Restore the virtual machine to the new ESX box


I'm new on this.

I recived a set of virtual machines to another place and I want to restore to the newly created ESX. I followed the steps below to restore.

Recived files:





XX_YY - flat hard

After I copy all the files above using WinSCP, I could find the "XX_YY.vmdk" is copied to the XX_YY.vmdk.flatfile' which I have one copy of another on the server with the old name using the command #cp XX_YY.vmdk.flatfile XX_YY.vmdk?

I copied all of the above files using winscp client.

Open the VI client and browse the storage

right click on the "XX_YY.vmtx" and add to the inventory

Add to the popup to open inventory and asks me to enter the name of the template and that I have provided.

In the next window, I click on finsih, I see the error: "the operation is not supported on the object.

Any Document that would tell me more info on how to restore / import VM in my newly created ESX box?

Thanks in advance



The files are in the format of model already if not the following.

Simply import the vmdk into ESX using "vmkfstools", then search for the data store, right-click on the vmtx file and select Add to the inventory. Also, you can simply rename the vmtx to vmx file.


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