Retrieving error - could not find the path of the image... M:/RecoveryImage/install.wim

So, I went out and bought the USB on the gateway site to restore this laptop again and when I tried to do, he says recovery failed - could not find the path of the image M:/RecoveryImage/install.wim.

I contacted support and they issued me a replacement USB drive, I get the same failure.

I diagnosed the HARD drive and it passes.  I used diskpart to 'clean up' the disk drive HARD all nothing doesn't.

[Under the direction of privacy] order number

What gives?



I you sent a PM with respect to research purposes.

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    We managed to repro this on a machine running OS x 10.7.

    It turns out that it was probably due to one of the two parameters of generation in XCode:

    Basis of SDK, that I put OS X 10.9, and (most likely) OS X deployment target, which is the default value for the compiler. By reducing the Base SDKS to 10.8 and setting the target of 10.5 deployment. This fixed the problem on the machine 10.7.

    Waiting for the user who reported the problem to confirm the re-compiled version works on his workstation. However, I thought that I would put the solution here, just in case someone else has this problem in the future.


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    Hi Chris240560,

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    For further assistance, we recommend you to make contact with The team of Support of Java for better assistance.

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    Hi kjkin,

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    You have installed iTunes because this software package includes the necessary drivers?

    Also note that iPhones & iPods won't sync with Windows Media Player without 3rd party software. You can sync with iTunes.

  • In the Powershell script execution error: could not find the type [ordered]: make sure that the assembly containing this type is loaded.


    I am trying to load and run the PowerShell script of PowerCLI Module to check the CPU, memory and storage overcommitment. VMware PowerCLI Blog - VMware Blogs but somehow it is always stopped with the error: cannot find the [ordered] type: make sure that the assembly containing this type is loaded.

    Here are some of the diagnostic result:


    Value name

    ----                           -----

    PSVersion 2.0

    PSCompatibleVersions {1.0, 2.0}

    BuildVersion 6.1.7601.17514

    PSRemotingProtocolVersion 2.1

    WSManStackVersion 2.0

    CLRVersion 4.0.30319.1026


    Get-ChildItem ' HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET frame Setup\NDP'-recurse |

    Get-ItemProperty-name of the EA - 0 Version |

    Where {$_.} PSChildName-match ' ^ (?) (S) \p {L} "} |"

    Select PSChildName, Version

    PSChildName Version

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    v2.0.50727 2.0.50727.5420

    3.0.30729.5420 v3.0

    Windows Communication Foundation 3.0.4506.5420

    Windows Presentation Foundation 3.0.6920.5011

    3.5.30729.5420 v3.5

    Customer 4.0.30319

    4.0.30319 full


    PowerCLI Version


    VMware vSphere PowerCLI 5.8 Release 1 build 2057893


    Versions of the snap


    Build VMWare AutoDeploy PowerCLI component 5.5 1983942

    Build VMWare ImageBuilder PowerCLI component 5.5 1983942

    Build license of VMware PowerCLI component 5.5 1265954

    Build VMware Storage PowerCLI component 5.8 2057894

    Build VDS's VMware PowerCLI component 5.8 2031581

    Build VMware vSphere PowerCLI component 5.8 2031581

    I installed Windows6. 1 -KB2819745- x 64 - MultiPkg.msu to enable Powershell v4.0 on my Windows 7 laptop, but still the script cannot be executed with the above error message.

    Any kind of aid and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Ah, yes--it is that review.

    Another option, because you are not able to go to .NET FX 4.5, is to remove the parts "[ordered]' of the code that you use.  This type Accelerator makes the hash table a dictionary sorted.  The effect to remove that from the code will be that the properties of the object that results will not be in the order in which they appear in the code.

    And, another option would be to install PowerShell v3 (the version in which the '[ordered]' feature has been added').  That shouldn't require a FX .NET newer than what you showed as having already installed on this computer.  However, as we have seen with the PSSnapin and PSv4 Exchange, you want to make sure that the PSSnapins / Modules you want to use are compatible with PowerShell v3.

  • Error: Could not find the WSDL port defined for the Service


    I am facing error below when calling the partner WSDL:

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    Can someone guide me what could be the exact problem?

    * I can't ping this host.

    Thank you


    Puneet salvation,

    I am able to access from the WSDL browser and value of the location in composite.xml is correct.

    Kind regards.

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    Original title: Windows Media Center has suddenly stopped being able to see tuners.

