Restoring old iPhone backup ITunes

I backed up my wife on iTunes iPhone before getting a new iPhone.  When I went to restore the backup on the new iPhone, iTunes somehow made a backup of the new iPhone. When I go into iTunes and do a "restore from backup" the version available is the backup of the new iPhone, previous iPhone away from my wife.  Obviously not very useful.

Now I can go in the ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup directory and see the backup version I want to use.  But I can't seem to download iTunes "Restore from backup" to give the opportunity to select the backup version I want.

Any ideas on how to access this version would be very appreciated.

Thank you.


This can explain:

If you need help, restore from a backup - Support Apple iTunes

Refer to the section:

I can't select an iTunes backup

There are several reasons why there may be not all available for your iOS device iTunes backups:

Just a guess!

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    Follow the instructions here:

    If you have forgotten the password for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports

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    Firstly, for the sake of brevity, I apologize for asking this.  I am relatively new on iMac, but have an old iPhone 4 and 5 that I sell.  (have a 6 currently.)

    There is content, photos and voice Memos, I want to save 4.  How do you find the 'old' content on my iMac?  I only "see" the new 6 content.

    Thank you in advance, community.

    Hey! Connect your iPhone 4 to iTunes and make a backup.

    How to back up your device using iCloud or iTunes - Apple Support

  • Recently installed iTunes needed to point to the old library on a disk hard separte and import my old iPhone backups

    I recently reinstalled my OS and iTunes on a new hard drive, my old iTunes program was stored on

    the drive that I removed. My iTunes music library has been memorized and is still located on an external hard drive that is still in

    use. How to point the new installation of iTunes on my music iTunes located on the external hard drive and also import

    My data backup iPhone, applications etc... the former replaced the hard disk that the iTunes program was stored initially on?

    Assuming that you have the entire library, not only the media folder, and then press and hold down the SHIFT key as you launch iTunes. Keep now until asked to choose or create a library. Click on choose and find the iTunes Library.itl file in your iTunes folder.

    As long as your iPhone works you can connect and save it like her now. If you have the old hard drive and try to migrate the older backup sets, these need to be copied in \Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

    See make a library of portable split to the bottom. If your library has been split and you have the old drive so it should be possible to pull the library of him and put it on your outside.


  • connect 6 1 year old iphone to itunes for the first time without data loss

    They (pc and iphone) are both devices allowed on the itunes account.

    Can you give us more information please? What kind of messages do you see? -AJ

  • does "set up as new iphone" prevent later restore the data from the old iphone (iphone 4)

    refurb Iphone 4: if I use the option "set up as new iphone", I can retrieve later data from the old iphone from itunes? (macbook 10.6.8 don't dl latest version of itunes @ this time)

    You would be able to restore an old backup him later, but doing so will wipe everything that is currently on the phone. There is no way to combine.

  • Many problems, try to restore the Iphone 7 - help!

    I'll try to make a long story short:

    I backed up my iPhone 6. It was a 128 GB, which took some time.

    I have connected my iphone 7 (also a 128 GB) to iTunes. I got an error message that says something to not received data from the device. After a google search, I decided that I had to put my phone into recovery mode to restore the backup of the iphone 6. I did it. Then I got an another error message that says that I should update my iTunes. Updated my iTunes on my computer, I rebooted my computer and tried again. This time, he acted like it was going to work. My computer went through the lengthy process of installing the software and my new iphone restore 7. At the end of the restoration, I got a different error message saying that it was impossible to complete the restore.

    Now my iphone 7 is stuck in this mode where everything he says is "data recovery cannot take place. "Restore to your iPhone, please backup." He won't do anything else. When I connect it to iTunes, it says "iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a password. You must enter the password on the iPhone before it can be used with iTunes. "However, when I push my iphone home button 7, enter the password and then check the password, I will just go back to the screen that says"data recovery cannot be completed... ". "and the error message remains on my iTunes.

    I tried several times to get the iphone 7 in recovery mode, but I can't. I hold down the sleep and lower volume button, the Apple appears, I keep pressing the buttons, the Apple disappears, Apple appears again, I'm all in now the buttons, the Apple disappears and then nothing happens.

    I got a phone call from Apple in the AM, but I'm really frustrated that I was stuck with a device $ 700 that I can't do ANYTHING with all day. No indication at all is appreciated.

    Same old IPhone backup issues that have been around for years. This will be my last IPhone if I eventually return. My iPhone cannot be saved to icloud for some reason any and my iPhone 7 will not restore from iTunes backup. What a joke after so many years. ITunes has got to be the worst application ever created.

  • iPhone backup

    Hi guys

    I had to backup my iPhone with iTunes on my mac and when I restored the backup didn't get my apps, photos, my messages and settings just music and towing apps that I installed with iTunes...

    I don't know why, it is possible to find my apps and their white veil of data download again from the App Store and my setting and the other?

    Please help... tnx

    Hi raouf.e,

    Thanks for joining us in the communities of Support from Apple. I understand that you have had difficulties with restoring a backup on your iPhone and did not save all the data you expect. I know it's nice to be able to easily revert to a previous state, so I'm happy to provide advice for this.

    From what you described, it seems that simply synchronize this music and these applications for your iPhone, rather than restoring a backup you can have.

