request will slow down when an additional filter is given in the list IN

The following query works with 1 + seconds:
SELECT t.Owner, t.Table_Name, c.Comments, f.Column_Name, Fc.Comments
FROM All_Tables t,
     All_Tab_Comments c,
     All_Tab_Columns f,
     All_Col_Comments Fc
WHERE c.Table_Name = t.Table_Name
      AND f.Owner = t.Owner
      AND f.Table_Name = c.Table_Name
      AND Fc.Owner = f.Owner
      AND Fc.Table_Name = f.Table_Name
      AND Fc.Column_Name = f.Column_Name
      AND t.Owner IN ('CASINO')
ORDER BY t.Owner, t.Table_Name, f.Column_Name;
Query below seems to work at least + 30 seconds, I don't know how long it works:
SELECT t.Owner, t.Table_Name, c.Comments, f.Column_Name, Fc.Comments
FROM All_Tables t,
     All_Tab_Comments c,
     All_Tab_Columns f,
     All_Col_Comments Fc
WHERE c.Table_Name = t.Table_Name
      AND f.Owner = t.Owner
      AND f.Table_Name = c.Table_Name
      AND Fc.Owner = f.Owner
      AND Fc.Table_Name = f.Table_Name
      AND Fc.Column_Name = f.Column_Name
      AND t.Owner IN ('CASINO')
ORDER BY t.Owner, t.Table_Name, f.Column_Name;
As you can see the only difference is with 'IN' operator. Adding more item in the request list will slow down. Why is it slow?
I have no privileges to run explain plan for this query, because I do not have certain privileges, I think for these system objects.
Can you explain why the request will slow down with the addition of a table over in the list.

I found the / * + ALL_ROWS * / tip to be useful on SQL join views great dictionary, including DBA_TAB_PARTITIONS and DBA_TAB_COLUMNS, that can develop enough long.

Tags: Database

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    I saw a post about the same problem, but for windows forum. A certain file was to be renamed, but I'm on Mac and uncertain how to proceed, as a search for the AdobeMuse file did not find anything.

    Using Mac OSX Yosemite, Muse CC was last updated.

    Thanks a bunch


    You can solve this problem by renaming the folder 'com.adobe.AdobeMuseCC.2014.3' to 'com.adobe.AdobeMuseCC.2014.3_old '.

    You can find the file in the following location

    Finder > go > go to folder > type ~/library/preferences > press return

    This will take you to the preferences folder, and you can easily locate the folder.

    (Please make sure you leave Muse while that rename the folder)




    OK, so here is the problem I have do this output pid controller is between 0-100 in this program, I'm just trying to make it work so I made a function to compare that when the controller output is 0 and the constant 0 I'm starting a business loop which transform the output for a second and turn off for a second.   When I go into the structure of the case, the rest of my program slows down

    I don't know why, I tried to do a while loop and a structure outside my main loop but I can't get my signal of my statement to compare to enter the second loop where I get my output to bike in 1 second intervals

    This is the VI please help

    I'm still learning how to use labview in passing

    Thank you



    The next thing you want to learn more about LabVIEW dataflow. This is the fundamental paradigm of LV and explain your slowdown problems.

    The basic concept of data flow is any node (node = function, Subvi, structure) can begin to run when the data is present on all its entries and no data will be present at its outputs to execution comopletes of knot.

    How will this affect your VI? The real deal has a wait 1000 ms (actually two, one in each case of the internal structure of the housing = redundant code). The structure of the case will not complete execution until the wait ends. And the while loop does not complete its repetition until the end of the structure of the case. The result: at the exit of the = 0, the loop runs at 1 second per iteration.

    What is the solution? Continue execution of the loop at intervals of 100 ms. sure in the structure of matter (true case) and another register to shift of how number of intervals of 100 ms is passed. When the count reaches ten, toggle the output line.  Do not use the 1000 ms of waiting.

    All the code in your internal structure is not necessary. Connect the output remains directly to the digital Arduino write VI.

    Be careful with the comparison to zero with floating point data. If the calculation which produces data has round off errors you could get a value such as 0.573E - 15, but which is not equal to zero. It is better to compare to a small range of values above and below zero.

    Right to left wiring is much easier to follow in trying to understand what makes a program. Using the tool to clean occasionally will help (although he eventually frustrate you also).


  • HP Pavilion g6 crashes / slow down when it is not plugged.

    When I use with connected PC, it works better. But when it's not plugged in it slow down the system and web apps... also videos and audio players crashes. I tried changing the 'power options' and many changes of performance better.  But until it improves not... Please help.

    HP pavilion g6

    Win7 HB, (i5)

    Radeon 1 GB graphics card

    Hello Ruturaj7,

    Thanks for sharing this information. Here's an update of bios newer for your system, please install it. When asked of run you or save, please save the file first, then run it. Have also the power adapter is plugged in the process.

    This link here will provide you with a lot of other task that you can use to help your situation.

    If I was helpful, or if you want to say thanks you can click the White Star under my name to give me congratulations.  I really appreciate it.

    Please answer as soon as possible.

    Thank you

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    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the Add-ons is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > themes).

