Resize the movie without scaling of objects

I would like to have a button in a movie that, once activated, resizes the height and width of the .swf movie, but I don't want anything else on the screen to be adjusted to reflect the change in the size of the movie.

For example, if the dimensions of the movie are doubled in size, I won't double in size, a text box - I want to stay in the same size.

Someone knows how to fix this?

Sorry... Here is a direct link with the answer.

Tags: Adobe Animate

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  • How do you multiline text in a continuous form between the lines without scaling of the text?

    Help. How do you multiline text in a continuous form between the lines without scaling of the text?

    I tried to put each line of the form for amounts of specificity so that it ends at some point and does not change the text size to fit on the line but different key characters have different widths, so you do not get a length of the same line.

    I tried to remove the long text scrolling, but it changed nothing.

    I can create a text box great to fill out and have this scrolling of additional lines, but then I get too much information from people and I would need to clarify the lines behind the answer multi line text, or delete the lines...

    Is there a better solution?

    I usually just remove the lines and set the field "Does not scroll long text" so that all the text is visible. Including the lines is really only useful if the form may be printed and completed by hand, in which case you can use scripts as in this example is:

    It works as expected in Acrobat/Reader, but not in Chrome and other PDF viewers who have little or no support for JavaScript. It uses scripts customized to validate on Focus and blur.

  • Resize the text without scale text block

    Hi people,

    Is it possible to resize a text frame without scaling the text in the 2014 AI CC SDK?

    I'm working on an AI CC 2014 plug-in and need to resize a text frame without scaling of the text. However, I'm not having a bit of luck to find how to do this. Is what I want to resize the text block in the Type area Options Panel makes, but I'm not able to understand how what classes/methods it uses, or whether they are still exposed in the SDK of.

    I tried to use sAITransformArt->TransformArt(), but I can't find a way to stop the text to scale with the text block. I considered, after processing, reformat the text which has been nationally, but that doesn't seem right.

    My current thinking is to move the text of the framework which should be scaling in a new block of text size correctly, and then delete the existing framework, but before that, I thought I would ask here see if do I it's harder it must be because I'm missing something.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    See you soon!

    -Jim Birkenseer

    You must use sAITransform-> (TransformArt) on the subject of track of the image of the text, not the entire text block.

    For example:

    AITextFrameType textFrameType;
    sAITextFrame->GetType( art, &textFrameType );
    if ( ( textFrameType == kInPathTextType ) || ( textFrameType == kOnPathTextType ) ) {
        sAITextFrame->GetPathObject( art, &art );
        AIRealMatrix sMatrix;
         // Set your matrix as needed here...
        sAITransformArt->TransformArt( art, &sMatrix, 1.0f, kTransformObjects );
  • Resize the image without undo - redo disturbing

    I want to resize the image if its bigger than a maximum size. To that effect in the listener to 'StatusChangeEvent.INLINE_GRAPHIC_STATUS_CHANGED', I changed graphics width and height. But then the undoManager doen't cancel transactions before this image resizing.
    If I resize the image using editManager.modifyInlineGraphic () then in the undo stack additional surgery will be added.
    Any suggestions to resize the image to load so that undo-redo disrupts.

    Thank you

    Good point - setting of the image solves the problem with the size of the chart.

    I'll take the idea of maximum size connected as an enhancement request parameters.


  • Resize the video without quality loss

    I am facing a problem of video resizing, could someone help me solve this problem.

    I would like to video scale to the size of the content available (size of degree) without distorting the quality like VLC player.

    Here is my code.

    The FLA code:

    import flash.display.StageScaleMode;

    import flash.display.StageAlign;



    var videoMC: MovieClip = new MovieClip ();

    this.addChild (videoMC);

    var videoMgr:VideoManager = VideoManager.getInstance ();

    videoMgr.init ("sampleFile.flv");

    videoMC.addChild (videoMgr);

    // #############

    This tells Flash NOT allow assets globally

    stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;

    internship. Align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;

    need to create a listener to say object when the stage is resized.

    stage.addEventListener (Event.RESIZE, onStageResize);

    setBackground ();

    called when the stage is resized

    function onStageResize (evt: Event)




    setBackground () function


    determine the Middle

    var middleX = stage.stageWidth / 2;

    var middleY = stage.stageHeight / 2;

