restoring backup from windows image 7

Hi, can someone tell me how to restore the computer back to a windows image to the top. I saved from the rear on an external drive and I see that the disc external there 2 files 1 VHD is restore and the other is compleate image 107 GB and I see also 7-8 files marked xml.document.

I tried may go in F8 and restore from that image and I get an error message no hardware found.

I mounted the virtual hard drive on my laptop to see if it's all there and it is so... How do I restore this back from this image? I can't find information on how to do this on the microsoft Web site...

Help, please...

Thanks in advance


Hi dezigner98,

·        How did the external device connected to the computer?

·        It is through the port USB or e-sata?

You can follow the steps from the link that provides steps on how to restore the backup of the image below: restore your computer from a system image backup:

Find out more about how the system image and restore back works refer the links below:

Learn more about the system image backup:

Back up and restore: frequently asked questions:

Recovery of your files under Windows 7:

With regard to:

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    Hello. My laptop crashed due to a hard drive failure. I bought a new HD that I want to re - ask a Windows Image backup. But I don't have a Windows 7 bootable recovery CD because the OS came preinstalled on the computer when I bought it. (I remember to create a recovery disk, but I can't find). However, I recently bought a new computer with Windows 10. Is it possible to create a bootable recovery disk Windows 10 in order to restore my old Windows 7 OS on the new HD in my old computer? If so, what is the procedure?

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.


    Restore points - I found them little reliable so I stopped using them.

    • I trust instead of images of the system [I partitioned single HARD drive of my laptop in 2 drives with the OS & apps on all my own files on another - it makes system one image breaks as they take less than half an hour to make and at the same time restore].
    • Restore points disappear over time to make room for new ones to make.
    • Nothing can create a subsequent restore point - point restoration, you saw after that install the new update agent was probably made at the beginning of its installation so using this restore point could have set up your computer to the State it was in before to install the new update agent.
    • Restore failed, I don't know what state the computer is now so I think that you need to install the new update agent once again.
    • I think that restore points are supposed to not do anything if they cannot complete successfully, but I don't know if this is what is happening in practice.

    Installation of the new update agent -

    I think you need to install it once more to make sure that all its components are installed correctly.

    The disappearance of the red shield looks like progress [but I am still concerned that the restore attempt point can or could not have].

    Factory restore -

    Where you see references to Restoring factory that has nothing to do with the restore points or WU - "there's still a State factory 2010 option.

    • All computer manufacturers who provide computers with Windows preinstalled must provide a way to reinstall Windows.  Some achieve this goal by providing a reinstallation DVD while others do so by creating a factory restore on the HARD disk that is used partition to reinstall the entire computer from scratch - it reinstalls Windows as it was when you bought the computer but they can omit some of their own utilities to the restore factory image [, so it can be disappointing].
    • A factory restore partition is, indeed, a recessed installation disc.  So it you would set to 2010 and you need to reinstall all your applications.  I think you'd be worse off are you now to the extent where updates to go [you would reach a State before SP1 you might even think of the rollup update].
    • The factory restore partition is almost always on a non-Windows partition [a portion of the drive that Windows doesn't know anything about] If chkdsk would not reveal any useful information.
    • If, but I do not recommend, you wanted to restore factory , then you must follow the procedure in the manual of the computer & on the website of the manufacturer of the computer.

    Corrupt applications -

    • You may have to reinstall these in light of what you have already written.
    • As seems inevitable, installing Windows 10 becomes a possible alternative - if you can solve the current problems without having to reinstall applications and then install Windows 10 seems to me too much extra work.

    The Mute light & hardware drivers -

    This could be a problem with a hardware driver or utility of the machine to a computer.

    • Control of such things as lights Mute tends to be through drivers installed by the manufacturer of the computer so reinstall those who could solve this problem.
    • I expect to find the right driver on the website of the manufacturer of the computer, but, being a non-standard element, I'm only guessing when I suggested that it might be the keyboard driver.
    • On Dell such light would probably be a Dell QuickSet utility function, rather than a keyboard driver, which may also be the case with other computers.
    • If you have installed Windows 10, you would have to do a general review and search for hardware drivers, even if most of them will be detected by & installed by the installation process itself or the original WU that you then run.