    • Makes no changes on the start safe mode window.

    Safe mode disables extensions in Firefox 4, and disables hardware acceleration.

    • Tools > Options > advanced > General > Browsing: "use hardware acceleration when available.
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    1. what version of Windows is installed on the computer?

    2. in the browser that you play Facebook games?

    3. What is the full error message?

    4 is about the limit for the Facebook games?

    5 is this a connection wired or wireless?

    6 have have there been recent changes made on the computer before the show?


    Method 1:

    I suggest you run the troubleshooter of performance on the system and verify.

    Open the troubleshooter of Performance



    Method 2: Follow the steps in the following article and check if it helps.

    Note: Please proceed if you use internet explore for playing games.

    The problems of games online using Internet Explorer



    Warning: Reset the Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings.

    If the steps above did not fix the problem, please provide me with the required information so that we can help you accordingly.


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    I want to install Microsoft Security Essentials on my PC at home only.

    I currently have McAfee Anti Virus Plus, which is effective but often slows down my computer because it downloads the updates and tests.

    Download of Microsoft would do the same thing, and offer the equivalent level of protection?

    I'm going to only three for three. We use MSE for 18 months. In addition to the recommendation of Chet814 to remove McAfee using the correct disposal method/tool, this applies to any other real-time protection that you have currently or previously installed.

    Besure to read carefully the following Check list for the installation of Microsoft Security Essentials:

    See below for any removal/uninstall tool/utility that DISPLACEMENT.

    Uninstalling security software


    I hope this helps.

  • Mini 210.1155DX slows down when charging

    Hi all

    I have a Mini for 18 months, 210.1155DX. It had worked fine until recently, when he slowed down incredibly, he came to the point where I can't use it when it's charging as it slows down and freezes so. Generally when it is running only on battery power, it is ok, but sometimes there are problems with Skype, etc., with voices sounding robotic that it runs very slowly.

    I took it to different COMPUTER technicians and they are all confused. I hope someone can help!

    Hello, to start things out of what are your power options on? If you look under control panel, power options and check to see if it is set to high performance. Also, I included a link to the documentation which may be useful.

  • Response of mouse slows down when editing

    It is a continuation of a discussion dated dated August 21, 2011 16:26 with suggestions of Bill Gehrke and John Smith, who has recommended how I could speed up edition and made my PC i7 and suggestions to solve the slow response of the mouse .

    My problem:

    After that several clicks of the mouse, the first quick reactions from first Pro CS5 are starting to slow down to a crawl.

    My PC:

    -ASUS P6TWS Professional Motherboard

    -Intel Core i7 920 CPU

    -12 GB OF DDR3 1333 RAM

    -4 HD 1 TB

    -Video card ATI RADEON 4670 1

    -Coolermaster 690 case separate real power 700W

    -LG BlueRay writer

    -Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 6000 v2.0

    -Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000


    1. Disable indexing on your hard drives.
    2. Try wired keyboard and mouse (old style, no USB) with the generic driver for Win7.
    3. Try disabling the two security programs.
    4. Do not use boot drive for what anyone (editing wise) but the OS and applications. Sale video project and media on another quick of HDD or a table.
    5. Try another (more recent AND older) driver for your ATI card.

    Status of the above numbered items:

    1. Indexing is disabled on all drives used for video editing.
    2. The Asus P6T WS Pro motherboard has a combo keyboard and mouse PS2 Connector.  I was trying to use an old PS2 Keyboard and mouse PS2 to replace the Microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse.  This would require a PS2 PS2 male/2 female adapter.  Information on the Internet shows that there is 2 pins to spare on a standard PS2.  These 2 spare pins are used on connectors PS2 combo for the mouse clock and data which I assume is the case for the ASUS motherboard.  This requires a special adapter where regular clock pins and the date the female to PS2 Keyboard and pins of alternatives to the female to PS2 Mouse.  I couldn't so far find such an adapter.
    3. I need to use the Internet for updates of program so I would disconnect the LAN to disable security for the trial.  If security is the issue, I guess it would be to disconnect the LAN and disabling security whenever I'm editing video.
    4. I have 1 TB disks 3 other than the boot drive, one for each video source, audio source and output rendered.  I think that the reader audio source would be best to share with the project file because the audio files are not as demanding on the CPU if treated earlier in Soundbooth.
    5. I'll try different drivers.

    As recommended, the first Pro Benchmark I ran against my i7 PC to conclude that performance was close to the other similarly configured PCs. This confirms that I am dealing with problems of the outdoor unit.  In this case, the interaction of the mouse when editing is the likely suspect.  I'll try a second run after the changes.  I don't know how the files originate in the testbed among my 4 hard drives so that the results may not indicate a better distribution of readers.

    Does anyone can tell where I can get a combo reliable adapter PS2?  Do not share the drive audio source with the project file a better choice than the readers of rendered files or video source?


    > solved by replacing the laser mouse with a PS2 Mouse Wireless

    Just guessing here... but my 'better thinking' is that your problem is not the material of the mouse, but the the mouse software that created the wireless link was not totally compatible with 'something' in Adobe software

    Another option could be a USB mouse

Maybe you are looking for