research and new tabs take up yahoo no matter what I do in the options

No matter what I do, the search engines in the toolbar by default return Yahoo! Remove all but Google does not help. When you restart Firefox Yahoo is the default value. Similarly, new tabs and the home page back to Yahoo after the reopening. This is a new laptop HP with Windows 10 and I just downloaded Firefox. I spent a lot of time trying to solve this problem and about to give up and to switch browsers. I bet that Chrome will allow me to use Google.


Generally, changes in parameters are retained between reboots. If you change other preferences such as your home page, Firefox manages to retain those between reboots?

We have an article of general support on issues that may lead to changes to get lost between sessions: How to fix preferences that will not save.

Two other thoughts:

(1) some software utility/security/life private changes the folder of Firefox settings between sessions. This includes Advanced SystemCare and various programs 'homepage protection' or "browsing protection" feature. If you have any software with a similar feature, disable it until everything is set as you want and stable.

(2) you might check all the extensions that could possibly change the settings when you start Firefox. You can do this on the page modules. Either:

  • CTRL + SHIFT + a
  • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

In the left column, click Extensions. Then, take a critical look on the list on the right side. On a new installation, it is usually empty, unless Firefox has detected the extensions that already exist on your system. Something unexpected?

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    (Note I recently installed DivX player / converter / movies.. .is this the cause?)

    Then... on desktop... .double click on Mozilla... .loads ok
    Open a new loads Bing! & I hate it!

    Ive tried;

    1.Tools - options - addons - extensions & plugins - cant see anything there?
    2. On the small address bar (top right) which allows search engines to be managed - all cleared down except google & yahoo
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    I see no mention of the duct. com in your initial post. It is often a good indication that you will taken place unwanted software.

  • new tab opens my home page, but I want to open the more visited sites

    new tab opens my home page, but I want to open the most visited sites. Ad-aware messed up the settings.

    You can check the browser.newtab.url pref on the topic: config page and set this pref to your preferred the new tab page.

    • the new default tab with the tiles page is on: newtab
    • the default homepage is Subject: Home
    • to a blank page, you can use Subject: vacuum

    The pref browser.newtabpage.enabled must be set to true to use the page defined through browser.newtab.url like the new tab page.

    See this article on the page tab (topic: newtab):

    You can open the topic: config page via the address bar.
    You can accept the warning and click on "I'll be careful" to continue.

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    Lars Andrae

    If I'm not mistaken you use ICA scanner. This 'Still Prompt pages' option is not available for ICA scans from now. But we are working on that, and will soon be available. I'll put you once its available.

    For now please try the TWAIN driver.

    Thank you.

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    After doing the above.

    Adblock more {web link}
    Blocks annoying video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, banners
    and much more. Adblock Plus blocks all the annoying ads, and
    supports Web sites by blocking is not discrete (configurable) default ads.

    Adblock Plus pop-up Addon by Jesse Hakanen-
    Pop-up Addon Adblock more {web link}
    Adblock Plus pop-up Addon - extends the functionality of blocking of the
    Adblock Plus for those annoying windows pop up that opens on the mouse
    clicks and other actions of the user.

  • Opening of new tabs, take me in tab instead of stay on the current page.

    It used to be that I could be on a page, let's say A tab and control click or mouse wheel click on a link on this page to bring up a link in a new tab, tab B, while remaining on the tab. Now, with each new tab that opens Control-click or click of the mouse wheel, I am taken to this new tab and close A Tab. This is not good at all. I'm used to the previous setting, which has been very beneficial for the projects of the school where I was looking for multiple sources and would not need to go to the new tabs until after that I found a little. Now, I have to click back to the original page in the new tab, which is a major drawback when I have more than ten tabs open.

    Is anyway, the settings-wise and preferably without having to download an another add-on, to change this so that open a link in a new tab is not automatically take me to this tab?

    This problem may be caused by the GoodSearch toolbar (Tools > Modules > Extensions)

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the Add-ons is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > themes).

    • Makes no changes on the start safe mode window.


  • If we consider how help topics are listed in the NEW TAB page, it would not sense for her return to the old style, one that was simple and effective

    Suck it features 'NEW TAB', to say clearly in computer talk about the terms. With so many people asking how it works or how to get back to the old design, would it be better to compile all the negative comments and confusion on this new format, and reverse back to the old design? As the saying goes... "IF IT ain't BROKE...". DO NOT REPAIR. "I don't even use the NEW TAB page now that I have no desire to understand or read how get my links to be retained and which stored again. A lot of my links aren't there anymore and even visit the sites, is not put these links on the NEW selection TAB page. Honestly this just unwanted thing. Guys we need to stop changing things that work. Sometimes, when a thing is created... you were right the first time. Sorry, but are running out of Internet Explorer. They did not move, but... when they have did... it was just things that need an update or a hotfix.

    I also hate the new shit tab in 38.0.5!

    Open a new tab if you need with speed, it's much better all you have to do is write about: config newtab in the search box and and delete what has the newtab value, as you can see in the picture, I don't download.