    Good luck


    [I'm likely to be offline until next month, but might be able to check the forum briefly Friday 27 & Tuesday next 31]

  • How to on windows 8.1 PRO create the new partition, save image system on it and restore it from this image

    HP pavilion model - 17-e054ca

    After upgrading to PRO 8.1 window I see
    C:\ 932 GB
    D:\ 28 GB-sized recovery

    I want to save system image backup
    Currently, to create the system image backup, I have only one option to create the image on the external drive or on D:\

    1 is it possible without having to reinstall windows create new partion E:\ in order of the system backup images that him?
    If yes how to create new partition in win.8.1?
    2. If the partion E:\ will contain system images can I boot from usb drive recovery and choose one of the system located on E:\ restoration images
    3. If for some reason I want to reinstall the operating system from the recovery set DVD (s) factory setting of what is going to happen with partion E:\
    4. What is-locations of D:\ marked as recovery?

    1 is it possible without having to reinstall windows create new partion E:\ in order of the system backup images that him? If yes how to create new partition in win.8.1?

    (1) YES. Please see Computers HP - partitioning and naming (Windows 8) readers for the instructions titled "create a new partition.

    2. If the partion E:\ will contain system images can I boot from usb drive recovery and choose one of the system located on E:\ restoration images

    (2) YES, provided that you mean a 'repair Windows USB drive '.

    3. If for some reason I want to reinstall the operating system from the recovery set DVD (s) factory setting of what is going to happen with partion E:\

    (3) If you "reinstall OS" a set of recovery discs HP or an HP Recovery USB Flash drive, partition 'E:\. "is erased as support for HP recovery returns the computer to a factory State. I suggest that you store your "Backup of System Image" windows on an external hard drive for best results.

    4. What is-locations of D:\ marked as recovery?

    (4) the purpose of the "D:\". "HP recovery partition is to create your recovery HP personal media, return the computer to a factory State and restore the originally installed drivers and software.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


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  • Restoring files from Windows XP (.bkf) in Windows 7

    I had a complete computer failure and replaced my laptop with a new one running Windows 7. I need to restore all my files from backups made on Windows XP (.bkf files). This doesn't seem to be possible in Windows 7. I saw a few proposals for solutions that involve the restoration of a machine running XP and then transfer the files, but I don't have a second machine to do this. How can I access backed up files?

    And if it does not, you can wait until Microsoft releases the NTBackup Restore Utility for Windows 7 (as they did for Windows Vista). Check out this thread.
    Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Desktop Experience]

  • restoring backup from itunes again iPhone 6s)


    Just got my new iPhone 6s via mail and you want to restore my old s phone backup.  Connect the phone to iTunes you are prompted and receive a message from iTunes I need a newer version updated.  My version is 12.2.2 and when I click on update, I get a message that it is the most recent version.

    Someone knows how to fix this?  I have an iMac OS X 10.7.5.

    Is it because my Mac is the old operating system?

    KMRIL wrote:


    Is it because my Mac is the old operating system?

    Yes, you are quite right.

    The latest version of iTunes is 12.3.2.  Running it requires at least OS X 10.8.5.  (Current is OS X 10.11.3.)

    Consider keeping your Mac today if possible.

    Update of OS X El Capitan - Apple Support

  • Cannot restore backup or windows system.

    Original title: (sdclt.exe) now run 5 times. Disk backup of Microsoft Windows Stopped @ 37% said to load an empty disc. (deleted dvd disc manuely & replaced) I tried to reverse with the RESTORATION of the SYSTEM now also froze.

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • sdclt.exe froze 5 times running and restoring the system froze preparing for restore
    • Error message
    • My first time trying to back up files on a dvd disc stopped 37% said load an empty disc. (deleted dvd disc manuely & replaced) (sdclt.exe) now runs 5 times.
    • I tried end task in task several times or on the processor page Manager to end the task but no go


    ·         What type of backup you're trying to do?

    Step 1: Search for errors in the event viewer.

    Step 2: Check if you are able to save the clean boot.

    Note: Please make sure that the computer is configured to start as usual by following step 7 of article.

    Step 2: Run the System File Checker tool:

    Also refer to:


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  • Re: Satellite M300 - can I restore Vista from Windows 7?

    Hi, my laptop model is Satellite M300

    I want to ask all can I have used the recovery disks that I created last time when I was with Windows Vista Home Premium, to restore it back to Vista after I format my C drive and install the new OS which is Windows 7?

    So, if I start the recovery disks that I created last time and run it. Is he able to restore Grand Vista as the factory setting?


    First of all what model of laptop you have exactly?

    The Toshiba Recovery disk normally contains factory settings, which means that all the drivers and tools they have been delivered with the laptop.

    But normally on most computers laptops only trial version of Office is preinstalled. It works for 90 days, as far as I know, and after that, it should be bought if you want to use.
    Your laptop comes with a full version of Office?

