restoring backup from itunes again iPhone 6s)


Just got my new iPhone 6s via mail and you want to restore my old s phone backup.  Connect the phone to iTunes you are prompted and receive a message from iTunes I need a newer version updated.  My version is 12.2.2 and when I click on update, I get a message that it is the most recent version.

Someone knows how to fix this?  I have an iMac OS X 10.7.5.

Is it because my Mac is the old operating system?

KMRIL wrote:


Is it because my Mac is the old operating system?

Yes, you are quite right.

The latest version of iTunes is 12.3.2.  Running it requires at least OS X 10.8.5.  (Current is OS X 10.11.3.)

Consider keeping your Mac today if possible.

Update of OS X El Capitan - Apple Support

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    I lose my apps apple makes such as numbers, pages, imovie, garageband etc after restoring backup from my iphone recently brought 6 s why? I just brought a new phone and restore from backup, but after the restoration of my new devices I don't see it.and I pick up on the app store and its application to pay... its happened... there please help me anyone... Thanks in advance

    new phone iphone 6s 128 GB

    iOS 9.2.3

    Are you logged in using the same as before Apple ID? Under the "iTunes and App Store", you can check in the settings menu.

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    I just got an iphone and am confused with itunes.  I the have not used in years.  I can I sync my music from itunes to iPhone.

    You need a computer that is running the latest iTunes version to either a Mac or Windows operating system.


    1. Open iTunes.
    2. In the MenuBar at the top of your computer screen, choose iTunes > check for the updates.
    3. Follow the prompts to install the latest version.


    1. Open iTunes.
    2. In the MenuBar at the top of the iTunes window, choose Help > check for updates. Learn what to do If you see not the menu bar.
    3. Follow the prompts to install the latest version.

    Instructions for syncing your iPhone here > synchronize your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes on your computer via a USB - Apple Support

  • Should I set up my iphone as new on itunes or restore information from my old iphone?


    I got the iphone 4 that have been saved in my itunes on my PC.

    I tunes has songs inside.

    Now I have a new iphone - iphone 6 for a few months now, and I have pictures, contacts, messages, etc. in it.

    I want to download music on my phone - so I plugged into my PC.

    ITunes asked me if I want to set it up as a new iphone or restore all information since the last backup that was made (the backup was made with my old iphone)

    If I chose the backup - I'm afraid it will delete everything on my iphone and will download only the information from my old iphone (I have new contacts. photos etc..).

    and if I put in place like new - I'm afraid it will delete everything on my phone or remove my itunes (including all the songs I want)

    What should I do?

    Thank you!

    If you "set up as new" this does not erase the content currently on the iPhone. It's more a set upward for iTunes can communicate with your iPhone. It is really "set up" a return for your iPhone and iTunes connect with your phone.

    In this way, you can add music and everything you want on your iPhone. You will not lose anything in iTunes.

    You can always open iPhoto/Photos and transfer your photos first if you are concerned, or enable iCloud create a backup.

  • Can not restore backup of itunes on the iphone 6

    When I am trying to restore backup to my iphone from itunes 6 it shows loading but after all it is said that it is impossible because the iphone is disconnected and it's really disconnect itself. What is going on? I really need to restore my backup on my iphone.


    Go to the settings - iCloud - backup now

    Check the last backup if you have an iphone backup restore to

    Factory settings.

    Then configure your WiFi without your PC

    When he asks uses iCloud upward.

    Use the same apple ID.

    See you soon


  • Can I download the backup from my old iPhone to a new iPhone using iTunes backup?

    Can I download a full backup of my old iPhone to my new iPhone?

    Yes, a long as the new iPhone running a version of the iOS at least as new as the one from which the backup was made.


  • Restore backup of iTunes and don't have any apple ID

    Dear Sir

    I am from the Viet Nam and I have a problem with Apple Id.

    I use iphone 5 s, version 8.3 and don't have an apple Id before. Yesterday, I used itunes to restore the data. Unfortunately, I had restored the other back to the top of my sister and he icloud. So now my camera is the ID Apple and she forgot the password.

    I wonder why iTunes did not ask password icloud sister backup, if iTunes request password icloud, I do not back up to success. Now it make me mad when unable to connect to icloud and I know not if I reset all data and settings, my iphone, need password to icloud and I won't ever acess. Please tell me how I can solve this problem.

    Thank you very much

    Have your sister sound enter Apple ID and click Forgot password.

    Apple ID - manage

  • Restore texts from Mac to iPhone 6

    They told me in the Apple store, "of course" when we restore your iphone6 you just go home and plug into your computer and it will transfer the rest of this conversation text to your iPhone as you on the Message App on Mac.

    Nothing happened. Is it possible to transfer the end of a conversation in the text that is visible on my mac to my iPhone?

