Run each VI but then show after a different action by the user

Hello everyone,

Sorry for my English in advance, you will see some errors probably: 3 I hope you understand anyway!

Well, I am a beginner with labview and I work in a project on a system that may take measures of speed and strength.

I have already created several VI:

-One for speed

-One for the force

-One to make a report

- and another at the choice of the type of the event.

To summarize, the system having to control 2 types of measures: 24 mph and 28 mph and we must conform to this 2 different tests, obviously.

The goal is:

(1) see the first VI: type of measure and leave the choice to the user about 24 or 28 miles an hour and then Labview tell if it complies or not after the measurement.

(2) display the VI that show measures speed for users;

(3) display the VI that show measures of force;

(4) and finally the last VI to carry out the report: I have integrated checkbox, etc..

I would like to help users switch in this VI through the buttons "previous" or "next".

I already write a 'hand '. If I run the main I had a first push button to go in a VI, and then I had a few 'next' buttons to display the next VI.

But now I have different problem and even if I try to tackle him I really don't understand how...

I will develop my problems:

-The main problem is execution of these screws: the test is in the 0, 6s. So I would run each VI during the test, record data and only then to show different for users through these VI data as I explained before. For the moment, as I understand it, my work just run different Vi when I click on the 'Next' button and finally I don't want to do that.

-Another problem is that, in fact, the user can navigate between different VI, but they are not yet delete when the user clicks 'next' Finally it does nothing actually. In the example, I want the user to look at the speed of data, write them on another file, and then click Next, sign before removal and next show, write to another file, click Next, etc... and I do not understand how it is possible...

-Finally, I think it's possible, but the best thing for me would be that different data stored in a file, with everything which is located on the front panel. If I had a graph, I would like the graph in a file, etc. And in the example for my last VI, the report, thanks to the box. If something is check, writing to a file, and if it didn't ignore it.

Sorry for this very long text and my bad English. I hope you understand my problem... I really need help-_ - I am disappointed, this is an important project for me (learning) and I tried a lot last week, but I ask you cause now I have really idea more...

Thank you in advance,

I join my project to receive a little help and explanations for this problem



With your architecture, it is obvious that you can't go back.

I would be more appropriate to have a with a State for example machine calling Subvi through sub - VI supanel controls front

Here are a few documents:


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    Thanks in advance,



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    import java.util.Date;
    import java.util.HashMap;
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    import com.thortech.xl.crypto.tcCryptoUtil;
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    import com.thortech.xl.util.config.ConfigurationClient;

    Import Thor.API.tcResultSet;
    Import Thor.API.tcUtilityFactory;
    Import Thor.API.Operations.tcUserOperationsIntf;

    public class StatusTrigger {}
    private tcUtilityFactory utilityFactory = null;
    tcUtilityFactory utilFactory;
    tcSignatureMessage moSignature = null;
    {} public Sub (String userid, String status) trigger
    try {}
    ConfigurationClient.ComplexSetting config =
    ConfigurationClient.getComplexSettingByPath ("Discovery.CoreServer");
    final Hashtable env = config.getAllSettings ();
    moSignature = tcCryptoUtil.sign ("xelsysadm", "PrivateKey");
    utilFactory = new tcUtilityFactory (env, moSignature);
    {if (Status.equalsIgnoreCase ("enabled"))}
    tcUserOperationsIntf userOperationsIntf = null;
    userOperationsIntf = utilFactory.getUtility ("Thor.API.Operations.tcUserOperationsIntf") (tcUserOperationsIntf);
    UserMap HashMap = new HashMap();

    userMap.put ("Users.User ID", username);
    tcResultSet userSet = userOperationsIntf.findAllUsers (userMap);
    Calendar now = Calendar.GetInstance ();

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    Now, during the execution of this VI, I get an error saying "error-200251 occurred at DAQmx Start" and the possible reasons are, "measures: no USB or DMA channels in loose ends are available.»

    Either stop other tasks which might be using these resources or are considering changing your mechanism for transfer of data to the interruptions if supported.

    Device: Dev2

    Task name: _unnamedTask<80>. »

    What I realized is I'm trying to use two buffers for two meters with ten samples each and this is probably not allowed. I don't know how to solve this out and bad looking for your suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi all

    I found a solution too. This is the VI updated the "County of edge stamped" which can simultaneously run two entries-meter using a single source of door and it also uses the DMA and interrupts to save two pads.

    Have a nice weekend.

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