Return to the main VI with a HOME MENU button example


I am in the process of realization of a GUI. Under my in-VI, I want to put a HOME button to return to the main menu if user wishes.

I went on while loops, saying as long as the button is not true, I continue. Then I tested with an event structure but it does nothing no folds.

Do you have the explanations, information or examples?

Thanks in advance,



Thank you for posting on the forum OR.

Here is an example that could you help accessory.

You will find attached 3 screws

United Nations as the home page and so the vi open and a launch

The other two are under 2 VI containing the 'Home' button pour main to return to the menu.

All use the structure event.

Kind regards

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    You can not 'keep' a State, that's what I said in my first answer: "you can create an image with that look of '3' State, make it invisible and show it with the same action when a button is triggered. You will need to insert extra that third picture, first hide it out and make it visible to the advanced action, which I explained. I called this additional 'Done_one' image in the example. The three States you're talking about are in a totally different way to Captivate: for down, more and up-state. You can just tell Captivate to keep a low State, it will be down when the button is pressed. Where my explanation of an additional image.

    No need for all the variables. Looks like you have a lot to learn about variables and advanced actions. I don't see another easy way to achieve what you want. It is not so difficult, tons of examples on my blog.

  • How to return to the main stage from inside a symbol


    I'm going absolutely crazy trying to get back to the main stage from inside a symbol.

    To open the symbol on a click of the main stage...

    var mySymbolObject = sym.createChildSymbol ("practiceScene", "Stage");

    It works, I get the symbol

    To return to the main stage from within the symbol on a click...

    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .play () [0]; or sym.getComposition () .getStage () .play ('home');

    This does NOT work, I can't get the symbol.

    Help, please!


    Obliously your symbols are hiding the main timeline. If you put this in your steps, click on events, it will remove the symbols and go to home label.

    I put a square home and hide it when not on the House. Thus, it shows only there.

    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .stop ('home');

    sym.deleteSymbol ();

    So basically, you will need to remove the symbols and recreate them when you need.

    But I could be wrong.

    Here is your file with this correction: I once on home and the other at the opening.

    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .stop ('open');

    sym.deleteSymbol ();

  • Can I access a label inside a MC and then return to the main time line

    Here is my current set up.

    I have a section marked on the main timeline that has the icons of 12 different videos. Each icon acts as a button and brings a user to a section marked with a FLV Playback component work video to play the corresponding video. These marked sections are located on the main of the time.

    This methog is my very long time mainline. Is there a way to do an additional MC which will hold all the buttons of the video and then have this MC separated in marked sections.

    In other words can I access a label inside a MC and then return to the main time line?

    My current code to access the label placed on the main timeline is:

    HowTo_maininfo_mc.theArrangement_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, theArrangement_btn_amimated_btnDown);

    function theArrangement_btn_amimated_btnDown(event:MouseEvent):void {}

    gotoAndPlay ("theArrangement");


    What it would be like if my "theArrangement" label would be located inside a MC?

    Is there a specific code of if I want to have a close button located on the label inside a MC and he needs to get on a label located on the main timeline?

    You should have an image with an flvplayback component and having each button assign the variable value from a source that is used by your component:

    var sourceVar:String;

    function theArrangement_btn_amimated_btnDown(event:MouseEvent):void {}

    sourceVar = "arrangement.flv";  for example

    gotoAndPlay ("flv_pb");



    and as part of the "flv_pb", use:

    yourflv_pb.source = sourceVar;  where yourflv_pb is your component instance name.

  • How do you return to the main Thunderbird Linux window when it opens in a local folder?

    I see no possibility to return to the main window of Thunderbird 31.1.1 under Fedora 20. It always opens in the same local folder (the only tab displayed in the menu bar "File edit view...") as I was reading before "closing session." yesterday. I tried to restart the computer. Help would be appreciated.

    I think that you do not see the account folders pane.

    In, View menu | Layout and check the Folders pane.

    If you do not have a menu, hold the < alt > key and then press l (lowercase L).

    The folders pane shows your accounts and their records and IMHO, is essential to navigate around in Thunderbird.

  • How to return to the main screen after watching downloads?

    This such a stupid question, but I have forgotten how to return to the main screen after watching downloads.

    Close the window or tab to download (if you are using some addon) or only to change the tab:


  • Return to the main screen


    I have 3 screens... when the user makes a click of a button in the screen has... I send screen b... and when the user to click a button in this screen I send to (C) of the screen

    Now I have to put a button on the screen that the user can return to the screen has... (home) if I use the 'back arrow' key of the device returns to the screen (B) and later has... So what can I do?

    The display "battery" is not strictly a battery. You can extract a screen that is not at the top. So to do what you want, when you tap the screen C, you could pierce the veil B backstage. However, users generally expect the 'return arrow' key (actually, the ESC key) to return to the previous screen. This regime would be in contradiction - when they pressed the screen C to ESCAPE, they want to go back to (which is what you want, but not typical for BB applications).

    If you want ESC to return to the screen B and have a separate on screen C button to return to the screen has, simply write the change listener for the pop key field (or close) the two C and B display C would need to have (or be able to find) a reference to screen B.

    Another approach is to have one screen and have three 'modes': A, B and c. when switching between modes, remove all fields and add the fields to the desired mode. ESC - unless override you the default behavior - would then always exit the application (since there is only one screen).

  • can I use my wireless printer if it is connected to the main computer with the USB cable?

    My main computer runs XP Professional and is not wireless capable (that I know), my laptop running Windows 7 is wifi enabled, it can independently connect to the internet and printer (Photosmart 5510) is wifi capable but that is currently connected to the main computer with a USB cable.

    My question: can I use the printer to the host computer by USB and computer laptop through wireless?  If yes how to configure connections? Thank you.


