEQUENCE(c1)) t,
                        TABLE(XMLSEQUENCE(EXTRACT(column_value, '/ROW/node()'))) t2)
          IF c.value = 'true' THEN
          END IF;
       END LOOP;
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    Important points about this table:
    1. when the value of the "ACTION_CONTEXT_TYPE" column is "PA" then the line stores level the payroll information and the corresponding ACTION_CONTEXT_ID is the 'PAYROLL_ACTION_ID' of the archiver payroll run. Note that 'PAYROLL_ACTION_ID' is the primary key of the PAY_PAYROLL_ACTIONS

    2. when the value of the "ACTION_CONTEXT_TYPE" column is "AAP" then the line stores level assignment information and the corresponding ACTION_CONTEXT_ID is the 'ASSIGNMENT_ACTION_ID' of the archiver for the assignment. Note that 'ASSIGNMENT_ACTION_ID' is the primary key of the table "PAY_ASSIGNMENT_ACTIONS".

    The following query to retrieve all the information archived for a particular run for a particular assignment:
    SELECT pai.*
    FROM: pai pay_action_information,
    pay_payroll_actions App,
    pay_assignment_actions AAP
    WHERE ppa.request_id =: request_id
    AND ppa.payroll_action_id = paa.payroll_action_id
    AND paa.assignment_id = pai.assignment_id
    AND paa.assignment_action_id = pai.action_context_id
    AND pai.action_context_type = 'PAA '.
    AND pai.assignment_id =: assignment_id

    The following query to retrieve all the information level pay pertaining to a particular race.

    SELECT pai.*
    FROM: pai pay_action_information,
    pay_payroll_actions App
    WHERE ppa.request_id =: request_id
    AND ppa.payroll_action_id = pai.action_context_id
    AND pai.action_context_type = 'PA '.

    Please note that for 'Year end archiver' information is stored in FF_ARCHIVE_ITEMS

  • 1.5.4 - slow to expand the tables for oracle 9 connection


    I have tried version 1.5.4 and have found that in developing the node tables in the Connections tab is extremely slow (about 3 min) for my oracle connections.

    As with this [this bug: & tstart = 0] it's ok on a connection.

    Expand the tables for the same connection in 1.5.3 is good too. I'm concerned that this latest version of the sql dev was not particularly well tested with oracle 9 abit.

    Oracle 9 is still a supported with sql developer version?

    Thank you

    This issue is dealt with the last patch, ' check for update ' should take care of everything.

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    Accidentally, I selected the option 'Remember password' on a computer where I don't want to remember the password I entered the computer. Is it possible to erase the password for that particular web site without deleting the other passwords?

    Hi normkoon, you can do in password manager: Password Manager - don't forget, delete, modify and import passwords saved in Firefox

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    Do I necessarily need to make the score, if I want to activate just for a specific drive for example D: drive, unit.

    Hello Rahul,

    -What version of Windows is installed on your computer?


    You can enable BitLocker on one drive other than the drive that has the Windows operating system installed.

    See the following link for more help.

    For Windows Vista:

    Set up your hard disk for BitLocker Drive encryption

    BitLocker Drive Encryption step-by-step guide (v = ws.10) .aspx

    For Windows 7:

    Guide step by step for Windows 7 BitLocker Drive encryption (v = ws.10) .aspx

    It will be useful.

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    Thank you.

    Well, I did a deeper look at your code. It is a way to walk around a division, true.

    But why not work with integer values?

    int screenWidth = Display.getWidth ();

    int largestCharacterWidth = defaultFont.getAdvance ("W");

    Now you can work with these integers.

    int fieldLength;


    fieldLength ++;

    } While (filedLength * largestCharacterWidth)<=>

    It would be a little more efficient.

  • ACS 5.4 ASA 8.2.5 disable AAA for the particular user


    I want to disable journaling Ganymede + for the particular user. This user is used only for automated (python script) pooling of vpn tunnel ASA (limited command set - permission on ACS) group to verify the number of users authenticated via VPN. The problem is that this user generate a bunch of logs according to authentication authorization and accounting on ACS. Is there a solution, disable Ganymede + newspapers on ACS for this particular user? Maybe it is possible to modify the AAA on ASA to not connect this particular user?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Pawel,

    You can create filters collection for that specific user. When you configure monitoring filters & Report Viewer does not record these events in the database.

    Navigate to: Configuration of the analysis > System Configuration > filters Collection > add a filter

    What follows is the attributes that can be used. You must use the user.

    -Access service



    -Nas - IP

    Example: We get several hits of ASA by 'user' and we want ACS to ignore it. Create a filter by using the user. ACS must now ignore any attempt from the IP Address of the NAS.

    Jatin kone
    -Does the rate of useful messages-

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