Rotate the clip in the media browser

Hi guys!

I recently shot a spec and some of the images was upside down because of a steadycam / activate they had. I was wondering can I turn my clip vertically into my media browser so I can preview normally? I know not how to do this in the timeline by the effects, but I want to be able to do in the media browser... any suggestions?Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 5.15.42 PM.png

Sorry there is no way to do it.

There may be solutions to turn until view you them in the media browser. I'm not aware of any good.


Peter Garaway


Premiere Pro

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  • Can video clips first CC sort by "date of creation" in the media browser?

    First CC, video clips can not sort by "date of creation" in the media browser?

    Ah!  I was talking about the project panel where it doesn't seem to be an option to sort by creation date.  At least, not one I can find, not even editing metadata.

    I have it!

    Project Panel > metadata display > basic > creation Date

    .. .in the project Panel. The list view, click on Date created column head to select sort.

  • How do add you to your Favorites in the media browser?

    Hello everyone

    Adding directories/files appears like a simple operation, but I noticed that it is not as simple with first Pro CC 2014 as bridge...

    Right click on an icon in the media browser only gives you an option to add it to the list of favorites.

    I looked at many places, including the tutorial Premiere Pro and Google indexing of Web sites, but they did not help.

    It is very unnecessary to have to go down several directories to get to one you need every time.

    Some help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


    It seems only add folders, individual sequences, if that's what you try. in the media in first browser panel, I am able to navigate to a folder, right click and choose "add to Favorites". It appears then under Favorites. If I right click on a file/clip, the option is greyed out and won't work.

  • No thumbnails or ability to import in the media browser

    AE CC 13.0, Windows 7 / 64.

    My Ae media browser with file names - but not the thumbnails - icons and the right clip import option is grayed out. Same for all types of files. File directory and files supported all types are selected in the filter menus.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you

    They are known problems with the media browser panel in After Effects. You can import items by double clicking or dragging in the project Panel.

    We do not currently recommend the media browser for most users of After Effects, since it offers little additional functionality on the existing import methods. It has been added to After Effects for compatibility with Adobe anywhere and does not have some of the features available in Premiere Pro. Feel free to test it and report problems or requests for improvement here:

  • 'In' and 'out' points while in the media browser (CS6)

    I saw a video about the PR - CS6, while displaying a clip in media browser (click and play, not the maquis of score), you can mark in and out points using 'I' and 'o' on the keyboard.

    The orange active zone will start and stop when selected.  'I' and 'o' are ignored when I try.  The whole clip is active (all the orange) without worrying.  'I' and 'o' work fine if I download the clip in the source monitor.

    Which is a setting somewhere?

    You can set In/Out points until a clip imported, so not in the media browser.  What you saw were clips in a bin in icon mode.

  • How to change the date in the media browser?

    I had to take additional steps to get this media in FCPX - because of these additional steps, the date, that the images were shot in fact was replaced by date (today) that I had to do an additional image transcoding. I want to change the files under "3 June 2016' to be ' 26 May 2016',"may 27, 2016", etc.»» How do I manually change the date in the media browser or move the files to their appropriate date?  Please see screenshot. Thanks in advance. See you soon.

    UUse edit > Adjust content created date and time

  • Photo search does not work in the Finder, but done in Spotlight.  In addition, can not see the Photos in other applications using the media browser

    Below is a screenshot of Photos with photo with the name IMG_1758.JPG.  On top of the image is my Finder window you are looking for this image under "This Mac" with no results.  Below the resulting from the spotlight that does not show the result.  I have only one library of photos under that user.  Also, if I am in another application such as Notes, Pages, Numbers, etc., I can't search and find images in the Photos.

    The Finder doesn't show images in boxes including the photo library.

    To access images sin Photos from another application using the media browser, this article was written for iphoto but it pretty much the same for Photos. The first option is to look for.

  • Images in the media browser does not appear in chronological order...

    We went just to Adobe Premiere Pro. The images in the media browser does not appear in chronological order. In the media browser window, there is a drop-down list labelled 'name', but nothing else. How can we get the images to display in chronological order?

    Short answer: no

    Its digital or alphabetical.

    Once in the project window, you can sort by date.

  • How do TRC files visible in the media browser once again?

