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I have 3 screens... when the user makes a click of a button in the screen has... I send screen b... and when the user to click a button in this screen I send to (C) of the screen

Now I have to put a button on the screen that the user can return to the screen has... (home) if I use the 'back arrow' key of the device returns to the screen (B) and later has... So what can I do?


The display "battery" is not strictly a battery. You can extract a screen that is not at the top. So to do what you want, when you tap the screen C, you could pierce the veil B backstage. However, users generally expect the 'return arrow' key (actually, the ESC key) to return to the previous screen. This regime would be in contradiction - when they pressed the screen C to ESCAPE, they want to go back to (which is what you want, but not typical for BB applications).

If you want ESC to return to the screen B and have a separate on screen C button to return to the screen has, simply write the change listener for the pop key field (or close) the two C and B display C would need to have (or be able to find) a reference to screen B.

Another approach is to have one screen and have three 'modes': A, B and c. when switching between modes, remove all fields and add the fields to the desired mode. ESC - unless override you the default behavior - would then always exit the application (since there is only one screen).

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    You can not 'keep' a State, that's what I said in my first answer: "you can create an image with that look of '3' State, make it invisible and show it with the same action when a button is triggered. You will need to insert extra that third picture, first hide it out and make it visible to the advanced action, which I explained. I called this additional 'Done_one' image in the example. The three States you're talking about are in a totally different way to Captivate: for down, more and up-state. You can just tell Captivate to keep a low State, it will be down when the button is pressed. Where my explanation of an additional image.

    No need for all the variables. Looks like you have a lot to learn about variables and advanced actions. I don't see another easy way to achieve what you want. It is not so difficult, tons of examples on my blog.

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    Hi Preta M

    Found a bug with Custom UIShell Jdev 12 C

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  • How to get out a window, when you use the main screen?

    When I'm in the MBR to 8 window and I opened a program like IE, how to close to return to the main screen. Some other icons are the same thing. I'm looking for a way to close it and return.

    I know that I can go to the lower left window, but did close these windows? Hope this makes since. I think that if I click on music it does the same thing. I can't end this one. I can find a break and other things.

    Maybe I'm not dragging my slider on the right side?

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    Bring your cursor to the top of the standby screen until you see the hand and then click and drag it to the bottom of the screen... Who's going to close an application and take back you to the start screen.

    Press windows + C which will open the charms of the right side

    Press windows + key X that will open a menu of useful type administration programs

    I hope that helps


  • None of the icons are on the main screen of my office, how to make their comeback

    original title: a friend set a default language of English canada to American English, now none of my office, the icons are on the main screen, how can I get back them
    1. It seems that all my desktop icons are in a folder and when I click on an ex: banks in line, and click on move in or make shortcut, it is another in the same folder.
    1. It seems that all my desktop icons are in a folder and when I click on an ex: banks in line, and click on move in or make shortcut, it is another in the same folder.

    Try to return to the English Canada and see if the desktop icons reappear.  If they do, when the default language has changed he assumed you have created a new 'profile' perhaps and you see profile this profile's empty office.  Alternatively, if a new profile has been created, open the old profile (person) when you open a session.

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    If you have not already done so, it can help to upgrade your iPhone and Apple Watch to the latest version of the software, from your iPhone:

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    I think that you do not see the account folders pane.

    In, View menu | Layout and check the Folders pane.

    If you do not have a menu, hold the < alt > key and then press l (lowercase L).

    The folders pane shows your accounts and their records and IMHO, is essential to navigate around in Thunderbird.

  • 'Reply' / 'Write' form is hidden behind the main screen of you bird

    Since I updated to the latest version of you bird (v.24.6) last week, I am unable to make the electronic form forward when displaying the main screen of boxes to letters. By clicking on the edge of the screen to answer/write will show it only momentarily, then he is hiding behind the screen of mailboxes. To write a new email, I have to minimize the mailbox main screen.