    Good bye

  • Cannot install KB974674 (restoring backups made on Windows XP on computers running Windows 7)

    I tried to install KB974674 (restore backups in Windows XP on computers running Windows 7) on my laptop with Windows 7 starter (in Dutch), then a pop up shows saying there is an error, unspecified, 0x80004005. I just want to put the backup I did on my XP computer files (the backup contains files with the extension .dat), with windows on my new laptop backup and the backup on my external hard drive does not appear in the backup of windows on my laptop. I thought that this update would help me.

    The real solution is to use Windows Easy Transfer.

  • Im trying to go to a backup Win 7, but unable to restore backup files

    Im trying to restore the backup files to a backup Win 7, but it deosnt let me do

    You are this announcement in an XP forum, so I'm assuming that you try to restore the files on a XP computer?

    Backup format changed between Windows XP and Windows 7.  Windows is a utility that will restore backups of Windows XP on a Windows 7 computer...
       <> >
    but to my knowledge, there is no use to restore a backup of Windows 7 on a XP machine.
    Better to restore the files on another Win 7 machine and then copy or otherwise transfer on your computer running Windows XP.


  • Restore Windows Vista from Windows 7 backup

    We have two computers a main computer (laptop) with Win 7 which we travel around with. We also have a desktop with Win Vista computer to which we would like to restore the backup for even less risk losing our data. I need help on how to restore from your external hard drive made of win 7 to Win Vista.

    Thank you

    Hi Fred,.

    You can connect the external hard drive to your Windows Vista-based computer, navigate to the location where the data is stored and copy the content, and save it on the Vista computer.

    For more information, you can consult the following article:

    Restore files from a backup

    How to back up files and recover data

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Blue screen at the start of WinSrv2008r2 recovered from the backup of windows virtual machine image


    At first, everything seems fine:

    -to create the new virtual machine

    -startup disc for instalation of Windows Server 2008 on this VM

    -Select "Repair system" and point the backup image file (full backup - made with standard Windows backup tool)

    -system recovered successfully.

    But then, when the system restart recovered fresh - start start Windows normally - and suddenly it is blue screen with the error 0x0000007b

    IMHO, this first initiated boot of the recovered system trying to twist something in the special part of the disc and he cannot (because it's a virtual disk?)

    Is it possible to recover the system windows image file system server to virtual classic?

    Thanks in advance for all voice :-)



    Welcome to the community,

    the error message is related to the controller to start the virtual machine, which is different from the original system, and its drivers are not loaded in Windows. What you try, it is to use the free VMware Converter and run the option "Set up the Machine", which should inject the necessary drivers in the virtual machine. Before doing this, please make sure that the Windows 2008 virtual machine has the default "LSI Logic SAS' controller configured in its settings.


  • after image restore, backup partition table is different


    He is a 2012 Macbook mid Pro with El Capitan and Bootcamp.

    After repeated with Bootcamp (Windows 10 Pro) problems I started using Image of Terabyte for Linux in order to safeguard this Macbook. Forums terabyte that people know that the Image of Linux (such as Image for Windows) is able to create a reliable backup, but also to restore - restore an entire disk image or restoring individual partitions.

    I followed their instructions precisely and activated the two options "restore first Beach" and "TPG hidden OS" (as one terabyte official, Member of the forum wrote) when restoring a partition.

    Unfortunately, it did not work! Bootcamp was no longer visible in the start screen or wasn't visible, but not start.

    What I found was that I had to keep the two options (see above) with DISABILITIES.

    Then I could restore some partition images - and 10 Windows in Bootcamp is bootable.

    Well, it was the long introduction.  I'm sorry.

    Now my question is:

    Is this something that has changed my partition table?

    Before restoring an Image for backup of Linux for the first time, I had this partition table:

    localhost: ~ root # fdisk/dev/disk0

    Disk: geometry / dev/disk0: 60801/255/63 [976773168 sectors]

    Signature: 0xAA55

    From end

    #: cyl hd s - cyl hd s id [Start - size]


    1: EA 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 [1-409639]

    2: AF 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 [409640-857906448] HFS +.

    3: AB 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 Boot Darwin [858316088-1269536]

    * 04:07 1023 254 63-1023 254 63 [859586560-117186560] HPFS/QNX / TO THE


    After failed attempts to restore and work finally restore my partition table operation is different:


    Disk: geometry / dev/disk0: 60801/255/63 [976773168 sectors]

    Signature: 0xAA55

    From end

    #: cyl hd s - cyl hd s id [Start - size]


    1: EA 0 0 2 - 1023 255 63 [1-409639]

    2: AF 25 102 15 - 1023 255 63 [409640-857906448] HFS +.