    How to restore your iPhone from iTunes backup:

    1. Open iTunes on Mac or PC that you used to back up your device.
    2. Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable. If a message asks you to Trust This Computer or device password, follow the steps on the screen. If you have forgotten your password, get help.
    3. Select your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch when it appears in iTunes. If your device does not appear in iTunes, know what to do.
    4. Select Restore backup in iTunes. If a message indicates that the software of your iOS device is too old, know what to do.
    5. Look at the date and the size of each backup and choose the most relevant.
    6. Click on restore and wait for the time of the restoration to the end. If requested, enter the password for your encrypted backup.
    7. Keep your device connected after it restarts and wait that it synchronize with your computer. You can disconnect once the synchronization is complete.

    Restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from a backup

    I hope this helps to clarify things, Bravo!

  • Should I iPhone backup to iCloud?


    Have an iPhone 4S with IOS to date that has not been saved to iCloud for more than a month. I backed him up for MacBook, but whenever I have connected, connected to WiFi and try to backup, it gets 80% done and then says: «can't save now»  I tried the suggestion to remove the old iPhone backup from the clouds, but it can not be deleted at this time. (Backup of what we call takes place 0, so not much of a backup to delete).

    Have a new iPhone 6s, so I'll be able to use it from my backup computer, or what I need to see this thru backup?

    Thank you.

    If you back up in iTunes, then use your iTunes backup to restore.

  • I forgot the password for backup iTunes, how to do now?

    I accidentally deleted some contacts and SMS on my iPhone 6 during the cleaning of the unit. I backed up my iPhone a few days before. So I had planned to restore the items deleted from the iTunes backup. However, when I restore my iPhone with iTunes, it asks me to enter a password. I tried some more used by myself, but without a bit of luck.

    Is it possible to restore my iPhone from the iTunes backup?


    If you forgot your password for encrypted backup itunes, the only thing you can do is remove the encrypted backup find and manage your backups iTunes - Apple Support.

    After that just who go on your iphone in Settings - General - reset - Reset all settings.

    When you have completed these steps, you should be able to create the new backup without encrypt or implement the new password for encryption you will know.

    I hope this will help!

  • I want to restore my iPhone without updating to the latest version

    I want to restore my iPhone on iTunes 5s, because in 2014, I do my iPhone 5s so sure, today, I took it out, he is buried in the living room when I tried to clean my house, but I don't remember the password, I didn't even use scrap to see the password of it. Then, I went to iTunes, iPhone 5 s is disabled for 60 min., but I don't want to upgrade to the latest version, I am on iOS 8.1, and really, I swear I wanted to booth newspapers and a more pure experience, but I don't want to waste space because it's a 16 GB phone. I want to just restore and give it, not up-to-date. My young sister really needs (she is 9, I have 32).

    You can not.

  • Should I set up my iphone as new on itunes or restore information from my old iphone?


    I got the iphone 4 that have been saved in my itunes on my PC.

    I tunes has songs inside.

    Now I have a new iphone - iphone 6 for a few months now, and I have pictures, contacts, messages, etc. in it.

    I want to download music on my phone - so I plugged into my PC.

    ITunes asked me if I want to set it up as a new iphone or restore all information since the last backup that was made (the backup was made with my old iphone)

    If I chose the backup - I'm afraid it will delete everything on my iphone and will download only the information from my old iphone (I have new contacts. photos etc..).

    and if I put in place like new - I'm afraid it will delete everything on my phone or remove my itunes (including all the songs I want)

    What should I do?

    Thank you!

    If you "set up as new" this does not erase the content currently on the iPhone. It's more a set upward for iTunes can communicate with your iPhone. It is really "set up" a return for your iPhone and iTunes connect with your phone.

    In this way, you can add music and everything you want on your iPhone. You will not lose anything in iTunes.

    You can always open iPhoto/Photos and transfer your photos first if you are concerned, or enable iCloud create a backup.

  • try to put in place the new to iphone on itunes backup with restoration done the previous phone

    Try to restore again SE with a backup that I did earlier today with 5, whenever I connect to itunes SE he asks me if I want to set up as a new phone or restore from a backup.  I choose the backup that I did earlier today and go through the whole process.  Some of my apps restore and no voice message.  ITunes recognizes the phone as having been backed up and continues to ask me how I want to configure the phone.  I did the whole process 3 times.  I have a real phone, restarted itunes... What can I do else?

    I suggest you all first set your phone as new, and after it is operational connecting to iTunes and then restore the backup. Make sure you have iTunes 12.3.3 on your computer, they are required for the iPhone OS.

  • corrupted backup iPhone: you can restore old backup from Time Machine?


    I recently had my iPhone 6 (last iOS 9.2) stolen and when I bought my new 6 iPhone updated to iOS 9.3.1 and it synchronized, he said that the March 21 backup was corrupt or incompatible.

    Leaving aside Why is it (except if in your knowledge, it has an effect), I was wondering is it possible to go into the Time Machine and find the last iPhone backup (hopefully not corrupt or incompatible) and then use it when you synchronize and put up my new phone?

    So in this case I would lose a week / a month value of the data over the year or so for my backup previously listed on my iTunes currently.

    More important still, I need to get my SMS and notes.

    For now, my contacts seem to have all come finer.

    A big thank you for any help you can provide.

    See you soon

    You should be able to do. Follow the instructions here to find and restore the backup on your hard drive.

    Use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac - Apple Support

  • If I restore my 'new' iPhone 4 to this loan for the activation of the sim to my iPhone 3gs iTunes backup it will erase the data on the iPhone 3GS?

    If I restore my 'new' iPhone 4 to this loan for the activation of the sim to my iPhone 3GS iTunes backup it will erase the data on the iPhone 3GS?

    N ° restoring a backup to an iPhone will not affect the iPhone, it was made from all.

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