    Replace the bkgd in the Middle

    videoMC.x = 0;

    videoMC.y = 0;

    bottom of scale to fit the width and height

    videoMgr.updateVideoSize (stage.stageWidth, stage.stageHeight),

    see if it has grown like horizontally or vertically and adjust other

    to maintain the proportions

    videoMC.scaleX > videoMC.scaleY? videoMC.scaleY = videoMC.scaleX:videoMC.scaleX = videoMC.scaleY;


    // #############

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------

    AS3 class:



    import flash.display.Sprite;









    to import;

    import flash.utils.Timer;

    SerializableAttribute public class videomanager, there extends Sprite


    private static var _instance: videomanager, there;

    private var con: NetConnection;

    private var vStream: NetStream;

    private var video: video;

    private var vWidth: uint;

    private var vHeight: uint;

    private var filePath: String;

    public void videomanager, there (enforce: Singleton)



    Public Shared function getInstance (): videomanager, there


    If (_instance is nothing)


    _instance = new videomanager, there (new Singleton);


    return _instance;


    public void init (path: String, w: uint = 720, h: uint = 480): void


    filePath = path;

    con = new NetConnection ();

    con.addEventListener (NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, onNetStatus);

    con.addEventListener (SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, onNetSecurity);

    con. Connect (null);


    public void updateVideoSize (w: uint, h:uint): void


    vWidth = w;

    vHeight = h;


    Video.Width = vWidth;

    Video.Height = vHeight;


    / * function public playVideo (startFrom: uint): void



    public function pauseVideo (): void



    public function resumeVideo (): void


    vStream.togglePause ();


    public function stopVideo (): void



    public function hideVideo (): void



    public void setAudioLevel (val: uint): void


    var sndTrans: SoundTransform = new SoundTransform (val);

    vStream.soundTransform = sndTrans;


    private function connectStream (): void


    vStream = new NetStream (con);

    registerStreamEvents ();

    video = new Video (vWidth, vHeight);

    video.attachNetStream (vStream); (filePath);

    startPreloader ();

    addChild (video);

    trace (vStream.bytesLoaded + "/" + vStream.bytesTotal);


    private function registerStreamEvents (): void


    vStream.addEventListener (StatusEvent.STATUS, onNetStatus);

    vStream.addEventListener (AsyncErrorEvent.ASYNC_ERROR, onAsyncError);


    private function unRegisterStreamEvents (): void


    vStream.removeEventListener (StatusEvent.STATUS, onNetStatus);

    vStream.removeEventListener (AsyncErrorEvent.ASYNC_ERROR, onAsyncError);


    private function onNetStatus (evt: NetStatusEvent): void


    Switch (


    case "NetConnection.Connect.Success":



    case 'NetStream.Play.Complete ':

    videoPlayComplete ();


    case "NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound":

    trace ("unable to locate video:" + evt.toString ());




    private function onNetSecurity (evt: SecurityErrorEvent): void


    trace ("Error occurred in connection." + evt.toString ());


    private function onAsyncError (evt: AsyncErrorEvent): void


    It's handful of mandate


    private function startPreloader (): void


    var TMR: Timer = new Timer (100);

    tmr.addEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, checkLoadProgress);

    TMR. Start ();


    private function checkLoadProgress (evt: TimerEvent): void


    trace (vStream.bytesLoaded + "/" + vStream.bytesTotal);

    If (vStream.bytesLoaded is vStream.bytesTotal)


    trace ("slaughter the timer.");

    evt.currentTarget.removeEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, checkLoadProgress);



    private function videoPlayComplete (): void


    TODO: Send the event indicating that the video is at the end.




    Friend class Singleton {}


    private function connectStream (): void


    vStream = new NetStream (con);

    registerStreamEvents ();

    video = new Video (vWidth, vHeight);

    Video.Smoothing = true;

    video.attachNetStream (vStream); (filePath);

    startPreloader ();

    addChild (video);

    trace (vStream.bytesLoaded + "/" + vStream.bytesTotal);


  • Resize the vdisk without going crazy?

    I used the VM Fusion for a few years and there are only a few apps that I can't get on my Mac, so I did very well for a long time with a 20G vdisk.