  • Firefox keeps opening links and new tab

    During the navigation, if I long - click on a hyperlink and select "Open in new tab" in the menu that follows, even if it opens the tab it also follows the hyperlink in the source tab. How do you prevent to open the link in my active tab?

    Sorry, this seems to be a problem on some pages having the scripts associated with the links. Workaround in a previous thread (for Gizmodo) was to drag your finger down a line or two when the menu appears so that when you lift your finger is not on any link. See:

  • I'm using Firefox 3.6 on my PC, and now, when I select file > new tab (Ctrl + T), no new tab appears. Neither it appears when I click on the new symbol of the tab next to my other tabs. How can I get the feature tab to work again?

    In the past 48 hours, all of a sudden, the new tab featured on my PC, using Firefox 3.56, simply stopped working. I do not change the settings, or download a new version of Firefox. It has just stopped working. There are other scenarios where it still works (for example, if I want to open a link in a web page, I can right click and open link in a new tab), but if I want simply to have several websites open at one time on my PC, I have to have multiple versions of Firefox open as my new tab option seems to be disabled or something. Can you help me?

    Uninstall the toolbar Ask and it should work again. There is a compatibility issue with the Ask and Firefox toolbar that prevents the opening of new tabs.

  • Here's my problem: every time I type an e-mail and I hit the letter "T", my computer opens a new tab. How can I disable this "T" by typing the problem? I would appreciate your help. Thanks, Dan

    Whenever I type the letter "T", while sending an email, it causes my computer to open a new tab/page.

    It's on a laptop? It is the touchpad at the origin of the problem. Go to the properties of the touchpad and disable the zoom in/out function. Basically, the left side of the touchpad is configured as the right side, except instead of scrolling up and down, it is set to follow up to zoom in and zoom out. Whenever you place your Palm and you get any contact on the touchpad, keyboard recorded pressures on the CTRL (this is how zoom works). Microsoft® Security MVP, 2004-2009

  • When I open Firefox, tab keeps flipping quickly between 'Connection' and 'new tab '. The browser does not connect to any site.

    This occurred just after the visit to the site of isohunt. I got a message saying "Firefox stops."

    IsoHunt from installing a program, will you allow?" (or words to that effect). I gave permission then the problem started.

    I used Firefox on my iMac for a long time without any problem. I'm running OS X 10.7.5

    I hope you can help

    I have this problem on my pc but I was watching youtube then fallout new vegas nexus so I closed it and then start playing a game, and then when I opened firefox again it was flashing between tap connection and new

  • When I click to open a new tab how to get Firefox to display recent used frequently the web pages instead of my home page?

    When I click the icon "more" to open a new tab appears again my homepage. It displays a page of Web sites recently or frequently used in a format of screenshot showing the home page of the Web site that I could then click on and this website would be the load. Recently, Yahoo had an overlay on its splash screen that asked if I wanted it to be my default search engine. Without thinking, I clicked it and that seemed to change the way my home pages loaded on startup and how clicking on a tab is no longer produced the results I'm looking for as described above. I have since fixed the problem of the homepage so that it now loads properly when Firefox starts.
    Help, please. I would just go back to what I had when I clicked open a new tab. If anyone needs more information or clarification I will provide willingly. Thank you very much.

    One of your modules corresponds to this number, for example, the version 3.18, or sounds associated with "hp" in some way? You can copy and paste a list of your extensions in a response by selecting the Extensions from the list on the next page with the mouse, then using Ctrl + c or right click > copy. Either:

    • button "3-bar" menu > "?" button > troubleshooting information
    • (menu bar) Help > troubleshooting information
    • type or paste everything: in the address bar and press Enter

    When you paste, it's a little messy, but we are used to it.

  • New tab always opens Bing, but about: config does not have listed options...

    I have a question where my home page has been changed to the Bing home page, and after I corrected it seems now that any time I opened a new tab, it goes straight to the Bing...
    I found a solution to this in another thread, but it seems to be incorrect for my browser.

    type: newtab is the third option down that says searchinnewtabeenabledbyuser. Double-click on it and where it says 'true', ' false '.

    As indicated in the filename of the image as an attachment, there is no "searchinnewtabeenabledbyuser" on this page?
    So, I'm always curious about a correction for this problem!

    Don't know where you find this - searchinnewtabeenabledbyuser - pref pref invalid, does not exist by default. Could be added pref by an extension, for anyone who posted.

    Browser.newtab.URL is the pref you want - right click and select reset
    Then restart Firefox.

  • A simple click or two clicks email opens in a new tab. How is it, 2 different actions do exactly the same thing? RESOLVED: bad batteries in the mouse

    In recent months, this has got worse and worse. A click on an email and it automatically opens it in a new tab. This is extremely annoying because I want to continue to see the content of the email in the right panel. Not a new full screen. I can't imagine in any circumstance that would be considered more annoying. I don't see the point. One in 5 clicks works very well. 4 of the 5 clicks opens a new tab. If this isn't a bug, it will open again from 5 to 5 tab but it's not. Please put it to how it was. For now, click 1 or 2 clicks do exactly the same thing!

    This looks more like a mouse or a problem with the OS...

    What platform and what version of TB?

Maybe you are looking for