RIo compact programming mode


I'm working on Compact RIO 9022 including two chassis NI9403(Digital CHassis) and NI92205(Analog Chasis), and I want to know if it is possible to program my controller using scan Interface instead of the scanning engine. Because I find that Scan Interface is dedicated for specific Modules as 9014 OR and NI 9073.

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    Contact HP in your region for assistance with this issue, your laptop may be necessary to send to HP for repair.

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    If you do not want to develop a
    application with replication tools, please see using FTP with
    Windows Explorer.  If you copy off of full HD which only goes
    be bigger than your app about 15 MB... This will include all the
    software.  It is also an easy way to make backups of their
    configuration and software.  I think that will be the best way
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    It seems that the C:\Windows\system32\bitsprx532.dll file is related to malware.  Examine for example the Uploader on and checking the results provided here.

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    It is a field/area whide here!

    First, you must know that they are 2 in HP's premium programming languages. They are relatively similar, but not exactly, which can be at the same time a plus (1 thing to learn) and a sign less (subtle differences are not very visible, and can cause problems)...

    In any case, to create a new program of CASE, go to the program catalog (program shift) and click New, enter the name of the program and check the CASE.

    This will create a basic program, empty along the lines of:


    TEST(): =.


    return 0;



    TEST is the name of the function (you can have as many as you want in your case program)

    you will find the arguments in parentheses. In this case, no, but add that you ever want or need as in:

    TEST (param1, param2, param3)

    between the BEGINNING and the END, you will find at the heart of your program. There you can assign values to the variables (by using the nom_de_variable: = expression_that_returns_a_value;)  syntax. For details: a: = 1 + 2

    You will find many (but not all), orders of matrix in the Toolbox key / menu math/matrix.

    You can access (read and write) an element of a matrix by var [row, col]

    The menu item template (in the main window of the program of the editor) should show you what the Basic programming constructs are similar (tests and looks).

    This should help you get started. Once you have experienced this, you should be able to come back on this forum and ask more specific questions.

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  • touchscreen compact Rio

    Hello world!

    I'm developing an application to control a cooler with Labview 2012 and Compact RIO. I would like to create a group of GUI to visualize data and a basic control.

    However, I would like to use a touchscreen to third party (not OR). Purchase the Labview Touch Panel module can I do?

    My question is: if it's just a screen and not a PC, simply by connecting to the RIO Compact RS232 port and launch of real-time application,

    It will allow me to control the VI?

    Thank you!

    I don't see why not.  You need to just make a protocol of good communications between your cRIO and computers touch screen.  I find a network stream to work very well.

  • Emular / Simular Compact RIO

    Hay alguna manera trabajar o hacer simulando Québec tengo el RIO Compact the tests? Ocupo hacer unas secuencias, pero aun no tengo el RIO Compact how.

    Yo as recuerdo con las Renault suckers hacer tus VI y poner una virtual DAQ, is you can hacer algo parecido? o para trabajar con screw in Compact RIO is space forzosamente tenerlo how?

    MUCHAS gracias! Era justo lo than amazed!

  • Basis of LabVIEW Development with Compact RIO device software

    Hello.  Currently, I have the LabVIEW Base development software package and have been using it with DAQ Compact devices for the acquisition of basic data.  I would now like to start integrating controls in my system, changing to RIO Compact for deterministic real-time features.  My question is that I would be able to build applications for the Compact RIO system using only the basis of LabVIEW Development package without updating immediately?  Maybe some features are not available for me, but could at least get a good start like that?

    A CompactRIO embedded time real operating system (RTOS) called VxWorks you need to target the deployment of LabVIEW code to the device. Classic LabVIEW screws you will have been written so far are built to target general purpose operating systems (GPO) such as windows.

    To create screws that are deployable to STSOp, you will need the real-time Module that is not included in the basis of LabVIEW. As a result, to take advantage of the embedded FPGA, you'll need to install the LabVIEW FPGA Module as well.

    As long as you have the FPGA modules and in real time, it seems to me that you should be able to control these devices with LabVIEW Base. Without these software components you will not be able to create an instance of the device target your LabVIEW project.

  • stand alone compact rio

    Hi to everyone!

    I am a student of the University and for my thesis, I use a COMPACT RIO with neither 9205 and gps module, some measures aboard an eletric car, measures will be saved to a TDMS file in the RIO COMPACT by a stand alone configuration and without connection to a pc.

    The compact rio will begins with the car and it will go off with him also.
    So I have a question, how can I stop the VI within the CRIO before turning off the car?  or in TDMS data will be saved in the same way without close the VI within the CRIO before turning off the car?

    Thank you

    Hello antoniolc!

    There is no way of knowing inside CompactRIO, if the system will be shut down.

    You must use an external signal to find out when your car will be stopped.

    Or you can use a multiple TDMS file and like it, just the last TDMS file will be unreadable. But you can probably read all previous TDMS files.

    Best regards.

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    I have a problem with my HP Envy TS m6 sleekbook... When you start at the beginning it shows manufacturing programming mode is unlock mode... in fact it's not a problem coz its without impact on my work... bt I don't like it... so how can we solve this problem... as is here no center of hp's close can I do on my own?  If Yes, then please write the steps to do this

    Answer soon...

    Two discussions on the subject:

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    Steve M.

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    3D ARCHITECT HOUSE LUXURY 3.O compactables program with windows xp service pack 2, does not not on windows 7, he signed still missing 3dll on your computer, please help.

    It is a very old application.  Although Win7 worked well for many more apps for my part, some are just not compatible.  I suggest you visit the developers forum and see if anyone else has found a work a round or consider purchasing the latest version.

    MVP - Windows desktop experience

  • FPGA - try to use the screw of the replication of RIO to replace going to reset the FPGA running

    Running LabVIEW 12.1

    We have an application that uses an FPGA that was compiled in Run to Reset (works on any reset or power on).  Sometimes we need to update the image on the RT and FPGA and I downloaded the NI RIO replication screw.

    The problem I have now is that when I got to download the bitfile on the Flash FPGA on the sbRIO9636, I get the following error:


    Possible reasons:

    LabVIEW FPGA: The operation could not be performed because the FPGA is busy. Stop all activity on the FPGA before asking this operation. If the target is in the Interface of Scan program mode, put in FPGA Interface programming mode.

    My updater is stand alone EXE.  He isn't able to get a link to the FPGA, because we are not sure what Bitfile currently is on a particular system.  I tried using the open FPGA reference and load a VACUUM on the FPGA bitfile by setting the FPGA to RUN when he sound the FPGA VI of the Open reference - and it works for me to erase the bitfile.  It does not allow me to immediately after run the bitfile VI of replication of RIO download - even if I close and reset the FPGA before trying to download the Bitfile for the RIO Flash.

    I have to first delete the existing bitfile, then load a new?

    Well, I found what I consider as a workaround - but maybe it's required to do things - but it doesn't seem like it should be, since the RIO device Setup.exe is able to flash or clear the bitfile regardless of the State of the FPGA.

    What I've done is to define the FPGA to "do not load automatically on re" then call the RT Config screw system and order a restart of the system.  The RT operating system restarts and then restarts the RIO system and this ensures that the FPGA is not busy.  Then I'm able to erase them or write about a new bitfile for the RIO Flash and set the "Automatic loading on any Reset" Rio de JANEIRO and restart the system again.

    Our current situation, it will work.  Long time restarts do a bit of headache.

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