    What I thought they meant is to connect it to your computer in order to restore from itunes backup.

    Restore your device from an iCloud or iTunes backup - Apple Support

  • Impossible to get the music from iTunes to iPhone

    Can't get music from iPad iPhone iTunes

    You cannot copy music directly from an iPad to an iPhone. If it's the iTunes purchases you can redownload it via the tab purchased in the iTunes Store on your phone. otherwise, sync music from your computer's iTunes library to the phone.

  • restoring backup from windows image 7

    Hi, can someone tell me how to restore the computer back to a windows image to the top. I saved from the rear on an external drive and I see that the disc external there 2 files 1 VHD is restore and the other is compleate image 107 GB and I see also 7-8 files marked xml.document.

    I tried may go in F8 and restore from that image and I get an error message no hardware found.

    I mounted the virtual hard drive on my laptop to see if it's all there and it is so... How do I restore this back from this image? I can't find information on how to do this on the microsoft Web site...

    Help, please...

    Thanks in advance

    Hi dezigner98,

    ·        How did the external device connected to the computer?

    ·        It is through the port USB or e-sata?

    You can follow the steps from the link that provides steps on how to restore the backup of the image below: restore your computer from a system image backup:

    Find out more about how the system image and restore back works refer the links below:

    Learn more about the system image backup:

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    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • content from iTunes to iPhone

    Is there a way to download music content to iTunes with your iphone without having to sign up for the Apple's music?

    If I am on the track and have my MacBook, so how do you get using my iphone?

    Go to the iTunes Store and purchase/download the music on your phone. That will not, however, of your current library.

  • It cannot sync photo from iTunes to iPhone?

    have a problem as this picture shows

    See Sync photos from your computer to your device via iTunes - Apple Support iOS.


  • could not transfer music from itunes to iphone ringtones

    I downloaded a song - ring went to my iTunes music.  The length was 30 seconds and I changed the extension to M4R and I stocked up on my desk.  However, whenever I click and drag it to my iPhone tones, nothing happens.  I have Windows 10

    It must be that the ringtones in less than 40 seconds, in AAC format (normally represented by .m4a) with a .m4r file extension. Drop the .m4r file into / automatically add to iTunes. If the file is a valid ringtone, it is worth adding to the tones of the library section. If iTunes rejects it then it should move to a folder not added automatically add to iTunes folder. No case, then iTunes can still be regarded as ordinary music.


  • How do I restore the backup from iPad Mini if the button "restore backup...". "is grayed out?


    Yesterday, I tried to downgrade my iPad Mini 2 (128 GB) of 9.3 to 9.2 of iOS in DFU mode. Before that, I backed up my iPad in iTunes. After decommissioning, apparently all of my 3rd party apps have been wiped out, and that left me with a huge 'other' part of the use of the iPad. So I decided to reset the iPad and erase everything. I noticed that after the reset, the iOS returned to 9.2.1.

    When I plugged the iPad to my computer later, and tried to restore the backup, I got the message "the backup cannot be restored for iPad because the software is too old". In addition, in the iTunes iPad summary page, the button "restore backup... "is grayed out.

    I guess it's because I backed up my iPad to iOS 9.3, and now it's 9.2.1. But y at - it another way to restore backup of iTunes? Or do I have to update to 9.3 first? iOS 9.3 is currently unavailable (last week it was, however).

    Thank you!

    You cannot restore a more recent iOS backup on a device that has an older iOS. You have saved when running iOS 9.3 and your device is now in 9.2.1. You must update the device until backup, you can ise. Unfortunately, as you know, the update is no longer available. Apple shoot because there were significant problems.

    Read more here.

    For those having issues with the iOS 9.3 update please read...

  • Update iPhone 4 iOS 7 and restored from iTunes, but still called to restore/establish new

    With the help of iTunes on OS X, I first saved my iPhone 4 and then selected Update.

    When it was full, the phone rebooted, then once I had entered my language and region, he gave me 3 options to Set Up iPhone:

    • -Set Up as new iPhone
    • -Restore icloud backup
    • -Restore from iTunes backup

    So I proceeded to restore from iTunes, by using a backup from before the upgrade.

    My problem: applying the restoration has not gotten me a more far - the phone brings back me to the page select a language, then back to the above 3 options. I tried once again sync in iTunes, but also backup to restore, nothing helps. WiFi is on, and I can see my mobile operator name in the upper left corner, so the phone is certainly up and running, but I can not go beyond the stage of installation.

    Which will be * restore iPhone *? It takes back me to iOS 4? With my phone already restored and now successfully upgraded from iTunes, how can I'm past the stage of configuration?

    You cannot restore an iPhone with iOS 7 aboard a backup performed on iOS 6 or an earlier version. Most likely, it is the cause of the problem.

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