    Since the last update in Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit, first Pro CC, .prtl files are no longer visible in the media browser.

    I used to import all the assets required in a project by using the media browser, and this usually includes one or more files .prtl in addition to video files and other types of files. This worked fine until the last update, and now .prtl files are invisible in the media browser.

    I can still import files .prtl using the file | Import menu, but it's embarrassing. Is it possible to return to its previous behavior in which .prtl files were visible in Media Browser?

    It is a problem under investigation. The workaround is to set 'types of files displayed' on Adobe title Designer (as titles are not seen with the default setting of all supported files)

  • Why can't import files in AVCHD format via the media browser?

    Why can't import files in AVCHD format via the media browser? (Right click on the message and AVCHD file imported, got the "format not supported"). I can import by the import of files way (I can go down to the BDMV folder and mts files) but read using the media browser is better.

    No, you need the private folder. Opens in the browser.

    Do not open just click.

  • OWC RAID 5 appearing is not in the body of the Media Browser

    Hi all

    I've seen other threads on the OWC RAIDs not appearing only in the body and the solution was to use the Mac disk utility to reformat the drive.  Utility of disk cannot make RAID 5 However, and it is what is on my 16 TB OWC Mercury Elite Pro Qx2.  If I use the file-> import command I can see the OWC RAID, but is not present in the media browser (or in the window that opens to add a link to offline media).   FCP 7, AVIC MC 6.5 and after effects CC2014 all "see" and interact with the OWC RAID very well. The problem seems to be isolated from the multimedia browser of first feature.

    If anyone has a work around, suggested I would be delighted to hear it.

    So, it turns out the answer was in front of me all along, simply use utility disk to format the drive and all is well.

    I was thrown, it was that disk utility made only RAID 1 and RAID 0 but the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Qx2 being a hardware RAID I just put the RAID mode using the switch on the box, then use disk utility to format as I did any other disk.

    The simplicity of the solution coupled with my lack of experience with RAID nightclubs proved to be my cancellation. haha.

    That being said, I still want to see if Adobe can fix the value default w / the question formatting OWC tool.

  • RAID is missing from the media browser

    RAID is missing from the media browser. I can see the RAID (AM VIDEO) icon to the trash but can be seen in the file directory. Double click the icon does not open the RAID. My work around is to place an alias of a necessary directory since the RAID on the office.

    RAID is an OWC Mercury Rack Pro and it is visible and functional in the finder. Problem occurs in CC and CC14

    Mac Pro 5.1, 10.9.3

    Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 6.52.51 PM.png

    I had a similar problem with an OWC Mercury Elite Pro. I reformatted the drive using file instead of the OWC utility utility and then it worked.

  • Disk RAID not accessible in the media browser

    Hi people

    Having a strange problem with a 6 TB OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual. I can't get the drive to work in the media in Mavericks OS X browser. It appears in the Finder and if I click on 'Local readers' in the media browser, they're there, but I can't access it. I tried to connect via Thunderbolt and USB3 and chance it to be. Oddly enough, it works fine via USB3 on my PC. I tried it on a MacBook Pro and a MacPro to 2013 and is a bust at the same time. I'm running the latest versions of the Mavericks and first Pro CC. Can anyone think of what might be stumbling Media Browser or if there is a way I have to reformat the hard drive. Currently it is Raid 0, Mac OS extended (journaled)).

    I think that I fixed it. Had to reformat the OWC drive using disk utility. Initially I did it with the utility provided with the drive. I hope that it will work again once I got all the media.

  • Sort order of the media browser after you rename?

    I use CS6 PP and that you have renamed my files in Bridge. I want to display in the media browser in Premiere Pro in the order they were shot, not alphabetically.

    Is there a way to do this?

    I don't think that you can do in the MB itself.  But you can still use the bridge and simply drag and drop in PP.

  • Favorite folder in the media browser?

    I looked in the help guide with no luck.

    Is it possible to make a record of your favorite in the media browser panel so that you can access it quickly in Premiere Pro CS6?

    In my view, there is a kind of the history of sites you have explored your hard disk with the drop down menu, but I can't seem to be able to make a specific folder favorite so that I can quickly access its content.

    Thank you

    No, it's not a way to make a "favorite" folder Sounds like a feature request good however. Make one here:

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