Retrieve or change password for wireless network.

Can't conect to my wireless network.

You must contact the manufacturer and see if there is a way to reset the wireless device if you can enter a new user name and/or password.  They can also have other suggetions to resolve the situation.  This is the wireless device software and not Microsoft software, so we are not familiar with how it works (and you do not include the manufacturer, the brand and model of the device, so we could search to try to reach a recommendation if this was possible without contact with them).

If this does not work, then I suggest uninstalling the software of the device wireless and then re - install again.  Who should clear the old password and give you a chance to enter a new during the installation and configuration process.  Make sure you know all the appropriate settings and note before you uninstall it (and make sure you have always access to the software or by recorded disc download, or the website of the manufacturer (ask them where to find it when you talk with them if you can't find it).)

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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  • My problem of password for wireless network card

    my wireless adapter is trying to connect to my network with an old password whenever I restart my laptop, how do I change the passrowd and ensuring that the installation program will be saved?

    Here you go:

    1. Control Panel
    2. Network and sharing Center
    3. Manage wireless networks
    4. Right-click on your home network, and remove it.
    5. Back to network and sharing Center
    6. To connect to a network
    7. Type your password when prompted
    8. Note this procedure for future reference.
  • "Cannot connect to the network." When you enter the correct password for wireless network


    I have the HP Photosmart C7200 all-in-One series.

    This seems relatively insignificant compared to some of the problems posted here, but nevertheless it is a problem.  I have a Verizon FiOS (Actiontec) router.  I am trying to connect to it wireless; the network key is using WPA authentication.  I followed all the instructions in the quick start guide.

    My printer detects my network and application authentication key.  I enter the correct key, the printer is trying to establish a connection, but after about 15 to 25 seconds, I get the error message, "cannot connect to the network.  I know that my key is correct; I connect to my router very well through several laptops, PDA, etc.  I have reset the settings network default manufacturer and tried without success.

    I don't know what kind of trouble shooting I'm supposed to do here.  The printer detects the router (albeit low signal strength) whenever I try to connect, I enter the password each time and I get the error each time.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Edit: I printed the test report wireless network, here are the results:

    Radio on   PASS

    The radio work   PASS

    Ethernet cable not plugged in   PASS

    Network name (SSID found)   PASS

    Security   PASS

    The printer settings compatible with the configuration of the wireless router   PASS

    No filtering   IN CASE OF FAILURE

    Connected   Not work

    The signal strength   Very low

    Other networks detected matching you the network name (SSID)   NO.

    I know this sounds strange, but try changing channel by channel 11 of the wireless router.

  • I don't remember the password for my network, but I do remember the password for my computer and my home group.

    I don't remember the password for my network, I remember the password to my computer and my home group, they are all different to change that, but family crisis distract me unable to use my ipad now or my other computer help!

    original title: password


    What operating system is installed on the computer?

    Perform the steps mentioned below, if you have Windows 7 installed on the computer and see if the problem persists.

    a: right click on the wireless in your taskbar icon.

    b: open network and sharing Center and then click manage wireless networks on the left.

    c: you will see all the networks you have connected too.

    d: right click on any connection to Properties.

    e: click on the Security tab that shows the details of the security of the network including the password. Click on the box to Show characters.

    Hope this information helps.

  • dv6810us don't Scan for wireless networks

    I have a Pavilion dv6810us notebook running Vista Home Premium. It has the Atheros AR5007 wireless card. There are ten days, he stopped searching for wireless networks. I can only connect to a wireless so I manually enter the SSID and password in manage wireless networks. The connection to a network screen displays the message, "Windows cannot find any additional network." The box at the top right of the screen does not work. The last day, I was able to find wireless networks was at a Starbucks in New York on 29 October. Help, please. Thank you.

    Please do not hold account that last response. I did a Google search and found at It works! Thanks a lot for your help. I like the fact that the software gives you a list with icons that tell you if a hot spot is protected or not, so you can see at a glance. Nice work and 1 million thanks!

  • Satellite Pro L450-13 q (PSLY1E) - XP driver for wireless network card

    The system has Windows 7 pre-installed and has Windows 7 recovery DVD.
    I searched online and found that some packages also include Windows XP Professional as a downgrade.

    This was not included in my package, I received.

    I managed to get most of the drivers for XP, including graphics and sound card.
    But at the present time, I have not been able to locate the driver for the wireless card.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you very much... Mark

    Hi mate,

    I think that you should look for the Toshiba WLAN drivers WLAN Portal:

    Normally you will find all the drivers for wireless network cards in all laptops Toshiba so it s worth a try! ;)
    Moreover, what WLAN card you have exactly?

  • zynga took my moms account and changed password for facebook and e-mail, she followed the steps to change the password, but the link does not work

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    zynga took my moms account and changed password for facebook and e-mail, she followed the steps to change the password but the link does not work as it changes the password of my account, she tried this link 3 times now is there anything else she can try.


    ·        What operating system is installed on your computer?

    ·        What browser do you use to connect to the internet?

    ·        Which email service provider you are talking about?