    I'm under VM Ware Fusion 3.02 on a MacBook Pro, OX 10.6.3 2.66 ghz and 8G of Ram.

    The files have swelled gradually over time, that I now need to increase the size of the vdisk.

    I have read and tried everything that I find in the forums and have not had a lot of success. Granted most of the threads come back two or three years and at least a version.

    When I open 'My computer' and then click on the disc 'C' it tells me that I have a free 19.9 G with 809M drive.

    When I select the Virtual Machine > hard drive > hard drive put on display a drive of 25G.

    My Mac finder shows the size of the file to 22.21 Go.

    Why is there such a wide range of sizes shown in the same file?

    How can I get the 'C' drive to think there 25G?

    They really do something like this such a hard pain in the neck to do?

    I tried vdiskmanager GUI without success, vdiskmanager (command line) without success and its expansion with the parameters of the hard disk does not work either.

    Any suggestions on how to expand the file and to keep at least a part of my sanity?

    Thank you

    Take a look at: resizing of the ramdisks with step by step Instructions

  • Resize the photo but not the vector mask?

    If I use a vector for a picture of drawing as a mask, can I then change the picture and hide individually?

    There is a point in the center of the photo which allows me to move the mask, but how can I resize the photo without resizing the mask and resize the mask without resizing the photo?

    Thank you

    Hold down the Alt/Option + click this point blue Center to move/adjust the mask without worrying if the thumbnail of the layer is active.

    Regarding resizing regardless of them, I'm not aware of all the shortcuts except for:

    Decouple (click/enable/disable the link between the thumbnail of the layer and the mask thumbnail)

    Select the thumbnail of the mask.

    Change the values (W/H) in the PI. (You can also do the same thing here for the active layer thumbnail)

    Here is a tip that I use a lot of the time:

    Use AutoShapes like masks. It is those who have points in the canvas "controller" that allow to resize, change the angles etc.


    A. open/import an image file.

    B. Edit > cut the image/bitmap to the Clipboard.

    C. adding a Rectangle object rounded on the Web and have it active before moving on to the next step.

    D. Edit > paste inside the contents of the Clipboard (the image).

    The result is your image with the a vector mask was consistent with the auto shape (in this case, the rounded Rectangle).

    That's the problem - select the vector mask thumbnail and you will see again "anchor controllers" there: resize and corner radius.


  • How can I watch movies without wifi

    How can I watch the movies without wifi on my MacBook Pro? It is the retina display is 13.3 inches. I have not an Apple TV is there good apps? I would like to than those that are cheap or free. I'm going on a tour group and I like to watch movies, since my destination is about 3 hours. Some answers before may, please. (Sorry, not to be rude, but even though I have a month, I want to do before you get on the bus.) "A lot of practice is required as a drummer!)

    Thank you!

    Is to buy a part of iTunes and download them

    Then you can look at them without WiFi

  • Cannot resize the virtual disk, the virtual machine by using a «child» vmdk file

    Release: VMWare workstation 9

    SE host: Windows 7 64-bit

    Screenshots below.

    I want to resize my VM from 50 GB to 100 GB.

    It seems that VMware workstation 9 uses a child for my VM vmdk.  In my case, using its "Windows Server 2008 R2 x 64 - 000001.vmdk" for its virtual disk file.  The correct file should be "Windows Server 2008 R2 x64.vmdk", I think.

    There are currently no snapshots registered for this virtual machine, I see.

    The virtual machine works well as is, but I can't resize the disk without the VMWare gui, saying I should be perform the operation on the parent vmdk file.

    It seems that I do run a snapshot that is not really a snapshot?  How to merge with the older files - Sxx.vmdk to 0000xx - Sxxx.vmdk

    I also tried to use the command line tool to manually resize the vmdk parent, but I get permission "access denied" errors.

    Kind regards



    Parameters of the HARD disk:






    He no snapshots are displayed in the Manager of snapshot with the check box 'Show AutoProtect snapshots' verified then the snapshot is an orphan and the best way I use normally to fix this if I want the contents of the snapshot of orphan to be among the basic disk is with tab of the virtual machine in VMware Workstation GUI closed I simply delete the .vmsd file and then open the virtual machine tab in the VMware Workstation GUI and cover and immediately remove a snapshot in the Snapshot Manager.  This will force the orphan snapshot to merge with the parent disk.  Then to clean I still remove the .vmsd file and orphans, .vmsn and .vmem file.