    3: AB 1023 0 57 - 1023 255 63 Boot Darwin [858316088-1269536]

    * 04:07 1023 199 8-1023 255 63 [859586560-117186560] HPFS/QNX / TO THE

    Everything seems to work fine, but I wonder if the different appearance of the partition table can be a problem?

    For example, compare:

    1: EA 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63] 3 o 409639]


    1: EA 0 0 2 - 1023 255 [63 3 o


    It's the output of 'diskutil list ':

    localhost: ~ root # diskutil list

    / dev/disk0 (internal, physical):


    0: GUID_partition_scheme * GB 500,1 disk0

    1: disk0s1 EFI EFI 209.7 MB

    2: Apple_HFS Macintosh HD 439,2 GB disk0s2

    3: disk0s3 Apple_Boot Recovery 650.0 MB HD

    4: Microsoft database BOOTCAMP 60.0 GB disk0s4

    And the output of 'TPG - r - vv show/dev/disk0':

    See the TPG: / dev/disk0: mediasize = 500107862016; SectorSize = 512; blocks = 976773168

    See the TPG: / dev/disk0: MBR suspicious to sector 0

    See the TPG: / dev/disk0: Pri GPT to sector 1

    See the TPG: / dev/disk0: GPT Sec at sector 976773167

    start index size summary

    0 1 MBR

    1 1 Pri GPT header

    2 32 table GPT Pri

    34 6

    40 409600 1 part TPG - C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B

    409640 857906448 2 part TPG - 48465300-0000-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC

    858316088 1269536 3 part TPG - 426F6F74-0000-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC

    859585624 936

    859586560 117186560 4 part TPG - EBD0A0A2-B9E5-4433-87C0-68B6B72699C7

    976773120 15

    976773135 32 table dry GPT

    976773167 1 dry GPT header

    Out of 'gdisk/dev/disk0:

    localhost: ~ root # gdisk/dev/disk0

    GPT fdisk (gdisk) version 1.0.1

    WARNING: Open with shared lock devices will not have their

    table partition automatically reloaded!

    Scanning partition table:

    MBR: hybrid

    BSD: absent

    APM: absent

    TPG: present

    Found a valid GPT with hybrid MBR; using GPT.

    Command (? for help): p

    Disk/dev/disk0: 976773168 sectors, GiB 465.8

    Logical sector size: 512 bytes

    Identifier (GUID) of disc: 38A2E667-6E00-4C0F-BD78-C95979E3CFAE

    Partition table contains up to 128 entries

    First usable sector is 34, last usable area is 976773134

    The partitions will be aligned with the boundaries of sector 8

    Space is free total 957 sectors (478,5 KiB)

    Starting number (sector) end (sector), Code name of size

    409639 40 1 MiB EF00 EFI 200.0

    2 409640 858316087 409.1 giB AF00 Macintosh HD

    3 858316088 859585623 619.9 MiB AB00 Recovery HD

    4 859586560 976773119 55.9 giB 0700 BOOTCAMP

    Any ideas?

    Another question:

    Is it possible to save the table to partition like that?

    DD if = / dev/sda of = gptandmbr bs = 512 count = 34

    Thank you very much


    In Fdisk, the CHS numbers are arbitrary on modern disks. They are the time of BIOS and old disks with CHS geometry. Puts BCA from Mac 0-1023 (1024 cylinders), 0-255 (256 heads) and 0-63 (64 sectors). Modern disks far exceed those numbers and would drain them. Must match what is the triplet of start/end/size and it fits in GPT and MBR. You can put arbitrary 0,0,0 for CHS and you will see all issues on GPT disks.

    Please do not use TBIL to restore W10 to circa 1970-80 disks.

  • System Image recovery, restore the system from an image will include my program inside?

    I have a windows backup Image of the 17/11/2015 which I wan to restore my Windows 7 computer.

    I load a trial version of media compose and he knocked my version of media dial 5.

    I have more disks to it.  A restore of the system from an image will include my program inside?

    And it will not restore, he said that the system cannot find the specified file.

    What can I do to get it to restore the computer?

    Instead of a "Image Restore" I recommend you to do a "System Restore" to set up Windows back a week or two. You can start the process with rstrui.exe.

  • After you uninstall Acronis True Image Home 2012, I'm not able to do a backup on Windows 7 system

    After the use of Acronis True Image Home 2012 and unistalling after a few weeks, I'm not able to do a systembackup more.
    The textlink to activate a backup in Control Panel does not respond, nothing happens.
    I tried to find a solution on the internet, but nothing solves this problem.
    Please notify.

    Good luck. Let us know what's happening and if you get a fix of Acronis.

    In addition, re charge the backup, it - is interesting to read.

Maybe you are looking for