Restore backup of iTunes and don't have any apple ID

Dear Sir

I am from the Viet Nam and I have a problem with Apple Id.

I use iphone 5 s, version 8.3 and don't have an apple Id before. Yesterday, I used itunes to restore the data. Unfortunately, I had restored the other back to the top of my sister and he icloud. So now my camera is the ID Apple and she forgot the password.

I wonder why iTunes did not ask password icloud sister backup, if iTunes request password icloud, I do not back up to success. Now it make me mad when unable to connect to icloud and I know not if I reset all data and settings, my iphone, need password to icloud and I won't ever acess. Please tell me how I can solve this problem.

Thank you very much


Have your sister sound enter Apple ID and click Forgot password.

Apple ID - manage

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