    Note: Before the procedure you have a good backup of the virtual machine in case you accidentally mess something up.

  • Resize the virtual disk

    I just had to re - create a virtual machine because my original size was too small.

    First, is there a way for me to expand the drive without having to recreate?  and

    I had a disk Acronis True Image backup, and I was trying just res it toe to a larger drive, but I couldn't understand how to launch True Image so that the virtual machine can boot from the disc of TI and start the restore.  I got the TI part to run (by installing the disk, thinking I could then restore the image "on"), but he could not see my USB external drive.

    It seems from what I see the recognition of the external USB drives is difficult - does include flash drives? -So how/where can I back up my VM so it will be available for a restore and visible to the Acronis boot CD - because I'm assuming that my installation of TI in the hopes of restoring the top disc would not work (in any case).

    Kind regards

    Chuck bobo


    Please find the attached file that will help you on how to resize the VMDK without the original data.

    Thank you


  • Is it possible to resize the slide?


    I have a model that I use for my e-learning to keep a consistent look, and because I've set up a few advanced actions.  A project, I need to slightly adjust the height of the blades.  Is this possible?  I want to keep all the slides, and their associated objects and their actions, just the resizing so that I can keep a little more on the screen.

    Hoping that this is possible and that someone knows a way to do this, but a quick search on Google and in the user of Captivate interface did not reveal anything.

    I use Cp5.5 but may upgrade or downgrade if necessary.  Thank you all!

    Have you tried to edit, resize? Be careful when choosing options to avoid quality loss, because CP is all about bitmap. It would have been better to resize the model before adding additional objects.


  • Change the typo without police?

    A client asked me to change a typo in a Flash animation. It involves only the removal of a Word. Can I do this without the fonts that Flash is missing when I load the .fla? Or do I need to install the fonts, open the .fla, make change and export the movie without error?

    Thank you

    Quite understandable. Thank you for all your help. I ended up acquiring the police of the original owner for the fix. But just because I'm curious and since my edit do ensure that deletion of a Word, creates not new characters, is there a way to distribute the fonts described with a FLA?

  • Scaling objects without scaling the effects of rounding

    After I put on the scale an object with the command and command-> < in CS3 (Mac), the effects of rounding would not be put on the scale. If I had 4mm rounded corners, they would be still 4 mm after the scale of the object. In CS4, however, the effects of rounding are set too. Is there a simple way to scale an object WITHOUT the effects of rounding? I'm sure it's possible, but I can't find the answer...

    If you use shortcuts keyboard, keyboard shortcut, you can define shortcuts for scaling and sizing. Sizing will increase/decrease object, but not the rounding RADIUS. The scale will be decrease object and which adapts the rounding RADIUS.

  • Move all the objects in the model without destroying keyframe positions?

    I built an animation based on a number of position keyframes.  I want to take the entire animation and just back up a bit on the screen so that it is centered better.  However, I don't know how to do this without manually set each keyframe for the move.

    I wish I could nest the whole comp within a clip and then change the position of this element.  Is there a way to do this in AE?

    3 ideas come to mind:

    1. Add a null value and parent all layers to null (if the layers have relatives, and then just parents parents of course). You can delete the null value later and change your keyframes for the new offset.

    2 pre compose all the layers and then move it as a single layer.

    3. If it's a 3D scene, then you can simply move the camera since it controls all the layers.

  • How can I move pages from one document to the other without merger of paragraph styles?

    I want to create a singular indesign file of 2 separate documents, which allows me to make an interactive PDF of it.

    However, when you move pages from one to the other, it seems that when each document has a paragraph style with the same name, they merge. The problem is that text is then adjusted if the styles do not match completely.

    Is there a way to merge the documents without any formatting changes?

    Create a Style group in each document and move all styles in this file. Give each document a different name. Do it with all kinds of styles: paragraph, character, objects, tables and Cell Styles. Then you can sort them later in the merged document what you do with these styles.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • The Portege 2000 via PXE - LAN operating system reinstallation

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