    I am running Windows Media Center and have a 6 Ceton infinitv tuner connected to my network.  Since a few weeks things have worked very well.  Now suddenly after installing a faster wifi adapter, I get messages such as unable to find tuner or all tuners are busy... who don't feel like I can always go to the tuner by Explorer or chrome, by typing the address of it and it arises but also shows that it is set on the channels that I am no longer watching.  Any ideas on why WMC is suddenly acting when the only thing I did was install an a6200 netgear adapter, nothing has changed.

    Hi Eviln,

    Please contact Microsoft Community. I understand that you have a problem with the TV Tuner card, I will surely help you solve this problem.

    This problem might have occurred because of these reasons:

    1 conflict between third-party applications.

    2 driver corrupted or obsolete.
    3. wrong settings.

    Try the steps listed here:

    Method 1:
    I suggest you perform a clean boot and check if it helps. Setting the system in a clean boot state will help you determine if third-party applications or startup items are causing the problem.

    How to perform a clean boot in Windows

    Note: After the clean boot troubleshooting steps, see the "How to reset the computer to start as usual after a clean boot troubleshooting" section in the link provided to return the computer to a Normal startup mode.

    Method 2:
    If the problem persists, I suggest you to download and install the latest driver for TV Tuner card on the manufacturer's Web site and check if it helps.

    Method 3:
    If the problem persists, you can see the steps in the following article and check if it helps.

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    Hope this information helps. Reply to the post with an up-to-date report of the issue so that we can help you further.

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    You will connect to the SATA driver, please

    I don't know who is right.

    Thank you

    Post edited by: splicanin

    Check this thread:

    Jimi posted a link to the worm: Intel Matrix Storage Manager, which includes the necessary SATA drivers!

    Good bye

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    Hi NormaValdez,
    Here is an article that could be useful for:

    If this does not help, post your query in Windows Live Photo Gallery Forums for assistance on this issue.
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    I wrote a validation rule in FDM as below, attached this rule to the place. Once I have import data, validate, export and click Check, the system throws an error message stating "error: found no validation report with ID: 87. Not sure what needs to be done.

    The rule I wrote is 520000 ~ ~ > = 0
    This rule says that if the amount 520000 account is greater than zero, then only load it. otherwise, generate a report.

    Any suggestions?

    You must ensure that you have imported the Reports.xml file in the application of FDM. In addition, you want to connect to the application using the established customer and click on the reports tab and expand the English > reports check and do a right-click on the control of report and choose "set as Validation report.

  • Muse error: could not find the UID breakpoint

    Error message

    Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.45.37 AM.png

    While trying to open an old updated Muse CC with Muse CC 2015 project, I got the above error message.


    Hi Julia,

    We get your repaired file,

    Please you send .muse file to [email protected]

    If the file is more then 20MB, then please use any file sharing like dropbox or wetransfer and send the download link for me, and I'll get back to you with the file repaired shortly.

    Kind regards


  • Widget Dev error: could not find the value for option: paging [in the param LIST]

    Hey, widget and other people, I'm working on a widget, but I get an error message whenever I try to select an option in a drop-down list of options, I created.

    This is the setting in the mucow xml file:

    (Tab is to facilitate troubleshooting; I normally follow each line.)

      <list name="pagingOption" label="Pagination" defaultValue="&quot;pagingType&quot;: &quot;simple&quot; ,">
          <value name="&quot;pagingType&quot;: &quot;simple&quot; ,"
              toolTip="PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons only"
          <value name="&quot;pagingType&quot;: &quot;simple_numbers&quot; ," 
              label="Simple Numbers" 
              toolTip="PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons, plus page numbers"
          <value name="&quot;pagingType&quot;: &quot;full&quot; ,"
              toolTip="FIRST, PREVIOUS, NEXT and LAST buttons"
          <value name="&quot;pagingType&quot;: &quot;full_numbers&quot; ,"
              label="Full Numbers"
              toolTip="FIRST, PREVIOUS, NEXT and LAST buttons, plus page numbers."

    I converted the name attribute of each value HTML entities to better manage the necessary quotes. Depending on your selection in the list, the values above should run end as one of the following (including the EOL commas):

    "pagingType": "simple" ,


    "pagingType": "simple_numbers" ,


    "pagingType": "full" ,


    "pagingType": "full_numbers" ,


    When I try to select one of the options, I get the following error:

    widget paging error.png

    then... help?  What Miss me? :-/

    I would like to remove the 'features of your option values. They can be confused Muse.

    I would the value of these simple options, simple_numbers, complete and the full_numbers. Then change your HTML code to have something like:

    "pagingType": "{param_pagingOption}".

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    When start after effect CS6, I get this error message.

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem.

    Michael Smith

    As Mylenium says it's a mistake to third party plug-ins, the titration module NewBlueFX plug-ins. I would like to ask for help with their plug-in:

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