    Because the problem is linked to facebook I suggest you to post your query on facebook forum for assistance:

  • Look at a key security or password for a network

    Hi, basically what I want to know is if there is a way I can see the key to security/password for my network. I'm on the computer that created the network, and now I'm trying to connect a laptop computer to my network and he asks me a password or security key. I do not pay attention to the key when I was creating the network, so I don't remember what it was. Can I see my key so I can connect my laptop to the network?

    This desktop PC and laptop are running on Vista, I say that if there is something else you should know :)

    Thank you very much!

    The best way, in my opinion, to learn that the key is to reset the router by default.  Default values appear in the router documentation.  You can then restore security to something you will remember. Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]

  • DHCP is not enabled for wireless network

    Hi all

    I have problems with internet connection and a large part of the time, that Network Diagnostics says Windows "DHCP is not enabled for wireless network", then it solves a problem, but I lose the connection several times a day, and each time that do the same fix again.

    I checked the Device Manager settings and DHCP is started and set to automatic, I also ran CMD > ipconfig/all and can paste the results if need be.

    I use a VPN and never had any prior issued connection with it and it seems to be just as hard to connect if the VPN is enabled or disabled.

    Also recently I got the "security defender" virus which has been deleted successfully, the next day of the day it has been deleted, all network cards have messed up, I uninstalled and reinstalled them but that didn't work so I restored my system and that seems to fix the problem, my computer does not seem to run as fast after the virus as before so I wonder if it has an impact on my current problem.

    I use a Toshiba Satellite Pro 660D and Windows 7.



    Thanks for choosing Microsoft Community. However the question you posted should be better on the TechNet forums. Please post the question here:



    Don't answer if you need assistance, we will be happy to help you.

  • need to change password for root and oracle Linux

    Dear all,

    We have installed Oracle RAC server configured a year back. now, due to security reason has to change the root and oracle user password.
    so before changing the password, we want to know is there any impact on live server due to change password for the user root and oracle RAC.

    as we so oracle user equivalence if we change the password, it will work very well.

    Thank you
    Shir khan

    SHERKHAN wrote:
    Dear all,

    We have installed Oracle RAC server configured a year back. now, due to security reason has to change the root and oracle user password.
    so before changing the password, we want to know is there any impact on live server due to change password for the user root and oracle RAC.

    as we so oracle user equivalence if we change the password, it will work very well.

    No, there is no impact of the change to the password of user oracle/root on the equivalence of the user and RAC.

    Also check similar posts in the past:

    User OS password Oracle RAC environment change


    Published by: Rajesh on August 25, 2010 11:26

  • After the change of username & password for wireless internet connection WiFi printer is not responding.

    Original title:

    Canon Pixma MG5200 (printer WiFi)

    I changed the username & password for my wireless connection internet and since then my WiFi printer does not respond after that I did mentioned the new configuration. I tried to reset the printer with its installation CD, but at the end of installation, I get a message that the printer is not found on the network. I also read the help manual, but I couldn't solve the problem... I really appreciate a clear explanation for having my printer answer & working again.

    1. what exactly happens when you try to print? You receive an error message?
    2. other wireless devices work properly?
    3. what operating system is installed on the computer?
    Check if the printer is on and properly connected tour.
    Method 1:
    You can run the fixit from the following link and check if it works:
    Diagnose and automatically fix problems printing and printer
    Method 2:
    Try the steps in the following article and check:
    Why can I not print?
    You can also consult the following link:
    Printer in Windows problems
    I hope this helps!
  • How can I change my password for wireless?

    Change of password

    I'll put up my wireless after two years, and I don't remember the password for the other members of my family to use the wireless.

    Anyone know how to change, or the contact person to change?

    Where, exactly, is this required password?  Whether to connect to a wireless router, see the manual of the router (or manufacturer) for access and the router password reset procedures.  If nothing else works, every router I've seen has a reset switch that can be used to restore the router to the factory settings by default, where you can reconfigure and set new passwords.

  • change router and wireless network

    After I change provider and wireless router my wireless printer won't connect and print wireless will print with cable but not wireless. What should I do to fix this

    Hi floats,

    You will find that this document contains instructions to install the product in a wireless network using an access point , such as a router . This type of network is called an infrastructure network. HP recommends the type of network infrastructure for a wireless connection to your product.

    Follow the steps outlined in the document below and let me know how it goes?

  • Envy5660: password for wireless printing

    Y at - it a HP print and Scan doctor for Mac OS x operating systems.  I need to recover my network printer password

    You network password for your SSID is located in your router that you have access to access your router and go in the wireless tab and you will find your SSID and password.

  • How to change password for wifi I phone 4S help?

    trying to connect on apple apps for getting the message wrong pasword but I know its right, I'll change the wifi password if someone will tell me how I have a netgear wireless modem

    Hi joegreco,

    Welcome to the Microsoft community. According to the description of the problem, you want to change the password for wifi.

    Make sure that you provide the password.

    You can connect to the web interface of the router with the administrative law and reset the password. For information about how to do this with the router, please consult the router's manual or contact the manufacture of the router.
    You can also do a hard reset on the router back to the default factory settings. Please consult the manual of the router or the router manufacture.

    For apple iPhone apps cause contact Apple support for assistance.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you need more assistance.

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