Required for controller ethernet and FN - keys to the A100 Satellite drivers XP

After Reinstalling windows xp, I found almost all of the drivers, I need on this site.
But I have a camera more...

Ethernet controller.

first problem is that there are installed to device:
Network adapter 1394
Intel Pro/wireless 3945ABG Network Connection
so I do not understand what Ethernet controller we talk... is not just a single Ethernet controller "1394 Net adapter" or I do not understand and is not at all controller?

Secondly - I can't find driver for this device.

Any ideas?
Help me to find the driver, please...

And another problem.
After you reinstall all work well, but Fn + XX combinations do not work.
I can't know what I need to install or activate too to make them work...
Help me know please.


the way to the network adapter 1394 firewire port which, as I know doesn´t need a driver. I don't know, maybe it's also bluetooth, so if it is BT then, you must install a Toshiba bluetooth stack. And it's definitely nothing to do with your ethernet controller. :)

Regarding your problem of FN: what do you mean this doesn´t work at all? You said that you have the drivers installed so I guess it should work. Maybe reinstall it may be an option (I know it sounds how stupid, but give him a chance, maybe you missed something...).

Please give some feedback, so that we can chat about it.

See you soon

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