    I looked for an option that will allow the form of response/writing stay on top, but fails. I made no changes to the options when I updated. I forget a new option somewhere?

    Thanks for any help
    P.S. Win 7 x 64


    You nailed it. Without the Add-ons, it works as it should. Now, I have to determine which of my modules is the culprit. I have day some after I installed the last you bird. I have not that much, so it should be an easy thing to disable all and then putting back one by one.

    Thank you.

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    Ugh. I would prefer a home button or something. If I change my mind, or was simply check the URL, now I have to wait for the page to load again.

    Thanks for the info. At least now that I realized how to display the URL rather than the title of the page, I run into this problem less.

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    Firefox is running on Windows Xp, if better, I can send the screen, but I don't know where is possible add image to this error report...

    Okay, the problem has been resolved, problem was with the Tab Mix Plus extension. I have an older version of this extension, because at work may not update directly, because I'm going to the Internet via a proxy. Download, update firefox extension directly through the proxy is not possible... I need to download via the other internet browser, in order to not do it often...

  • My mouse is stuck on the main screen (add pictures)

    I'm used to 2 monitors, and I want to keep it this way. So I implemented a QUANIX monitor I have via HDMI to my Sprout.

    I have extension success of two monitors. but my mouse cursor is stuck in the main screen of Sprout.

    If I drag a window to the next screen, the window can move to the second monitor. but my mouse cursor is stuck on the first monitor.

    How can I solve it?

    Please help me... T_T

    (You can see in detail through below the images)

    monitor 1: HP all-in-one

    Monitor 2: horizontal HP

    Monitor 3: MON-SIS330 (QNIX QX2400)

    Current value of monitors

    captured when dragging a window to the next monitor

    I can find the solution to another post. Sprout Service stop and I can't success using extended display.

  • Windows move to the main screen when sleeping Satellite-S50T-B

    Satellite S50T-B, Windows 8.1. Whenever my laptop sleeps, it moves all the icons and windows open on the secondary external monitor on the laptop monitor. Like a lover double screen, it's extremely annoying. I keep having to set up my work space.

    I expect that there is a bug in the video driver, which means that she sees the monitor off as a result of the command 'sleep' of the laptop as a monitor "unplugged" and it is reported to the operating system for the operating system moves all the icons and windows on the main screen, so when I turn again, they are all in the wrong place.

    Please note that the disappearance of the screen as a direct result of it being sent a sleep command should not be interpreted in any way other than the monitor to sleep as said.

    The graphics driver is old way... When can we expect an update?
    When I can see a fix for this frustrating problem?


    If you would google for this problem, you will find a lot of discussions and information about this system.

    From my point of few this issue is linked to the State in sleep mode. There are the States of sleep mode (S0, S1, S2, S3, S4)

    S3 is generally the default standby mode, while the S4 is generally the mode of hibernation by default.
    Here all the details:

    You can use the PowerCfg command to change these settings

  • IPad2 can jump from apps, return to the home screen

    IPad2 keeps jumping by apps to return to the home screen.  Have tried the suggestions and have visited Apple Store twice without success.  Still do!

    Hi Dsimonian,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand that when you are in some different applications on your iPad, you are taken back to the home screen unexpectedly.

    Without knowing the previous steps, you're done, my suggestions will be to start with some basic troubleshooting. If this scenario plays in only a few different applications, I would first of all close applications completely by following the instructions in the following article.

    Force an app to close iOS - Apple Support

    Once these applications are closed, restart your iPad.

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    If the problem persists, please let us know more about the troubleshooting steps you have already performed. This only happens with a specific application, multiple applications, or all your apps? How many times does that happen?


  • set the second screen as the main screen

    I have an external monitor connected to my macbook pro. Is it possible to put this external monitor as the main screen. It seems that El Captain only opens new windows and applications on Macbook Pro screen.

    You can change the order via system preferences > display > Arrangement. Drag the white line (menubar) on the second screen to make it primary.

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