Rescue E-mail button does not?

I've forgotten the answers to my security questions, then I tried over and over again, until I made too many attempts and now I'm stuck on my account. There is an option to send me an email to my email of relief, but the button does not work and it will not send it to my email.
I already checked and I know that I am interested in the correct rescue email! All I want to do is change my security questions, so I can finally buy my music.
How can I reset my security questions when I'm stuck on my account?


Try to contact support in the country where you are (and therefore the country on your account) to get the reset questions: Contact Apple for the Apple ID account security support

If your country is not on this page, then try this form to contact Support:

When they have been reset, you can verify that you save email address is correct, and if necessary correct, for possible future use: on your Apple ID - Apple Support email addresses

Or if it is available in your country, you can substitute 2-step verification: frequently asked questions about two-step for Apple ID verification

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    The only way I can get Thunderbird 24.5.0 to get this messages is to hit the drop down arrow and click on each of the two accounts separately. Even the GET does not all new messages. I tried to remove the front desk & records inbox.mfg (?) for each account and the local folder, Thunderbird reset, tried to remove icons in toolbar customization, and then restore the default settings without a bit of luck. I don't think that something is set up correctly. What I'm trying to get Thunderbird to do is check with the mail button to get and accounts to all massages in the same Inbox. It worked this way on the version that I had on XP and I moved to WIn 7 cannot understand this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Toad hall, I'm sorry for the delay in responding, the work and personal problems. Individual accounts, I was was by clicking on are shown after you click the arrow next to the "Get Mail" button and drop-down list has given us the means to recover the mail from both account individually.

    Yes we use POP servers and they are told to go to Global InBox so we don't see the individual account folders, just one InBox. And Yeah the that little box 'Include this server when getting new mail' was not checked and since has worked wonderfully since! Thank you

    Part of the problem, I think, it's the mouse, we use a little only several clicks and if your not careful, you will remove two e-mails at a time or check and uncheck or save and not save, all with the click. I see this only with Mozzilla products, which are the most used and clicked solange. I'm glad I double check your suggestions because I could have sworn they were previously verified. I thank all of you for your time and suggestions

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    I am new to Adobe products and do not have a lot of experience. Here's my problem.

    I used LiveCycle Designer ES2 to create a PDF form to fill, with a send email button. (use mailto: to open Outlook users and attached the PDF automatically)

    The shape is visible by all, but the e-mail button works only if opened with Acrobat.

    Is it possible to have this work with the drive? We obviously don't have Acrobat licenses for each user.

    Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    The document must be enabled for the reader, which allows to drive save the completed form. To do this in Acrobat 10, select "file > save as > Reader Extended PDF > activate additional features. In Acrobat i9, it's "Advanced > extend features in Adobe Reader. This should be the last thing you do before you distribute the file.

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    At the top of this page, the disconnection, Inbox, and other application buttons/links do not work.

    This problem can be caused by that extended the Yahoo! toolbar or extension of Babylon also well down and covers the top of the browser window and therefore links and buttons in this part of the screen not clickable.

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

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    I discovered recently that a form that I created a while back with an email button is a button work.  The email address to depends on the selection in a drop-down "Type of provider.  It used to work perfectly.  I watched the old copies of the form to see if something had changed and there was nothing that I could see. I tried to play with the script and the type of button, but nothing works.  Could you please help me and let me know what I need trouble.  I included a link to the file.

    Thank you very much!


    There are a few small problems:

    • The script makes reference to an object "Email1", while the name of the object was not a 1 in it.
    • The last case of switch tested 'All other sellers', while the displayed item is "All other sellers", in capital letters.
    • I think he had an additional line in the switch statement

    Here's the return form again: * TPivOUfR4NsJMW * pUCPaQ


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    Hope this has answered Don t too many times before. Impossible to find what so wopuld appreciate any help...


    Created a form old plain samiple in Acrobat Live Cycle with the buttons send and print on the top.

    When I send it to someone with Acrobat it works fine, however...

    If they don't have Acrobat and have that player on their PCs, the submit by e-mail button does not (although the impression one did).

    You receive an information box telling you initially it will send data in this way, but once closed, it has no functionality...

    Obviously I'm doing something wrong as usual, but can not understand. Outside, it is saved in static Adobe PDF format...

    Any help please please please...

    You have to drive to extend the form to allow this. Open in Acrobat and under the Advanced menu choose the option "extend features in Adobe Reader. This will start a wizard. Take all the default settings. When finsihed, save the file and distribute that saved the file.


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    I created two skin - print and e-mail buttons. The "print" key appears when I publish project help file on the server, the e-mail button does not work. The e-mail button appears on the main View Layout screen. Has anyone ever encountered this problem or know the fix?

    Solved. I forgot to check the box in the Properties window to display the button.

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    The e-mail application does not load!

    I have iOS 9.2.1 iPad 2

    I deleted and reinstall my mailaccount but still no e-mail program loading

    I've done a re-boot and no luck

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    Hi AnitaCas

    It opens then close immediately?
    Try to leave all the apps: Double click on the Home button and the sliding of the application for each open application preview page


    Force reboot: press and hold the sleep/wake and Home buttons and do not let go until the screen darkens and the Apple logo appears (no data is lost)

  • If the action button does not have my document?