    A small wifi Wireless USB on the XP machine should work just fine. You can printer to two computers wireless. I don't think that a machine can access the printer if you plan to use the USB connection or wireless. I have not tried yet, maybe next weekend.

    Kind regards

  • Navigation in both sense between the anchor points with "prev" and "next buttons?"

    Hi all

    I'm working on a horizontal presentation site that has anchors on each part. That the user scroll, he snaps to each anchor point. It works fine with just the mouse wheel, but I wish I had previous buttons and following which allow easy navigation between points. I know I can have buttons to jump to say on each article has > B > C and then C > B >, but it's a simple "prev" and "next" buttons that are pinned to the page as a whole. Then, as the page scrolls from left to right, the buttons remain in place. Is it possible to have them just go to previous and next in the line, rather than linking a button to anchor point A, B, C, etc.?

    NEW WIDGET! Navigation in both sense between the anchor points with "prev" and "next" buttons http://goo.GL/TMbZRc

  • error then return to the main screen.

    Hi experts,

    When I navigate to the main screen I get below error. I click on the Cancel button and I see this error on the home page.

    < 2015 sep 17 20:34:45 CEST > < WARNING > < Socket > < BEA-000449 > < close the socket, as no data read on,085 during the inactive configured timeout of 5 seconds. >

    < Sep 17, 2015 20:36:20 CEST > < error > < javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.application > < BEA-000000 > < Error rendered view [/ FCRHome2]

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: component data flow is not found

    at oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.streaming.StreamingDataManager.submit(




    at org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.render.CoreRenderer.encodeEnd(

    Truncated. check the log file full stacktrace


    Hi Preta M

    Found a bug with Custom UIShell Jdev 12 C

    Custom UIShell JDeveloper 12 c

  • return to the main timeline of the movie clip

    well on my main script, I have an intro, and then a main menu. in this menu, it goes to a clip, I want to create a "back to main menu" button inside the movieclip that will return a certain group in the main timeline.

    can someone help me in this encoding to use?

    see you soon

    What about the fact that you have a problem with?  Do you know how to code a button? If Yes, you can program the button in the main timeline so that all you have to do a gotoAndStop() command is used...  In the main scenario where there is the mc...

    yourMC.theMCButton.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, gotoMenu);

    function gotoMenu(evt:MouseEvent):void {}

    gotoAndStop (menuframe);


  • return the empty record only when no results not returned by the main query

    It is a question of SQL (not PL/SQL)...

    Let's say I have the following text:

    Full_name SELECT NULL, NULL, NULL last_update_date address
    OF the double
    SELECT full_name, address, last_update_date
    WHEN TRUNC (sysdate) = TRUNC (last_update_date)

    If the second part of the query retrieves no rows, it works beautifully and I get a blank line; However, if the second part of the query returns records, I get a blank line over my dataset I want.

    How can I create a SQL statement that executes only the first query (before the union all) when no result is returned from the second. Also, I don't want to exceute the query twice only if I can get a count of the records because my actual query is much more complex than the example I've provided here.

    Thanks in advance!


    You can try to use a subquery factoring (WITH clause)
    The query is executed only once, the query results are cached in memory or in a temporary table.
    and you can view these results several times in the main query:

    WITH second_query AS (
      -- your second query here
      SELECT full_name, address, last_update_date
      FROM employees
      WHERE TRUNC(sysdate)=TRUNC(last_update_date)
    SELECT full_name, address, last_update_date
    FROM second_query
    SELECT NULL full_name, NULL address, NULL last_update_date
    FROM dual
    WHERE NOT EXISTS ( SELECT 1 FROM second_query)

    Published by: kordirko on 2010-07-08 02:02

  • HP Designjet T2500: How can I scan documents without using the main table with the HP Designjet T2500 printer?

    Hello, in my office we recently bought printer HP Designjet T2500 and, so far, works great but I have a doubt with the procedure of the Analyzer in the case where the main panel is malfunctioning. How can I scan a document without the help of the main panel or a plan?

    I know the printing can be done with the supplied software, but he made no reference to the case where we need to scan a document.

    Any help will be great, thank you.


    Analysis cannot be done froom the front panel of the printer.

    If you have a problem with the Panel, you will need to repair the device because you won't be only able to scan, as you will not be able to load paper or calibrations.

  • I can only access my Inbox in how to return to the main menu?

    When I open Thunderbird, only the Inbox is available without the normal other elements on the left side as sent, trash etc. I can find no way to return to the normal homepage.

    Looks like you have disabled the files pane.
    Press the alt key to display the Menu bar if it is not already displayed.
    The Bar Menu select View-Layout and make sure the folders pane is checked.

    If it is checked and the pane is not displayed, move your mouse on the left margin of the window of Thunderbird. Watch the cursor to set up a double arrow head. When this is the case, left click, hold and drag to the right to drag the pane to records on where you can see.

  • DVD: return to the main menu after playing the scene

    I did already images of some DVD without manual reading in detail on this subject (because I especially don't need versions of dvd...).

    Menu this DVD were ok, but if you choose a chapter instead of the full movie button, the chapter begins to play and after that... the film continues (instead of return to menu...)

    First of all, I taught it was my fault because I did not use "stopmakers". Now I read it about it in the manual. But I read here that stopmarkers ALWAYS stop play the film and return to the menu. So I still don't know how chapterbuttons who play only in this chapter and not in the rest of the film...?

    I used scenemarkers for chapters. Version EP 11.

    It is the way of working DVDs. When you go to a scene, the drive will continue to play at the end of the film.

    Stop markers will change that, of course - but they will also ensure that your film will stop at the marker when clicking on play movie.

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