    I scanned a document private on my printer using the iPad Printercontrol app, I wanted to send the document to myself, so I went into the menu files, selected the scanned document and instead press the arrow icon (share), I pressed the button share instead. Now, I don't know where the document has been "shared" at. Where exactly is he? I don't see all the settings as to where a document would be shared, whether it's on social media networks, that I have accounts or a location in my network.

    Hey CommandereON,

    I see that you use the PrinterControl application and analysis.  I'm guessing that you pressed the ' share' button at the bottom left of the screen when you try to share your emails.  I just tested this option and this button does not send the document from anywhere.  He shares the file outside the control application printer at the Gallery of the camera itself.  You use the button at the top right to share in places such as social networks and e-mail.

    Hope this helps to clarify your question,


  • Scanner EPSON Perfection V200 Photo: PDF button does not work since I use the scanner with an ASUS i5 running Win 7 Ultimate desktop computer.

    The PDF button does not work since I use the scanner with an ASUS i5 running Win 7 Ultimate desktop computer. I downloaded the 64-bit Epson software for the scanner.

    I found the solution to the problem, and it is indeed with the revised in Windows 7 Control Panel.

    Here how to solve the problem:
    Go to the control panel in Windows 7.
    Search scanner in the upper search box to the right
    You will see a "view scanners and cameras".
    Click it, you will see the Epson Perfection V200. Highlight.
    Click Properties, then Yes, then events.
    Where it says select an event, you MUST choose the event suitable for each option.
    To the Start button, choose Start the series of creativity
    For the copy button Choose launch Epson Scan
    E-mail button also Epson scan
    PDF includes Epson scan
    There you go.
    Now, all this was not necessary before, there are no instructions, and the fault lies with MS. how much more confused MS will do the control panel?
  • The "Send form" button does not work in Chrome or Safari PDF viewer

    I have created a PDF file and have included a button 'Submit' at the bottom of the page. When all required fields are completed, hit Submit attached the document in an e-mail message to us. The only problem is that this 'submit' function only works when you view the document in Adobe Reader.

    Given that the form located on our Web site, when the link is clicked it opens upwards by default in Safari or Chrome PDF Viewer for the browser (etc.). Unfortunately, the 'Submit' function does not work in the browser view. The fields are to be filled, but the Send button does not work.


    These browsers display PDF files using their own internal PDF plugin. You should report bugs with these plugins to their creators.

    It has nothing to do with Adobe.

  • Introduce the button does not


    One day I was able to submit form using Adobe webste Muse in my mail and it works well, but now the submit button does not respond. Can I know the reason why it suddenly happen?

    Thank you.

    It should not, another reason that as Javascript is disabled on the page open for the browser.

    Publish the url of the page for inquiry.

    Thank you


  • How to make a flash file works as an epub or an online catalogue? buttons does not work...

    Hello I am doing an epub or a catalog online for my business, so people can open them on an Ipad. If someone could tell me the steps of the procedure to follow, that would be great. I already have the pages in photoshop and Illustrator CS5 and classified in InDesign CS5 and then exported to Flash to create buttons to switch pages, then converted to html file using technologies wallaby, but when I try opening upward in the html file, the buttons does not even appear. I even tried switching buttons to those I made in Illustrator and it still doesn't work. It works fine when I open the SWF on my computer but I can't send the SWF for a reason any. And my goal is to send this catalogue online by mail and by email. If someone could please help me accomplish this, I would appreciate it.

    Ah... I didn't know that you redo this post. I'll just say the jist. For publications that want to just produce something devices can read, focusing on the publication and the technology behind it, worry, this product is made for you (works with InDesign, Illustrator, etc.):

    A multitude of devices and media can then see your published content.

  • Factory settings Resinstalling when blue Thinkvantage button does not work

    Last year, I panicked when I thought I had a virus. Rather than rely on my own multiple back-up system, I guess someone knew more about computers that I do and let someone else in my computer. My X 60 has not worked properly since. The Thinkvantage button does not work, and it is hit and Miss as to if I can get the thinkvantage functions to work. My wireless radio buttons don't work at all, and the indicator wireless lights turn on and turns off at will.

    I tried to reinstall the application and the update of all implement the Lenovo site, but nothing worked, so I think I'll have to reinstall the orginal factory settings and start over again to clarify these issues.

    I backed up all my data, and made discs (just in case) recovery... now my question is, how do I start to "rescue and recovery" / 'reinstall factory settings' when the blue button does nothing when I push at the start?

    (Works under XP - if that makes a difference).

    Thank you

    Problem solved.

    I managed to get into Rescue and Recovery manually and found that I had a backup on my C drive that existed prior to my problems. I just restore to that date and "presto!" the blue button works again!

    I'll have to spend the rest of the day, re-installing everything that has been added or upgraded from a year, but this simple step seems to have solved my problem. Who would have thought that I had a copy of backup to disk C - I thought I backed everything up to an external drive!

    Tip for any staff of Lenovo, reading this - if your security people knew more about Thinkvantage program, I could have solved this problem months ago - these are them who sent offshore to find updates to day and re - install Thinkvantage to try to get the blue button works again.

    Thank you all.

  • iPhone 5 home button does not work after ios 10

    My 5 Iphone Home button does not work after update final IOS version of 10.

    The home button works on the first push to wake the phone but it will not open the phone the second button.

    I activated the assist button, which does not work either. But what I discover is if I open device for assistance then touch and lock screen click on the button home will work once to open the phone. If I open any app I can't close it unless I go through the same routine.

    You attempted to restart your phone?

    You can do so by holding the sleep/wake button and the Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears

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